Ridiculously Easy


I mean it. Easy. E…..Z…. Peach Crunch Cake.


You need some sliced peaches in syrup.


Just dump them in a 13 X 9 dish. Syrup and all.

Note: this can also be called a dump cake. But that doesn’t sound all that pretty.


Cut the peaches into smaller pieces and you can distribute them more evenly.


Next up, you need a yellow cake mix.


Sprinkle it right over the top of the peaches. No mixing. None.


Keep sprinkling until it’s all covered up.


Then layer 1 stick of butter right on the top.

For some reason this photo makes me smile. Like little pats of butter floating in clouds.


And this really makes me smile. Brown sugar baby. I can’t put this on anything without sneaking a spoonful for myself. Sugar. Straight up. Don’t tell.


Oh this is looking good. So fluffy. I need a spoon. No… I need to wait.


Finally, add some chopped walnuts.


Here ’tis from the top and again from the side.

Bake it at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes and voila…


Peach crunch cake. Really though it’s more dessert than cake.


Some for me…


Some more for me…

Good alone… good warm… good cold… and


Good warm with something cold.


Yum. Yum. In my tum.

Peach Crunch Cake
Yield: one 13x9 inch cake

Peach Crunch Cake

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes


  • 24.5 oz jar of sliced peaches in light syrup
  • 1 package yellow cake mix
  • 1 stick butter (1/2 cup), cut into 16 pieces
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Layer ingredients in a 13 X 9 dish, in order starting with the peaches.
  3. Bake for about 40 minutes.
  4. Serve warm or cold… with or without ice cream.

See, that was easy.

Now how about something hard.

Voting for the 2010 Bloggies is underway and guess what… Bakerella was nominated in two categories. Best Food and Best Design. Wowzers!

But here’s the hard part… try choosing between some of my fellow nominees… definitely not as easy as this cake.

Smitten Kitchen – I want to cook like her when I grow up.
Joy the Baker – She’s way cool, super cute, and she bakes, too.
Cake Wrecks – Jen’s humor is hard to beat.
101 Cookbooks – literally … she has that many.

Style Me Pretty – I can get lost gazing at their photos all day.
Pawcurious – animals = uh-oh.
Pretty Stylish London – fashion and fun
The Pioneer Woman – ummm… oh well…game over.

Go. Vote for your faves. Voting ends Sunday, January 31st.


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478 comments on “Ridiculously Easy”

  1. peach crumb cake

  2. Just made it. It’s way too sweet for me!

  3. My friend Maria Fernandez made me this peach dessert it took my breath away. It was awesome.

  4. Is this cooked covered, or uncovered?

  5. This looks soooo good and easy to make. I am going to make it for my family on Christmas Eve. I hope it comes out as good as it looks! Thank you..

  6. So this cake is baking in my oven as I type this, but while I was assembling I noticed it was A LOT of butter.. When it’s fully baked & prepared, you can’t taste the butter, can you?
    Very easy recipe though! Kudos to you!
    Xoxo — Ghina

  7. This was so delicious … My hubby and I enjoyed it …:) will definitely make again..

  8. Thank you so much for posting this! Just made it and it came out perfect. my entire house smells like peach crumble cake now I LOVE IT! I ran out of brown sugar so i had to use regular sugar but still came out good, thanks again. xoxo

  9. I have made this 2 times now. so easy and sooo yummy. I have also did one with cherries and a white cake sooo good too.

  10. ok, so i am not a baker or a cook by any means, but i tried this cake, well it is as easy as it sounds, the only thing i would do differently the next time is to add more walnuts and chop more finely. My husband says i can make this any time, any time, go for it.

  11. I made this and sprinkled some cinnamon over the peaches…yummmmmm

  12. I make a version of this except I use fresh fruit. Fry the fruit in a skillet with sugar and cinnamon then put into a baking dish and in a seperate bowl I mix 1/2 cup butter with yellow cake mix then sprinkle over top. 350 for 25 min

  13. and to all the comments saying it was like raw batter, just cook a little longer. I baked it until I could see it bubbling in the middle. at 40 minutes it was obviously not done, could see liquid moving in the middle. Just add another 10-15 minutes if you want it cooked thru and thru.

  14. I just made this today, and YUM, indeed! A little modified by adding some old-fashioned oats mixed in with the nuts and a dash of salt. It did need to cook a little longer, about 50 minutes, but sooooo good! Thanks for the recipe!

  15. I have mine in the oven right now! 10 minutes to go! To the first comment, I bet you can make it just the same with canned pears or apples!!

  16. im always baking and i tried this recipe out after reading the comments. if yours tasted like raw dough.. dont mix in all the cake mix next time. i only used like 3/4 til the peaches were just layered evenly. also to cut out the sweetness, get peaches in a can without sugar added and dont use alot of brown sugar. add rolled oats n cinnamon with a bit of brown sugar on the top and it stills gives a good crunchy taste that isnt so sweet. remember if you get normal peaches in a can theres sugar, theres also sugar in the cake mix, and brown sugar…its pretty much all sweets!

  17. Made this last night for my boyfriend and he LOVED it. Thanks!

  18. Is there something I could substitute with the butter?

  19. I made this tonight, following the directions completely. This was a disaster. It was runny like the syrup of the peaches, the cake mix tasted like half cooked dough. The brown sugar was the only good part. I don’t know what I did wrong as this was a very easy recipe to follow. I won’t be making this again. The vanilla ice cream that I topped it off with did not go a waste.

  20. I didn’t have peaches on hand so I tried it with pears… hopefully it works!

  21. This recipe is amazing! It looks delicious!

  22. Made it, I’ve never made a dump cake. It was extremely sweet. The flavor was good but we couldn’t eat more than a bite or two. But thank you for taking the time to post the recipe.

  23. I made this on Saturday only I used two cans of apple pie filling sprinkled cinnamon on apples then yellow cake mix butter and pecans. It was delicious.

  24. can be made with cherries. Im quite adventurous with this type of thing, so I’ll try with pre-made vanilla pudding(thank-you brand) and cherries. just spoon some dallops of pudding over the cherries and only slightly swirl.

  25. This very same concept was sold in a box and called cobbler years ago except no brown sugar or nuts.

  26. I made it with apple pie filling! It’s like an apple crisp!

  27. Let me guess. You’re morbidly obese

  28. I made this last night and my huuby LOVED it. I thought it was really good. I am trying it with apples next time. Plus I put vanilla ice cream on top and sprinkled sugar and cinnamon on top of ice cream…

  29. I made this last night & it was amazing! 

  30. I made this last night & it was amazing! 

  31. I made this for a group of friends and they loved it….amazing. Not even a single bite left. Loved it…..

  32. OMG I tried this recipie and it is the BOMB!!!!! I made it for my girlfriends for ladies night and it was a hit. I found your recipe on pintrest!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  33. I’ve made this my entire life for my family and they love it!
    It is so easy, even my 2 boys know how to make. Our favorite is the variation with fresh ripe sliced bananas. Since there’s no liquid, I spread lots of butter on the bottom of the baking dish, then cover it with sliced bananas. Next is the cake mix, brown sugar and nuts. Now comes the best part… another half stick of butter in small pieces all over the cake mix and finally a batch of merengue that covers the whole dish!!!! When the bananas cook on the bottom, it creates lots of juices and make the cake/dessert incredibly moist. Very yummy by itself or with icecream.

  34. I just made it and it is FANTASTIC!

  35. OOOOH, this looks sooo yummy. I think I will try this with oats instead of the nuts (I don’y like ooked nuts) fot thanks giving this year..mmmmmm, I can’t wait.

  36. Try Betty Crocker butter pecan cake mix with the peaches. It’s awesome!

  37. My family always makes this with canned cherry pie filling. :) Sometimes we use confetti cake mix if it’s for a birthday or something. :)

  38. On my second cake, I modified it slightly by premixing 3/4 cup of white cake mix & 1/4 cup oat meal to add some texture and reduce brown sugar to 1/2 cup for less sweet. No complaints from my family, so I am guessing It was as good

  39. can you use white cake mix

  40. This is so good my family keeps asking for it over and over again. I think I have made it 4 times in the last few weeks! I have one in the oven right now!

  41. That is so awesome

  42. OMG!!! I made this a the cottage this long wknd (Canada). The best and the easiest cake (dessert) ever especially at the cottage. My gf and I had a good laugh at reading the recipe “Just dump them in a 13 X 9 dish. Syrup and all” good humour as well! The kids and the hubbies loved it. Thank you.

  43. I’m trying this today with fresh peaches….I’ll let you know how it goes!

  44. Yummy! Can’t wait to make this and eat it!

  45. Made this all my life-called it dump cake; used all kinds if canned fruit, our fillings but my fav besides peach or cherry pie filling is a canned fruit cocktail & an option for diff flavor cake mix is to use a spice cake mix or white cake mix; for cherry dump cake we’d often use chic cake mix or even brownie mix yummy

  46. Just bought my ingredients I’m excited!

  47. “Really though it’s more dessert than cake.”

    Pretty sure cake is dessert.

  48. I make this same thing with all kinds of canned fruit, even pie fillings. Sometimes I mix the fruit juice and melted butter with the cake mix. And instead of walnuts I mix butter and brown sugar with oatmeal. It makes sort of a cobbler/crisp combination. It is delicious :)

  49. I made this, but part of the cake mix did not cook? Any hints? I saw that one commenter said they melt the butter first. Any help?

  50. my friend’s husband makes this…. but he calls it “Man Cake” because in his words “its what men make”. haha… It is very good.

  51. For those of you who don’t know what Yellow Cake mix is: at any grocery store in America you will be able to find boxed cake mix in different flavors. Such as chocolate, vanilla, carrot, etc. Yellow cake mix (labeled just that) is simply a vanilla flavored powdered cake mix in a box that is colored yellow. The cake mix is an easy way to make a cake just by adding eggs and oil instead of making it from scratch.
    Picture of Anita Barnes

  52. Spoonful of sugar for yourself… This made me smile. :-) I just found your recipe on pinterest and I really like it!

  53. Best stuff ever!!!!! Didn’t have walnuts so I used pecan and it was oh so yummy. I may try with Walnuts one of these days. This stuff is dangerously addicting. I wonder how apples would taste with it…..hmm

  54. Hi! I made this tonight but had a small problem. There were parts of dry cake mix all over the top when it was done baking. Has anyone else had this problem and how can I fix it?

  55. Any tips for people allergic to gluten?? My boyfriends father figure would totally dig this except that he has gluten allergies. HELP i like making him special treats like this, but that gluten stuff gets in the way. Thank you!!

  56. We make this in dutch ovens when we camp. Delightful dessert.

  57. How would you modify using fresh peaches?

  58. exact same thing with pineapple! delicious

  59. this may be already covered but is there a healthy alternative for a stick of butter? It was wonderfully good but would like it healthier if possible! Any ideas?

  60. Made this for dessert tonight and it was a HIT! SOOOO easy! Thanks for the recipe!!

  61. just thought i’d answer some FAQ’s
    * you can use any type of fruit with ths recipe
    * walnuts and brown sugar are optional (even though it taste better with them added)
    * you can also add whip ceram for a topping instead of icecream
    this recipie is yummy

  62. Sounds soooo good!!!! But stupid question… What is yellow cake mix???

  63. Made it. My family devoured it!! Soooo good. Thanx for the recipe :)

  64. Just made this yesterday. It turned out fantastic and was as advertised, ridiculously easy. I’d like to try an apple version.
    Love the site. Thanks for all thecgreat recipes.

  65. This is the same Apple Crisp recipe from Pampered chef, except using peaches. I bet it tastes great.

  66. Looks really, really good. But I don’t like to use cake mixes, especially as I live in germany and I wouldn’t know which one to use here… Can you do this with a regular cake recipte where you just use the dry ingredients?

  67. I will be giving this a try!

  68. My grandmother makes her peach cobbler similar to this, without the nuts and brown sugar. I should try adding walnuts the next time I make this. Thanks for posting this recipe.

  69. Saw this on Pinterest and tried it tonight. Holy cow, It’s so sweet my teeth still hurt. I think it has potential, but Maybe with half the brown sugar and peaches packed in peach juice (no added sugar)?

  70. Big hit with the family! I used Grape Nuts (the cereal) instead of walnuts and used a mixture of fuji apples (one 10 ounce jar), peaches(two 10 ounce jars) and a few maraschino cherries (just because we had a jar in the fridge). Delish. Also added some cinnamon on top of fruit then again on top of cake mix.

  71. I have mine in the oven right now. Didn’t have walnuts but I did have pecans. I too smiled at the pats of butter on top. It felt illegal to put a whole cup of brown sugar on top….but I did it non the less. :)

  72. Hi, i really love your website Bakerella. It would be really helpful if i could get some suggestions to what type of ice cream would work best for this recipe. Thanks, your very inspiring (:

  73. I’ve been making this cake for years and it is better than any “homemade” peach or apple crisp I’ve ever tasted. Delish!

  74. That looks so wonderful, one of my all time fav desserts. Thak you so very much for sharing.

  75. I just made this and did a little taste test. Bringing it to the neighbors for dessert. It’s really good . A little sweet but good. I will serve it with ice cream.

  76. I was wondering if you could substitute the walnuts for something? My boyfriend is allergic to treenuts, so I tried it without the walnuts and the brown sugar was almost overpowering, so do you have any idea of what I could use?

  77. Oh, this looks scrumptious. I love peaches, and I love them more when there’s something crunchy baked on top of them.

  78. I’ve made a version of this for years. Peaches and cake mix are the same but I put coconut, then sliced almonds on top ad drissle the butter (melted) on top. Same time in the oven. Love, love, love, it!!!

  79. Thanks for the recipe.
    I have fresh, frozen peaches ready to use. Looks yummy!!

  80. OMG!!! Making this tomorrow!

  81. I made this recipe and it ended up being too sweet. Is there anything besides a yellow cake mix that we can use to cut the sweetness?
    Very easy to make though!

  82. i used oats instead of nuts…came out perfect!!

  83. WOW! I made this for Thanksgiving dinner! I can’t wait ’til everyone tries it! YUM! I even sneaked a few bites when no one was looking!

  84. can we use an other fruit instead of peach???

  85. Oh. my. gosh. This recipe was absolutely delectable! I bought the ingredients yesterday and made it tonight for dessert after dinner. My husband normally isn’t a fan of anything very sweet and he wanted seconds! Thank you so much for posting these recipes, they’re a huge success and I’ve been telling everyone about your site. :)

  86. OMG. I wish! I had this with me in my bedroom. Now! If only Bakerella owned a delivery truck. If you did, which is highly unlikely, I would (personally) NEVER forgive you. Yup, I’m just that cold. Like the ice cream you put on the cake. My friend makes something like this except with mangoes, graham crackers, and something else. I forget, maybe cake mix. I’m a go call her right now. Love this, hate nuts, even if they’re healthier than most things I eat.
    Xoxo, P.C.

  87. O wow… I’m going to the store now to get the ingredients for this, and will definitely try it with Cherries! Fantastic recipe! <3

  88. Found this recipe this morning on pinterest and made it tonight!!! OMGoodness, it is delightful!! Even hubby, who claims to not like peaches, liked it! Yummers!

  89. My mom and I made this one time. It was delicious. I think I may need to resurrect this for the end of summer school! :)

  90. Yum – I can’t wait to try this, I make quick crisps all the time but this looks like an easy and fun change, just have to pick up some peaches :)

  91. I was wondering if instead of cake mix flour, just plain flour could be used?

  92. Well, I’ve had this recipe bookmarked for a loooooong time and finally got around to making it today. Oh my word is it delicious!!!! I think the can of peaches I used was a few more ounces than your recipe stated, so I had to let it cook a little longer to compensate for the extra liquid. I had Splenda brown sugar on hand and pecans instead of walnuts…. just wonderful.

  93. I made this and used pecans instead of walnuts, since I didn’t have them. It turned out delicious!

  94. I must have missed something. After cooking, almost all of the cake powder remained, so I stirred it so that the peach juice would create a “batter” but then it just tasted like raw cake batter…. ?What did I do wrong?

  95. Literally one of the best things ive ever tasted! excited to try different variations!

  96. Just stopped by to let you know, i am still making this recipe for my hubby. he absolutely loves this, and he requsts it. i thought it would be a treat for today is Easter, he is devouring his 3rd bowl now!! Thank you bakerella!!

  97. I make this cake except I use strawberry pie filling and a french vanilla cake mix… It is so awesome, but so rich! Love to serve it with some whip cream on top! I keep thinking I need to try it with a chocalate cake mix!

  98. I made this with a 29 oz can of peaches and used pineapple upside down cake mix and it was AMAAAZING!

  99. its so good i want to thank all of u so

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you

  100. OMG, just made this a few days ago. It’s Sweet Sweet Sweet! But it tastes nice, I just have to put less syrup and sugar in it I think.

  101. OK, so I am not a big fan of peaches, so I made some substitutions. Apples and cinnamon apple sauce instead of the peaches. Spice cake mix instead of yellow cake mix. And I left off the nuts. Results…YUMMY! I mean wow! Too easy and delish!

  102. Amazing! I have got to make that! Maybe when I’m in middle school. That seems easy enough.

  103. We definitely need to think a lot more in that direction to see things i can do about it.

  104. i just have to say that this is the easiest, most delicious last-minute dessert i’ve ever made! my family went CRAZY over it! <3

  105. I’m making this now and I have 10 minutes to go to yummy tummy heaven!

    Thank you

    You’re awesome!

  106. I love peaches! This looks yummy to my tummy!

  107. I just had a warm bowl of this topped with ice cream. It was delicious (and easy!)! Thanks for sharing! :)

  108. i love these ideas! they are so creative and fun!!
    my friend and i are about to try out one of your recipes! cant wait!

  109. I have one of these in the oven right now. The smell alone is worth making again.

  110. OMG! OMG! I did it, and i tastes G-O-O-D!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,

  111. Well, i will admit, i can burn water! my cooking is horrible, but i am always in to try a new recipe.

    my ex-mother in law always made dump cake so delicious, but when i tried it look more like wierd flat bread with lumps of fruit. Weird. o.0

    I am trying your recipe, i will tell you how bad i did, or didn’t do. did my hubby eat, or did i voluntarily feed it to the neighborhood squirrels, raccoons, and possums? LOLOLOL!

  112. It was soooo easy to make!!! And it was soooooooo yummy!!

  113. this was amazing and so easy to make!!!

  114. I made this with cherry pie filling and it is amazing! Thank You

  115. OMG… I just made this tonight while my husband snuck off to the gym! lol It. Is. TOTALLY. AWESOME! Thank you so much… I love all your posts and cannot wait to try the 14 layer cake for the holidays :-D

  116. My mom and I have made this peach “cobbler” for years. Although we never did the brown sugar or walnuts… I can’t wait to make it adding the brown sugar and some pecans! I also think it would be DELICIOUS with apple pie filling! :) Thanks for sharing!

  117. i changed a few things:
    1. use half canned peaches and half fresh
    2. sprinkle with cinnamon
    3. use less nuts and add some oats
    4. also keep an eye on it! if it gets too dark cover it with foil and continue to bake :)

  118. kdsjfkjw

  119. The wife and I just made this, and it certainly was easy. Knowing from the looks of the recipe it was going to be too sweet for our tastes, we cut the brown sugar in half.

    Even having done that, I’m sad to say that we found that it was still so sweet that we just can’t eat it.

    Thanks for sharing though!

  120. I just made this the other night, It really is crazy-easy. And Soooo yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  121. Just stumbled onto your beautiful site the other day, came across this recipe and decided to make it yesterday…with slight variations (pineapples, not peaches and instant oatmeal instead of nuts).

    Can I just tell you I was the coolest mom around…even if it was only for as long as the dessert lasted? My kids (all 5 of them, ranging in ages from 13-18) LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, it! And I was so happy because of how “ridicuously easy” it really was! I am going to try out other recipes and will be a regular reader for sure. Your photography is stunning, your copy is well-written and easy to follow, and you’ve just found your new biggest fan! Thank you for this site! FANTASTIC!

  122. I made this tonight! Sooooo goooooood! THANKS very much.
    Congrats on the book, I can hardly wait for my copy.

  123. WOW this definitely looks GOOD
    im making my own yellow cake mix:

    2 cups plain, white flour
    1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
    1 tbsp baking powder
    1/2 cup non-fat milk powder

  124. Instead of using yellow cake mix, can I just use vanilla cake mix since I have WAY too much of that?

  125. as at the time of reading this, i’ve just had dinner but i must confess i’m hungry all over just looking at this piece or art!

  126. I just made this recipe and it was delicious! I have a tree nut allergy so, instead of walnuts, I used granola and it worked really well – the Back to Nature Classic Granola is made with fruit juices (including peach) so it was quite complementary and still added the crunch.

  127. This recipe is amazing! I just took my peach crunch cake out of the oven and its SO GOOD.

  128. this is absolutely delicious. i found the recipe here and decided to try it for my birthday yesterday. it tastes really decadent, for how simple it was to make. we didn’t use ice cream to top it, though, but cool whip (both thawed and frozen, for variety), so it wasn’t so heavy and sweet. i may never have a regular birthday cake again!

  129. Ahh when I cooked this it came out WAY too buttery…. is a stick of butter in America the same amount as a stick in Australia?

  130. This is definately a keeper! I threw some quick oats in with my brown sugar, b/c my hubby hates nuts, and it was good, gave it a smidge of a crunch. Also, here is an extremely simple indulgent recipe of mine, you will LOVE it.
    All you need is:
    Vanilla ice cream- 2 scoops
    Brown sugar- 1-2 tblsp.
    Caramel Sauce- per taste

    Put brown sugar in bowl, top with ice cream, then caramel sauce. TO DIE FOR!!!! I am NOT KIDDING, amazing. :D

  131. This is the easiest dessert to make and it impresses whom ever tries it. I’ve made it several times and each time everyone has loved it. I tell everyone to check out your website… Thank you for the lovely ideas, I always give you credit…

  132. try using 1 can pinnaple in syrup, and 1 can of cherry pie filling, mix the brown sugar in withthe yellow cake mix, and adda litle more over the top, it make s the crust extra rich.

  133. I am so making this. When my oven is fixed that is. I love love peaches.

  134. What if you are using fresh peaches (so much better than canned but only around for a short time!) and thus do not have the syrup?

  135. Hi! I live in Brazil, and I just love this cake!! I add cinnamon and peanut. Tanks!! I realy love this dessert… you save my weekend!!

  136. I made this the other night with pears and rasperries, and added oats to the top as well. It was soooooooo yummy!!! Thanks!!

  137. OMG!! This was absolutely FANTASTIC!!! I printed your recipe and added it to a binder filled with other recipes I’ve collected online. For my birthday, my husband thumbed through my binder and made this for me. ABSOLUTELY DECADENT!! Probably one of the best desserts I’ve ever had – so thank you for sharing!! I wouldn’t change a thing. He served it warm with Haagen Dazs Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

  138. Ok, it looks yummy and easy. But what the hell is ‘yellow cake mix’? I get, that it is some kind of ready-from-the-box, instant-cancer mixture, but what is it substitute for? It has been asked many times, it is a simple question, why no one is bothered to anwser?

  139. i have a similar recipe but it calls for pumpkin instead of peaches… i love to make it around Thanksgiving. Great alternative to pumpkin pie. Very easy and delicious! Have to try the peaches now :)

  140. Does this recipe use Brown Sugar of Light Brown Sugar? Are they the same? Just want to get it right =)

  141. Wow. An aunt of mine sent me some peaches (seeing as it’s almost impossible to get them here), and I’m going to try this out the next time a few of my friends come over. I’ve been wondering what to feed them (and what to do with the peaches) for a while.

  142. This was so good. I’d never heard of this type of dessert until I saw it on your blog, now I’m seeing it everywhere.
    I made a silly little post on my blog which you can see here:

    I used raspberry flavored canned peaches because they are my favorite and it was all that was in the pantry. Thanks for the recipe!

  143. Every time I’ve made this recipe, it has gotten absolutely rave reviews. None of my roommates even like peaches, and they all absolutely love this dessert! This has become my new go-to recipe in a crunch!

  144. I have made these for years for a quick dessert for reunions or potlucks. My favorite one to eat is using canned strawberry filling and a french vanilla cake mix. This one is so very rich, that you will want some ice cream or cool whip. I have never had any complaints about it! ………I hope some of you are willing to try it and enjoy it!

  145. This was awesome!! Served it for Easter dessert to my extended family. YUM! YUM! YUM!! A huge hit!!! Thank you!!!

  146. Just made this for Easter dessert. It is SO yummy! We all had seconds right away. Love your site!

  147. I dont know if i made this correctly. I tried it out, baked it for 40 min like it said but it was so overly sweet (and i love sweet) that i couldnt eat much of it. It tasted like raw cake batter… was the cake batter supposed to cook at all? Im thinking i screwed something up with this one.

  148. love dump cake I am a baker wanna be and I did it lol
    I had this scalding hot fresh from the oven with freezing cold scoop of french vanilla ice cream and it was perfect what a sensation in my mouth thanks Bakerella !

  149. It looks very good! Cant wait to make tomorrow!!!!
    I love your website!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. I just had to try this recipe. I had to make some substitutions though. Check out what I did:

  151. You could probably also add some quick oats,, instead.. or along with the nuts?

  152. Made this last week and we absolutely LOVED it! Who could have thought something SO simple could be SO amazingly delicious? I particularly like how I had to ‘cut’ the sweetness by adding ice cream on top. ;)

  153. Do you think you could make this in a cupcake pan with liners to make it more single serve? I would like to make this for a party this weekend and I dont wanna bring my good dishes : )

  154. WOW! I’m SO excited to try this recipe. A friend suggested it for my Book Club dessert… oh next week Wednesday, hurry up!

    P.S. I love brown sugar “straight”… I do the same thing when I bake.

  155. I make this all the time…it is just as good if not better than peach cobbler. Before adding the cake mix, I sprinkle a package of Peach Jello on top of the canned peaches. Yummo!!

  156. Thanks so much! I made this one night for my family and they loved it. We’ve made it four times since then, and my mom even adapted it to her sugar free diet. Just as delicious. :)

  157. such a great starting point to an infantly variable dessert. from switching the nuts, changing the fruit/filling, the cake flavour, adding choc chips/cinnamon, it is endless! thanks for the inspiration ; )

  158. So easy and so cute ! I love that !
    Very bad i don’t speek english (*-*) very well because all your website is perfect !

  159. This is the easiest, most delicious dessert – a new favorite! I made it for some girlfriends who raved and raved – I told them I got the recipe from your blog and they said “you have to go back and tell her just how much we love it!” Thanks for the great recipe – it was a hit!

  160. I made this cake, and it was the belle of the ball! I switched out the walnuts with pecans, just because that’s what I had laying around the house, but it was great! Plus, using the pecans helped give it a more fun name: Pecan Peach Crunch Cake!

  161. Bakerella thank you so much for sharing this dessert! I made it for our SuperBowl party and it was a hit! YUMMM! My husband loves Peach pie and since my grandma died the poor guy hasn’t gotten a peach anything. He really liked it and was happy that I thought of him when making it!

  162. Can I do this with canned lychees?

  163. Finally made this today and it is great and yummy. I am going to try with other fruits as well.

  164. I am making this right now. It’s so easy and no mixing or cleanup required. Can’t wait to try it wit some ice cream anfd then blog about it on my blog. :) Thanks Bakerella!!!

  165. it’s really good and easy! yumyum. im hunting for more recipes on your web now!

  166. P.S. – My email is

    Thanks again !

  167. WAUW!
    First of all, I want to congratulate you for the fantastic work you do with baking and your blog… I have NEVER seen such a tasteful work ! :DDD
    But besides that, the reason for the comment is actually this recipe! I was reading it and when i saw the “yellow cake mix”…well…I stopped.
    Cause you see.. I’m from Portugal and here we don’t have so many ingredientes and other things for baking, in the supermarket.
    What is the “yellow cake mix”?? Can you explain that to me? If yes, please send the answer to my e-mail if you don’t mind *.* !!!!
    I’ll be SO GRATEFUL :DD

    Keep doing the good work!
    I’m looking foward for new post’s!:D

    Thank you!

  168. MMmmmmm! I’m from SC, one of the great peach states and I’ll have to make this with our fresh peaches. Stop on by and look up my peach cobbler recipe that is very unusual to say the least, but yummy like yours. I need to find your “Follow” button now! Bye for now, Roz

  169. how it use not butter because my auntie not like butter.. i need for baking that not use butter milk n cheese pls?

  170. SO GOOD! No ice cream was necessary!

  171. Showed this recipe to my boyfriend last week and when we were looking for some sort of dessert to go with dinner tonight he wanted to make this. So I pulled up the bakerella site and let him go to town with it! Turned out amazing! I had some leftover baklava nut mix (walnuts, cinnamon, sugar, etc) that we used on the top…the hint of cinnamon was yummy!

    After seeing all of the other versions on here, I bet I can convince him to try another variation!

  172. Peaches are my absolute favourite fruit! When they’re in season I am definitely making this. But if I can’t wait til summer then there’s always canned peaches. Yum!

  173. My mom has made this for years using all types of canned fruit! We call is jiffy cake and love every bite!

  174. I’ve made versions with blueberry and pineapple before. Super delish and easy. Question though. How do you store leftovers?? Room temp covered or in the refrigerator?

  175. Hi, I have a question.. So, I can only use a small oven right now. If I make two dishes using 6×9 dish, how long should I bake each dish? I hope someone can answer, thank you in advance.. ^^

  176. My fiance made something similar to this for me one of the first times we hung out! It was his mom’s recipe (though I’m sure not original) and it was called Blueberry Crunch. Essentially the same thing, just with blueberry pie filling and no brown sugar or walnuts. So delicious but SO rich – I could hardly eat a ramekin full! I love peaches though so I must try this!

  177. That looks like my great gramma’s peach cobbler recipe – EXCEPT, put she put the cake mix/butter batter on the bottom. As it baked, it rose and the peaches sank to the bottom.

  178. I decided to try this while we were snowed in this weekend. All I can say is WOW – super easy and DELICIOUS. Served warm with vanilla ice cream is a MUST. Thanks Bakerella – you have (unknowingly) ruined my chances of fitting into my wedding dress…LOL…

  179. do I mix the cake mix as instructed on the box or do i just put the cake mix in as it comes in the box?

  180. Thank You so much for this recipe!! I made two pans of this delish dessert for Super Bowl and recieved complements all night!! Thanx Bakerella:)

  181. I mad this today and it was a disaster. The cake mix did not mix with the peach juice and its ended up coming out the oven with crisped brown sugar and them melted butter all over and dry cake mix on top of the peaches. It is still runny like the peach syrup and thats it. We can’t even eat it. What did I do wrong?

  182. hiii!!! i’m making this for my husband b-day instead of a cake and i just take one out of two from the oven and it taste so delicious,thanks!!!!! my hubby love it!!! our party will be a hit latter tonigth!!! and yess!! we’ll serve it with vanilla ice cream!!!

  183. I made this yesterday for the big game! It was a hit! It was gone in an instant! Yum Yum!

  184. I add a can of whole berry cranberry sauce to this recipe and make it every Thanksgiving. It’s always a huge hit!

  185. I tried this tonight, and it was super easy and fast to make. One drawback is that it was a little too sweet. Perhaps it was because I used heavy syrup and not light.

    Nevertheless, it was still very yummy and a big hit. I will try again with the light syrup to see if it makes a difference.

  186. made this dessert today for a Superbowl party and it was a HUGE HIT. Everyone loved it. Can’t wait to try it with apples. Thank you!

  187. I made this the other day for my family with pecans instead fo walnuts (mom has an allergy). Despite my dad not liking pecans much, it was a big hit, and even he loved it. Great dessert!

  188. Made this last night, It’s AWESOME!!! So easy and delicious. I made it without nuts as the kiddo’s won’t eat them, but terrific anyways! Thanks for another great recipe!!!

  189. I made this yesterday for a potluck and it was really yummy. everybody just loved it and it got over in no time.

  190. Love this! Just made it with cherry filling and am on my second piece! Husband is going to hate me when he gets home for making him break his diet!

  191. HELLO, YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!!! Sorry, but what is yellow cake mix??? I live in Spain thanks

  192. this was a hit! made it for dinner last night. thought it was peaches in heavy syrup (oops) but i bought lower calorie vanilla ice cream so it all evened out. :)

    my boy scout tells me they make this all the time on campouts, but they never use the brown sugar…guess what’s going in his patrol box next camp out. LOL


  193. Made it. Devoured it. Loved it. Thank you!

  194. thank you for showing this. actually, im baking this right now ! but it looks like there’s a little too much butter. i’m guessing i didn’t cut up the pieces the same size. so is that fine ?

  195. Ok, that looks AMAZING! Yummo! I have only been reading your blog a little while, but I love it. I am a little terrified of most of the things you make…but this truly looks so easy and good…I am putting in on the list of to try.

    I think I am also attempting your football cookie things this weekend. Let’s hope I don’t make them weird looking!

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