Pretty Pedestals


Take a look at these beautiful cake stands. That is if you can see past the skyline of sweets. I absolutely love this photo. Love it. I wish I could enlarge it and wallpaper my kitchen with it. This photo and the rest in this post (taken by Ashley Rose Photography) are photos of cakes from my friend Melody’s shop, My Sweet & Saucy. We’ve been internet buds from way back when I had a address. And since then, she’s gone from blogger herself, to superstar baker, making the most gorgeous cakes and working with the likes of Tori Spelling, Miley Cyrus and more. I just wish she wasn’t all the way in California. Actually, it’s a good thing I’m not in driving distance. For my waistline anyway.


Oh dear. I need a pink ruffle cake in my life.



Look at all these cakes. I mean pedestals. Big ones. Little ones. Tall ones. Short ones.

Melody also has an online store where you can find them all in one place.


Yes, pedestals. Like this pretty little pink one. Perfect for a petite little cake.


Or stack two and you can fill it with sweet little treats.


Wait, you mean you don’t have a large and small pink glass pedestal or a sweet glass dome?

That’s terrible. Unthinkable.

Would you like one? I mean all three pieces in the photo above?

I thought you might.

Melody is giving them away to one of my readers. Yippee! Thanks Melody!

Enter for a chance to win this dome and two pretty pink pedestals.

  • Just leave a comment on this post and tell me the last occasion you celebrated with cake. Easy!
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, March 30 at 8 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random* and announced sometime Wednesday evening on this post.

Good Luck!

Satisfy your sweet tooth and check out Melody’s stuff.

My Sweet & Saucy Supply – cake stands, and platters and bow;s, oh my!
My Sweet & Saucy Shop – the bakery
My Sweet & Saucy Blog – filled with tons of beautiful event and dessert table photos.

Other Credits: Ashley Rose – photography, The Loveliest Day – event design & styling, Found – vintage rentals, and Olive Hue – paper goods.

YAY! I picked a winner.

Duh, dah, dah… and the new owner of beautiful new pink pedestals and a glass done to top it off is… Comment #4838!


Congratulations Gloria!

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9,947 comments on “Pretty Pedestals”

  1. We made a fun three layer cake for my best friend’s birthday. I love making the cakes, and my husband is the decorator.. we make a good team :)

  2. I made Mickey Mouse cupcakes for my daughter’s 4th birthday party on Saturday. And I’m going to attempt your Mickey cake pops for her school party on Thursday. Wish me luck!

  3. My sweet mother-in-laws birthday – mexican chocolate cake – yum-o!!

  4. I made a cake for a friend for her birthday last Friday night! Bordello themed! lol

  5. My niece’s 2nd birthday party!

  6. My grandpa’s 93rd birthday! Fun time with family!

  7. those are so pretty! my mom baked a King Cake 2 weeks ago for my 50th Bday! i hope you are feeling better :)

  8. Those are just gorgeous! I last celebrated my birthday with cake just last week. Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream icing. Drool.

  9. I celebrated my birthday back in December…my husband got me an icecream cake…YUM! And, we will be celebrating my daughter’s birthday in April with cake…and cake pop favors!

  10. Does cheesecake count?? I had a midweek party with mini cheesecakes a few weeks back. They were NOT kind to my waistline!

  11. My sisters’s Birthday was last month. A yummy ice cream cake!

  12. The last cake I made was for our first day of spring celebration. The last cake I ate was a yummy red velvet cupcake at my church’s women’s retreat last weekend.

  13. Saturday at birthday party. Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing with vintage pin up photos for toppers.

  14. Love these cake pedestals!!! I used mine last when I entered a cupcake contest in Chicago. I put some root-beer float cupcakes on my crystal pedestal with a record and root-beer mug. Too fun! I need to order some more. : )

  15. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had cake! Terrible! I think perhaps the husband’s bday in Jan… Do cupcakes count? I had some last weekend, just because a friend needed me to try out a new recipe =)

  16. I Made a spaghetti & meatball cake (it was so fun and easy!) to celebrate a youth function at church! I’ve followed her site for a little while now and feel in love with that photo as well and that ruffle cake!

  17. Well, any time there’s cake it’s a celebration. I went to my son’s bday party cake tasting today!! Love you guys both!

  18. Just gorgeous! I think I’m just a tad more in love with the delicate little dessert plates though.

  19. We had mini cupcakes today for a MOMS club birthday party and cake & cupcakes yesterday for a friend’s baby shower.

  20. I made a special chocolate cake with a chocolate orange whipped filling for my boyfriend’s birthday last month. ^_^

  21. Just had a cake celebration this weekend – 3 March birthdays in our family, including MINE

  22. What there has to be an “occasion” to celebrate with a cake? I just bake them when I want them but since you asked for an occasion then it would have to be for my hubbies birthday.

  23. Girls weekend in Gualala

  24. My husbands birthday last week. He requested a bbq cake, so I made a green bbq with burgers and kebabs. It was a hit!

  25. Last Wednesday…my friend’s birthday!

  26. This past weekend I enjoyed german chocolate cake for my boyfriends 29th birthday. Yumm ;p

  27. The last time I celebrated with cake was in Febuary. I hosted the Valentines Bunco. I made apple spice cakes tw/cream cheese frosting that were decorated to look like dice

  28. The last thing I celebrated with cake was having to work last weekend. Ok, so we weren’t celebrating being at work but if you do have to be stuck at the office on Sunday at least you can have a little red velvet cake to make it better

  29. A good friend’s birthday!

  30. Just celebrated with some cake on Saturday for my daughters ninth birthday!

  31. The last cake I had was at my cousin’s wife’s baby shower! It had a cute little pink carriage on it and was very yummy. Their daughter was born five days ago!! Yay new moms :)

  32. I last celebrated my birthday with the most delicious chocolate mocha cake covered in ganache frosting. It would have looked beautiful on that cake stand.

  33. My mums celebration of last day of work:)

  34. it was a party for dogs but the cake was for their humans.

  35. Easy! My wedding anniversary! It was just a couple of weeks ago!

  36. Actually I just made a cake for sister’s bday last Friday!!! BUT when isn’t there an occasion for cake??!? :)

  37. A 23rd wedding anniversary last February… I baked and decorated the cake with one of the daughter of the couple ! It was fun ! Picture of it is on my blog ! And I’m making a fondant cake for my son this week-end ; he wants dinosaurs and volcanos !

  38. the last occasion with cake… valentine’s day!

  39. We just celebrated my mom’s 61st birthday yesterday, and these would have been perfect. Oooh, I hope I win!

  40. St. Patty’s day of course! :)

  41. For my dad’s birthday in February I baked him my mom’s old apple cake, his favorite. She’s no longer with us, but we have her wonderful recipes to remember her by :)

  42. With family before i travel for study in other country for 6 months.

  43. A baby shower last Saturday, which I also made the cake for !! :)

  44. The last thing I celebrated with cake was pizza night with my friends :D

  45. My grandpa’s 93 birthday! Great time with all my family!

  46. Who needs an occasion! My mom cooks dinner every Monday for the whole family – sisters plus husbands and kids- and always has a cake!

  47. The last event we celebrated with cake was my sweet mother’s 51st birthday! It was a beautiful cake, but would be better next year with a darling stand to put it on!

  48. My birthday was Saturday, and I had some wonderful cake!

  49. We just celebrated my grandma’s 70th birthday. :)

  50. For no reason at all, but just to have cake with my kiddos!

  51. My daughters 4th birthday a few weeks ago.

  52. Does cheesecake count? It was all the way back on New Year’s Eve (my husband’s birthday)! That’s just too long to go without cake. But what can I say? With two kids it gets busy around here!

  53. My husband’s grandma’s birthday.

  54. My sons 11th birthday last wednesday, we had a homemade”pink” velvet cake with homemade neon green cream cheese frosting, very bright, but delicious!

  55. My Dad’s birthday :) It was a giant beer mug cake!

  56. My twins’ 2nd birthday party!

  57. Yesterday my grandma made a delcious chocolate stacker cake w/strawberry filling & buttercream icing all f/scratch! It was to die for!!!! I wish I could eat cake everyday & not gain a ton of weight :)

  58. My boyfriends birthday. Almond cake with coffee frosting.

  59. Yesterday of course!

  60. We had friends over to play games and I made cupcakes! It was the week of St. Patrick’s Day so I made them green w/ green frosting. Someone asked what flavor they were and three people responded in unison with “Green.”

  61. a friends b’day party!=)

  62. Superbowl Sunday, with Coconut Cake!!! Thanks!

  63. We celebrated our wedding a month ago with a cake and a bunch of different types of cupcakes, strawberry was the best!

  64. The last occasion I celebrated with cake was my wedding on Saturday!!

  65. The last time we celebrated with a cake was my dad’s 65th birthday a few weeks ago =)

  66. We had cake for my husband’s birthday in early March. Love the pedestals–they’re beautiful.

  67. The last cake I made was a turtle cheesecake for my grandpa. He can’t see but he said it tasted pretty. Birthday season in my family is starting in the next month, so it would great to have such a pretty stand to display the cakes I made on. Thanks for the chance and for sharing where to get them, Bakerella! Hope you’re feeling better, I bet if we all could, we’d all bake you a cake! I would!

  68. Last weekend! For my daughters 6th birthday party! Fudge marble cake with choc. buttercream and covered in pink+purple fondant! It was a Fancy Nancy party, so it was topped with a rinestone tiara!! :)

  69. We added a cake to our celebration of a big win by UK and good times with friends this past weekend. And the day before we celebrated being alive with a dozen cupcakes =)

  70. These cake dishes are amazing. I just had cake for my birthday a few days ago. It was amazing. My first time having red velvet. Totally worth the wait.
    Hope you are feeling a little better now. Good luck with everything. Glad to see you posting again

  71. we just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary this weekend

  72. OMG those are so adorable. The last time I celebrated with a cake was my niece’s first birthday, but the last time I made a cake was… Christmas I think? I’ve been on a cookie spree :-)

  73. Last month for a cupcake contest my husband entered. LOVE this post. I’m gonna go check out her blog and site right now! :) Thanks for sharing! I am always looking for new cake stands! :)

  74. my beau’s mom’s bday. she had a local bakery make her a rum cake with butter cream icing. it pales in comparison to just the thought of those pretty pink cakes on the pink stands. Pink! ooooohh la la

  75. I loved them all !! They are Beautiful !!
    The last cake was green Cake Pops for St. Patricks Day!
    Hope you are feeling and doing better!!!

  76. We celebrated “It’s Friday Night” with a delicious German Chocolate Cake recipe last week;-)

  77. I’ve been a reader of Mel’s for a long time! In fact– that’s how I found you!

    The last time I celebrated with cake was Fat Tuesday! :) We put the FAT in Fat Tuesday, lemme tell ya.

  78. Love the glass pedestals! Cant wait for our next opportunity for cake…. We will be getting an extra special one made for my bff’s upcoming bachelorette party! The pink pedestal would be a lovely addition to our dessert table.

    Just celebrated her bridal shower with a special special cake last weekend, now on to the next two :)

  79. My moms wedding!

  80. my birthday about a week ago! I keep staring at all those perdy things….

  81. I’ll have to say my cake tasting not too long ago! To die for and I can’t wait to cut into my wedding cake ;)

  82. My Birthday..! Last Monday.. 3.21…!

  83. For my hubby’s birthday March 15th, I tried my hand at red velvet cake. Turned out pretty great!

    Glad to see you back here! Hope you’re feeling better. :)

  84. Perfect timing.. I can actually remember the answer to that question. That would be last weekend, for my birthday.

  85. I just finished a week-long professional development training, and at the end of the week, I brought in cake for my colleagues and I to celebrate the fact that we were done! On to spring vacation!

  86. I celebrated Monday with brownies :)

  87. I made a chocolate cake with pb butter cream frosting for a tupperware party! :D

  88. My daughter’s 1st birthday March 8th. White ckae w/ vanilla fosting and chocolate frosting in the middle. Yuumy!

  89. Celebrated my mom’s birthday just yesterday with cake! LOVE these photographs!

  90. My husband ‘s twin sisters’ birthdays!!!!

  91. I wish I could do a spread like that for my daughter’s first birthday…BEAUTIFUL!

    The last occassion I celebrated with cake was St. Patrick’s Day!

  92. Last weekend at a friend’s 6th birthday.
    Fingers crossed~great contest! :)

  93. my brothers graduation!!!

  94. Just this past weekend actually. It was my hubby’s cousin’s birthday. He had a Tron sheet cake inspired by the movie.

  95. st. patricks day i made rainbow cupcakes for my preschool class kiddos!!

  96. My daughter’s 4th birthday! I was just looking at milk glass hobnail today!! :)

  97. it’s my birthday on thursday. let’s celebrate my (first) 29th birthday!!

  98. We had rainbow cupcakes for St. Patrick’s Day! :) Love all the pedestals!

  99. I made a cake with my daughter last week just because it was Friday. It’s the little things in life!

  100. my going away party! i just recently moved!

  101. We celebrated Nana’s birthday last Wednesday….pie instead of cake this time. Yum.

    My Sweet and Saucy oh how I wish I lived near your shop! A girl can only dream!

  102. My daughter’s 2nd birthday last weekend! How time flies!!

  103. I celebrated with homemade cupcakes today at work for a belated birthday for me :-)

  104. My youngest daughter turned three last weekend! We had a balloon-themed party and lemon cupcakes with lavendar frosting, jumbo rainbow non-pareils, and gorgeous balloon pick toppers that I found online. :)

  105. You need a reason to celebrate with cake??? Ok, how about “Yippee, it is (insert day of the week)”

  106. My youngest daughters birthday with cupcakes!

  107. A saturday afternoon…. I celebrate with cake every chance I get!

  108. My friends ring dunk! It’s an Aggie tradition!

  109. we celebrated with cake on march 23rd, last wednesday, for my son’s 1st birthday.

  110. Love these. Last cake was a cupcake fondue celbration for a work event. Yay!

  111. Last Friday night – a non-special event night at my Aunt and Uncle’s house, made special with cake :)

  112. I can’t remember the last event we celebrated with cake, but I made some for fun last weekend, no event to celebrate.

  113. I too need a pink ruffle cake in my life! The last thing we celebrated with cake was my little brother Jacob’s 4th birthday party. We had a green dinosaur cake and individual cupcakes. Jacob is from Haiti and our family worked very hard to bring him home. His paperwork was started 2 1/2 years before the earthquake and once that struck, his papers were finally sent through the system! Cake is one of his favorite things (something he definitely was not used too) so it is always extra special when we get to eat it with him!

  114. Oh her stands are so lovely!!! The last time I celebrated with cake, I have to think about this…my niece’s birthday in January. Oh that’s way too long!

  115. I celebrated Spring Break with cake. I was excited to finally see my parents after being away for college. So I baked a cake.

  116. Last Occasion? My birthday!

  117. My nephew’s birthday

  118. My last celebration with cake was my birthday in December….way too long ago.

  119. Good lord! We celebrate almost every Friday at work with cake, taking turns to buy one and scarf back with coffee for an extra afternoon kick to make it through the day. I don’t know what I’d do without it (except maybe be a bit thinner!!)

  120. The last occasion I celebrated with cake was at a baby shower for my neighbor on Saturday. They had an almond cake with Bavarian cream filling and it was delish!

  121. I work at a birth center. We make a cake when we have a baby. We put it in the oven when mom is in labor so the smell will remind her that her efforts will end in a wonderful birthday party. The last birth I attended was last Monday when Miss Aleeah Rose made her way into the world with the darkest head of hair I’ve ever seen. We had chocolate fudge cake to celebrate. :)

  122. We just celebrated report card day with chocolate cake! Almost as yummy as those beautiful pink pedestal cake plates!

  123. My daughter’s birthday was the last cake I made. Blue with white polka dots!

  124. The last celebration I had cake was my wedding! 15 days ago! This would be an excellent wedding gift. ;)

  125. Awesome cake stands! Celebrated a friend’s daughte’s 1st birthday and I made the cake. Yay!

  126. A friend’s 40th birthday!

  127. My sons birthday!

  128. I celebrated with my church after we all survived the February earthquake in my city. We had two big chocolate cakes, and lunch at my place. Yum! It was really nice to remember God’s goodness to us, even though we had lost so much.
    I don’t know if you let people outside the USA enter competitions, but I’m a big fan and thought I’d give it a shot anyway! ;)

  129. I’d love this! ! So cute. :)

  130. My husband and I celebrated the life of our Dog Crash and the ten years of happiness that she gave us!

  131. Friday nite…Bannana Split Cake. Yummmmyyy . My daughters made it for my birthday. It was sinfully good. :o)

  132. I didn’t celebrate w/cake but w/cupcakes for st.patty’s day. Irish car bombs are always a hit!

  133. My Mothers 73rd birthday! It was the end of January!

  134. St. Patrick’s Day!

  135. My nephews birthday was the last one, triple chocolate cake with chocolate chip filling and chocolate frosting.

  136. The last time I celebrated with cake was…too long ago! Hmmm…I think it’s time to celebrate my aunt’s 60th birthday next week! MUST. HAVE. CAKE!

  137. My cousin’s wedding last week! It was a wonderful occaision!! :)

  138. My husband’s birthday . . . I’m still thinking of that chocolate cake!

  139. The celebration of my new job! And it was yummy!

  140. The last cake I made was a bake sale benefiting the relay for life and was Green Velvet in honor of St. Patrick’s day!

  141. The first day of spring … we celebrated with a yummy lemon cake!

  142. Love these! We celebrated my son’s 3rd birthday with a yummy Texas Sheet Cake via The Pioneer Woman…not beautiful but delicious. :)

  143. I made cake pops for my godson’s Carnival birthday party!

  144. I made a cake for my husband’s birthday in February, delicious!

  145. Just celebrated with a cake on Saturday for my daughters ninth birthday!

  146. The last thing I celebrated cake with was Tuesday. It was carrot cake. And amazing. All it was missing was a pink pedestal…

  147. On Sunday. A 4th birthday celebration for my daughter’s friend.

  148. I love those! I’m always wishing I had something pretty upon which to perch my cakes. I made a fun 4th of July cake for a birthday party last week. So much fun!

  149. St. Patrick’s Day with green cake pops.

  150. I celebrate cake for any thing I can think of half birthdays are my new favorite but really birthdays, happy days, sad days, at work ( i am a nanny and the girls and I make lots of cake!) there is always room in life for it!!!

  151. My Birthday!

  152. Flower cake pops for my mom’s birthday… yesterday :)

  153. Last time I celebrated with cake? as in I baked a cake?
    can’t even remember, i’m more of cupcake person but cupcakes count don’t they? since they are cupCAKES :)?

  154. A camping trip a few weeks ago. I made a cake with my niece in our motorhome! Not exactly “roughing it!” ;)

  155. The last cake I celebrated with was my daughters’ birthdays in October, but you betcha I’d make one for the family once a week with this gorgeous set!!

  156. tonight actually — hubby surprised me with a yummy piece of cake from one of my favorite restaurants. :)

  157. The last cake I celebrated with was for my birthday! I make custom cakes and do this for my family + extended family on their specials days! After years of doing cakes for others, my sweet daughter designed and made a cake for me with her dad! It was the most special cake I have ever received! It sat beautifully atop my first birthday gift, a gorgeous antique milk glass cake platter to add to my collection!

  158. I made a pirate’s treasure map cake for twin 6 year olds!

  159. My son’s birthday! Awesome giveaway!

  160. My niece, Audrey’s 2nd birthday!! :)

  161. The last occasion I celebrated with cake was, sadly, quite long ago, my birthday (on Halloween). It was an adorable red & white toadstool cake (fondant) with (icing) grass and (fondant) acorns beneath. I made it myself! I’ve wanted to make a toadstool cake since I first starting falling in love with fondant cakes a few years ago.
    You can see it here!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    Love you!

  162. I love sweet and saucy bake shop! And I love these pedestals!

  163. The last occasion I made a cake for was last night when we celebrated Sunday! Hehe. I made pioneer womans crumb cake and oh boy was it tasty!!

  164. The last thing we celebrated with cake was my husbands birthday. I made him a chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache filling. He loved it.

  165. Just Saturday my nephew’s 2nd birthday was celebrated with Dulce de Leche cupcakes! (and a train shaped cake)

  166. Made a Stout Chocolate Cake for St. Patrick’s day! I don’t have a cake stand at all :(

  167. Got 2 babyshowers to plan! Love these pieces!

  168. We celebrated my mother’s 82nd birthday on Sunday with a strawberry layer cake!

  169. My son’s first birthday!

  170. I think we were celebrating the fact that it was a Tuesday…with cake. Why not?!?

  171. We celebrated two friends’ 40th birthday with a cake in the shape of an ear of corn… In honor of their matriculation at the University of Nebraska! Go huskers!

  172. Me and my husband’s 40th birthday….Neapolitan….delish!

  173. I honestly don’t remember…. which is terrible. But I did eat an oreo ice cream sandwich last night. Also, very glad to hear you are home from the hospital and are back blogging :)

  174. Oh goodness, the last time I had cake (homemade, anyway) was probably when I make some of your cake balls that looked like Elmo for my four-year-old cousin who was feeling sick. I brought them over and she just lit up with excitement!

  175. We just celebrated my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I actually made your Rapunzel tower and a bunch of cupcakes! She loved it!

  176. My daughter’s 3rd birthday! in October ;( That is too long!

  177. My friends and I made a lemon cake complete with lemon filling/frosting for a friend’s birthday last Wednesday! :)

  178. Yes, I need them to go with the rest of my LE Smith hobnail collection!!

  179. My birthday last week!!!

  180. Aweome cake stands! Celebrated a friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday and I made the birthday cake. Yay!

  181. Yes, yes…please pick me!!!! The last time I celebrated with cake was dinner with friend (strawberry cheesecake).


  183. last time I had cake was at my daughters sweet 16 birthday…March 6

  184. I made delicious vanilla cupcakes with lindt chocolate icing and homemade flag cake toppers for a friends wedding. The photos that i took once i’d set it all up looked like a display in a cake shop window. They looked so beautifuI, I was super proud. Funnily (or sadly) enough I didn’t have any cake for my birthday a week later.

  185. My boyfriends 21st birthday!

  186. A friend’s birthday weekend before last. And I would love to have one at mine :)

  187. My birthday last week!

  188. My sister had a housewarming, and we celebrated with star-shaped cake pops!

  189. All I have to say is I am glad you are home and doing somewhat better. So to celebrate I am having a glass of wine for you. Cheers to your health and a very long life of creating the most amazingly cute cake pop ever. :)

  190. I had an internship at Sweet and Saucy and the domes and plates were the items I wanted most! I miss it toons and still order cakes lots! I got a yo Gabba gabba cake pop and cupcakes. We celebrated my niece’s first birthday. I hope hope hope to win…much love

  191. Friday…just because it was Friday:) I don’t think you need a reason to celebrate with cake! I would use these precious stands and done for my daughter’s 5th birthday party…keeping my fingers crossed!


  192. My sisters engagement party a couple weeks ago!

  193. my birthday actually! about a week ago celebrating with friends from school. and also a few days ago celebrating with my family. :)

  194. My kids birthday in February.

  195. My co-workers baby shower!

  196. date night with my hubby!

  197. My husband’s 40th birthday!

  198. My cousin’s wedding shower last Saturday. I made cake pops for the celebration!

  199. I celebrate every weekend with cake. No reason is to small for me not to celebrate!

  200. I celebrated Monday with chocolate cake and peanut butter icing!

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