Playing with my heart

Heart Cake Pops

I wanted to make some heart cake pops for Valentine’s Day, so I thought I would play around a little bit in the kitchen.

Like literally.

Cake Pops Toy

So, I broke out one of my Cake Pop toys that has a heart-shaped mold inside. I usually make shapes by hand, but this was sooooo much easier than hand shaping hearts which can take a little time.

These are rounded hearts, but you can totally use a small heart cookie cutter to shape them also. They’ll just look flatter.

First up… make a cake, crumble it and mix with frosting so you can get started shaping. Here are the Basic Cake Pop Instructions if you need them.

Making Hearts

Once you have rolled your cake balls, place one in the mold shape… (or shape by hand)

Cake Pops Press

Then just press.

Cake Pops Heart Mold

Remove any excess mixture and then pop out your little heart shapes from the mold.

Heart shapes

So cute.


Dipping time.

Heart Cake Pop

Sweet hearts.

They’d be awesome just like this. Or drizzled with white chocolate or covered in sprinkles.

Simple and adorable.

But I decorated them up a little bit more ………

Strawberry Cake Pops

…… And turned the hearts into pretty pink strawberries.

Okay… stop here. If you make these, you totally need to use a strawberry cake for full effect. A big miss on my part, but I hadn’t settled on strawberries when the cake was baked. In hindsight… I’m totally kicking myself.

Strawberry Stems

To make strawberries, attach a tic tac or similar shape candy to the top of the coated cake pop. Let dry for few seconds and then use a toothpick to coat the surface of the tic tac with green candy coating and then use the toothpick to draw on the leaves on too. Let dry and then dot on white candy coating to finish them off.

Strawberry Cake Pops

Easy peasy.


Hope you like these because I like you guys berry berry much.

Here’s the printable for the cake pop tags. Use them for Valentine’s Day or any day.

And remember you if you don’t have the toy, you can hand shape or use a small heart cookie cutter to make them, too.


And have a sweet week!