Don’t lick, bite…

… into these sweet cake pops. I wanted to make cake balls this weekend, and I wanted them to be pink inside, so I tried making a white cake with raspberries. It made the cake pinkish, but it’s consistency just wouldn’t work, so I decided to stick with the red velvet cake ball recipe and went to the store and bought a chocolate cake mix to substitute. I also used some pink candy melts instead of the chocolate bark. And just to make them even a little cuter, stuck them on lollipop sticks…… Cakesicles anyone?

Chocolate Cake Balls

If you want to make these, too, just follow the instructions for the red velvet cake balls and use lollipop sticks to insert into the balls and then stick in the fridge or freezer for a little while before you dip in the coating. I also used a styrofoam block to stick the pops in to dry.