Play Food

Play food

I made some tiny sugar cookie sugar cookies for you.


Yes, I love little and I kinda like to play with my food… But I’m sure you know that about me by now.

And you probably know that I made more than just baby cookies.

They’re cute on their own, but I really needed them to put on display.

Cookie Stands

On these 3-tier sugar cookie dessert stands I made.

EEek! Cookies on cookies. Key-ute.

Making Sugar Cookies

I love sugar cookies since they require a few basic ingredients that I almost always have on hand.

They can be baked in no time – especially with the recipe I’ve been using from my friend Bridget at Bake at 350. It’s been my go-to recipe lately. I love hers because nothing has to be set out to room temperature. And her dough doesn’t need to be chilled before rolling either. Equals Awesome! I hate waiting. So I love this recipe. When the dough comes together it will be crumbly, but don’t worry. Just grab it and knead it a bit and it’s ready to roll and cut. And it lifts beautifully, too.

Here’s Bridget’s recipe for sugar cookies and royal icing on some peppermint cookies I made a few weeks ago. And here is the recipe on her site.

But even better, Bridget has a Cookie Decorating book out. And I’m giving one away at the end of this post. YAY!

Decorating Cookies

Actually, I’m giving away a signed copy of her book, Decorating Cookies. Easy to understand instructions with tons of adorable cookie decorating ideas. You’ll love it.

Skip on down to the bottom if you want to enter. Wheee!

Or if you want to see how I made my cookies stand, then keep on reading. These aren’t in Bridget’s book… I was just inspired by her cookie creations and love for decorating and wanted to share it with you since I love using her recipe.

Hope you like them Bridget! P.S. I need a piping boot camp. I don’t know how you do it.

Rolling Pin

Roll your cookie dough out nice and flat. I used these rubber dough bands to make sure the thickness was even when I rolled.

Cookie Dough

Then cut out circles in graduating sizes. I used 3-7/8, 3, 2-5/8 and 2-1/4 inch sizes.

Cookie Dough

Before you bake, use a plastic drinking straw to remove the centers of each cookie. The straw collects the dough in the center. Convenient.

Freeze the cut shapes for about 10 minutes to help the dough avoid spreading and then bake.

And when they come out of the oven, use the straw again to make sure the holes stay the same size.


Use the dough scraps and tiny cutters to cut out shapes for your desserts to go on display.

A piping tip like the one on the right will make circles with rounded tops since the tip is cone-shaped.

Makes great mini macarons or whoopie pies. Just tap the tip on the counter to release the dough.

Cookie Dough Shapes

Lots of little shapes.

Cookie Cutters

Assorted shapes – around 1 inch wide.

Tiny alphabet cutters. XOXO

Graduated ovals – plain on one side and crinkled on the other.

And my favorite – I can’t live without – graduated circle cutters that I used to make the stands.

Graduated Cookie Shapes

You’ll want to use four different sizes to make the 3-tier stands.

Note: For the chocolate cookies, I swapped out 1/2 flour for 1/2 cup cocoa and used all vanilla extract in Bridget’s recipe.


After they are baked and cooled, and then comes the piping. This always goes smoother in my head than when I actually start piping.

Pipe first with outline icing and then fill with flood icing.

However for these I ended up using a royal icing consistency somewhere in between and piped and filled with the same consistency.


Ugh – wonky lines. Not what I’d hoped.

So after I filled and before the icing set completely, I piped dots all the way around. Camouflage it.

Much better.

Let cookies dry overnight. And after all the cookie decorating save leftover royal icing in an airtight container or in the piping bag with the ends tied off and cap closed for finishing up the project the next day.

Now comes the fun part.


Ice the cakes and decorate!

Easy details for major impact.

Luster Dust

Oh and those macarons, try painting them with a little luster dust.

Just mix some of the powder with a small amount of clear extract and you can paint right on the cookies.


Play food

Pretty dang cute!

Cookie Dessert Stands

And even cuter on display.

These were surprisingly easy to make stand up.

Cookie Sticks

Start with using cookie sticks for the support. These are bigger than the lollipop sticks I usually use for cake pops (lower right).

The sticks should be about 6 inches tall for the stands. Buy the 6 inch sticks or cut down the 8 inch.

Use a cookie stick to gently twist through each cookie opening to make sure it goes through before building.

And make sure your cookie icing is completely dry and set from the day before.


Sugar Cookie Stands

  1. Start with the smallest cookie shape. It should not be iced. Place on a flat surface and then insert the cookie stick. Slide the largest iced cookie on top. Having two cookies on the bottom will give you more support and keep the stick straight.
  2. Cut striped straws into 1 1/2 inch sections. Slide one straw piece over the stick and push to the bottom as a spacer/ledge.
  3. Slide second largest iced cookie on stick until it stops at the straw. Then slide another straw piece on top.
  4. Slide last cookie on top until it stops at the straw. Then slide one more straw piece on the very top. Wrap a piece of washi tape around the straw and cut out a triangle for a cute flag topper.
  5. Note: Not shown. Use the leftover royal icing to pipe in between the two bottom cookies and pipe dots around the centers of each tier to help secure the cookies in place as you build. Attach the desserts to the tiers with royal icing too. Then let dry and don’t move for a few hours. I skipped this step because I wanted to get right to taking pictures.

Sugar Cookie Dessert Stands

There you have it four cookies for 3-tier stands. Bridget’s recipe will make four stands with enough cookies to decorate.

And these can be totally scaled back? Two tiers? Just a cookie plate? Just the tiny cookies? Only one cookie shape? Choose how you want to play.

Cookie Stands

They’d be super fun and totally stand out for Valentine’s Day, for a dessert party or even party favors.



Now for the giveaway!

Decorating Cookies

Enter for a chance to win a signed copy of Bridget’s book, Decorating Cookies.

  • Just answer the following question and leave your response in the comments section on this blog post.
  • What did you do this weekend? Something fun I hope. I made a bunch of cookies : )
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 7:00 pm. Sorry, Time’s Up. Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be picked at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening on this post.

Good Luck!


Thank you all so much for the sweet words on the cookie stands. I really appreciate it. And now for the winner of Bridget’s book.

It’s comment #917 – Becky P! Congratulations and have fun decorating cookies. And swimming too.


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  1. Went to my son’s basketball games and relaxed at home with some good movies.

  2. i watched Project Runway!

  3. Love these tiny cookies! So precious. This weekend I wrote a paper for grad school then played board games with some friends. Life is good. Cheers!

  4. Precious cookie ideas! I love them!

    Over the weekend, I went to church and made grocery rounds.

  5. I watched a old movie :)

  6. I took care of my precious grandson so his mom and dad could have a date night (two weeks from now there will be two grandsons).

  7. Unfortunately, I mostly dealt with being sick this weekend…but I did get to read a lot of books in between naps!

  8. I own a ball-jointed doll, and I was painting a little tea set for her this weekend. I also have made tiny cookies for her to use as props for photography.

  9. The weekend all I did was try to stay warm! But it was spent mostly with the kids and their activities and their friends.

  10. I cleaned the basement and babysat my niece and nephew!

  11. These are brilliant! Love them! This weekend, I made a gender reveal cake for our friend’s baby-to-be…. It’s a boy! =)

  12. I made yummy chocolate chip cookies for Girls Night! Then my girlfriends and I got foot massages…sooo relaxing!!!

  13. This weekend we removed ugly old wallpaper from our half bath!! So excited to paint!

  14. I stayed home and nursed my cold and the colds of my kiddos:)

  15. Those tiny macarons…and those mini cake slices. SQUEE!

    I spent the weekend taking inventory of the decorating section of my baking supply stores, and sitting down with a sketch book and pencil…I had to design a Phantom of the Opera cake, a Yoshi cake, and a Little Mermaid cake for a cake decorating competition I’m entering. Can’t wait to start baking! :)

  16. So creative! I love all the little tiny cookie details!

  17. Lets see, this weekend I made a lemon meringue cake for my step mom’s birthday, then I went to the dog park and saw a cute little puppies and big dogs, and 2 little dachshunds that were caring huge sticks in their mouths! It was so cute :D

  18. In love with those little petite cute cookies! I think it is worth for me waiting for your new post :) Automatically they are on my needtobake lists hehe! I made moist chocolate cupcake with fresh cream and topped with little chochip. Yummy!

  19. Went roller skating with my daughter at a birthday party! She had a great time, as it was her first time roller skating!

  20. I went to a Murder Mystery Dinner Party! Cooking, Eating & Being Silly with Good Friends! A pretty awesome way to spend the weekend!

  21. I went skiing and had a blast. I live where we almost never see snow & it snowed almost the entire weekend-amazing beauty and fantastic fun all rolled up in one.

  22. Tons of family time…fishing, birthday party, working on school projects. It was a blast!

  23. I made a farm cake for an adorable set of twins this past weekend. Now, I am gearing up for another week of craziness!

  24. I spent one day making wonderful valentine headbands to sell at my local consignment shop. and the next packing for our mini trip to a marine corp graduation!

  25. This weekend I saw Argo (finally! good movie!) and baked a batch of Ginger Crunch. It was lovely!

  26. I had planned to bake cakes and cookies but it did not happened as I was down with fever for 4 days.

  27. Adorable! What a talent you are :) Ran some errands and went out to dinner with my husband and kids for my b-day!

  28. This weekend we emptied two bookcases and rearranged as the beginning to redecorating the dining room. I’m recovering from a virus and using the BRAT diet to quiet my insides, so just looking at your cute cookies is making my hungry. What fun!

  29. I cooked and cooked and cooked and finally made a good loaf of bread from scratch!!! I loved every minute of it!

  30. Hubby got a coupon for a free dessert at Ted’s Montana Grill so went there and shared a salad and the dessert (a seasonal apple and berry crisp with ice cream!) then headed over to the movie theatre and watched “Life of Pi”. Spent the next day home sick. :( Good thing we had fun the night we were feeling good!

  31. Omg youre soooooo creative in a lovely way! It is worth for me waiting your new post on this blog. It is totally amazing and im in love with what youve created. Btw I made moist chocolate cupcake with fresh cream frosting. But now my tastebud is asking me to make these little petite cookies! Cant wait to try next week! :D

  32. I make round chocolate cake pops dipped in white chocolate. Half have green sprinkles, half with clear sprinkles. These are for my groundhog.s day party, white resembles 6more weeks of winter, green for spring. Also made groundhogs out of almond joy candies! will be putting these in cupcakes!

  33. Took son to SAT, kiddie basketball, church, & Downton Abbey. :) Beautiful cookies!

  34. Love the tiny cookies for a kids party!
    I went to visit my family Montreal, got to enjoy the freezing cold weather from indoors with plenty if hot chocolate

  35. Get this…had the stomach flu (or)? and worked. That was it. Look forward to baking again when I am up to it! This looks fun!

  36. I am going to need to try this recipe. The reason I don’t make sugar cookies very often is that I hate putting them in the freezer or fridge to chill. My laziness means I mostly make drop cookies (though why my laziness doesn’t mean bar cookies I don’t understand).

  37. These wee cookie stands are beyond precious!! This weekend I spent with family and friends and baked cookie bars for my son’s lunch!

  38. I’m in love with these!!! So cute!
    I watched “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” totally recommend it! :)

  39. This weekend I went to Serendipity 3 and had an amazing fried Oreo sundae!!! :)

  40. This weekend was full of cuddles with my little ones. Our big moment was doing some door-to-door selling with my 5 year old of GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!! :) She’s a brand new Daisy and loving her troop of new friends.

    These mini cookies are adorable and I can’t wait to make some as well!!

  41. I went to Chuckie Cheese for my grandson’s birthday party…usually I make the birthday cake but had surgery on my right thumb the day after Christmas…so had to eat a store bought cake.

  42. hung out with the family,was lots of fun!
    beautiful cookies! :)

  43. This weekend was freezing cold! On Saturday I made sugar cookies (had I only known about this awesome idea!!) then we went to my daughter’s Girl Scout Powder Puff Derby Race. Her car lagged, BUT she won 2nd place for most creative car (as voted on by the Boy Scouts). Her car was Barbie in a bathtub, filled with marble bubbles. Then off we went to visit 7 week old Maine Coon kittens, 9 of them from the Reindeer liter (yes all named Reindeer names) and played with them for an hour plus; and went to a Pasta shop for dinner. Sunday we cleaned the house (had to be done) had friends over for the afternoon, I made Cinnamon Crumb cake for a coffe date on Monday, which came out the best ever! (it’s all in how I crumble the butter). Too tired to cook dinner, so we ordered pizza and ate it in front of the fire before a family game of Parcheesi. My son won. Weekend over. :(

  44. WOW! Those are amazing! Over the weekend, I went to Marshalls and bought some adorable cake pedastals on clearance, and I made lasagna, garlic bread, and banana bread for my sister’s boyfriends family who lost their dad to cancer.

  45. We went to an art show and to a new restaurant that was really great.

  46. i finished a 2-tier celebration cake order, 16 mini cakes for godparents, and lots of mini cupcakes for the client’s dessert bar. i’m very thankful to be able to do what i love to do. =)

  47. These cookies are so incredibly cute and sweet looking. Thanks for sharing your imaginative ideas with us. This past weekend was spent cleaning and organizing. And last night we went to a play which was interesting.

  48. We had guests over this weekend and I made this great chocolate mousse cake for dessert. I checked out Bridget’sbook from the library and loved it! It would be great to own a copy.

  49. I got to visit with my in-laws! That’s always a blessing!

  50. I made a delicious chocolate cobbler for two from the Dessert For Two blog and cut out two different quilts. I have to make 4 dozen onesie cookies for an upcoming baby shower so it wold be great to win this give-away. Your cookies are just adorable!

  51. I worked – 2 twelve hour shifts in the ER. Having a hard time getting started this morning!

  52. I spent some time playing Payday and Farkel with the kiddos, made homemade pizza and caught up on some cleaning/organizing! Great weekend!

  53. Love the sweetness of these mini cookies! I had a date with my husband at Barnes & Noble this weekend!

  54. I baked with my daughters…we made brownie peanut butter bites…YUMMO! (and got some cleaning done in there too)

  55. Love the cookie stands and the tiny little cookies! So dainty and cute!! I worked on perfecting an oreo cake pop and marketing my Valentine’s Day Arrangements.

  56. I made S’mores cupcakes and using a blow-torch for the first time ever!!! OMG soooo much fun :)

  57. These cookies are so cute!
    I spent Saturday singing with some of the lovely ladies in Sweet Adelines Region 1. Singing and baking are two things that keep me happy.

  58. My son’s cub scout pack had their pinewood derby this weekend. We had a blast racing the cars that we made.

  59. Helped my DD with Open House for jewelry she makes. Made some sweet treats for that. Those cookies are adorable.Would love to win the book.

  60. Supported the arts this weekend watching a friend perform in “Arabian Nights” a double billed opera. I love sugar cookies but I definitely need work with my piping skills!

  61. I baked over Skype with my sister in Spain!

  62. Angie your cookie stand is a brilliant idea. How fun and leave it to you to brainstorm something so fun and creative. I’ve been trying to think of a fun project to come up with and this is it. Thanks for the idea.

    I worked all weekend.

  63. I mostly studied cardiac disorders, I know fun, right? Nursing school duties called first! But my hubby and I did get a chance to leave our 2 year old with the grandparents and go on a proper date! Yay!
    We indulged in good food and even better dessert! Like a molten chocolate lava cake full of hot ganache and espresso bean ice-cream! It was heavenly!

  64. Gaah! Teeny weeny cookies SO cute (but SO much WORK!!!) They wouldn’t sit out 10 min in my house without getting DEVOURED!!! This weekend we had some snow in my area, which means I BAKE. I made homemade soft pretzels (which were devoured in less than 10 min……)

  65. I delivered the wedding cake I made and had family time for the rest of the weekend :)
    LOVE the cookies!! Not sure if I have the patience for teeeeeeeny decorating, but it would be fun to try!

  66. What did I do his weekend? hmmmm I began working on some styrofoam bumble bees for an upcoming baby shower. I love arts and crafts. Will be making the bumble bee cakes pops soon! I cant wait! Have a great week.

  67. I did a little baking this weekend – chocolate chip cookies – but what took up most of my time was cleaning house and getting ready to go on our vacation in 2 weeks – we’re going to South Africa & Zimbabwe!!! :-)

  68. This weekend Hubby & I had our first date in *months*. Our baby is 7-months old now so it’s easier to leave her for longer periods. And yes: I did have fun. We saw “This is 40”. Enjoyable! And dinner out too. Finished up with some Ben & Jerry’s for dessert. *bliss*

    Love your site, Bakerella!

  69. I cleaned house and had a cookout with my daughter and her husband!

  70. I spent the weekends doing assignments! :x But i did go out to a University talk too! ^^

  71. I baked chococlate chip cookies for my husband to take on his trip to see our granddaughter play basketball at the university.

  72. Wow! I decorated 75 alligator cookies for a friend’s baby shower- she doesn’t know so I’m hoping it will be a nice surprise.

  73. I played with my 9 month old and looked through baking blogs. Haha.

    These are absolutely adorable by the way!

  74. Worked all weekend…12 days straight!!! Ugh…Wish I could have made cookies. Absolutely LOVE these adorable little cookies you made!!! SO cute!!

  75. These cookies are so cute! I cleaned my house and went shopping this weekend!

  76. Amazing! U always come up with the cutest baked creations! ? Bakerella!

  77. I visited a friend so our babies could hang out! They are 9 days apart :-)

  78. Made a new receipe WeightWatchers “Smoky Lemon-Glazed Salmon”. Family loved it.
    I’m bummed today, your pictures are not all coming up.
    But what have I love!

  79. While I didn’t bake cookies, I sold cookies. It’s Girl Scout cookie time for my troop and we stood out in the cold until the very lovely Postmaster let us inside the lobby of where we were. We sold a nice amount of cookies and made extra donations as I think people felt bad we were out in the cold. This cookie display looks awesome!

  80. I obsessively prepped for my daughter’s 4th birthday party! I love this idea, how do you come up with such adorable stuff?

  81. My husband and I had our weekly chopped challenge, the kids pick the ingredients and then it’s Mom vs. Dad, tons of fun, and it gets the kids to try new foods, this week was chicken breast, green olives, tomatoes and dark chocolate.

  82. I used my slow cooker for the first time and it was great!

  83. I baked for my niece’s bake sale! Cookies, scones, chili & bread bowls, candies….all that good stuff. :)

  84. Did a little shopping and reorganizing. :)

  85. We had family fun night at a friend’s house this weekend. These would have made awesome dessert! I’m not sure if anyone would’ve eaten it, though!

    Love you and Bake at 350!!

  86. Nothing other than errands–and our usual weekend trip to our new house to check out the progress of our build.

  87. I worked (nurse) but on Sat night I sat on the couch ate a cupcake and watched a chickflix!

  88. I snuggled with my kitty all weekend.

  89. Had our very LAST Christmas get together Saturday night! Finally!!!! Sunday was an ice storm, stayed home and chilled.

  90. I had a cake planning session for a birthday cake I was hired to make for my new baking adventure!!!

  91. LOVE those cookies!!!
    This weekend I work and I made cookies and cupcakes de vainilla. Mhhhh!!!!

  92. I baked cookies, too! And a batch of oreo cookie cupcakes. I couldn’t decide which to do, so I did both! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  93. We ran errands and had a date night. Not too bad, but I definitely enjoy family time!

  94. Had a lovely dinner with friends. Taco soup, homemade chips and guacamole. Great time!

  95. I had lunch with a friend at a local bakery, we ate the most amazing orange pecan oatmeal cookies! And did some antiquing. Was looking for door knobs for a pinterest project, but found cute little strawberry shaped knobs instead! :) FUN!

  96. i went shopping for my baby girl

  97. LOVE the cookie stands!!! you are awesome! This weekend was just the usual mix of errands and hanging out with the kids.

  98. Beautiful! Those should get made out of salt dough for a play kitchen! (And another batch just like this for me!). This weekend, I spent some more quality alone time with my baby boy since hubby is on the road again. We went for walks with the dog, made and had some lazy mama crockpot chicken chilli, cuddled and played a little too hard and he managed to give me a fat lip… ;) Another day with a rambuctious little boy today!

  99. Absolutely adorable! This weekend I made alot of cake for Saturday then Sunday slept in and enjoyed some family time.

  100. Those are adorable! I went to a wedding shower on Saturday afternoon, husband and I went out with some friends on Saturday night, and had a lazy Sunday. :)

  101. These cookies are so adorable !

    I took my sister out for a crafting class , shopping and dinner this weekend. This was her first time out after being diagnosed with cancer , so it was extra special for us.

    Good Luck to everyone who enters.

  102. Besides work, I attended my daughter’s basketball tournament, so that was fun! Would have been more fun if they would have won!

  103. I made cinnamon streusel topped muffins. They came out moist and flavorful with the perfect amount of spice!

  104. This past weekend I went to work, a retirement party, painted a project I’m working on and had dinner at my mother-in-law’s house. It was a little bit of work and a little bit of play. Wish I would have had some time to bake. Those cookie tiers are adorable!!

  105. I have no recollection what I did on Saturday because asunday was spent caring for my sweet, sick 5-year-old. ::frowny face::

  106. Absolutely love these and need to make them! I was at a pampered chef party buying more bakeware this weekend so I will have new baking sheets to bake these tiny little biscuits! Can’t wait. Love from Snowy Scotland!! Jac x

  107. I played a game of Sorry with my son and read some books to him. I love spending time with my family!

  108. Love the cookies, so do cute!
    This weekend I made lots of cookie for Chinese New Year celebration.I am just thinking of making those cookies for a change from our traditional cookies.:)

  109. Besides making brownie cookies, I went shopping for my 8 year old’s first suit. He wants to look extra dapper for his school pictures!

  110. This weekend I worked on my very own bakery…I have been an in home baker for about 5 years and have officially outgrown my kitchen and ready to move into an official bakery. Lots of work to do, but when I am not baking, I am working on the bakery. LOVE your stuff….you are a true inspiration!!

  111. Super cute! This weekend we put a new floor in our bathroom!

  112. Spent the weekend making a silk flower arrangement for my mother-in-law for her birthday. It was fun. I did get to go the an exciting 8th grade basketball game too! Now it’s time to bake for the Superbowl! Maybe cookies?

  113. The cuteness factor for these is through the roof! My weekend was spent studying for a Microbiology exam. :( Not that fun, but these cookies definitely lifted my mood!

  114. I made upside down pineapple cake.. I had to be creative so I made it in a cupcake instead of regular one large cake and it turned out to be perfect :)

  115. We went to our daughters science fair at the high school. She won a first place ribbon, $25 and an opportunity to attend the Capital Area Science and Engineering Fair in March.

  116. I went to a Doctor Who convention in Florida and took my cat with me (to the hotel, not the con, hah). He did NOT pee all over the car like the last time I took him with me…progress.

  117. So cute!!! Sadly this weekend I did a whole lot of nothing. I caught the flu!! It has not been fun.

  118. Those cookies are so super cute! My weekend was pretty boring – we cleaned and went grocery shopping and dreamed of making cookies :-)

  119. I had family time with some close friends and family. Lots of laughing.

  120. I did laundry, went jogging, and researched ideas for a Skylanders birthday party.

    Would love to make some of these cute cookie stands!

  121. I stayed with my 90 year old MIL who broke her knee last week. I looked through cookbooks.

  122. I spent the weekend hanging out with the family.

  123. No cookie baking this weekend. Spend Saturday at the Summit for our local ACS Relay For Life.

  124. Unfortunately I did very little because I’ve been sick but I did manage to catch up on some Grey’s Anatomy episodes!

  125. Drove to Cincinnati to see my daughter and my sister. Great weekend!

  126. I baked a tart for our church chili cook off. These cookies are do adorable!

  127. I volunteered at my son’s Mock Trial tournament this weekend. The team did great — such a fun event. (But maybe not as fun as teeny, tiny cookies!!!!!)

  128. Finalized the shopping list for Superbowl!!!

  129. I attended a literature festival and got to hear some amazing writers discuss their work….fun! Really! =)

  130. These are absolutely FAB! Love seeing your creativity… ;-)

  131. Incredible idea!!!

    This weekend I did house shopping and bought some baking ingredients and indulged in a carrot cake freshly baked by my sister law

    My 2 yr old son was taken out by his nan to pizza hit on Saturday which left me done quality time with my husband!!

    Sunday prepared breakfast and done lovely chicken sandwiches for Monday so as I can take him to a chimdren’s centre for play and learning and hopefully get some cookie baking done!!

  132. Experimented with different flavors of tortilla,couldn’t help myself.Also made a filling for my chocolate hearts candy which I am off to finish making now.

  133. Love this idea!!!!! it is soooo beautiful!!!!!

    On the weekend I practiced for, and went to an interview for a position as a Pastry Chef with the Ritz! :)

  134. I made chocolate chip cookies for my boys and hubby… I love to bake!!!

  135. I had a weekend full of parties – a luau, a going-away-party and to top things off in style, a Christmas party (yes, in January).

  136. I made valentine’s day cookies! getting on the mood…

  137. We hung out with my sister and her family….so fun!

  138. I made 49ers cookies for the superbowl. They have been my brother’s favorite team since childhood and they finally made it to the superbowl so I had to make cookies for him. BTW these are the cutest miniature cookies ever!!! I love it!

  139. I made fondant Angry Birds for my son’s birthday cake. And then survived the birthday party where the cake was consumed. I may need a couple days to recover.

  140. This weekend I made some practice Valentine cookies in between driving my 2 kids to sports!

  141. Those cookies are too cute! You always have such cute ideas.I made some cinnamon Danish for the first time.

  142. ate halo-halo with special langka and went to a local carnival with my babason! ;)

  143. I had a great birthday dinner with friends.

  144. Love these. I made chocolate cut outs like these you did but a bit bigger, decorated like chocolate candies and arranged in a box to present like a box of chocolates and practiced embroidery effect on some sugar cookies.

  145. Love! Those cookies are adorable. This weekend we were go, go, go! We first had a visit with our foster childs grandparents, then we had a baby shower. We also had birthday parties for my husbands grandma and my dad. Add in church and that was my weekend. Im ready for a nap!

  146. I made my first decorated cookie this weekend! Yes I need practice, royal icing is up pain!

  147. I baked a pound cake!! It was completely experimental – and while it turned out a little dry, it still tastes good!

  148. I baked 2 dozen heart shaped hazelnut macarons and filled them with Nutella!!! The best :)

  149. Darling cookies! I love them!!!

  150. I sincerely wish this weekend had been more fun – but 2 sweet kids with bronchitis + ear infections + pinkeye – and my husband’s horrible man cold that he’s got – had me more than busy. Maybe the promise if cookie decorating soon could be the ticket to good health?

  151. these are too cute!!! my niece would LOVE them!!!

    i was sick all weekend, so i rented all the episodes to date of the tv show elementary. i’m hooked!

  152. I went to Washington DC with a few friends!!!!!

  153. I actually made cookies this weekend too! Nothing like those tiny cuties though!

  154. I had to work this weekend, so no fun projects, but today will be a different story.

  155. I made a bacon cheeseburger and French fries 3D cake for my son’s birthday celebration. It was really fun and he loved it! My new obsession is cookie decorating…added to my current ones of cake pops and cake decorating :) Thanks for the super cute inspiration.

  156. so smart and also beautiful!!!!

  157. These are fantastic!! I baked some cookies with my 3 sons this weekend. Super fun!

  158. I finished up cutting out doilies for student Valentine bags, straightened up my craft room, and started making treat bags and banners for an upcoming b’day party. Too cold to go anywhere.

  159. I stayed home and planned out my cakes for this week!

  160. I went to a soup and chili supper at my church, and I also went to the mall. It was cool ; )

  161. Sadly, I didn’t bake. I watched a few episodes of Warehouse 13 though, but I was so busy!!

  162. These are adorable!! This weekend, I was lucky enough to spend Saturday with my husband (a rare thing lately!) – we went to Ikea (heaven!), ate BBQ, and lounged around. Sunday I decorated for Valentine’s Day and bought supplies to start baking! :)

  163. My back went out so it was a weekend of muscle relaxers for me. :-(

  164. These are adorable!!! This weekend I had an awesome date night with all 3 of my favorite fella’s…my hubby, my 3 yr old little boy and my daddy. Our date night was watching Monster Trucks!! We all had a blast!!! After the show we drove to a park downtown and enjoyed a beautiful view of a local river from a suspended bridge. I was totally grateful for this time with my family.

  165. Weekends are usually reserved for cleaning in my house. But this weekend hubby surprised me with a night in the town!

  166. Such adorable cookies! I had 2 birthday cakes due Saturday then spent time with family Sunday. Good weekend but went by way too fast!

  167. this weekend i caught up with my DVR

  168. We had a national cheer competition saturday and sunday!

  169. I went to Charleston, Soutg Carolina to visit my family. Those little cookies are just to cute!

  170. Went to the wedding of my daughter’s best friend since second grade. Lovely!

  171. Wow I love this post … Defenetly gona try it !
    This weekend I made two hello kitty cakes :)

  172. I absolutely love these cookies, I always use my moms sugar cookie recipe but like you, hate waiting for the dough to get cold. I will be trying this one.
    This weekend my son and his family came over Saturday morning with all the breakfast fixings and made me breakfast. Then stayed the night and I did the breakfast Sunday. Very enjoyable family time.

  173. I’ve been ‘in bed’ sick for almost a month. Missed all of Christmas and most of January with back-to-back illnesses, SO, I spent the weekend starting to excavate my house! It will probably take me almost a month to get caught up with laundry, ironing, cleaning, etc…and then there’s the mountain of mail to go through…yikes. I’m feeling so much better now…but the work ahead in restoring ‘normal’ to my home almost makes me want to go straight back to bed! :O On a happier note, your creativity and artistry never fails to delight and amaze me. Your tiny cookies and cookie stands are brilliant and lovely! Bravo!!!

  174. I worked on my taxes and went estate sale shopping,

  175. These are adorable! This weekend I stayed home a lot and baked things to give away. My favorite activity!

  176. I spent my weekend on a sunny beach! Lovely cookies!

  177. I went shopping for some craft supplies and then my parents and I went to see the play my sister designed costumes for (she’s a theatre technology major in college). Then yesterday I crocheted a hat.

  178. I went to Missouri and to a huge outlet mall shopping!

  179. I read a book, baked a cake and started potty training my two year old :)

  180. Cute cookies! I helped my daughter and her friends prepare 100 meals for guests at the Ronald McDonald House. Great fun!

  181. Awesome! I saw a friend I’ve been missing and got some under cabinet lighting for my baking area.

  182. Spent weekend with kids

  183. The cookie cookie stands are too cute! My nephew is in the military & is coming home this month! I’ll have to make these for his party!

    This weekend we were @ the “First Lego League” Robotics state meet with my 11 year old who competed in her first year of robotics this year with her 5th grade team mates!!!! Lots of fun & great learning experience for the kiddos!!

  184. These are absolutely adorable!! We spent the weekend snuggled up on the couch and had a Disney princess movie marathon with our three girls.

  185. I had my partner round for the first time in a while, and we baked chocolate and jam filled chocolate cupcakes, and ate them all in one evening. Oops. Then we made toffee ice cream bread and had that with bananas and cream.

  186. These are amazing!!!! I just said this weekend I wanted to learn to do sugar cookies and learn to decorate like a pro. Here’s my chance :-). I helped with an EPIC baby shower…ROCK a bye baby for some friends. Then worked on fundraising ideas for Relay for Life and for a dear friend who just had an organ transplant :-) AND surfed the web for American Girl ideas for my daughter and myself (ps these would be AMAZING for an AG party ;-) )

  187. Basket Bingo for the kids’ school & birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. WooHoo!

  188. These cookies are adorable!!!! Love love love them! This weekend I made a Dora cake for my 2 year old granddaughter. Her family (my son, his wife, and new baby sister in March) are missionaries in Africa and are home on furlough. I didn’t get to make her 1st birthday cake and was thrilled to be able to make this one! I’d love to have this book to make more cookies for her and my other two grandkids! Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!! ;)

  189. I kept my youngest granddaughter (6mo.) while her parents went on a getaway trip. AND I cut out my first quilt attempt!

    I use Bridget’s sugar cookie recipe. I haven’t gotten the knack of the icing yet, but I’m working on it! Thanks.

  190. Love your cookies!

    This weekend was all about work, so now I’m free to play with my baby girl :)

  191. I tried my hand at some Greek Yogurt Dinner Rolls and planned out my cupcake menu for a big reception at our church!

  192. I baked, of course!

  193. So cute and can’t wait to try! This weekend I unpacked and put away my kitchen contents into to newly installed cabinets. Now I just need counters and my ovens. Been without my kitchen since we were flooded by Sandy and CANNOT wait to bake again…. Hoping to be able to bake by Valentines day!

  194. I finished reading JK Rowlings new book so I could return it to the library before my flight to Dallas, TX. Sunday got to get together with an old friend that I don’t get to see enough. Still here in TX for 3 more days for work.

  195. Did absolutely nothing this weekend….down with the flu! But these pics are making me sooooo want to try this out! So stinking CUTE!!

  196. I went shopping with Mom and Aunt. It was a great girl’s day out.

  197. Had a long weekend, thanks to sleet and ice on Friday! Did some cooking with my boys!

  198. It was Australia Day on Saturday the 26th. I made Australian themed Whoppie pies. Vanilla whoopie pies with buttercream icing. I then poured green icing over the top and made yellow kangaroos for decoration! Very Australian!! So cute!
    They were a massive hit!

  199. I just spent the weekend relaxing with my hubby. We only see each other on weekends due to jobs in different states, so we do this most weekends. :)

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