Pages and Post-Its


See all these pages?

I’ve been pouring over them this weekend trying to meet a deadline for a project I’ve been working on for more than a year now. It’s a book. Yeah, a book. Crazy, right?! Well, it’s written, designed and now it’s in the final stages of edits before it goes to press. Man, that’s weird to me. I’m soooo not someone who ever thought they would have a book. And, definitely not a book you could walk into a bookstore and find. I must be dreaming. Somebody pinch me.

Do you want to see some of it?


Sorry… I can’t show you the inside just yet. That would spoil all the fun.


I wish I could though. Really, I do.


For instance, I’d love to tell you what I did with these.

I think you’d smile.

But, I can’t

I can tell you this, though…

The book has everything to do with these…


At the end of 2008, I went cake pop crazy for a few weeks and made a gazillion pops in different designs. Many of them you haven’t seen yet. I decided back then not to show them all on the site… just in case I ever put a book together and tried to publish it on my own, I wanted to have some that were a surprise to make it more fun.

Try to publish on my own… hahahaha! I’m so glad I didn’t go that direction because I don’t think I would have ever finished it, let alone be able to stock and ship books from my pantry. I don’t picture that going well.

Luckily, I didn’t have to. The publisher I’m working with has kept me focused with deadlines. Deadlines, as much as they stress me out… deadlines help. I had no idea the amount of work that would be involved when I started this. From the hours and hours of writing, baking, dipping, decorating, photographing, and hair pulling for me … to all the time editing, typesetting, and designing on the publishers part. I have a huge respect for anyone who has ever written a book or been part of the process. It’s a monumental project.

I don’t have firm details yet, but it’s on target to come out later this year.

My biggest hope is that it answers your questions about cake pops and inspires you to create more fun designs of your own.

Thank you guys so much for loving these little cakes on a stick. I never would have thought I’d be here right now when I made these.

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523 comments on “Pages and Post-Its”

  1. I can’t wait to read you book and I am kind of in shock am I really the first one to comment…that never happens!

  2. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see it and get a copy. It must be over a year since I found you because my first attempt was pops for St. Patrick’s Day. I am not a natural when it comes to dipping, twirling, or flipping.

  3. Ooh, can’t wait! Will you be doing book tours like the pioneer woman?

  4. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see it and have one of my own!

  5. OH WOW!!

    CONGRATS to you!! Can’t wait to buy your book!! I’m sooo excited!!! You must be on a cloud! I can understand! You are a hero to soooo many off us!!! I’m really happy and excited for you… I can’t wait to see the book and hold it in my hands… I want to be the first in France to own a copy!! ; )
    Keep us posted! And try not to stress…

  6. P.S. if you do a book tour.. PLEASE come to Paris… or at least– to London.. I’ll go there to meet you!!

  7. cannot wait to read this book of yours, ill bet it is amazing!

  8. Wow, I can’t wait for your book to come out!! Hope it makes it down here to New Zealand!! And wow, I too am in shock I am maybe second to comment!!! Congrats, I love your creativity!!!!

  9. hahaha, didn’t think I would really be second lol. That was super quick!!

  10. SO Excited! All your ideas are so amazing, you make everything so much fun! Mondays are my favorite days to come and check out all the things you have been up to… Cant wait for your book! I’ll buy one for sure!

  11. OOOOH I can’t wait!! Congrats!

  12. Oh my goodness I can’t wait to get this book in my hands!! Congratulations, what an exciting thing to be happening for you!!

  13. Awesome! I can’t wait til your book comes out…Good Luck!

  14. This is great! I definitely have to get one of these C:

  15. Congratulations! Looking forward to flipping through it!

  16. So excited! Can’t wait to see it!

  17. Oooooh, I’m sure it’s gonna be great! Hope I can get a copy by then here in The Netherlands…Would be a great Christmas gift :)

  18. That’s so freaking exciting! I cannot wait. Please let it be available in Australia!

  19. Wow! That is very exciting! Congratulations!!

  20. That is so exciting! Can’t wait to pick up my copy!!

  21. Oh wow, I am so excited and for you too!! I really can’t wait to get my hands on a copy – hopefuly an autographed one. I just hope they see their way to South Africa.

  22. CONGRATS! I can’t wait to pre-order it!

  23. Congrats! Wow, I had a dream about 2 things 1) the Oscar
    contest hoping you pick my name 2) publishing your
    own book & I read this. Amazing your so talented :)

  24. I really really can’t wait for this!! I want a signed copy… Please please please!

  25. Congratulations!!!! I know how very exciting and nail biting the experience can be. Just the other day our (my sister’s and my) publisher said we could re-announce our own publishing date (which has been delayed for various reasons). Our own book is slated to come out next Spring! *bouncy bouncy* So we’ll be right there in the editing trenches with you.

    I can not express the sheer excitement and happiness that I feel for you right now! So much so that I had to do a little happy dance right here in my chair on your behalf. Again major congratulations are in order!!!

  26. How exciting!!! Can’t wait to see it! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  27. congratulations! I love your website! Saludos desde Mexico! My family loves your receipes!



  28. Congratulations, I’m sure it will be great

  29. I cannot wait to see this! Weeee! Congratulations!!

  30. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I will be the first in line to buy your book. Heck, I’ll be the president of your fan club!

    You inspire me each and every week.
    CONGRATS to you. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Congratulations. Even the teaser glimpses look delicious!

  34. I’m soooooo excited for you! And I can’t wait to pick up a copy of your book as soon as it comes out.

    Ever since I found your blog I’ve been absolutely hooked! You have definitely inspired me. I went from making cakes from store-bought mixes and frosting for family and friends to starting my own business from home baking and decorating custom cakes from scratch for ppl I had never met before in my life! Thanks to your food blog, I’ve decided that after I graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, I want to go to culinary school to discover what I can truly do with this newfound passion for baking. :) Thanks Bakerella!!

  35. How exciting!!!!
    Cannot wait to get my hands on it :)

  36. This is sooo exciting! Congratulations!

  37. Wow, so happy and excited for you and for us:) I am so looking forward to reading your book when it comes out!! Congratulations ~ Tina

  38. your an amazing lady!!
    cant wait to get my hands on this!! I am yet to attempt your glorious “cake pops” but have been very tempted, Maybe its time to get my 2 year old contained and give it a go… and use the idea of getting my hands on this book as an excuse to refine the making and throw a release party…. (ohh the ideas are buzzing!!)

  39. cant wait to get my hands on ur book

  40. would it be available here in east asia? :)

  41. SOOOO excited to that hear that news!!! Love checking out your latest creations and cant wait to see the “secret” ones! Could you make Australia part of your book tour????

  42. About time! Lol, I’m really happy for you and desperately hoping they’ll be availiable in Australia!!! Can I pre-order???

  43. I love your cake pops… I am going to buy your book as soon as it comes out! Can’t wait!!!

  44. Congratulations on your book!!!
    I really love your cake-pops and I really hope the book will be available in Holland too some day!

  45. This is GREAT news!!!!!! I can’t wait to buy a copy. What an exciting project! xxx

  46. What a great idea.. Cant wait for the book to be out.

  47. I hear you there!! I never thought I’d ever have a cookbook and mine is coming out this July, published by Quirk Books, which I think is a sister company of Chronicle. Glad to hear that things are going well and can’t wait to buy it!!

  48. i can’t wait to get a copy of your book when it comes out! it’s going to be fantastic :D

  49. Send plenty to Australia… I can’t believe I was just perusing the cookbook aisle yesterday, thinking that I NEED a book from Bakerella – I’m so excited – can’t wait!

  50. As an ex book designer I’m sure you’re a publisher’s dream!!
    Beautiful photos, great descriptions and yummy products.
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and love all the great stuff you come up with, and the amazing attention to detail that each project shows :-)

  51. thats an awesome news :)

  52. Congratulations !
    I’m so excited and so impatient to read your book !
    I’m joining Leesa saying PLEASE come to Paris if you do a book tour !

  53. FINALLY!!!! a book!! How exciting!!!!
    Hope it will be available for us Dutchies too?? Will it be available online and shipped to Europe?? PLEASE!!!!

  54. I’m soo excited for you! I can’t wait to buy a few

  55. hi bakerella!!

    I will keep a look out for this! Awesome!

  56. Hope you plan on a give away of an autographed copy!! Can’t wait to read it!

  57. I’m so proud of you Bakerella!!!! I absolutely cannot wait to buy a copy of your cookbook and check out all those surprises! You have totally transformed my kitchen and opened up so many creative outlets! I will never look at cake the same again! Please, please please have a book tour…Indy is a great place for signing! Hoosier hospitality and all! ;)

  58. Congratulations! Ooh, can’t wait! to see it and get a copy!!

  59. Ooooo!!!! I am so excited for you AND me! Soon I will have Bakerella at my fingertips. Joy! Good luck.

  60. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh about time missy !!!!!! lol

    congrats……………………………i can’t believe you haven’t had a book out already………………………….you are frikken (can i say that here) lol…..frikken awesome !!!!!!! can you save me a copy…..a signed copy plz….i can’t wait for it to come to australia……….unless you do a book tour downunder !

    congrats on all the hard work and i can imagine the long hours………..and you still find time for us….your fans !!!! fans from all across teh world !!!!!!

    yeah……..i’m #60

  61. well 62 :P

  62. I can’t wait for your book. I am going to get one for each of my daughters. Will you be able to autograph copies for us? I just love your creativity.

  63. So excited and proud of you! Congratulations in advance! That was the first post I read here. Two years ago???
    Looking forward to the published book!
    Kisses from Greece

  64. Congratulations!
    I love your work … even if I could’nt read the book yet. Think I’m your biggest german fan ;-) I know so many women, reading your blog…and than asking me to translate the recipes.
    What do you think about an german version of your blog and book? Even though my english is’nt that perfect – my german is!
    What do you think about the idea? I would be very pleased to hear from you (betty [at]
    Best regards, Betty

  65. Omg, CONGRATULATIONS bakerella!
    I can say that I’ve been an avid follower of your blog for two years or so now, and I am absolutely ecstatic that you are coming out with your own book! Cake pops are by far the best things that you have baked and to know that you are dedicating a whole book to them.. oh my goodness! Best of luck in the final process and I will definitely keep my open for this book in stores!

  66. hi Bakerella – i think your cake pops are brilliant and made reindeer and polar bears at christmas for my family. I live in the UK – will the book be available in the uk?

  67. Oh my gosh! That is so incredibly exciting. Well done you! I hope it will be available here in the UK. I know a couple of us Manchester Bakers are complete Bakerella devotees.
    Thank you for spreading the cuteness!

  68. OMG, that is such good news. CONGRATULATIONS on getting the book deal.
    I love checking the website to see what new goodies you have each week.
    Your work is truly amazing, it’s so creative and I love all the ideas that you come up with. You really seem like you love what you do and I only hope some day I will be as creative as you.
    Conrats again.
    R x

  69. This is amazing news! You are such a talented bakerella and I cannot wait to get my hands on your book! It seems you will have to go on a world-wide book tour! If you ever do, put Norway on that list! :D Thanks for spreading the love and inspiration<3 xoxoxo


  71. Please let us know when it’s released!

  72. Congrats!! That’s fanstastic! It has to be so nerve wrecking and stressful, but we all know you can do it! Your blog has given me a little more confidence when it comes to baking, and that’s a big deal, Lady, you’re an inspiration!!!

    Please let us know when it hits the stores as I WANT ONE!!!!

  73. i was just thinking the other day that you needed a book!
    scout’s honor. with girl scout cookies on top.


  74. I’ve been wondering when you would put a book together…call me old fashioned, but there is just no comparison between poking the button and flipping through thick, glossy beautifully colored paper. A big YAY from me! I can’t wait to purchase it!

  75. So exciting! I can’t wait to see the book, congratulations.

  76. Yay! Congrats to you! :) That is so exciting and you are so deserving!

  77. My daughter and I are so excited for you. I am not the least bit surprised there is a Bakerella book in the works and know that a copy of it will definitely make its way into our house as soon as it is available.

    Congrats! Your hard work will be rewarded – greatly!

  78. Very cool! Congrats!

  79. What an accomplishment ~ Congratulations! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  80. Cannot wait to see the completed book! I will definitely get a copy!

  81. you are amazing!! good for you!!!

  82. I can’t wait!..will be the first one at the bookstore to buy a copy!

  83. this is such WONDERFUL news!!

    congrats to you for all your creativity & hard work…
    cannot wait to purchase your book
    & hopefully meet you on your BOOK TOUR!!!
    this is sooo exciting…
    & clicked onto your publisher…you are in great company!!!

    ANGIE…wishing you ALL THE BEST!!!

  84. I cannot wait to own a copy!!! Congratulations!!!! :D

  85. Yay!! I can’t wait till the book comes out! Congrats!! :D

  86. WOW!!! THAT is AWESOME!! I’m goinging to be getting one of those for sure!! You should come to London, Onatrio on your book tour!! I LOVE making cake pops!!

  87. YAY! Can’t wait to see it. So are you doing a book tour? When does it come out?

  88. A book!? How wonderful for all of us…can’t wait! Congratulations to you :)

  89. Well I will most certainly be purchasing your book! And I’m glad you held out on showing all of the cake pops. It will make it more exciting when I see them in print!


  91. Wow…what a great accomplishment! I know I will be keeping my eyes peeled for your book – I love making cake pops and need all the inspiration I can get AND you really inspire me! Congratulations!

  92. Wow! That is just incredible! I’m so excited for you….well, and for “me”, too *Ü* If you have something up your sleeve and thing its nifty…I’m all in! Can’t wait for that book to be released!

  93. It’s a success already! What an amazing ride! Enjoy that first copy. We’re all waiting – impatiently!

  94. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so excited and can’t wait. I have made a lot of creations and can’t wait to make more. This week I am trying your Shamrock Oreo truffles. Pleass keep us updated, so we know when it will be out.

  95. Even the manuscript looks beautiful from this side view! I will hold my breath waiting in anticipation!

  96. So deserved, I love your creativity!
    You have inspired so many of us to go out and try something new…
    I will make this book my go to gift for all my creative friends.

    I am sure someone will make those tiny little books for your book signing like you made for PW.

  97. WOW!! A book by bakerella!! I will buy 2! One for the counter that I work from and one to keep on the shelf that will be clean and new!! Can’t wait to get it:)

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