Pretty Pedestals


Take a look at these beautiful cake stands. That is if you can see past the skyline of sweets. I absolutely love this photo. Love it. I wish I could enlarge it and wallpaper my kitchen with it. This photo and the rest in this post (taken by Ashley Rose Photography) are photos of cakes from my friend Melody’s shop, My Sweet & Saucy. We’ve been internet buds from way back when I had a address. And since then, she’s gone from blogger herself, to superstar baker, making the most gorgeous cakes and working with the likes of Tori Spelling, Miley Cyrus and more. I just wish she wasn’t all the way in California. Actually, it’s a good thing I’m not in driving distance. For my waistline anyway.


Oh dear. I need a pink ruffle cake in my life.



Look at all these cakes. I mean pedestals. Big ones. Little ones. Tall ones. Short ones.

Melody also has an online store where you can find them all in one place.


Yes, pedestals. Like this pretty little pink one. Perfect for a petite little cake.


Or stack two and you can fill it with sweet little treats.


Wait, you mean you don’t have a large and small pink glass pedestal or a sweet glass dome?

That’s terrible. Unthinkable.

Would you like one? I mean all three pieces in the photo above?

I thought you might.

Melody is giving them away to one of my readers. Yippee! Thanks Melody!

Enter for a chance to win this dome and two pretty pink pedestals.

  • Just leave a comment on this post and tell me the last occasion you celebrated with cake. Easy!
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, March 30 at 8 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random* and announced sometime Wednesday evening on this post.

Good Luck!

Satisfy your sweet tooth and check out Melody’s stuff.

My Sweet & Saucy Supply – cake stands, and platters and bow;s, oh my!
My Sweet & Saucy Shop – the bakery
My Sweet & Saucy Blog – filled with tons of beautiful event and dessert table photos.

Other Credits: Ashley Rose – photography, The Loveliest Day – event design & styling, Found – vintage rentals, and Olive Hue – paper goods.

YAY! I picked a winner.

Duh, dah, dah… and the new owner of beautiful new pink pedestals and a glass done to top it off is… Comment #4838!


Congratulations Gloria!

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9,947 comments on “Pretty Pedestals”

  1. A coworkers birthday last Friday!

  2. We celebrated my daughter’s 5th birthday a couple of weeks ago with a wizard of oz party and a great rainbow cake!

  3. I celebrated a date with my hubby with a cake pop tonight!

  4. friends coming into town – we had cake and it was great!

  5. a just because I really want cupcakes day last wednesday. Other than that my mother in laws birthday!

  6. The last occasion was Valentine’s Day, but my birthday is coming up and I think I could talk the husband into filling these with amazing sweets!

  7. A friend’s baby shower a few weeks ago

  8. I celebrated a friend’s 21st birthday today with Cookies & Cream Cupcakes! I served them on a little cake stand, but it didn’t even compare to the cuteness of these! I love My Sweet & Saucy!

  9. today in fact :) just a simple 5 minute cake in the microwave because i wanted some cake.

  10. The last occasion that we celebrated with cake was my husband’s birthday in January. I would LOVE to have these cake stands for my daughter’s 3rd birthday in June!

  11. The last occasion I celebrated with cake was a baby shower for my little bundle of joy on the way in May!

  12. We celebrated the arrival of our nephew, Wilson, a couple weeks ago!

  13. I celebrated with red velvet cupcakes when I unpacked my kitchen at our current home.

  14. My birthday!

  15. My family celebrated my dad’s 50th birthday with carrot cake cheesecake. Delicious!

  16. The last celebration I celebrated with cake was our wedding 6 months ago. :o) I adore all her stands, they are too cute!

  17. I made a key lime cake for my husband’s 22nd birthday! Yum :)

  18. I took a cake decorating class this fall and I LOVED it! Now I jump at the chance to make cakes whenever I can! The last cake I made was just this past weekend for my brother’s birthday.

  19. My brothers wedding last weekend! Yay!!

  20. 2 sundays ago for friends’ birthdays! those pink macarons are so pretty!

  21. Friday night date night with carrot cake!

  22. Hi Bakerella.

    I’m a long time blog creeper. It’s nice to see some pretty cakes on your blog again.

    I’ve been thinking about you with all the health things you’re dealing with right now. You’re in my prayers each day. Hope all is well and you’re getting a chance to make some yummy cake pops.

    I was visiting Washington D.C. last weekend (my first time there!) and I saw that Starbucks is now selling cake pops! I thought that whomever made that executive decision must be a long time fan of your blog!

  23. I celebrated the birth of my niece with a biiiig piece of cake! Joyous occasion with yummy cake!

    I hope you are doing better Bakerella!!!!

  24. My Mother in Laws Birthday. My Sister in Law mad some fantastic chocolate cupcakes with a super rockin’ buttercream frosting.

  25. Swoon worthy, really! Love the pink domes.

  26. My son’s 2nd Birthday!!

  27. Made a pink, black and white cake for my Grandmother’s 90th birthday. These would have gone great!

  28. Oh, I need this SO bad! I have been searching for a cute cake stand for months.
    I just had cake last night for my little boy’s FIRST Birthday.

    Sure hope I win!!!

  29. My son’s first birthday. :)

  30. The last occasion celebrated with cake? Hump Day! Every Wednesday needs a little cake!

    PS – that ruffle cake is amazing!

  31. I made a German Chocolate Cake for my boyfriend who is now my ex-boyfriend. I don’t even like German Chocolate Cake! Thus I deserve a pretty cake stand! :)

  32. I celebrate sugar every day! I have an addiction but right now I am in love with cupcakes.

  33. Me, me, me!! I feel like amazing cake stands are SO hard to find!

  34. The last time I had cake was during my friend’s 22nd birthday party. One of my friends bought the birthday girl a mango cake, and another friend baked a triple mocha cake.

    I think I want to live inside Melody’s shop!!

  35. My son’s birthday February. And there were three other cakes and birthdays that month – my mama, my mother-in-law and my daughter! So lots of cake in the last month.

  36. I had a nibble of my son’s slice of hummingbird cake just yesterday at our church’s fellowship lunch!

  37. I celebrated a 75 pound weightloss by having a cheat day and eating an amazing carrot cake with loads of cream cheese icing. YUM!

  38. My son’s first birthday – dirt cake! Ok…so not really a cake…but it’s in the name :)

  39. My husband’s 25th birthday 2 weeks ago!!

  40. My daughters 7th birthday!!

  41. My son’s 1st birthday! I LOVE those ruffle cakes!!!!

  42. Ohhh! So pretty!!!! I like sparkles :)

    The occasion where I celebrated with cake… hm…. I had some cake the other night because I wanted some :-P haha The last REAL occasion, though, was my friend’s birthday last Thursday :)

  43. The last time I had cake was over a month ago for my boyfriend’s birthday – far too long. I would love to live in your friend’s shop. So beautiful and so sweet!

  44. I actually can’t remember… I’m trying to lose the baby weight. ;-) But I think it may have been the pumpkin spice cake trifle that I made for Thanksgiving…. it has cake in it so it counts right? ;-)

  45. My mom’s 80th birthday…Italian Creme Cake! Yum!

  46. My hubby’s bday in Feb…with a strawberry jello cake – his favorite! :P

  47. Such beautiful stands!! Last time I celebrated with cake was on Valentine’s Day. I am allergic to eggs so I made a vegan orange marmalade cake that was delicious!

  48. My hubby & 4-year old made me a birthday cake for my 42nd b-day in February…best cake ever!!! :)

    Continuing to send you lots of happy thoughts & prayers!!!

    ~ Kathy C (Oregon)

  49. My birthday, 8 days ago!

  50. I made an ice cream cake for my daughter’s birthday. She likes ice cream better than cake so this way she gets her ice cream and we can still have cake for everyone else.

  51. My 21st birthday in Mexico. It was fantastic!!! Mexican food with a delicious chocolate cake.

  52. I made a cake for my parent’s Valentine’s Day party! :-) Carrot cake with cream cheese icing! :-) DELISH!

  53. New friends of ours invited us over for dinner so I got inspired and made a two-layer carrot cake…delish!

  54. I baked my boyfriend a cake for his birthday last month. I used the yellow cake recipe from your site and made a honey cream cheese frosting to go with it! :)

  55. I made St Patty’s Day cupcakes and took them to work!

  56. My sister made me a fabulous red velvet cake for my birthday! Delicious!

  57. Man, I can’t remember the last time we had cake. Guess I better whip one up to celebrate potty training my two year old this weekend. :D

  58. My sister’s baby shower

  59. Celebrated a quiet day a few weeks ago with a slice of lemon pound cake.. just the perfect end to a day.

  60. We just celebrated the life of a friend today. She was only 12 years old and died in a car accident last Tuesday. Since her family was unable to give her a wedding, they had a wedding cake at her funeral instead.

  61. Oh i love these! The last occasion I celebrated with cake? My fiance was having a bad day and requested I make chocolate cake for cheering up. Not really a “celebration” but it definitely cheered him up!

  62. Beautiful! My 25th birthday :) Would have been much sweeter with one of those beauties!

  63. Would love the pink one for my kiddo’s 5th birthday. We’ve bot some time though; she just celebrated her 4th on March 22nd!

  64. On Saturday, at my grandson’s second birthday party. My daughter’s friend made him an amazing transportation-themed cake with a modeling chocolate helicopter on top. Too cute!

  65. I love all of her cakes! And of course love the pedestals! It’s been quite some time since I celebrated with cake, I’ve been on a cupcake frenzy lately. I think the last time might have been a work birthday party.

  66. Tonight! We made an Angel Food cake with White Fluffy Icing and Strawberries for my Dad’s 56th birthday per his request! :)

  67. That’s easy! My friend’s baby shower was the last cake I had. I’ve given it up for Lent (well sweets) so this would be a welcome way to bring it back in my life. :)

  68. My aunt’s birthday two weeks ago. Mmmm… cake…. :)

  69. my nephews 1st birthday last month!

  70. We celebrated a perfectly stormy Saturday this past weekend with a Strawberry Swirl Cream Cheese Pound Cake.

  71. My sister’s birthday this past weekend–I made her a homemade crumb cake (heavy on the crumbs, yumyumyum) all to herself. 13×9 Pyrex just for her! :)

  72. friends birthday!

  73. Christening my new apartment with a rainbow cake! :)

  74. The last cake we had was for my b-day last month from my life long favo bakery. Always sooo good.

  75. It’s been awhile since I usually make cupcakes instead. I think it was August for my son’s 7th b-day…my hubby and I made an R2-D2 cake.

  76. A family friends’ gathering at my house with an amazing coffee store-bought cake and a very humble looking Japanese cheese cake I made.

  77. I had cake a few months ago for my birthday party! I LOVE these pedestals! Hope I win!!! :)

  78. my sister’s 20th birthday party! i made her a yellow cake with chocolate butter cream frosting. it was delicious. :)

  79. Celebrating my niece’s, nephew’s and son’s birthday all on the same day with their favorite cupcakes!

  80. My sons 3rd Birthday party

  81. At a 16th Birthday celebration. We also ate Cake Pops :)

  82. It’s been awhile. We’ve been in cupcake land…but ironically tonight my 4yo requested that we celebrate with cake since he doesn’t like cupcakes. News to me! Reason: cake is bigger!

  83. My brother’s birthday! Thanks for sharing these beauties!

  84. Wow, those are gorgeous! I made chocolate and red velvet cake for Valentine’s Day! Nothing fancy but I did make the cream cheese frosting from scratch. Hope you are doing well!

  85. Hmm… the last time I celebrated with cake? Friday! Just ’cause… :)

  86. My birthday last week! Yum.

  87. I made your 14 layer cake Thursday evening to take to Bunco Friday! It was fabulously delicious and everyone was super impressed!

  88. Wow, I bake on a weekly basis…so no real reason to make it other than just the joy of baking! :)

  89. I had cake from my Aunt’s 4 tier beauteous wedding cake a few nights ago! DELISH.

  90. my first girls night out (last saturday) since my daughter was born almost six months ago! i made a hummingbird cake with pineapple flowers!

  91. We celebrated my 30th birthday with my family on the 24th!!!

  92. Every year my theatre group hosts a fundraising event, part of which is a cake competition. I would absolutely encorporate these into that competition and go for the “prettiest cake” award. (there’s also “best tasting” and “most awesome”).

  93. Super cute.

  94. my dads birthday last night!!!

  95. Yesterday for two birthdays! Life begins and ends with cake, doesn’t it?

  96. My baby boy’s 9th birthday – last Friday!

  97. I last celebrated with an ice cream cake-made my first one ever- for my mother in laws birthday march 8th.

  98. The last occasion I celebrated with cake was a baby shower for a friend of mine.

  99. my friends birthday! =]

  100. A co-worker’s birthday a week ago, and having cake this weekend to celebrate a niece and a nephew’s birthday!

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