Nice Cream Giveaway


I’m giving away something nice today.

It’s silver and boxy. Short and sweet.



And it will help you make beautiful creamy creations right at home.

It’s the Cuisinart 2-quart ice cream maker.

Very Cool! Freezing, actually.

Want endless ice cream options? Sweet scoopable treats? Fun frozen flavors right at your fingertips?

I think yes. Because I know I totally want one, too. But first I’m giving away one. And to go along with it, a copy of Jeni’s Ice Creams at Home. I love this book and her ice cream, too! It’s soooo so good.

Here’s the scoop for a chance to win a Cuisinart 2-quart ice cream maker and the book, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home:

  • To enter leave a comment on this post and share something fun you’ve done this summer.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 at 8:00 pm ET. Sorry guys…Time’s Up. Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening.

Good luck!

Giveaway sponsored by me.

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And now we have a winner. Congratulations Princess! Looks like it’s party time for you guys.

P.S. Thank you all for entering and sharing your summer.  You guys are having way too much fun.  It makes me smile reading your responses. Hugs!


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4,508 comments on “Nice Cream Giveaway”

  1. I ran a half marathon and beat my personal best from the year before by 12 minutes! I am so incredibly proud of myself and would love a refreshing celebration ice cream ;-) :D

  2. I moved to Texas. That was fun! It is hot so I could use that ice cream maker.

  3. Just returned from a few days on the central CA coast to get away from the heat here in the valley. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  4. Went to Paris for two weeks with my Mum on a girls trip for our Birthdays.

  5. I saved some little kitties from a certain death; the momma had them in the engine compartment of a neighbor’s RV and the people were just about to go on vacation in it. Now I’ve got to feed them until our new no-kill shelter gets finished.

  6. Spent two wonderful weeks in London and Paris with my family! And this would make my move into my LA apartment perfect!

  7. Went up to our local mountain 1.5 miles away and played in the 50+ feet of snow on 4th of Jly.

  8. I went to the beach and didn’t get sunburnt! Woo hoo

  9. Oh man! Our summer has been PACKED! I would say the funnest thing we have done together as family was watching our towns fireworks show in the back of our truck. It was so much fun and I know our girls will always remember that night. :)

  10. My two daughters and I learned how to go Geo-caching! It’s super fun, great exercise and you find a treasure and leave a treasure!

  11. I’ve been daydreaming about splurging on an ice cream maker all summer and making crazy favors like violet or basil ice cream from my exploding herb garden. I love love this give away!
    The funnest part about this summer for me was building and planting raised garden beds in the backyard with my hubby. I’m now impatiently waiting for tomatoes and zuchinis to ripen!

  12. Went camping for my first time!!!

  13. I enrolled myself to Pastry School this summer and a month into the program, I’m having the best time of my life!

  14. I took my 1 1/2 year old to the park to fly a kite. She loved it!

  15. We moved into our very first house :)

  16. Went hiking to a cool waterfall.

  17. My son broke 4 bones in his foot this summer so we spent a lot of time going out for ice cream and watching our local fountain show

  18. I have done a wedding cake and have been dabbling in painting this summer with family! I’m getting in touch with my inner artist/baker after 6.5 years of college.

  19. I go camping lots and I am a hugh fan of your work and a hugh fan of icecream. Yummys

  20. I got married to the love of my life & got him to move from Europe to Asia!!!!! :)

  21. That ice cream maker would be amazing but the recipe book looks even more amazing! This summer I got to go on a real family vacation/honeymoon we never had after 16 years of marriage, to Kauai. Was so beautiful and glorious!

  22. Hiked for the first time! (But won’t be my last!)

  23. Just last week I went on a family trip to San Francisco to see more family! We actually drove down and it was super nostalgic since we used to drive down every summer when we were younger to go see my grandma.

  24. I’ve done a few things I am particularly proud of, but one f my favorites had to be running my first 5k with my friend. The money went to a great cause and it was a lot of fun!

  25. Took my girls to Disneyland and they LOVED it!

  26. Had a fantastic first summer with my sweet little girl!

  27. audition for america’s got talent with my dance school!

  28. The best thing this summer was gong to Old Navy’s new Mickey line launch party at the Disney Studios. It was super fun!

  29. My 3 year old daughter and I have been taking advantage of the weather and been hitting the pool all summer long!

  30. We went frog hunting with all the cousins. The kids had a blast.

  31. I went to the zoo with my niece & sister’s family. It was so fun spending time with them and taking lots of pictures of all the beautiful animals & little ones :)

  32. I have enjoyed my summer just being at home and going on playdates with my daughter!!

  33. Working on visiting all of our local museums with my son this summer! 3 down so far!

  34. I went to Disneyland – what’s more fun than that?

  35. I’ve gone on a few hikes and made it to the coast!

  36. I’ve been going to all the amusement parks in my area so Disneyland knots berry farm and magic mountain

  37. We have done quite a few fun things already this summer but the highlight for me was having my very first paid cupcake/cakepop order!!!

  38. We toured the Swan House, built in 1928, in Atlanta.

  39. We have done lots of BUG CATCHING with our boys!! & I mean lots! This would be so fun for my baby boys 2nd birthday party! It’s icecream themed!! xo

  40. I’ve been helping my best friend plan her wedding that’s happening in two weeks.

  41. I went to the LA Food Fest with my family! I loved trying different foods and desserts. Fun = food. LOL!

  42. this summer I moved to Hawaii!

  43. I traveled to Rhode Island recently! I’ve been looking into getting an ice cream maker lately–I’d love to be able to make nifty vegan flavors–so this would be just lovely.

  44. Had an 80’s themed party with friends we’ve known for 20+ years.

  45. My friends and I planned a 4th of July pool party which has been one of the best parts of my summer. We made hot dogs and chicken, I even made some cute red white and blue choco covered strawberries, along with a USA flag made from fruit (strawberries, bananas, and blueberries). :)

  46. I was in a Tug of war across the inlet of Bolinas lagoon between Stinson beach and Bolinas beach. It was so much fun.

  47. Had so much fun celebrating my son’s 5th birthday at The Little Gym this summer!

  48. Like a dutiful girlfriend, I attended a wrestling show with my boyfriend. And it was actually fun, like a soap opera was playing out right in front of me!

  49. My friend and I walked by our local waterfall that is finally going again after lots of rain, so beautiful!!

  50. I’m volunteering at summer day camps with children! It’s really fun. My camp name is Minnie Mouse and I wear my Minnie Mouse ears!

  51. I’ve gone salmon fishing (unsuccessfully) and learned how to can!

  52. I went skydiving!!! Bucket list check off!! and I made your yummy ice cream oreo treats! :D

  53. This summer we went on vacation with the family to Puerto Vallarta and had some delicious guava ice cream !!!! Yummy

  54. I visited friends in Austin TX and finally got to see some Texas roller derby!

  55. This summer, I’ve seen Sara Bareilles live!

  56. We just finished a fundraiser for my brother and it was a huge success. There was so much love poured out on our family. So many willing and wonderful people wanting to help, it was something to see. Something money can’t buy and something you won’t ever forget. This summer was wonderful because of great people who love and care. It was a start to a better life and a longer one.

  57. I went to Denver to visit my brother and his family. I love hiking the mountains!!

  58. Helped my daughter learn to swim :-)

  59. I went to Alton Towers!!! The most fab theme park ever- i went on the worlds first 14 looping roller coaster!!!

  60. I took my 5 yo son to Hershey Park. You would have thought I was the 5yo. The water park brought the kid out in me.

  61. Been busy making cake pops for my family and friends.. That was fun, and thanks for the inspiration Bakerella (Angie) <3

  62. Ugh too many fun things to name. Going to Havasu for the fourth had of been the best this summer<3

  63. I got to spend a week with my parents and niece after not seeing them for almost 3 years. We hit the beach, the zoo and had some great dinners out.

  64. Well I have been trying to keep myself n lil girl busy while my husband serves 71/2 months in afghan- yes its hard but still have to make it fun for my daughter I want to teach her sometimes you just gotta learn to dance in the rain so a few weeks ago we went to a theme park & suprised her with access to a live concert with connor maynard & lots of her favourite girl bands & I ll never forget that day when we danced laughed & sang
    in the sunshine some moments are priceless????? ~ we re currently busy planning a welcome home party for daddy in the garden & Erinn& daddys favourite of all time is Ice Cream oh my hahaha can just picture here face would be kike winning the lottery to her hahahah ??????????

  65. We’ve been boating on Lake Mead. Our favorite thing to do.

  66. I’m a monitor in a summer course for children and we have been having so much fun!, I’m giving a dance class and a handcraft class, with a little cooking, kids love it :)

  67. i got engaged!! <3

  68. Mmmm I scream for ice cream… oooo a I cream maker!!!

  69. My family went camping together! The kids really wanted me to go. This is real camping. No rv no cabin. Just a tent in the middle of the adirondacks! :)

  70. I had a baby! The actual having of her wasn’t exactly fun, but it’s definitely the highlight of this summer!

  71. I celebrated my 60th birthday with two friends who’d also turned 60 this year at a dinner theater in a round barn.

  72. Enjoying every minute with our daughter before she starts kindergarten next month. Hitting theme parks, farmers markets, children’s museums and the list goes on.

  73. I showed my Aussie cousin the best of California- San Francisco, Pacific Coast Highway, LA, Disneyland! Lots of laughs and fun on the road!

  74. I started a cooking page on youtube with my children this summer, we would love this for our show, soooo many things we could create with this!

  75. I visited college friends in San Francisco this past weekend! So much fun :)

  76. I am about to make my boss’s son a wedding cake, so a homemade ice cream break would really calm me down!

  77. I’m expanding my horizons doing Push-up pops. Lots of fun frozen options with a simple plastic tube!

  78. Lots off BBQ’s , ice cream and trips to the beach!

  79. Went Perth to visit my sister this summer! Love the laid back lifestyle there lots!!!

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  80. I celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary by taking a boat trip to an island.

  81. This is definitely a fun giveaway. Something fun I did this summer? I’m hosting parties and gatherings at my place quite often. For birthdays, family and friends gathering, etc. All fun and wonderful.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  82. Had a blast at the lake with our 18 month old. Camping, picnics, and water fun. Could have used some ice cream in the 108 degree heat!

  83. I just love ice cream and I have worked as a summer-baker in a little summer-cafe.

  84. Learned how to make french macarons!

  85. This summer, I’ve gone to some craft fairs and have been motivated by some local LA artists :) (and also spent too much money on cute crafts, clothes, jewellery and of course FOOD) I also saw some cute animated movies :D and enjoyed plenty of ice cream and milkshakes to survive the heat :)

  86. I went to go visit my friend in WI!

  87. I have been doing 1-3 fun activities or adventures a week with my 2 & 4 yo’s to keep us from getting bored…one of them was making home made ice cream in these round balls that you kick around. It was fun and the ice cream was great – but it would be WAY easier and much less mess (rock salt) if i had a machine!

  88. My fun for the summer has been spending time with family & friends! Waking up every day & making memories, couldn’t ask for anything better!

  89. Hello everyone! This summer I ran a 5k Zombie Apocalypse Marathon! It was amazing! We ran a 5k obstacle course while dodging zombies in an amazing run held in Wisconsin!

  90. I went ocean kayaking! Yay for ice cream giveaways!!!

  91. I have been volunteering at church and crocheting !!!

  92. Visited my 9 month son’s great grandparents! Was too much fun :)

  93. We had a drive in movie in my moms backyard to celebrate my sons birthday.All the kids had cardboard box cars that they got to decorate and each with their own personalized license plate I printed on the computer.They had popcorn and glow sticks and had a great time.

  94. Whitewater rafting on the Snake river

  95. Just returned from 3 weeks in Minnesota with my family. I miss them so much!

  96. I took my boys to the beach just yesterday and went rafting the Saturday before that. It’s been a great summer so far!

  97. I watched my kids run through the sprinklers in our front yard, enjoyed Popsicles together and helped my son set up a lemonade stand. Good old fashioned summer fun!

  98. I went to Savannah GA and tasted all the local cuisine! Thankd for the giveaway!

  99. This summer I’ve gone to 3 concerts, ran a mud run and hosted some fabulous bbq’d. I’ve made it a point to live life & have fun!

  100. Took my cute parents to dip their toes in the ocean!

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