Pretty Pedestals


Take a look at these beautiful cake stands. That is if you can see past the skyline of sweets. I absolutely love this photo. Love it. I wish I could enlarge it and wallpaper my kitchen with it. This photo and the rest in this post (taken by Ashley Rose Photography) are photos of cakes from my friend Melody’s shop, My Sweet & Saucy. We’ve been internet buds from way back when I had a address. And since then, she’s gone from blogger herself, to superstar baker, making the most gorgeous cakes and working with the likes of Tori Spelling, Miley Cyrus and more. I just wish she wasn’t all the way in California. Actually, it’s a good thing I’m not in driving distance. For my waistline anyway.


Oh dear. I need a pink ruffle cake in my life.



Look at all these cakes. I mean pedestals. Big ones. Little ones. Tall ones. Short ones.

Melody also has an online store where you can find them all in one place.


Yes, pedestals. Like this pretty little pink one. Perfect for a petite little cake.


Or stack two and you can fill it with sweet little treats.


Wait, you mean you don’t have a large and small pink glass pedestal or a sweet glass dome?

That’s terrible. Unthinkable.

Would you like one? I mean all three pieces in the photo above?

I thought you might.

Melody is giving them away to one of my readers. Yippee! Thanks Melody!

Enter for a chance to win this dome and two pretty pink pedestals.

  • Just leave a comment on this post and tell me the last occasion you celebrated with cake. Easy!
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, March 30 at 8 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random* and announced sometime Wednesday evening on this post.

Good Luck!

Satisfy your sweet tooth and check out Melody’s stuff.

My Sweet & Saucy Supply – cake stands, and platters and bow;s, oh my!
My Sweet & Saucy Shop – the bakery
My Sweet & Saucy Blog – filled with tons of beautiful event and dessert table photos.

Other Credits: Ashley Rose – photography, The Loveliest Day – event design & styling, Found – vintage rentals, and Olive Hue – paper goods.

YAY! I picked a winner.

Duh, dah, dah… and the new owner of beautiful new pink pedestals and a glass done to top it off is… Comment #4838!


Congratulations Gloria!

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9,947 comments on “Pretty Pedestals”

  1. My Husbands birthday in January. I need a pedestal!! :)

  2. The last occasion I celebrated with [cheese]cake was my sorority big sis and I winning best big sis-lil sis pair out of my entire pledge class!!! (over eighty big-little pairs)

  3. I teach preschool and last week we celebrated one of my kiddos birthday with cupcakes, yum!!

  4. I made a rainbow cake for St. Patty’s Day!!!!

  5. The last occasion I celebrated with cake was my daughter’s birthday yesterday! It was so much fun! But I have to admit that it would have been a tad cuter with this cake stand. I want it!

  6. My Birthday!!! Glad to see you are posting again!

  7. I’m doing a challenge this year where I’m making 52 cakes in 2011. So the last cake I made was carrot cake to celebrate making it to Wednesday (it was a really rough week).

    Hope you are feeling okay, been keeping you in my thoughts.


  8. My nieces birthday. And it was probably cupcakes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. The last time I made/celebrated with cake was my boyfriend’s sister’s birthday :)

  10. Today my children and I celebrated that the University of Kentucky is going to the Final Four!

  11. Oh WOW! I love love love cake pedestals. In fact, tonight’s blog post shows my latest cake on a pedestal. Nothing fancy, but we just had a gathering this past weekend to honor my Gramma and combined it with a birthday celebration. And we had cake!

    These pics are amazing and of course, so are the cakes. Thank you for sharing!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  12. We have cake a LOT! Any time’s a GOOD time for cake!

  13. my friend got his licences back after three month probation, lol

  14. Our last cake-occasion was my dad’s 89th birthday!

  15. I will be celebrating tomorrow when my big girl turns 7!!! 3/29/04

  16. My cousin’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party

  17. My daughter’s first birthday. I made a simple smash cake for her, chocolate with buttercream frosting in pink roses. Cute!

  18. a Chocolate Stout Cake for a birthday!

  19. We celebrated my little sister’s 25th birthday! I made her a homemade confetti cake. Her 18 month old son would say “Hacky Momma!” and pretend to blow out a candle with every bit of cake.

  20. sunday night…my neices 8th birthday…tiny little cupcakes called “baby cakes” and cake in ice cream cones…fun :)

  21. There was no occasion for my last cake, we had spare carrots in the kitchen so I made a carrot cake!

  22. Valentines Day! It was an angel food cake topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream!!

  23. My 3 children’s birthdays! Yup, I have 3 children with birthdays one day apart!

  24. I never really need an occasion to make cake! Who doesn’t love having one around…just in case ;)

    But most recently, for my brother-in-law’s birthday, on Friday!

  25. We celebrated tonight — it’s Monday and the oven was hot from cooking dinner. Why not bake cake?

  26. I would love these!!! The last celebration with cake was my best friend’s baby shower! The cake was topped with the cutest pair of Mary janes made from gumpaste! She loved them!

  27. We celebrate with cake quite often but the last time was with cupcakes at our friend’s Joseph’s party 2 weeks ago!

  28. I made a cake for my husband bday last week! the 23rd to be exact! These are too pretty!

  29. ohmygoodness these are too pretty!

  30. I went to a birthday party over the weekend. (These are too cute!)

  31. My husband and I had cupcakes from a local bakery on Wednesday to celebrate our new job as houseparents!

  32. I love the pink ruffles!!! I just made a cake for my cousin’s wedding on Saturday, March 26. Beautiful 3-tier white cake with lemon curd filling and buttercream frosting, with gumpaste roses and calla lilies.

  33. I celebrate every day with cake! Well… I could if my waist would agree! I had cake the other week for spring break though!

  34. Had cupcake fondue at a work party last week. Yay!

  35. last one was my hubby’s birthday…those pedestals are to die for…SO fun!:)

  36. Wow…I think the last time I made a whole cake was for my husband’s birthday a year or so ago…I get so excited to make cute, little treats (like cupcakes or cake pops). But with a super cute cake stand, I would definitely start making them more often!

  37. If cake bites count it was last weekend. Just a quick dash, with some girlfriends, to the sweet bakery around the corner before it closed.

  38. celebrated a sweet little boy’s 1st birthday just this evening!

  39. I celebrated the return of my stand mixer from the KitchenAid repair centre with a lemon coconut layer cake. It was gone for a month!!!

  40. A friends birthday. We enjoyed a chocolate caramel caked topped with snickers. Yummy!!

  41. My husband’s 40th birthday!

    P.s hope you are feeling better!

  42. Valentines day with funfetti cupcakes and tiny heart sprinkles :D

  43. Banana bread cake combo – because the bananas were getting old! :)

  44. A close girlfriend’s special birthday about a week ago.

  45. My little sisters 5th birthday!! I made a rainbow cake like this one !!

  46. My oldest daughter’s 5th birthday!
    And can I just say I have a new passion for cake stands? Yes, I do! These are amazing!

  47. The last time I had cake was celebrating the birth of my friend’s adorable baby!!

  48. I just made a barbie doll cake for my friends daughter last month as well as green and white cake bites for my friends st pattys bday and I have cake bites in the fridge now for my coworkers bday on wed. Gonna stack them into a cake! I actually only own 1 pedestal that I got as a wedding gift… These I would totally LOVE!

  49. getting my driver’s license :)

  50. We Love our cake stand and would LOVE LOVE to have more…the last time was a game night at our house and it had chocolate chocolate cupcakes!!!

  51. The last occasion that I celebrated w/a cake was my mother-in-law’s 64th birthday which was Saturday, 27Nov..

  52. We had cake for my granddaughter’s birthday just last week. She is 5 and starts kindergarten in the fall and had a princess party. :)

  53. I just finished a cake decorating course and the final lesson required us to decorate a cake using all techniques we’d learned. I gave my cake to my great nephew for his 5 th birthday. I think he enjoyed the ice cream more!

  54. This past Saturday 5 of us girls took off for a weekend away to celebrate a 30th Birthday and I brought cherry chip cupcakes and chocolate snickers cupcakes to celebrate :o)

  55. A friends birthday. We enjoyed a chocolate caramel caked topped with snickers. Yummy!!

  56. Celebrated with cake for my birthday last week (and I didn’t even have to make my own cake!) and also celebrated with cupcake bites this weekend!

  57. At a birthday party last weekend!

  58. Our babysitter’s sons birthday party yesterday. And this weekend is my baby girl’s first birthday party! I wish I had those pink cake stands for this weekend…they would be perfect for the cake I am decorating for her party :(

  59. Yesterday, I found my wallet, got and andes mint chocolate buttercream cake!

  60. I just celebrated my friends birthday with White Chocolate Lemon cupcakes on Sunday!

  61. My birthday tonight with a red velvet cake!

  62. LOVE Sweet and Saucy! Last time I had cake…. St. Patrick’s day :-)

  63. My sister’s baby shower for her very first baby! I made cupcakes and a cake topper to go with her shabby chic theme.
    LOVE these pedestals!

  64. For my own birthday in December…

    I made it up as I went along, but it was a white choc yellow cake with a homemade lemon whipcream frosting, and strawberries inbetween the layers… the outside was covered in choclate shavings and drawings. then so my kids could helpm, they wrote “Happy Birthday Mommy” on paper which i then traced in chocolate to top my cake. They are 8, 5, & 3 so it was super cute and childish.


  65. We celebrated what we call “Lung Day” – the 7th anniversary of my father-in-law’s surgery for lung cancer. They had to remove one of his lungs, but he’s doing great – and each year, we make a lung shaped cake! Gross I know – but it’s a definite celebration of life! :)

  66. march 4th… it was my daughter’s first birthday. i love baking and decorating cakes but i didn’t leave myself enough time to make one that day so we had to get a gross one from the store at the last minute. never again!!! these pedestals would make my day!!!

  67. I teach preschool and today we celebrated one of my littles’ 4th birthday with cupcakes. Yum!!

  68. just as a spring treat with my family! Pretty sure I bake a couple every week!!!!! :)

  69. Today! I made raspberry chocolate brownies and they would look gorgeous on this cake stand!

  70. Oh my, these would be perfect for my wedding reception! I got married 7 months ago, but I haven’t been able to go back to my home country until now since DH is an American! We are finally going back, and the reception is vintage themed- so my fingers are crossed for this one!

  71. Last time I ate cake was a cake pop that one of my preschoolers made for their birthday!

  72. Probably my nieces birthday. And I’m quite sure it was cupcakes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. We have started having a monthly family get together with a different hostess each month and I always bring the homemade cake. What’s better then delicious cake???? A loving family to share it with =)

  74. 2 weeks ago, at a 3 year old’s pirate party;)

  75. Last Thursday, March 24th. My daughter Abby turned 14. We had cupcakes (which is cake, right) since she is a very busy dancer. She love chocolate cake so we had double chocolate fudge ones.

  76. a girls’ day out!! =]

  77. The last cake I made and ate was in celebration of teaching a 9 year old girl how to bake!

  78. I celebrate every occasion with a cake and if there is not an occasion then I create one. Saturday I celebrated with 3 cakes! The start of spring soccer in the morning, a new baby in the afternoon and a birthday in the evening.

    Love the pink cake stand! Did I mention pink is my favorite color?

  79. My birthday! it was last week haha, we had a really good chocolate cake, yum!!!

  80. I made a decadent chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream icing for my husband on Valentine’s Day. Those cake pedestals are so pretty!

  81. My son’s second birthday party just two days ago!

  82. i love those tables and the cake plates!! what beautiful pictures!!!

  83. (Forgive me if this posts twice – I got an error message the first time.)

    I made cakeballs for a friend’s wedding shower.

    P.S. Praying for you!

  84. 2-16-11 when my red headed little boy, cade, turned 4!

  85. I’m celebrating my hubby’s birthday on Thursday with a yummy cake!!

  86. My daughter’s 4th birthday :)

  87. I made a cake for my nephew Diego’s 11th birthday! This was extra special for me since it’s the only birthday I have been to since he was born! Cake literally brought us together!!

  88. Oh wow! Those pedestals are gorgeous! So are all the yummy treats. :)

    The last time I celebrated with cake was my mom’s birthday last month.

  89. Just this weekend, a friend’s birthday.. Cake at the dog show! :)

  90. Cake pops for Valentine’s Day :) – will be making more for Easter!

  91. Cake is involved in EVERY celebration! Most recently, my little brothers birthday! :)
    I love Melody’s blog and shop! AMAZING!

  92. At a coworkers baby shower a month ago… far too long!

    But no worries as of the 18th we will be celebrating a baby or wedding shower every other week until the end of the school year! We have a busy staff!

  93. A neighborhood block party with a very decadent chocolate cake!

  94. Oh how cute! It was my nieces 4th birthday on friday, and she has a cute cake covered is roses made out of a super yummy coconut frosting.

  95. I managed to grab a sliver of a coworker’s birthday cake a couple of weeks ago. Journalists are complete scavengers once any celebratory cake has been cut.

  96. Well, it’s been awhile but I do have my bridal shower coming up in just a few days :). My cake is going to be a pillow cake!! I can’t wait!! It would look so cute on these pink pedestals!

  97. my anniversary (Feb 14th) so I’m in serious need of some cake ;) Those would be perfect for my gram’s surprise 80th birthday party- I’m in charge of cake!

  98. I celebrated the return of my stand mixer from kitchenaid by making a lemon coconut layer cake with honey vanilla frosting and homemade lemon curd inside. It was a big deal – my mixer was gone for a month!!!

  99. my wonderful mom’s birthday, last Saturday, with red velvet cupcakes of course!

  100. Wow, she is an inspirational baker! The desserts all look superb! :)

    Thank you for the chance to win….

    The last time we celebrated with CAKE was for (my son) Christian’s, 3rd Birthday, Feb. 19th. <3

  101. It was Valentine’s day. Wow..that was a while ago. I think it is time for more cake!!!

  102. The last ocasion I celebrated whit cake was…Christmas! Whith a very besutiful Chocolate Log.

  103. We had my sister’s sweet 16th birthday party in December. P.S. I’m glad you’re feeling back up to posting! I’ve missed waking up to the e-mails in the mornings saying that you posted a new blog!

  104. We celebrated my son’s 4th birthday with a chocolate dinosaur cake.

  105. We celebrate with cake all the time. My husband’s birthday was this past Saturday, and I made him an Italian Cream Cake, per his request.

    Also, my friend Terri’s birthday was yesterday, so tonight I took her a small cake with a big red “T” on the top of it so she doesn’t have to share! I think it pretty much made her day.

    Oh, and I’d really love those pedestals!! :^)

  106. A cookout at my parent’s house.

  107. Celebrating my bff’s birthday tomorrow with a cake I’m making her. Its what I do =) Hope you are feeling better Ms. Bakerella! Prayers your way!

  108. My son’s 2nd Birthday! And I used your perfect yelow cake recipe!

  109. Do cupcakes count? I made Reece’s Pieces cupcakes for my cousin’s sixth birthday party.

  110. My daughter’s 4th birthday just a few weeks ago!!!!

  111. My bff’s birthday dinner :)

  112. Those are so beautiful! The cakes and the pedestals. :) The last occasion I celebrated with cake was my 30th birthday in February! yay!

  113. Made cupcakes for my hubby’s food day at work and of course I had to taste test!

    *Hope you are feeling better! Thinkin of you and keeping you in my prayers!

  114. I last celebrated with cake on my son’s 5th birthday (in December). That is far too long without cake! I think I need another celebration NOW.

  115. My husbands 40th birthday!

  116. So pretty!! I had cake last week for my birthday!!

  117. The last occasion I celebrated with cake would be when I made a cake for my grabdmother’s 70th birthday. It was the first time I made fondant and used it on her cake. She loved it!

  118. We celebrated with cake last night (3-27) for my son’s 7th birthday! We LOVE CAKE and celebrations in our home!!!!

  119. I seriously would LOVE to win this. My daughter’s birthday party is coming up and I need an amazing cake stand (or 2)! We enjoyed a slice of cake from a giant transformer cake for a 1 year old friend’s birthday party, at Chuck E Cheese!

  120. the last occasion i celebrated was actually my 20th birthday a couple of weeks ago >:3 it was delicious :3

    i think we still have some left in the fridge… but im seriously debating how good it still is ._______.

    on another random note my cake stand has been neglected as of late since i dont have alot of time to bake this semester

    not to mention im going through baking withdrawls… x_x
    which will be fixed as soon as my spring break rolls around >:3

    hope youre feeling better, get well soon!!!

  121. This might be creepy, but at my aunt’s memorial service. I made her favorite color powder blue cupcakes for everyone. Powder blue like the eye shadow she wore, the color we all made fun of :) I love these stands! They would be put to great use!

  122. My first wedding anniversary!

  123. Last night!! For my friend’s birthday I made her a chocolate cake with mocha milk chocolate frosting. It would have looked BEAUTIFUL on that pink pedestal!!

  124. I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a delicious Bailey’s Irish Cream cake! Yummy!

  125. The last time I had cake was a few weeks ago at school. Another teacher brought in a cake to share with everyone….red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Yum!

  126. my best friend’s bridal shower! would love to use these for a bridal shower coming up! xoxo

  127. Just celebrated my mother’s birthday on the 26th! My aunt made a delicious sponge cake while I made the light frosting to accompany it since no one in my family likes heavy buttercream!

  128. had cake at a wedding last weekend……yum!

  129. I just had a Tea Party for all my friends little girls. We all got snazzed up in our dresses, fancy shoes, hats & jewelry. Sat down at the lace covered table with each of my cake pedestals covered in finger foods like petit fours, cucumber sandwiches, pb&js, cookies & of course tea! I think I had as much fun as each of them!!

  130. A wedding I was coordinating.

  131. At my daughter’s 1st birthday party on March 12th. I made cake pops and marshmallow pops and we had a big Hello Kitty cake that absolutely looked beautiful in a dessert table. Everything pink and apple green.

  132. So good to see you posting again, praying! The last cake I celebrated with was my son’s 18th Birthday party – time flies…

    Thanks so much I loveeeeeeeeeeee cake stands!

  133. The last occasion we celebrated with cake was my birthday! But we also celebrated with red velvet cheesecake, cupcakes and ice cream! Hey I’m pregnant and I was spoiled!

  134. I made it through Monday…so I had cheesecake :)

  135. hmm the last time I had cake was last weekend for our BBQ at home! I am already working on my little one’s birthday cake now which means lots of cake testing in the next few weeks!

  136. The last thing I celebrated with cake was my son, Jameson’s, 2nd birthday! We had cake and cake balls!

  137. The last time I celbrated with a cake was 3-9-11, Great Grama’s 92nd birthday. She loves word finds but can no longer see the letter’s, even in the large print books. So I made her a word find cake. She LOVED it!!!

  138. I made princess cake pops for a group of young ladies at a school fundraiser…. yesterday!

  139. I celebrated the occasion of it being Thursday. That’s always a good reason for cake!

  140. Yesterday…Sunday…bunny cake for my brother-in-law’s birthday (little early, but it’s a tradition!)

    Beautiful photos, by the way!

  141. I celebrated studying for my anatomy exam tonight with a slice of German Chocolate cake! Yumm!

  142. I made a double batch of cakeballs for a wedding shower……thanks to you, of course!

    P.S. Praying for you!

  143. We celebrate once a month at work for the employees that have birthdays that month. Usually the last Wed. of the month.

  144. Wow!
    Love those photos!
    We celebrate with cake or some form of dessert every Sunday. Big Italian meal with family followed by more food…….CAKE! lol

  145. I had wedding (cup)cake last week at my best friend’s wedding! The cakes were delicious!

  146. My birthday!

  147. Today! My brother lives in Florida, we are in Hawaii and my children and I made rainbow cupcakes for his birthday and celebrated for him :)

  148. My Mom made a pound cake w/fresh strawberries for St. Patrick’s Day! I took the leftovers to the office the next day!

  149. We celebrated a birthday just today with cake. Those pretty pink pedestals would have been perfect.

  150. Valentine’s day! I made my boyfriend his favorite: German Chocolate! All made from scratch & with lots of love :)

  151. I made 40 cupcakes last week for my sister in-laws 40th birthday with aqua icing for the month of March!

  152. The last time i celebrated with cake was… back in Feb. We actually celebrated my friend’s 20th birthday with THREE cakes.

  153. My daughter’s 2nd birthday this past Saturday! We had cupcakes because, in her words, “I want a bunch of little cakes!” =)

  154. I had cake tonight just celebrated my mother in-laws birthday.

  155. Had cake today to celebrate my boyfriend leaving for basic training for the Air Force.

  156. My daughter’s wedding! (and of course we had darling cake pops too!)

  157. We had birthday cake at our neighbors party last Saturday!

  158. Celebrated my daughter’s 13th birthday on Valentine’s weekend with a baking party ala “Bakerella” :) Would have LOVED these stands for the party!! Gorgeous

  159. Saturday night a get together with friends!

  160. My birthday! A coworker made me the best chocolate cake ever.

  161. I made a pineapple upside down cake for some friends coming over for dinner last week

  162. we celebrated my sister’s anniversary with a delightful store-bought sheetcake. since i’m trying to eat healthier, it was a real treat!

  163. our wedding…red velvet cake!

  164. We celebrated my friend’s mom’s 79th birthday last night with a crochet themed cake I made for her.

    It’s on my blog :)

  165. The last occasion that I celebrated with cake was my birthday on the 20th. My husband made me a delicious chocolate mousse cake!

  166. I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a delicious Bailey’s cake! Yummy!

  167. A couple weeks ago at a sweet boys 3rd birthday!
    Now Im craving a cake!

  168. my 26th birthday! I made a fantastic gluten-free lemon-raspberry cake.

  169. Cake does not need a special occasion in our house but we did celebrate my brother’s birthday thus month with an ultra-yummy turtle cake!

  170. My sister’s baby shower for her very first baby!

  171. My husband’s birthday March 3rd. But we celebrate EVERYDAY with cupcakes. My kids love their cupcakes lol.

  172. Just celebrated my daughter’s 4th birthday 2 weeks ago with a woodland fairy themed party!

  173. Actually it was tonight :) a birthday for a friend, and it was the first time I successfully piped a cake with another color!

  174. Wedding shower a few weeks ago

  175. I’m working on my frosting techniques so I’m baking approximately 3-4 times a week. Yesterday it was chocolate buttermilk cake and tomorrow coconut cake. These pedestals would be perfect!!!

  176. Last time I had cake was last week for a cupcake photo shoot. :) By the way I absolutely LOVE your website, cake pops, and those beautiful pedestals. :)

  177. Oh My Goodness! I love cake stands! I have two, both milk glass but I love the look of the depression glass.
    I celebrate my close friends and family birthday’s with cake (or cake pops!). Next up is a bridal shower for my cousin!

  178. It was for my little girl’s 2nd birthday back in February, it was one of the hottest days we’d had all summer. The cake melted. The photos of it are priceless.

  179. Oh my, what a treat for the winner!!
    Last time was our annual dessert party … so those cake plates would be pretty perfect for next year!

  180. My man’s 30th bday :) Mmmm chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting :)

  181. I celebrated my toddler’s friend’s 4th birthday this past weekend with a FABULOUS birthday cake! Wasn’t so fabulous for my Weight Watchers, though! LOL!

  182. Tonight! Left over from Sunday family dinner!!! yum yum!!
    Those are so beautiful!

  183. I made 2 cakes on Saturday for my sister’s birthday….I couldn’t decide so I made both.

  184. My Best friend’s daughter! The cutest 4 year old ever! She had the cutest Breakfast at Tiffanies inspired party!!

  185. Yesterday I celebrated the simple fact that it was Sunday with a carrot cake!

  186. Last time we had a cake….That would be at a friends birthday party! It was delicious.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  187. I had cake at work for St. Patrick’s day! It was just a grocery store sheet cake but hey, cake at work, I’m not complaining.

  188. We celebrated my father in law birthday last week. We all enjoyed the car I made him and not to mention he didn’t want to cut it but in the end he had to.


  189. My niece’s birthday!

  190. The last occasion I celebrated with cake was a friend’s baby shower!

  191. My two little sons’ birthdays, one day apart, ages 8 and 4.

  192. daughters second birthday.

  193. Last Friday night I made a birthday cake for my Mother in Law. A chocolate butter cake, with cookies & cream filling & a thick chocolate glaze covering it. So goooood!

  194. My son’s 3rd birthday!! :)

  195. I adore the pink pedestals! I never need a celebration reason to have cake! I guess I have cake to celebrate my love of cake!

  196. There was no real occassion except my co-workers deserved some cupcakes just for being awesome and always making me laugh.

  197. My husband’s birthday last week, the kids and I made a cute remote control cake since he loves his remote :)

  198. Last time I had cake, we celebrated my son’s 3rd birthday :)

  199. Occasion: SUNDAY!! We rarely need an excuse to make a pretty cake around our house :)

  200. Cake for a girls’ night out.

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