HO! HO! uh OH!

Someone’s been eating a few too many cupcakes.

HO! HO! uh OH!

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34 comments on “HO! HO! uh OH!”

  1. these are amazing but i would really like the recipe

  2. AwesOme! 

  3. love em so cute I’ve got to remember these for christmas

  4. what r the ingredeints

  5. You can make chimney cupcake wrappers then just decorate the top with icing and legs less messier for kids to eat.and easier to serve at a party.

  6. Is there a recipe available for this? I’d love to make these for my kiddos!

  7. Can you send me some?

  8. How do you make these?

  9. So cute. I love it. great job. BYE.

  10. Love this cupcake (ho-ho-uh-oh) but where is the recipe? Thanks, Jane

  11. Proof that Santa really does exist! Awesome!

  12. i think thats adorable omg sooo cute love your ideas bakerella

  13. OMG! Sooo cute! I love it! I am sooooo trying that for christmas this year!

  14. Ahh mannnn!!! Thats TOO super cute!! I love it!

  15. That is amazing, where do you get your ideas from? I just have to know!

  16. that is precious!!!!

  17. there needs to be cupcake liners that look like the chimney, that would make it easier to serve! and make!

  18. SO COOL!!! I love the cimney

  19. WOW. Do you mind if I use these cupcakes as inspration for the current giveaway?

  20. HAHA! cute.

  21. what other ingredients did you use for this one?

  22. wow, you are very very talented, this must take a lot of patience!!

  23. michelle – it’s made with fondant to decorate. Sorry I don’t have the step-by step for this one.

  24. Hi! I love your site! How are these cupcakes made? I’ve searched but i cant find the directions for these =(

  25. You are honestly amazing! I am amazed with each theme I look at! I’m doing a project for my class on holiday themed baking and you give me sooo many ideas! Keep it up! Once again, AMAZING!! :) I love this page!

  26. That one is so amazing!
    You´re awsome!
    I love cupcakes. I´m not good at making them, yet. Hope I will be, some day ;)

  27. Too cute! Definitely must remember these come Christmas time!

  28. Incredible!

  29. teehee! I really like what you do with your cupcakes–they’ve moved from food to art, and are headed back to stomach ASAP.

  30. That cupcake is so perfect! You are indeed very creative!

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