Don’t lick, bite…

… into these sweet cake pops. I wanted to make cake balls this weekend, and I wanted them to be pink inside, so I tried making a white cake with raspberries. It made the cake pinkish, but it’s consistency just wouldn’t work, so I decided to stick with the red velvet cake ball recipe and went to the store and bought a chocolate cake mix to substitute. I also used some pink candy melts instead of the chocolate bark. And just to make them even a little cuter, stuck them on lollipop sticks…… Cakesicles anyone?

Chocolate Cake Balls

If you want to make these, too, just follow the instructions for the red velvet cake balls and use lollipop sticks to insert into the balls and then stick in the fridge or freezer for a little while before you dip in the coating. I also used a styrofoam block to stick the pops in to dry.

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  1. Bakerella, you’re amazing!

    In contrast to you, I’ve never considered myself much of a baker… but I’ve been feeling adventurous in the kitchen lately, so I decided to go big and make some “Cupid Pops” for Valentine’s Day. I think they turned out pretty cute… and everyone I gave them to were completely enchanted with them (thanks to you!).

    Here’s a link to my blog post about them, which includes a few pictures… and, of course, a shout out to YOU, the Queen of Cake Pops!

    Thank you for sharing all your crazy cuteness!

  2. I made these yesterday for my kids to take to school today. I followed your directions exactly and they came out perfect. I think dipping the stick in the chocolate before putting in the ball is key. I used the Wilton pink melts and valentine’s sprinkles right after dipping. I then put them in valentine lollipop bags I purchased at Michael’s. Thanks for the idea!

  3. These are so cute…you have the best ideas…I want to try to make the cake balls but would like to try with chocolate cake mix..should I still mix it with cream cheese? or do I use someother type of frosting?

  4. I made your cake pops last night for Valentine’s Day treats. They’re really yummy and adorable! I did the red velvet cake/cream cheese frosting and dipped half in pink and half in white chocolate.

    My only question is how do you keep one side from becoming flat when you place them on the wax paper? I ended up placing the lollipop stick in the top and putting treat bags over them and tying with rick rack and other ribbons. So they sit on the ball part, not stand on the stick.

    So far they’ve been a big hit! Thanks for the great idea.

  5. Just wondering if you have another cake recipe for the cake balls – I do not like red velvet!! Please let me know!!

  6. hello.. im thinking of making St.Patty’s Day Cake Balls! — I tried clicking on the link for the red velvet cake balls, and it didnt take me to the recipe/how to.. can you please tell me where i can find it?

    thanks, and i am loving your website .. YUM!

  7. Hey Bakerella!
    I only recently discovered your blog while looking for dessert recipes to make for a band potluck I had the other day. I’m 16 years old and just wanted to say that you have inspired me A LOT. I love love love baking so much more now! I made brownie pops for the potluck and they were a huge hit! Everyone absolutely loved them and those who saw pictures of then were completely jealous. I couldn’t have done it without your blog and can’t wait to try your other recipes as well. Keep up the good work!

  8. hi! im from Argentina i just love all the ideas that you have

  9. Hi, these cake pops are lovely!
    I’d like to try, but I need to know the approximate weight of the cake. I cannot find the cake mix you mention.
    Could you help me?
    It would be great if I could make them for my son’s birthday party next Saturday.

  10. White cake mix + as much dry jello mix as you need to get your color. I used blackberry…I think. It made a beautiful pink cake about the color of your “submit” button down here. :D

  11. how do you “transport” these cake pops?

  12. hi! can you send the recipe of how to make a cakepops.

  13. As a new baker, I tried your recipe for a holiday party and they were a HUGE hit. I want to say thank you for all your recipes and ideas. I must remember to thin out the chocolate a bit since mine were so thick. Still, a pop of heaven.

    Je t’adore!!!

  14. Great job!!! It is amazing!!!!

    Im spanish speaker and I can´t understand what is “can frosting”. ¿Could you explian with other words for me?
    Thanks a lot!!! Ana

  15. OMG!
    This is really cool!
    I love it! <3
    But, I want to do this with normal cake mix.
    Is that possible?


  16. ADMP: I think what your reall problem might be either the size of your cake ball for the stick or the way you are dipping them. You cant dip the whole thing in upside down or they will fall off you have to put the side of the pop in the bowl and roll and spoon the chocolate on. It takes a lot of time to get it smooth and such but it is well worth it. I have made many batches of these and i think these are the problems you are running into, also if your chocolate or almond bark or what ever is too thick that could be pulling the cake off as well. Make sure you tap off the excess as well because that could be making them heavy. Hope I helped : ) and your right they are adorable they were my christmas presents to my friends at school this year : )

  17. So I attempted to make these, my cake ball wouldn’t stay on the stick. I’m thinking I used to much frosting but I used what you said. I put them in the freezer before i dipped them. But in the end, I had to make cake balls. : ( I will try again though, these are to cute not to get right.

  18. These are incredibly adorable, when I tried to make them though they were to heavy to stay on the sticks and kept sliding down onto the styrofoam it was a nightmare

  19. I’m scared but I am going to try it this weekend. We will see what happens. : /

  20. Can I use strawberry cake mix if I want them pink? Pillsbury FUNFETTI cake mix might look cute with white chocolate and colored sprinkles!! You are awesome and i love your blog name ;)

  21. Bakerella,

    I just recently discovered “Cake Balls” and your website!! Wow!!! You’ve got a lot of really cute ideas and I can’t wait to try making some. Have you ever tried to make these with a brownie mix, and will these make well with homemade cake/icing? Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to more of your ideas!!

  22. have you done anything fun for a baby (boy) shower?

  23. I made cake pops for a birthday party a few months ago, now every time I go to any event everyone asks me to make them! Best treat ever!

  24. I want to make these for Christmas goodies. Do they stay fresh with the chocolate coating on them for a few days or do I need to make them the day before handing them out?

  25. i read a blurb about you in the December Better Homes and Gardens and went to your blog right away. Great ideas!!

  26. Made these over the weekend and the directions on this website were great – a little hard to make them look as perfectly cute as in the picture, but they taste delicious!!

  27. Thanks so much i made these for my friends at school and family for chrismas gifts, they went over incredibly well and everyone asked for the recipe. I was just wondering as far as giving out credit if you have these trade marked or anything at all. Im only a teenager but im an inspiring pasty chef and at some point would love to have my own pastry shop and i would hate to take credit even now if it is not right. once again thanks so much im even getting asked to make a couple dozen for some of my friends parents so they can give them to there family members! really i cant thank you enough because ive had so much fun making these and geting commplemets for what i make is soo great! If you get time i would really like to know about whether i need to give credit because i dont want to take credit if i cant. THANKS SO MUCH!

  28. I made your cake balls for my friend’s Baby Shower. I used Strawberry cake mix, buttercream icing and white chocolate bark. The buttercream icing made them a lil stickier than usual but the colors were wonderful for the beautiful lil girl who came a couple of weeks later.

  29. hi.. im mara from the philippines… im trying to look for recipes regarding cupcakes coz its my first time to make one.. then, when i saw an episode of you with martha in our cable, i got so inspired by your concept.. what recipe of cupcake would you suggest for starters like me?

  30. I think these would be just the right thing for Breast Cancer Awareness month!! If one could figure out a way to incorporate a small “ribbon”……wow, they would be simple amazing…
    Footnote: Im making those Red Velvet ones for a Holiday Party and cant wait for the reviews. What a terrific site I have stumbled upon!!!!!!!

  31. in my country i can’t find the candy melt ,… is there any way to produce it myself? or any substitute? i really want to make the cake pops.
    i already did them with chocolate but, we are almoust in summer and they melt so quikly…..
    please any sugestions?

  32. Wow… your page is great… Thanks for sharing. In Mexico many supplys are not avaible or are very expensive but your ideas are easy to make…

  33. Our church has a christmas cookie & candy walk fundraiser every year, and I saw these, and thought they were adorable. I just used yellow cake (that’s the mix I had on hand.) and I dipped them in the chocolate candy melts, and drizzled red and green on them. They’re adorable! Who knows, I may make santa hats and reindeer next year!

  34. I’m making these for a birthday party and I live in Australia, because I live in the fab land of Oz we don’t have chocolate bark and candy melts, but could we just get white chocolate and used non-toxic food dye instead? I’m thirteen BTW and I ain’t too bright when it comes to science stuff.

  35. Veronica – they are pretty sweet no matter how you look at them. But you can try any cake and frosting combo you want.

    joelle – white doesn’t cover dark colored cakes too well. You can either let it thicken up before you dip, or double dip them to get an opaque coating.

    toothrough – very moist. But once they are coated, they’ll be ok. Especially on the second day.

    Keri – I gently tap off any excess and let it fall back into the bowl. Swirling and tapping helps.

  36. Bakerella…I have made cake balls for several years and they are truly fabulous! I am going to try your reindeer ones; however, I have NEVER been able to get my chocolate coating to be as smooth and uniform as you did with the reindeer ones. What’s your secret? I plan on using the wilton melts…also, when you dip them and put them on the styrofoam to harden, does the chocolate ever drip down?

  37. I’m trying to make the cake pops but have a question. What’s the final texture of the cake supposed to be like? I’ve put the icing in the cake and its been in the fridge since yesterday afternoon but I feel like it’s going to be mushy once candy coated. :( Help?

  38. Hi! Thanks to your fabulous recipe I’m gonna be the best aunt in the world making them for my niece’s kindergarten graduation party!

    I need a little help though. As I couldn’t get candy melts here, I used chocolate for coating my cupcake pops. The base was wonderfully coated but when it came to the top, my white chocolate seemed to be rather translucent. Did I use a wrong kind of chocolate or did something go wrong in my heating process? My dark chocolate was easy enough to melt but the white chocolate was too sticky. I added corn syrup (think I read somewhere along the comments that I could do that). But it didn’t work. I added shortening (again read somewhere) and it still didn’t work. In the end I added milk (in exasperation!) and got it to the right consistency. Except for the transparency, it coated well otherwise. Please advise! Thanks! =D

  39. Hi! I love your site… I have been wanting to get into bakeing for sometime now… So for my first project I decided to make the cake pops I love them on your site and well the ones I made we’re just to sweet can you recommend a box cake and frosting that’s not so sweet. I used buttercream frosting. It was so sweet it was not edible and I had to throw the whole batch in the trash… Please help.. Oh do you have a book……

  40. Hi! I love your site… I have been wanting to get into bakeing for sometime now… So for my first project I decided to make the cake pops I love them on your site and well the ones I made we’re just to sweet can you recommend a box cake and frosting that’s not so sweet. I used buttercream frosting. It was so sweet it was not edible and I had to throw the whole batch in the trash… Please help.. Oh do you have a book……

  41. I just wanted to say…. you are my hero!! Your art inspires me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your amazing talent!! What a blessing!! I am mom to 7 sons, ages 2 to 18, and I quit my job in April, so that I could be a stay at home mom again. It was so hard trying to manage home and work. My boys needed me. My husband and I have been making and selling our own line of soy candles and I also sell my baked goods to area boutiques to help supplement his income. Things have begun to pick up in the last few weeks, and we are so grateful. Thank you for giving me the inspiration to go on. I have been so depressed that I had made the wrong decision about leaving my job since we lost half of our income, but I hope and pray that our little ventures will finance this dream of mine….. to be here for our boys. I was making some Elmo pops this past week, and kind of chuckled to myself as I was making them. Dabbing on and toothpicking to perfection red “fur”. In my former life, I never would have had the time nor the inclination to attempt such a thing, but these little pops, while as you warned were time-consuming, gave me such joy! My two year olds eyes just lit up! What satisfaction to see these come to life. I am attempting to add these to my offerings to enrich others lives as well as my own. I give all credit to you and thank you again for being so selfless and sharing your gifts with all your admirers!!
    Thanks again!!

  42. Wendy – I don’t refrigerate my pops when they are finished. If you keep having problems, try not to roll them too compactly.

  43. Ok, I made my pumpkin cake balls, and they were a huge hit! They looked quite pretty, too, with the melted butterscotch chips drizzled over the top of the vanilla dipped balls!

  44. Bakerella, you are seriously a goddess to my 16 year old twins. Recently, for their birthday, I made almost 100 pops for their party (as favors for the kids to take home) and for their soccer team. I sent you several photos of the results. I refrigerated them, and for a couple of weeks, I put a cake-pop in their lunch each day; they are the envy of their classmates.

    I do have a question – I’m having trouble with the candy coating cracking after it sets. I’m pretty sure it has to do with when to, and not to refrigerate…..should you refrigerate the pops as soon as they are coated? I don’t understand why some of the pops crack and others don’t – any clues for me?

  45. Thanks so much bakerella! I made the reindeer, the christmas trees and tried some snow men, christmas decoration balls and some christmas puddings (dont think you have these in the USA) but very cute! All turned out gorgeous and the kids in my playgroup were loving them! I did have trouble with the second batch cracking after dipped and dry but think you answered that one for someone else when you said they must have been too cold and the change in temp meant they expanded cracking the chocolate!

    One more question – I seem to get a nice smooth glossy surface when I use the bark but when using the green melts I got a dull almost chalky look/ feel to them….not really noticeable but just different to the finish of the bark – was hoping they would have a glossier finish! Any suggestions?

  46. Carly – several days in advance

    Anna – Styrofoam

    Sara Li – Either the cake was too moist (you can add less frosting) or the melts were too thick (you can add veg oil or shortening to help thin it out)

    Also – make sure you can dip in one motion without having to swirl them in the melts. Dip and remove.

  47. Hi Bakerella!! I love all your creations! I tried making the cake pops a few days ago but ran into a problem. As I was dipping the cake balls into the candy melts, they came off the lollipop sticks! Even after I left them in the refrigerator for a couple days they still wouldn’t hang on after I bit into them. I dipped the ends of the stick into the candy melts before I put them into the cake balls, so does this mean my cake mixture was too moist? (I also mixed the candy melts with some shortening to thin it out, could that have been the problem?)

  48. When I’m done dipping them into the mets, what do you stick them

  49. Just about to make these for the first time and I am sure they wont last long without being eaten but do you know how far ahead of time I could make these yummy little things?

  50. I plan to make pumpkin cake balls. I have the pumpkin cake baked, and in the freezer already. Then the day before I need them for a party – I’ll mix them with the cream cheese frosting, and dip them in vanilla bark, with a few butterscotch chips melted with the vanilla. Then I plan to melt more butterscotch chips to drizzle over the cooled balls. I think they sound really good, —- hope they taste as good as they sound! Wish me luck!!!

  51. I love these! My husband has weird food issues and refuses to eat anything rolled in my hands and then not cooked… i’m going to tell him i cooked the second batch. ha.
    I made the cake pops last night and let them chill overnight. I just tried dipping them and they slid down the stick! I had to come back to the site to find some tips. I did find some…I was so worried, I’m serving these today at my son’s birthday party – Halloween themed! I’m making the ghosts and skulls. I’m so excited!!!

  52. I just made some of these for my sister’s baby shower and they turned out adorable! I’ve posted them on my blog along with the other shower paraphernalia: Thanks so much for all your fantastic ideas! I’m thrilled to have found your blog.

  53. Lu –

    Sherry – glad you like the shirt.

    Nanci – it’s also called candy melts, confectioners coating, bark coating, compound coating. It’s basically chocolate that’s aleady tempered

  54. This is a great idea!!! i will be attending a BREAST CANCER AWARNESS party follwing a walk…These are a great dessert idea ,suitable for the day with….red velvet cake and pink frosting..Thanx Vera

  55. Im sooo happy I found your website your Idea’s are amazing Thanks

  56. I made these cak pops for my October 3rd wedding, and everyone loved them. I made them bigger than what you had on here and we dipped them in white and dark chocolate.But still today we got a comment on how great these were. Thank you for the great idea. Our cake lady backed out on us a week before the wedding so we were a little stressed. But we got a 7 inch red velvet for my husband and I to cut and everyone else had a cake pop or two and they loved them.

  57. Looks adorable ! I wanna try it :D I have already found a red velvet cake recipe but i don’t think that my country has this hmm candy melts … are they are chocolate ?

  58. LOVE your blog and your recipes! Made the cake pops this weekend and they were a big hit. They were simply delicious and have inspired lots of ideas for different flavors, etc. Thank you for sharing an outstanding recipe. Oh, and I wear my bakerella T-shirt with pride! Please keep posting.

  59. Hi! Can you tell me exactly how you made them into balls? Is there a special cake pan? Did you get that at hobby lobby too? Thanks! I’m super excited to make these for a shower!

  60. Jill – you mean like these

    manthy – try thinning your coating to make it more fluid. add some vegetable oil or shortening to it.

    Bakin B – they could have been rolled too tight and left in the freezer too long causing them to try and expand. Next time transfer to the fridge after they are firm. And you can also redip any that might get a crack.

  61. Hi,
    Your link (red velvet cake ball recipe) doesn’t work. It jumps the reader back to the main page.
    btw, your site looks delicious!

  62. I’m so hungry right now! Deliscious!

  63. Bakerella,
    I made about 100 cake pops for a Birthday party this weekend. They were beautiful- except about an hour later they started to crack. What did i wrong? the balls were still quite cold from being in the freezer- would that have done it?

  64. Hi Bakerella,
    I’m so glad I found your website, your cakes are so beautiful! You’ve inspired me to try making cake pops, as I’ve got some left over red velvet cake from trying to make an apple-logo shaped birthday cake for my pet geek. I just thought I would post a link for anyone who wants to make these in the UK. Sadly it’s hard to get a lot of the cool products here that you’ve got in the USA. I’ve never seen a red velvet cake mix (it’s not a common type of cake here, I only heard of it cos someone on Grey’s Anatomy wanted it for her wedding cake), and we also don’t have ready made cream cheese frosting – we’ve got to do it all the hard way! So here’s a recipe for red velvet that always works for me:

    and a good recipe for cream cheese frosting:

    Sorry, I don’t know if the proportions are similar to your recipe, so I guess we’ll have to experiment with frosting: cake ratios!

    And finally, for those of us who can’t find reliable measuring cups, this is the best webste for converting to UK imperial or metric measurements:

    Hope that helps! Anyway, I’m off to play with my food. I’ve decided my new ambition/ goal in life is to make some of the Hello Kitty cake pops – probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!
    Thank you Bakerella :-)

  65. HELP! I can’t get the chocolate smoothly on the balls and I cannot get them to stay on the stick :( I suck. I put them in the freezer for a few minutes with the stick in them. When I pull them out and try to coat with chocolate, the balls crumble and the chocolate doesn’t spread well or evenly. Then they fall off the stick. :(

  66. These are delightful, I cannot wait to try them on my own! I have a similar recipe, but instead of cake we use oreos! no baking necessary! Just crush and mix with the oreos, dip and eat. I bet they would be even cuter and yummier on a stick! Thanks for the inspirations

  67. A friend recommended your blog to me recently. I love it! The cake pops are adorable. My daughter turns 2 this weekend and I would love to try to make some for her party. I have searched and searched your blog to find the orginal cake pop instructions but I can’t seem to find it. Can you help me?

  68. meowmeowz – sure, but you probably won’t need as much frosting if you do.

  69. hi! i was wondering if this recipe would work if i substituted the chocolate cake mix for brownie mix instead?

  70. thanks alot! I´ll let you now how it went and i´ll post some pictures.

  71. You can try this version by CakeJournal

  72. Hi bakerella ! Thanks for sharing this wonderful ideas. i've try to make the cake pops several times, though the work is alot the result is yummy and cute. But i have a problem. Every time i make this, first the white chocolate never seems to melt rigth even though i've follow the instructions of how to melt choco (i buy this choco in a fine chocolaterie store here in my country). And Second and most important i live in the caribbean and in here temperature is really hot and the chocolate melts really easy is like a waste i cant even put it in a box for a gift without the worry if its gonna stand. So my question is if there any suggestion of another coverage rather than melted candy or chocolate, So i can storage in a gift box or lollipops plastic bags without the concern that it will melt and become a mess. I know its kind of difficult to find a substitute :S but i hope you can help me.

    Thanks bakerella for taking the time of reading this :)

  73. Nope, but I have frozen the finished product with good results.

  74. These are adorable (and look so tasty). Have you ever made these ahead of time and frozen the cake balls prior to decorating them? I am throwing a shower and these pops would be great, but I don't know if I could get them all done the day of the party.

  75. Hi Bakerella! I made these cake pops for a friend's baby shower last weekend and they were a huge hit! I made one batch with devil's food cake and chocolate coating, and one batch with vanilla cake and vanilla coating. There's a link to my blog post HERE if you're interested in checking them out. Thank you so much for the inspiration! I will definitely be making these again!

  76. Sarah – If you are talking about the plastic molds that look like peanut butter cups, then, I don’t put the sticks in those. I just leave them as cute little cupcakes.

  77. I am trying to make the little cupcake’s on a stick. The ones that look like little cupcakes. My question is, When do I put the stick in since I am making the little cups for them to sit in?

  78. if they are too moist, try adding a little less frosting.

    Also, make sure your chocolate isn’t too thick in texture.

    Use a deep enought bowl, so you can dunk and remove in one motion. And make sure the chocolate secures around the base of the stick.

  79. These are SO adorable and perfect for my daughter’s upcoming 4th birthday! I’ve even made a “cake” out of silk flowers and floral foam to display them in (yellow, with pink and red to match princess Belle’s dress). But I need HELP! I’ve tried twice now and they just fall apart and fall off the lollipop stick when I try to dip them in the chocolate. Am I using too much frosting? I chilled them – prior to putting the sticks in and again prior to dipping – they were a bit gooey when I was rolling them into balls. Any thoughts? Also any tips on decorating them with sprinkles or colored sugar? My daughter is having a prince/princess party and I plan on using pink cake and dipping them in either pink or regular milk choc. candy melts. Sorry for rambling. Thanks so much!!!

  80. limvicky – I’m impressed. Great job for your first or fiftieth time.

  81. Oh and I also forgot to mention:

    You truly, truly inspire me in many ways.

  82. This is my first time making the cake pops and they are in the fridge as we speak! I just wish I had more room so that I can refrigerate them with the lollipop sticks in. I wonder if it’s possible to stick them in after they’ve been refrigerated?

  83. Not too bad if you can find the candy coating.

  84. Hi I’m Siti from Singapore. This is pretty cool. It is difficult to make. Because this would give me an idea for a children day celebration. They sure to love it.

  85. Thanks for the heads up. I asked them to remove the pics and they did.

    Thanks again


  86. Someone’s using your photo!


  87. Artowawa – for the cake balls, you can use any flavor frosting you like.

    southernjoy – sounds so pretty. good luck.

  88. trying these for the first time today, using strawberry cake (from a box) and the white candy melts.. drizzling with pink for the final step. Thanks for this great creation!

  89. Hi Bakerella, thanks for the quick reply. I have another question. I have not seen any cream cheese frosting in the local stores. Is it ok to use cream cheese? Or is there any other substitute?

  90. Artowawa – You can use any cake and frosting combination you like. For the chocolate, you can try regular morsels or baking chocolate, but add a few drops of oil to thin it out if it’s too thick. It’s not the same as candy coating, but it should work in a pinch.

  91. Hi Bakerella, I really love your blog. I’ll link it to mine shortly. I am planning to make some for v-day. I tried to find candy melts in the stores locally and I can’t find any. Is the candy melts similar to chocolate toppings. Is it the same thing as cooking chocolate? I also cant find any velvet cake so I am gonna use hot chocolate fudge, will that be alright? Thanks!

  92. Chrisy – thanks. I finally made them with a strawberry cake and they were great.

  93. If you want them to be pink on the inside, try cherry chip cake mix and cherry frosting. I make cake balls with them all the time.

  94. Dawn – love em. And cute way to drizzle the tops.

  95. Hi Bakerella! I finally made your cake pops – Yay! Thank you so much for the recipe and inspiration. Everyone loved them, and I had so much fun making them. Here is a link to some of my pics. Thanks again!

  96. Angela – what brand of chocolate are you using.

    How long are they in the freezer. I only put mine in for a few min. They don’t get frozen. Also, you don’t need the chocolate to be super hot. It might be the combination of the two temperature states reacting.

    kartika – These two posts should help. You can use any cake/frosting combo with any candy coating colors you like.

  97. Hi!!!!
    How come i can’t find the recipe for this Popsicle-cake?? What is the link to the recipe?? I think i prefer to have the chocolate cake inside, and some white chocolate frosting outside.. can i have the recipe for the chocolate cake inside please? since i dun want to use colorings on the cake..

  98. Hi Bakerella,

    First, let me say that you are the BOMB! I love your site and all of your creations. I am dying to make a successful batch of cake balls. I use the candy melts (not bark coating). No matter what I do, each ball cracks. I am pretty sure that it is the moisture seeping out of the cake balls. I did everything to combat the moisture. I used less icing and waited until the cake was completely cooled to mix it in. After removing my balls from the freezer, I patted them down to remove any moisture related to the condensation on the cake balls. Nothing works. I love the candy melts because the chocolate sets so quickly and it’s easier to work with than the bark. Plus, it just looks more consistent. Is there something that I am doing wrong??? Please help. I really want a good batch of these before Xmas. But at this rate, it’s not gonna happen. Thank you!!

  99. puppy dogs and ice cream – I’ve recently frozen some and they were fine. You can also make them a few days in advance and just keep them in an airtight container on the counter.

  100. hi! i was wondering if you can make the cake balls way ahead (a week or so) keep in freezer until you need them? what do you think?

  101. Susan and Shawn – I just recently did a strawberry cake and it was surprisingly good. I’m not a big strawberry fan, but I would def make it again.

  102. I noticed that you said you wanted a pink cake. Have you ever tried a strawberry cake mix? I’ll have to try it and then I’ll let you know.

  103. Yay! I’m so glad you had better luck. I have an email link in my profile.

  104. I might get one to make the cake balls/ truffles. They actually had one with 2 pots as well but a different brand on amazon.
    The cake pops turned out marvelous this time. If you like I could take some pics and send it to you by email.
    Thanks for all your help and inspiration :)

  105. wafa – I’m glad you had better luck the second time.
    I haven’t used that product, but it looks cool. But, a lot of times I have more than one color going, so I don’t know if would be practical for me. I like that it keeps it melted though. If you get one, let me know how you like it.

  106. Hi Bakerella,

    It's me again, I was wondering if you use the electric pro chocolate melter by Wilton. I tried to do the cake bites but it was abit messy. I read that you cover the ball with chocolate and tab it with the spoon and all. But do you thing this would make the process easier and get a smoother coat?
    Please do share your thoughts

  107. Hey Bakerella, thanks for the fast reply. I most probably did add too much or it could also be that I crumbled the cake when it wasn’t cooled completely.I actually used a Betty Croker Devil food ready mix which called for 1/4 cup oil. That made it quiet oilly aswell. Just trying to analyse :)

    I did a new bacth today and did as recommended, I added the cream slowly. Turned out better than the first time. Now it’s chilling the fridge. Hope they turn out well .. so excited :)

  108. Wafa – Here’s how you can fix if it’s not too late. Go buy a small cake at the store and just crumble some extra to fix the proportions.

    Did you make the cake too from the Martha Stewart site that went with the cream cheese recipe. It was meant for those proportions because that cake bakes up big.

    Next time, add the frosting slowly until you get the consistency you like.

  109. Hi bakerella, Love your stuff. I just need your help in one thing. I was making the cake bites. I used the exact measurements that called in the martha stewart’s site, which was 2 cups of cream cheese frosting. I noticed the consistancy wasn’t right, very moist, moist like mashed potato. I put it in the freezer then after 30 mins rolled them, put them back in the freezer. 30 mins later I tried to shape them with the cookie cutter but it was still moist and wouldn’t take the shape. I don’t know what went wrong .. HELP

  110. hey bakerella! fabulous site! your cupcakethingeys are so cute! When I see your lollipops & cupcakes on my screen..I wanna eat my computer! :P
    but, were can I buy lollipopsticks in holland, do you know that? I’m dutch, you know… because I really want to make your cute lollipops, but I can’t find sticks anywhere. maybe an online shop which send to holland?

  111. brines – cool, thanks for letting me know.

  112. These are FABULOUS and they look so SCRUMPTIOUS! I cannot wait to try them for me and my loving hubs! I shared these at The Chocolistas!

  113. DoughGirl – sounds like I need to go to the liquor store for a new twist.

    Lady Diane & Yvette – thank you so much for saying so. That’s truly a big compliment!!!

    Ana – thanks. I’m glad you like it.

  114. I tried these this weekend and they were a huge hit. Thanks for the idea. I love the spirit of you site – very welcoming and informative.

  115. My daughter and I thought out of all the cupcakes on Martha Stewart’s cupcake week, yours was the best. You were so cute on the show, we think you need your own show! Regards, Diane and Yvette

  116. How cute are these? I have a recipe for rum balls that is very similar that I have been making for years, crumbled chocolate cake mix, chocolate frosting and dark rum, I roll them in balls and dip into chocolate…they are a huge hit everywhere I take them. I never thought of doing anything else with the mixture!

  117. ilovelollys – That’s good to know. I’m glad you made them work!

  118. How long do you think these would last? So cute, I love them!
    I made them and had a problem with the stick not staying when I dipped them. So I dipped them in some of the candy first, stuck them in the freezer and seemed to work really well.

  119. So a couple of months ago my daughter, who is turning four, said she wanted to have a lollipop birthday party. I said great! Now how am I going to make the cake for THAT one. And then OH MY GOD! I found your blog! I can’t believe it! This just gave me the ideas I needed to make her special lollipop cake. Thank you!

  120. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! I made pink and brown cupcake bites for a pink and brown polka dot themed baby shower and they were a hit!


  121. Hi wanda – which post are you referring to for the cupcake papers? I’ve bought different ones at different places.

    deeann – I melt the chocolate in a cereal-size bowl (not too shallow). I kind of swirl a hole in the chocolate I drop the ball in the bowl, use a small spoon to cover top with chocolate. Then I scoop up the ball with the spoon and tap off the extra on the side of my bowl. (I tap it a few times, and let the excess fall off the sides of the spoon while it’s still over the bowl.) Then I move it over to the wax paper and let it slide off the tip of the spoon onto the paper. If I get pooling at the bottom, then I just break that part off.

    Also make sure your balls are rolled compact and kind of smooth. Also chilling them helps to keep their shape before dipping.

    You can also pour the leftover melted chocolate in a ziploc bac, snip a tiny bit off one corner and use to add drizzle marks across the top.

    Hope they’re a hit at the wedding.

  122. Your cake balls are fantastic. We liked them so much that we are going to use them at our daughter’s wedding. A quick dipping question. We are planning to make them without the sticks, do you have any suggestions for dipping them so they come out evenly coated and pretty? So far mine are yummy but not so attractive.

  123. love your recipes and pictures. could you please pass along your source for the cupcake papers you use?

  124. Lulu – thank you!

    kim – big thanks for the recipe. I’ll have to try it.

  125. Love this recipe! A girlfriend forwarded to me as a good idea for a bridal shower. I made them from scratch using the following recipes for red velvet cake and frosting:

    Red Velvet Cake

    2.5 C cake flour
    3 T cocoa powder (not dutch process)
    1 t baking soda
    1 t salt
    1 C buttermilk
    2 T red food coloring
    1 t vanilla extract
    1 t distilled white vinegar
    8 T (one stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature
    1.5 C granulated sugar
    2 large eggs, at room temperature

    Preheat oven to 350 with rack in center. Butter two 9-inch layer pans. Line bottoms of pans with parchment, then dust with flour and tap out excess (I just did a 9×13 pan since the cake would be crumbled after baking anyway).

    Sift flour, cocoa, baking soda and salt together. Mix buttermilk, food coloring, vanilla and vinegar in glass bowl. Beat butter and sugar in a large bowl with hand held mixer on high speed until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. Add eggs, one at a time. On low speed, add the flour in 3 additions, alternating with 2 additions of buttermilk mixture, beginning and ending with the flour mixture. Beat until smooth, scraping sides of bowl often with a rubber spatula. Spread evenly in pan(s).

    Bake until a wooden toothpick inserted into center of cake comes out clean, about 25-30 minutes. Transfer to wire racks and cool for 10 minutes. Invert onto racks and remove parchment. Cool completely.

    Grandma’s Cream Cheese Frosting

    8oz cream cheese
    16oz powdered sugar
    ½ C butter

    Mix ingredients well until combined.

  126. Thank YOu so much for sharing…you are very creative.

  127. amnah – I’m glad you liked them. Thanks for letting me know.

  128. Oh, and I also chilled the dough a bit before shaping. Plus I used the larger side of a melon baller instead of an ice cream scoop.

    Sorry for the previous long post!

  129. Ummmm… WOW! These are amazing. My sister sent me the link to your blog just 2 days before a “sweet exchange” party that I had planned. I immediately rushed out to get the ingredients because I HAD to have these made for the party.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find red velvet cake mix so I just used devil’s food cake mix with the cream cheese frosting.

    These were actually pretty easy to make, but very time consuming. Everyone LOVED them. I now want to make them for an upcoming bridal shower I’m attending.

    Some tips that would be helpful for others that want to try this recipe:

    Do not poke the sticks all the way through the balls.

    Freezing the balls made them much easier to dip in chocolate. The ones from the fridge would shift around after I dipped them in the chocolate and then tapped them to remove the excess.

    As another person stated, using the electric skillet and water bath to heat the chocolate worked really well.

    Micheal’s has a lot of different colored melting chocolates in their baking section.

    These really were amazing and worth the work. I will always make these for special occasions now.

    Thanks Bakerella!!

  130. Thanks Life Info Zone!

    k – the inside should be very moist. But if it was mushy before you added the frosting, like when you started crumbling the cake apart, your cake may have needed to bake a little longer. Oh and I like the sound of your cherry flavor. YUM!

  131. I made these last night with white cake and cherry icing. Tastes like a chocolate covered cherry!

    While they were fabulous – I do have one question. The inside was a little mushy – does that mean I need to cook a little longer? Any suggestions?! Thanks!

  132. Excellent post!!Those r simply fabulous….woow gr8 idea buddy.Thanks a lot for sharing with us.
    keep up the gud work.

  133. Jenn r – Yay! I’m so glad you had success. The chocolate can be tricky, but sounds like you’ve got it down.

    adrienne – the out of focus looks comes from the lens I use. It’s a 50mm fixed lens. And that’s exactly why I bought it. I love it. I didn’t want to spend the money at first, but I am so glad I did.

  134. I just found your blog and LOVE LOVE IT! I’m going to try the oreo kisses this week! Your photography is amazing too. I saw your response below on your camera, do you do any photoshop focus work, or is the camera/lens/photographer(you) just that good? Talent I tell ya, either way it is beautiful! I’ve been seeing all these blogs, yours included, with amazing photography and am now considering breaking the bank myself any thoughts?

  135. I just made these today–they are awesome! They were my first “advanced” baking endeavor (besides buying a box of cake mix and baking per package directions) and although dipping took a bit of practice, I found them really easy. Hot dipping chocolate and cold cake balls are key… I did my best plucking them from the fridge one at a time. I also had worlds more ease after I switched from dipping into a bowl to dipping into a coffee mug, and holding the lollipops horizontal for a minute before standing them up in the styrofoam kept them from sliding down the sticks. Maybe that’ll be helpful to other first-timers! Thanks for the recipe, I’m giving these out for holidays from now on!

  136. Sure, you can cover them in plastic and tie a ribbon around them.
    You could stand them up in a dish filled with sugar or sprinkles – just something to keep the sticks standing. You could poke some holes in a styrofoam block that’s covered with decorative paper and have them standing up. Or if you’re serving right away, don’t even cover them. Just start eating.

  137. Quick question – how would you serve these? Do you tie up a few cake pops with a ribbon and put them in a platter?

  138. the mad baker – glad to inspire

    amy – These are cute anytime.

    tina – thanks for the tips.

    projectfelt – thanks for the award. I’ll check it out.

    sandra – Yay! Glad you liked!

  139. Thank you SO, SO much for the great recipe!! I made some for Valentines Day to hand out to family and friends. They were such a HUGE hit!! Everyone was asking for more. Easy to make and Easy on the wallet, this is definitely something I will be making again!! Thanks ;)

  140. Love love your blog!
    I’ve just given you a ‘You Make My Day Award’. See my blog for detail

  141. By the way, you can buy white chocolate dipping chocolate and use food coloring to get pretty much any color you could want.
    Also, you can use semisweet chocolate chips, if you cannot find coating chocolate, and add just a little bit of shortenin to get the right dipping consistency.
    And last, but not least, you could easily coat these with fondant (not so much royal icing). Fondant is the icing you use for petit fours, or black and white cookies…it won’t give you as hard or thick a coating, but it would work. If you don’t want to make fondant, you could easily just melt some canned vanilla icing and use that. You might need to dip them several times to get the opaqueness you wish.

  142. these look fabulous (as do all the other treats you make!), and i’m just sad i didn’t read about them earlier so i could’ve made some for valentine’s day. guess my officemates will just have to suffer through more goodies next weeek!

  143. I have been looking for something original, these look delicious :-P

    Thank you for posting this

  144. emerzim – great job!

    moorefaith – I haven’t worked with molds yet. And thanks for the tips and skillet idea. Sounds like a good method.

    Future envy – I think they look great!

    anonymous – If it sounds like it’s used for candy coating, I think it will work fine. If it’s more for baking, it may not harden the same way. Check your grocery store for chocolate bark/candy coating or a craft store if you have one nearby. I did make some truffles once, with Baker’s semi-sweet baking bars and it worked, but it just melted a little where my fingers were holding the truffle… but still tasted good. Baker’s brand also sells a dipping chocolate, but I haven’t tried that yet.

  145. Your site is unbelievable. I found it from the evite link and am so happy I did! I have a quick question about the chocolate “bars” you suggest using. We don’t have a Kroger’s in town, but I did find a “Decorating Gourmet Baking Bar.” Think this will work the same? Also, how long do you think they stay in an airtight container? Two, three days? Thanks so much!!

  146. Sure! Try this one, it’s the link to my blog about the cake-pops:

  147. Hey, Bakerella! I wanted to give you & your readers a couple of tips.

    First, my stepmother used to be very big into candymaking and still does it from time to time for holidays. When painting her candy molds, she’d have several soup-size mugs full of the colored candy chips warmed up at the same time. She did this by using an electric skillet about a third full of water. I think the setting would be on low or medium. This keeps the chocolate warmed up and ready to use, plus you can have several colors at your fingertips.

    Just two important things to remember:
    Do NOT get any water in the chocolate.
    Rinse the the bowl/mug out while the chocolate is warm when you’re done (it’s a pain otherwise). This means that you start with a small amount of choc to begin with – you can always add more!

    Craft stores like Hobby Lobby & Michael’s are good for finding the colored chocolate. I know my stepmom gets her supplies at a local store that specializes in cake decorating supplies.

    Great blog & thanks for the fun ideas!

  148. Hmmm… wonder if it’s possible to take these and rest them in a rose candy mold…

  149. A friend sent me a link to these and I made them for Valentine’s Day. Not as pretty as yours, but still a success in my book. Here’s a picture:


  150. lademu – you’re welcome.

    mel – The pink candy melts I found are a brand called candymaker that I found in the cake/candy decorating section of Hobby Lobby (a craft store). And, they have light blue too.

    Sara – Yay! A success story. Can you add your site, I’d love to see.

    Erika – thank you

    plummie – I really don’t know. But I would probably stick with the bark.

    suzigiff – Hey, it’s just virtual weight. Not Martha’s site is great, I’m glad you like mine, too.

  151. I have just gained 20 lbs reading your site. Thanks to Not Martha, I am hooked. I’m going to make the red velvet balls for a party on Saturday. I can’t wait to see what people think.

  152. Would royal icing work instead of the candy melts?

  153. So fantastic!!! I love them!

  154. I used regular white candy melts when I did this and put pink food coloring in mine and they turned out beautifully. I actually was testing the recipe for a baby shower that I am having for a friend and her little boy. I have pics of it on my page so you can see the food coloring turned out fine.

  155. You mentioned using “pink candy melts” to get the pink frosting. If I were looking for them in the store, what would I look for? Also, any ideas for light blue (for a baby shower)?

    I just found your blog–I love it. Thanks for sharing your ideas and beautiful photos!

  156. thanks so much, i can’t wait to make them again! you’re an inspiration!

  157. Sure, first roll the balls compactly by hand, insert the lollipop stick and then, make sure you freeze them for a little while or either put them in the fridge for a few hours. Work with a few out of the fridge at a time. That way the others will stay cold. If you melt some chocolate bark a little at a time in a small bowl, (more tall than shallow), you can place the ball in and then spoon some of the chocolate over the top of it to cover. Then remove it from the chocolate and make sure the chocolate coats and surrounds the stick at the base. I think I had to hold and rotate it upside down for a few seconds until it started to set so when I turned it right side up, it wouldn’t drip.
    Also, poke the styrofoam before you start, so the holes are already made. Hope that makes some kind of sense. I think next time I make these, I’ll support with more pics.

  158. Bakerella, you are fabulous and I love your blog! Do you have any tips and tricks for dipping? I made these this weekend and they were delicious but came out so much sloppier-looking than yours! I couldn’t get the styrofoam trick to work so I let them dry upside-down…

  159. monicafreisem – I like the chocolate, too. What kind of white chocolate did you use?

    Eva – I just checked it out. I can’t believe it. Thanks a lot. What a compliment. And I love your writing, too.

    maltese parakeet – you’re welcome.

  160. wow!!! thanks for sharing this fabulous idea!

  161. Hi Bakerella,

    Love your blog! Your decorating skills are amazing, and your ideas so clever and inspiring. I love these cake pops so much I featured them on the Evite blog (I’m the editor):

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. :)

  162. i made these for my work friends. they came out really well, except the vanilla mixture was so wet, that i had to essentially turn them into cake balls with sticks in them (had to dry them on a surface as opposed to in styrofoam. the chocolate ones, in contrast were AMAZING. they have a better taste as well. the vanilla is just too sweet. i’m thinking using less icing next time, any tips?

  163. I know, it’s kind of a pain. I only have a small window of opportunity to take pics by because of the way the light comes in.

    On the macro, I am borrowing some macro rings that fit on the camera from a friend of mine. I’ll eventually want to get my own.

  164. auto eh? gosh, you have really good light in your place. hmmm…do you use the macro fxn at all? THANK YOU so much!!!

  165. Hi rpstegman – sure, my properties are pretty simple. I keep it on auto and no flash. And I try to have natural light around when I take the pics. I haven’t taken the time to learn about all the manual settings.

  166. I already love, love, love the lens, Bakerella. Hey, by any chance, are you able to share your photo properties via Flickr? (Is it just a click of a button or is it more complicated than that? If so, then nevermind.) I’m learning to take photos myself so knowing the ISO, aperture, etc. would be helpful!

    Thanks again!!!

  167. Twango – thank you.

    rpstegman – you’ll love the lens.

  168. THANKS so much for the lens info. I ordered the same lens & got it in the mail today. YAY — I’m glad I got the right lens! Love your food & your photos. Thanks again for sharing.

  169. What an adorable idea

  170. These are fabulous. I may try making the Red Velvet Balls on sticks for a baby shower this weekend. :)

  171. That’s the way… aha… I like it. Can’t wait to make these for the kidlets. Great site, thanks a bunch.

  172. Hi krissy – I haven’t tried freezing them yet, because they’re good for several days. If you have time before your wedding, make some to leave out and eat and save some to freeze for a test run. Happy Planning!

  173. Oh wow. My sister found a link to your blog, and she sent it on to me. I really must thank her. I’m in the kinda middle planning stages of my wedding, right around where I need to start worrying about the food! I’ve found some great ideas on here that I can’t wait to try. Do the cake balls freeze well? being able to get a good majority of the baking done ahead of time would be great.

    Thanks so much! I’ll definitely be adding your blog to my daily online to do list. *grins*

  174. Thanks, Sarah, Sachi and bacon heather!

  175. great site!

  176. i saw a link to this on yumsugar and i must say i am madly in love with your ideas!!! now i REALLY wanna do some major baking!


  177. What a great idea! I was going to make some red velvet cake this week from scratch…I want to make them into balls now!

  178. cakebrain – hope you make them.

    rpstegman – I have a Canon rebel XTi camera and I use a Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 lens and I love it.

    kayla – i was pleasantly surprised to find the pink candy melts at a craft store (hobby lobby) in their cake and candy section.

    christy – I think a bunch of men eating rainbow cake lollipops is awesome. Take pics for sure.

    sharyl – these keep better than you’d think. You can make them a day or two ahead of time and keep in or out of the fridge. No problem.

    Thanks future envy of the pta – and flickr rocks.

    alicia – I’m glad you found me and cute crafty blog.

  179. Oh my gosh…these look so yummy! I found this blog on YumSugar! and am so happy to look at all your yummy items :)

  180. These looks AMAZING!!! I just love your site and I have also been following you on your flickr site. Very creative and inspiring!

  181. i wanna give these away for Valentines, but want to make it ahead of time… what’s the shelf life? and do i store it in the fridge?

  182. You are very talented with not only baking, but photography. Keep up the good work. I might make these for our Superbowl Party. I wonder how it would look with the “rainbow chip” cake mix? Do you know what I’m talking about? Might be pretty. I would love to see the guys eating these….hehe

  183. this may be a dumb question, since i’m just learning how to bake but where do you get pink candy melts that are used for the coating?

  184. Super, super cute! Hey, I just discovered your blog & I’m hooked. Thanks for sharing all these yummy delights with us. Also, can I ask what lens do you use to take your pics?


  185. wow, what a great idea! i’ll have to try making those too!

  186. jennifer – that’s how I feel when I look at your delicious desserts.

    Sharyl – thanks and I hope you’ll come back.

    anna – thanks. I’m sorry you can’t get red velvet cake mix, but you can use any flavor cake and icing combo you like for the inside. If you want to try a red velvet cake from scratch – check out some recipes at

    shelley – they would make great treats for a baby shower. And, you can get the candy melts in blue, too… or yellow :)

    cakespy – if you try them, let me know what you think.

    katie b. – I know. I’ve been dipping a lot lately. And there’s more to come.

    cakewardrobe – thank you!

    evelin – you could even do the pink coating with the red velvet cake inside. That would be pretty for Vday.

    Thanks stef!

    brilynn – I hope you do try them, you’ll be very happy.

    Robin, the inside is a combo of the two. The word luscious comes to mind.

  187. I am hoping to make these very soon. Just wondering what the inside texture is like. Creamy or cakey? Nice Blog! Robin

  188. This is such an awesome idea, I definitely want to give it a try!

  189. Those are adorable! What a great idea!

  190. what a wonderful idea for valentine’s day! I’m still not sure what I will bring to school with me (I just have to make some treats!), but these might just be it…:)

  191. Oh so creative!!!

  192. You are absolutely out of control and I love it! Great idea!

  193. Those look so adorable and so delicious!!! I would love to give this one a try. Nice post!!

  194. Precious! I think this would be cute for a baby shower, you have the best ideas, your blog is my new favorite thing!

  195. wow….cute! Do you have any idea what to use if I don’t have possibility to get red velvet cake mix? (we don’t have that in our country :( )

    p.s. Love your blog! Keep up the good work!

  196. im so happy i found your blog! you have the greatest ideas ever! thank you!

  197. These are so cute I can barely stand it. Great for Valentine’s Day!

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