Pretty Pedestals


Take a look at these beautiful cake stands. That is if you can see past the skyline of sweets. I absolutely love this photo. Love it. I wish I could enlarge it and wallpaper my kitchen with it. This photo and the rest in this post (taken by Ashley Rose Photography) are photos of cakes from my friend Melody’s shop, My Sweet & Saucy. We’ve been internet buds from way back when I had a address. And since then, she’s gone from blogger herself, to superstar baker, making the most gorgeous cakes and working with the likes of Tori Spelling, Miley Cyrus and more. I just wish she wasn’t all the way in California. Actually, it’s a good thing I’m not in driving distance. For my waistline anyway.


Oh dear. I need a pink ruffle cake in my life.



Look at all these cakes. I mean pedestals. Big ones. Little ones. Tall ones. Short ones.

Melody also has an online store where you can find them all in one place.


Yes, pedestals. Like this pretty little pink one. Perfect for a petite little cake.


Or stack two and you can fill it with sweet little treats.


Wait, you mean you don’t have a large and small pink glass pedestal or a sweet glass dome?

That’s terrible. Unthinkable.

Would you like one? I mean all three pieces in the photo above?

I thought you might.

Melody is giving them away to one of my readers. Yippee! Thanks Melody!

Enter for a chance to win this dome and two pretty pink pedestals.

  • Just leave a comment on this post and tell me the last occasion you celebrated with cake. Easy!
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, March 30 at 8 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random* and announced sometime Wednesday evening on this post.

Good Luck!

Satisfy your sweet tooth and check out Melody’s stuff.

My Sweet & Saucy Supply – cake stands, and platters and bow;s, oh my!
My Sweet & Saucy Shop – the bakery
My Sweet & Saucy Blog – filled with tons of beautiful event and dessert table photos.

Other Credits: Ashley Rose – photography, The Loveliest Day – event design & styling, Found – vintage rentals, and Olive Hue – paper goods.

YAY! I picked a winner.

Duh, dah, dah… and the new owner of beautiful new pink pedestals and a glass done to top it off is… Comment #4838!


Congratulations Gloria!

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  1. I was inspired by your pictures from Sweet and Saucy, so I hunted down two pink hobnail cake stands. One came in time for my daughter’s fairy birthday party and had to join the festivities!
    We stacked strawberries dipped in white chocolate and colored sugar on it. I’d leave a picture, but I can’t seem to figure you how to do it.

  2. the last occasion i celebrated with cake was… monday. today is tuesday, so we will probably have more cake this afternoon to celebrate tuesday.

  3. I need a ruffle cake in my life too. I think everybody needs a ruffle cake. Absolutely beautiful! Sorry I missed your contest. My last cake was a chocolate cheese cake; recipe by Alice Medrich. It was, as always, yummy. Oh and I made an icebox cake with homemade chocolate wafers, that was good too (birthday celebrations). I am gearing up to make your version of the 12 layer cake (14 layers). Love your instruction and the idea to use inexpensive disposable pans. Your photo of the finished product is just too enticing to resist. So glad to hear that you are managing well. Thank you for the link to organ donor information. I wish you and your mother vitality and good health!

  4. I am baking a cake righ now!! Lol. I love cake stands. I collect them. I found a really great place in Ohio that sells beautiful cake stands in some amazing colours.

    here is the link….

  5. I would like to find the white “curvy” cake stand that the pink ruffle cake is sitting on, but it’s not on their website. Anyone know where I can find one?

  6. We celebrated my son’s bday with a cake shaped like a number 1!

  7. I would like to let you know that one of your pictures from Have your roses, and eat them, too! have been used in a swedish competition called Miss Cupcake 2011 by Dr. Oetker.

  8. Cake auction last night, big sucess!

  9. I love your blog, I can’t believe some of these cakes are food! They are pieces of art!
    Hope that you are getting on ok, and are keeping smiling.
    my thoughts are with you.
    A fellow, not quite so talented baker.


  10. Sadly I missed the giveaway, but wonderful pictures, wish that was my table

  11. wowww im so sad i missed this! the stands are just adorable. and those cakes… my gosh that is skill! now i must shop melody’s store!!!

  12. I love the displays with the cake pedestals! I plan to use a milk glass pedestal, put a small African violet in the center, surround with green easter grass, then decorate with colored eggs for my Easter table.

  13. I am absolutely smitten with cake pops. My plan is to get started with projects to do with my granddaughter.

  14. Hope you’re doing well.

  15. You´re so amazing Bakerella :)
    :) regards from spain!! :)

    come to europe to sign books PLEASE!

  16. Hope you’re doing okay! Haven’t seen a new post in a while… was getting concerned. How’s everything going healthwise?

  17. I somehow found your website and have been intrigued for the past 3 days. I am 16 years old and have decided that with my life I want to open a bakery. I have been to some of the high end bakeries near my house, ironically enough my favorite one to go to is Sweet & Saucy. I first went there to get french macaroons for my sisters birthday and then I realized, that was the type of place I want to open. Then when I was browsing your site I noticed the pictures from that bakery. I think your site is super inspirational and it has helped me already within these 3 days figure out a lot about baking. Since Friday I have made 3 different batches of different cake pops, just messing around with the flavors. If you have any tips for me in starting a career in baking please let me know! I love looking at all your recipes and pictures!

  18. Thinking about you! I hope all is well and you are doing wonderful!

  19. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cake pedestals!!!! If you’ved missed this giveaway like me… enter for mine! Go Bakerella’s!!!!

  20. wondering about you!!

  21. I’m so greedy and your blog is delicious.
    I’m a blogger but fashion fur blogger take a look at my blog
    Gnammy gnammy
    With love and chocolate :=)

  22. Hope all is well!

  23. These cake stands get my heart-a-pumpin’ ohhh… I love cake! Just had my Spring Open House and served the yummiest CAKE BITES….

  24. Hi Bakerella! Love love LOVE your site! This morning, I saw a local Starbucks advertising their own Cake Pops for sale– please tell me you entered into some huge deal with them that’s making you fabulously wealthy :) I hope your treatment is going well and we’ll hear from you again soon! Be well!

  25. Wow fantastic my mouth is watering!

  26. Beautiful! Now I want to go bake something “Sweet” this photo is worth a thousand words.

  27. We celebrate every birthday with a cake. From themes such as Dora to the now Angry Birds cake. A wedding shower is next and my thoughts drift towards the cake stand photo above and I drool. At estate sales I cannot pass any serving dishes without picking them up. I am hoping to use this as inspiration for the shower dessert table. Louise

  28. Hey, girly. Just checking in on you – and hope everything is ok? I have read you for quite some time now and I want to read you for, like, the next two forevers. Be well.

  29. So cute so cute so cute, like heaven hihi. <3

  30. Hey Bakerella,
    Thank you so much for supporting our Scav Hunt Team during the four days of craziness at the University of Chicago Scav Hunt! We are trying to get this quote and link out as much as possible, so here it is!

    Here is our team page and the tagged quote:
    “Mama Shaq, Mama Shaq, Shaq’s your mom, that’s a fact”

    We appreciate your support and letting us post the link and quote here! We love your recipes and when we attempt to bake some brownies using only the power of the sun on sunday (with a newly built solar powered oven!, item #147) we will channel our own inner bakers!

    -Macpierce Scav Team

  31. My husband and I are making the bride and groom cake pops for our son’s upcoming wedding, but I can’t seem to find the black heart sprinkles anywhere . . . not even at Please tell me where I can order them from. They are so cute! Thanks for your help. Judy

  32. those look delicious!!!

  33. I simply love your blog and plan to repost this great tablescape on my blog The Posh Event. Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishments and continue to keep us inspired and hungry!

    Happy Decorating,

    Timeesha Duncan


  35. Check out my website soon!

  36. I do candy Buffets. this would be so great for it

  37. I made a cake for my mom’s bday at the beginning of this month! Chocolate Cherry cake with whipped cream frosting, per her request :-)

  38. I had cake at every single one of my birthday parties

  39. Last time I had cake was at my nephews First Communion and now I am making plans to make my daughters Quinceanera memorable!!!

  40. This week at work we celebrated 2 birthdays together. My boss and new co-worker. I am the one usually tasked with the cake and cupcakes. They all know how much I love to bake and so I made both for this occasion.

  41. I tried to make some cake pops for my best friend’s birthday party. they didn’t come out as cute as i anticipated but yum! (:

  42. My niece’s FIRST birthday!

  43. made a sprinkle cake, with my daughter last week, just to perk up an rainy gloomy sat morning.

  44. We baked a batch of delicious cupcakes to celebrate my daughter’s 19th birthday! That was just a few weeks ago!

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