Slice ‘n Bake Cookies Cupcakes

Slice 'n Bake Cupcakes

I was in the grocery store the other day when these made me stop in my tracks. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I mean slice ‘n bake cookies are one thing, but cupcakes… come on! So I tried to muffle my laughter and walked away.

Then I walked back. These were just too bizarre to pass up. So I figured I would try them out so you wouldn’t have to.

Let’s look inside and see what $2.99 got me…

Slice 'n Bake Cupcakes
Sliceable cupcake batter (I can’t wrap my head around this one), chocolate frosting, rainbow sprinkles and six white baking cups.

Slice 'n Bake Cupcakes
Okay, is it just me, or does this seem wrong. Wait, I think I can hear my stomach turning.

Slice 'n Bake Cupcakes
These cupcake chunks can’t possibly work. Could all my effort gathering ingredients, measuring, waiting for things to get to room temperature, mixing in just the right way and cleaning be for nothing. Could it be this simple?

What?!?!?! I guess so.

Slice 'n Bake Cupcakes
Now for the frosting. Come on…come on…squeeze a little harder… you can do it.

Sprinkles & Cupcakes
Now I just need to add the sprinkles and voila…

Slice 'n Bake Cupcakes

Sprinkled Cupcake

Wow, they look kinda good. But what about the inside?

Slice 'n Bake Cupcakes
I give up! I wanted these to bomb, but they weren’t half bad. The inside was light and fluffy and the pudding-like frosting was, well… okay. I guess in a cupcake emergency, I might make these again. But only in an emergency. I have to draw the line somewhere you know. Now I have to go buy some break and bake chocolate chip cookies.

Got a guilty pleasure? Go ahead… spill it… you’ll feel better.

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113 comments on “Slice ‘n Bake Cookies Cupcakes”

  1. those look pretty good!

  2. I don’t know what word to use… what’s the opposite of fresh and delicious.

  3. My fave guilty plesure is you get brown sugar, bacon, and maple srup. u mix the brwn sgr with the srup and coat the bacon. sprinkle with more brwn sugar and cook at 400 for 3-4 minutes. or just do it in the micorave for 45 seconds.

  4. You somehow make these look pretty, and edible but does America really need MORE processed food. Packaged cupcakes? What was on the ingredient list?

  5. Those are so stupid!

  6. really now? I have never heard of or seen anything like this before, and the fact that they actually work just blows my mind! And I was laughing the other day that cut and bake cookies are now already cut and separated :P

  7. WHen I was in highschool (30-gasp! years ago), my mom and I would treat ourselves to cake in a box. Inside the box came a baking pan which you dumped the mix into and added water. You stirred it up and popped it into the oven. Then when it came out, we iced with the ready made icing it came with…..can’t remember if it came in a tube or a tin or what! 30 years ago!!!!
    It was delis!!!! Since it was only about 5 x7, we devoured it in one sitting!

  8. You’ve got me in a sugar coma!

  9. They look pretty good. I probably would have tried them like you did and I would take a bite if I had the chance but I wouldn’t buy that to eat and feed to people. I consider myself a somewhat dignified beginner baker and those just cannot be good for you. yuk.

  10. Glad you like them!

  11. You are so creative with your cupcake recipes…thanks


  12. You have a stronger stomach than I do.

  13. These would never make it too y oven, I’d probably eat them straight from the tube.

  14. The Zeerip’s – thanks

    Kathy – They would probably think it’s cool.

    Do Not Disturb – no big loss.

  15. I want to see these for myself, oooh drat why did I leave Virgina!!!! No Kroger here! Yes we can get Kroger product but not these! Drat, drat, drat!

  16. Thanks for posting this! I’ve seen these at my local Kroger and have been tempted to buy them – for the kids!!! ;) I might have to do it now when I’m in a pinch!!!

  17. Maybe in an emergency~ $2.99 for only 6 cupcakes!! Thats way too much! I have never seen them in stores! Now i’m at least going to look!! Thanks for your blog ~

    My guilty pleasure is cookie dough. And it really freaks my hubby out!

  18. sarah @ Sweet Endeavors – ooh, I love it that way, too!

    Kim – sounds good to me.

  19. Wow..dont know if I should be horrified or not..those are kind of awesome:)!
    My favorite werid yuck think is a cake mix mixed with pudding and milk and dumped in a pan…baked with choc. chips on top..ew but terrific!

  20. my guilty pleasure is blueberry muffins from the box (the one with the little can of blueberries) But I HAVE to eat them with Blue Bonnet butter…a big ole slab of butter. *drools*

  21. Sounds fun.
    I’ll try it.

  22. bakerella, i would love to see your spin on this:
    3 min Choc Cake in Coffee Mug
    4 T Cake Flour
    4 T Sugar
    2 T Cocoa
    3 T Choc Chips, nuts optional
    1 egg
    3 T milk
    3 T oil
    Mix flour, sugar and Cocoa
    Spoon in 1 egg
    Pour in Milk and Oil and mix well
    Cook 3 minutes in microwave
    Serve with whipped cream

  23. saucy – I’ve made red velvet cookies from a mix before and they were pretty good.

    olicia carter – I’m right there with ya!

  24. Guilty Pleasure is eating the instat store bought cookie dough out of the tube. Mmmmm… Yummy!

  25. I shamelessly blogged a cookie recipe using a cake mix yesterday. Too quick, too easy, too chewy and gooey and yummy.

  26. CakeBelieve – I haven’t seen that one. Tell all the cakies I said hi

    Jennifer – thank you

    ilse – just stick with homemade.

    Anonymous – I know. they’re better off.

    Indigo – could be fun for kids, though.

    Atticelf – glad to save you the trouble.

    Cakespy – that’s what I like to hear. Convenient store cuisine.

    Jess – which pics?

    Pumpkin – stick with cookie dough if you want to eat it raw. I didn’t like these in the uncooked stage. too weird.

    allison – you’re welcome.

    Broken China Treasures – absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    Sofiaa – happy slicing.

    hopecoffeeandmelody – it was tough, too.

    elizabeth – and, I think kids like to bake. At least my niece does. Adding all the ingredients together is fun.

  27. Aahh!!! Those commercials that say: Hey, spend time with you kids, make cookies, then show some kid breaking off a chunk of goo and placing it on a sheet make me want to VOMIT!
    Now, I’m a box-mix girl when it comes to cakes for the most part, but for crying out loud! Slicing cupcakes? How terrible can this country get? Thank God there are still purists like you.
    If you really don’t have time to measure oil and whatnot, you can just add a can of diet soda to the mix and call it a day.

  28. you made that scary frosting actually look good

  29. They look amazing! I think I will do it myself. / Sofia

  30. Slice and bake cupcakes – what will they think of next??? Haha, how funny! I love your blog and learn a lot but, I must admit~~I’m not a real cupcake fan~~ ok, ok, don’t ban me, it’s just that my favorite part of a cake is the icing and the icing to cake ratio on a cupcake just isn’t quite right (for me, at least). In fact, when I make a cake (usually yellow cake w/chocolate fudge icing – yes, from a box and can) I make three layers and use 2 canisters frosting …… perfect icing to cake ratio!!!!

    Keep up the great blogging!!

  31. I saw these at Target in MN this summer. I walked back to the display 3 times to read the box and then had to call people to discuss it. Thanks for trying them out. I couldn’t bring myself to do that.
    I have trouble with all of the almost-instant cooking and baking things that are available now (no, I’m not a scratch-only fanatic)…ready-to-bake brownies being the worst until I found these. Come on, people…crack an egg, measure water, and stir with a spoon. It’s really not hard!
    Thanks again…great post!

  32. I’m really not sure how to feel about these, though it is handy that the kit comes with everything you need. Honestly, I really only buy cookie dough when my intention is to just eat raw dough…

    My guilty pleasure are chocolate chip cookies with icing- like the cookies at the mall or yo-yo cookies. Yum!

  33. HI there,
    I was wondering if I would be able to use some of these pictures in a cupcake blog on live journal?

  34. I’d totally make these, and eat them with 7-11 hot chocolate! (YEAH!)

  35. I can’t believe it. Those looked so gross, when you sliced them. You did end up with a decent-looking product though. I forget who said it, but I’m in total agreement that there must be some funky stuff in there. I’ll stick with homemade, but thank you for being the tester!

    My guilty pleasure is ice cream – Cappucino Heath Bar to be exact. Mmmmm…..


  36. This just baffles me. What is the point? You might as well buy ready-made cupcakes rather than effectively pretending to bake your own; this just seems so pointless!

  37. Have you noticed that all the folks from other countries, don’t have all the crappy food “products” like we do? Hmmm…

  38. I want them too! So easy to make (I think). But I’m afraid I can’t buy them in Holland.. :(

  39. Gee, what will they come up with next! Seems like every time we turn around that there is something new out there to try. Your pictures were great!

  40. Thanks for being the guinea pig on these. I had seen them in the store and just laughed it off like you… your pics and descriptions. I have made your cupcake pops and have raved about them on cakecentral. All the “cakies” there just love you.
    Have you seen the new cake mixes that are a cupcake kit? It makes 1 dozen cupcakes and comes with the mix and the wrappers that don’t require a cupcake pan! Not for me….but I guess someone can use them.
    Thanks for sharing all your your blog! Keep it coming!

  41. MB – funny!

    Anonymous – Nope. Just thought the cupcake lovers would get a kick out of seeing these… the concept is so weird don’t you think..

  42. I’m sorry but it looks like the company paid you to advertise their product …Could it be?
    I’m sure not…

  43. I saw these too and was totally skeptical. I’m glad you tested them out! I’m gonna buy some and put them in the freezer and mark “in case of cupcake emergency ONLY”!

  44. kira – me either. thanks.

    Judy – I’m scared to ask.

    curlyheadedprincess – you had me rolling. “batter slabs.” awesome.

    curlyheadedprincess – i’ve never had any of that.

    the Kargis Family – I didn’t. It looked to weird.

    Shannon – go for it.

    Robert and Tannya – I understand. I love to eat the batter, too.

    D@nielle – I agree. stick with scratch.

    Em – I was scared to look at the box, so not sure what’s inside.

    Milwaukee Cupcake Queen – sounds interesting.

    bcg22 – very resourceful. I may have to try that.

    Maria – no problem

    Katrina – you could.

    Ambitious – now you don’t have to. I’m working on that. I have one to try soon that sounds promising.

  45. wow. you did make it look halfway decent but I wouldn’t want to bother with that one… =) Thanks for the beautiful pics!

    Btw, do you have a favorite yellow cake recipe??

  46. What WILL they think of next? And I feel guilty when I have to use a boxed mix! Who only ever needs six cupcakes? Guess you could just buy four packs of those and you’d be set for a kid party, etc. Or you could pay $1 for a box! Hmmm. Great find.

  47. Oh wow, what will they come up with next. Thanks for testing them out!

  48. Of course the very idea is a little scary, but at the same time… it’s a good idea. I used to love the “break and bake” cookie dough, so much that I just make my own recipe and roll it into logs, wrap it (or vacuum seal ) and keep it in the freezer. I still get the quick fix of cookies without the effort (thanks to my KitchenAid, I make 8 pounds of dough at a time). I can make them for guests, or just bake up a half dozen to get me through the day.

    I will no doubt try to figure out a way to make some home made cupcakes in this manner though.. great.. who needs weekends anyway.

  49. Guilty Pleasure: Refridgerated Orange Rolls.

  50. thanks for sharing,
    are they full of artificial colours/flavours?? I reckon the orginials are always the best

  51. This cracks me up as here i am (as a beginner) trying to figure out the what recipe for batter (from scratch) I like the best, weighing like crazy etc. and then you show me this … LOL. You do make everything look good, but I don’t think I would try it if they had it here in the Netherlands !

    grts, D@nielle

  52. I can’t handle it seriously. Half the fun of cupcakes is eating the batter. Yes, yes whatever raw egg blah blah blah. I bake so I can eat. They really don’t look bad. In fact they look darn cute, but alas, the batter. I just can’t do it.

  53. My guilty pleasure is canned frosting (rainbow chip is the best), eaten straight from the can. No utensils required, that’s what God gave us fingers for!

  54. So I am just curious, did you eat any of the dough raw? I love uncooked cookie dough or cake batter. Just wondering if it tastes good uncooked.

  55. Oh, and my guilty pleasure…
    That would be the little plastic tub of tapioca pudding.

  56. I don’t think 6 cupcakes could fulfill the needs of a “true” cupcake emergency. This refrigerator cupcake thing is too funny, and at the same time, so sad. What is the shelf/fridge life of that package of batter slabs?

  57. OMG I have not seen those but I am looking next time I go to the store. That is too funny!! I probably won’t buy them so I’m really glad you did. What will they think of next?

  58. omg i cant believe those worked!! wow! they actually look reallly good! lol

  59. The B's – I've got to try this! Thanks!

    Amber – Defintely!

    gingela5 – I'm with you on that one.

    mollie – It was for scientific purposes.

    janel – thanks!

    the projectivist – thanks. the sprinkles were the best part. They were very bright and colorful.

    Amanda – I admit, I couldn't look at the ingredients. I was scared.

    Kelli – you said it.

    Gina – I can eat the heck out of some cookie dough!

    Ceci – ny style is the best.

    Becky – I'll have some too!

    Reese & Lacey – I haven't tried that combo before. But sounds good to me.

    Tanya – I don't think you'd want to eat this stuff raw… wierd texture.

    Bria – I totally understand

    sharyl – that's not evil, that's smart.

    amber – I agree

    Anna – I'm confident that yours are way better.

    wan-nabe – I like your style.

    LindaJ – Wow – never heard of those.

    puglyfeet – Do you have Kroger in CA

    Art of Dessert – ooohhh, I've just become friends with Nutella and wow, where has it been all my life.

    Clumbsy Cookie – thanks, I won't tell anyone

    Bobbie – yeah, we're wierd.

    Min verden – glad you liked them.

    Mevrouw Cupcake – I looove cake donuts.

    Stella – Yeah, the cake was better than the frosting, which is still wierd to me.

    Amanda – and i'm sure they were much better to boot.

    Jennifer – you're not missing anything.

    Michelle – yep!

    Natalie – or both?!

    Tammy (Mom to this crazy bunch) – Yes! you should.

    Hautemama – good point! Actually, that's the best comment yet.

    Vanessa Contessa – You're the second person. I must be missing out.

    candesintx – I'm a sucker for anything chocolate.

    Carly – now you don't have to bother.

    Shephalli – Let me know.

    mommy2twindaughters – it was an interesting experience.

    wendy – the frosting wasn't dry, just a little pudding-like.

    Suzanne – you might like these, then.

    Emily Rose – they can be surprisingly good, especially if you add sour cream or pudding mix to them.

    Pattty Treviño – Thanks, I think.

    Mia – Really?

    The Waterside Novice Baker – I had that same feeling when I first saw them.

    Elizabeth – That's a really good idea.

    Jaina – Me too!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous – Unless you want all red ones, then you might need the big bag. And hey, at least you can eat all the rest.

    Dori – or for men.

    CakeEater – Good point. And kids would be all over this.

    AJ – This was an eye opener for sure.

    The Goodrich's – you're welcome.

    Auli'i – I love them too. They are pretty good.

    Cynde – sounds good to me

    Eliana@BYSE – thanks

  60. looks good to me!

  61. They looked gross when you cut and put them in the paper liners. Like Pop open container rolls. The kind that are all greasy wierd. Thats all I could think of. What must be in them? It surely can’t be good for you. It takes no time to mix up a simple batter for cupcakes.

    My guilty pleasure is Cake (white or Chocolate) layered with whipped cream and fresh berries. Yum!

  62. Mine is frozen biscuits! I love fresh hot biscuits and I have the BEST recipe but sometimes I just don’t have the energy to make them from scratch so in comes the bag of frozen pillsbury biscuits. They are fantastic! I can make one or a dozen in about 20 min. Take out of bag place on cookie sheet and bake. Even easier than slice and bake! An even guiltier pleasure is making chocolate “gravy” out of nesquick to go on top. Yummy..I’m telling you my alter ego is an old southern grandmother. Paula Deen is my hero!

  63. Ugh, those look pretty gross to me, especially the frosting! Just made cupcake pops for my daughter’s birthday…they were a huge hit!!! Thanks for the recipe!

  64. You have got to be kidding me. Here I thought the half a box of cake mix with the foil liners were bad. I so stand corrected.

    Guilty pleasure, bacon and lots of it.

  65. Ok, I know there's a general "No way!" about the whole thing, but speaking as a time-pressed mom, I think they're great! Now don't get me wrong. My kid & I bake all kinds of goodies together – we frequently make scratch tortilla, breads, muffins, cakes…and dinner every night.
    Anyhoo, you don't have the time or energy (and the mess afterwards?!) but want to spend a few precious moments with your kid in between school and bed. Kids love instant satisfaction, and doing it themselves. They store in your freezer, all ready to go – you don't have to make sure the ingredients/supplies are on hand. You don't have to supervise egg cracking, proper mixing. It's not like I'm going to sell them to my clients! I'm picking up a box or two next time I'm at the store! Thanks!

  66. Things like this are created for the group of folks whose mother never taught them to cook. Kinda scary… My guilty pleasure, peanut butter cookies… Yummy…

  67. I just bought a medium bag of m&ms to top cupcake pops when I'm sure a small bag would have sufficed!

  68. My guilty pleasure? I buy the break and bake or slice and bake cookie dough…and eat it raw. That stuff never actually sees the oven. And now I’m craving some. That is never good.

  69. Sometimes I really need a cupcake. Just one. This might do the trick, if I could bake them one at a time. That’s what I do with the pre-made cookie dough.

    I’m not fooling myself into thinking it’s a “real” cookie or cupcake though. But it will do the trick when a PMS fit hits.

  70. I really wanted them to bomb too…ha! We’re so bad! I mean seriously…Kroger is messing with the sacred cupcake! I had the same feeling that I did the first time I saw the slices of peanut butter next to the sliced cheese when I started reading this post…it was a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach! You know…like not all is right with the world?!?!? You did a great job with the presentation and should be rewarded! Because I am such a cupcake snob I will boycott this product but kudos to you, you’re so awesome!

  71. sure wish i had one of those right about now. Yum.

  72. wow, como no llegan esos productos a Mx … te quedaron estupendos, :)

  73. haha I have to laugh at this one because my husband’s birthday was yesterday and all he wanted was a strawberry cake…from a box mix!! I had already found a wonderful new recipe for his cake but all he wanted was box mix cake (something I’d never even had until I went to college). I have to admit that the cake was not bad- certainly not as good as homemade but not bad in a pinch!!

  74. slice and bake cupcakes..that are actually good?! That’s awesome!
    I’ll admit, I’m a pro-sugar cookie in a tuber gal. I think they taste much better than anything I could really come up with on my own!

  75. aside from the dry looking frosting ..they don’t look bad! lol

    guilty pleasure..peanut butter and banana sandwiches..

  76. They did turn out cute, but seriously how much more time could it take to make the mix from a box? With that being said, I will probably buy it just to try it myself once because this household loves cupcakes! :)

  77. Awww. How cute. I will have to check these out the next time I am at a Kroger.

  78. I couldn’t even count how many times I’ve seen that kit, and wanted to try it out of morbid curiosity!

    E will be glad to know that someone else tried so I won’t have to – looks wise, they turned out pretty good. The icing might be the deal-breaker for me!

    My guilty pleasure? frozen Twix bars

  79. It just doesn’t seem right. You DO make them look good but not enough to buy them. THANKS for doing this for us. You are so brave.

    Guilty pleasure… chocolate cake with ooey gooey fudge frosting. Gotta have it!

  80. WOW. Those are crazy. I’m sure I would have totally picked them up too out of sheer curiosity. Guilty pleasure? Oh which one to pick… today it would be peanut butter double stuffed Oreos. Those things are FANTASTIC.

  81. $2.99 per half dozen… why not just buy them pre-made???

    I swear I saw a cake mix a few years back that you just mixed the ingredients together and it “baked” itself. I was so horrified that I walked away… now I wish that I had bought it just for the experiment.
    I tried to google it, but couldn’t find any such thing… maybe I dreamed it.

  82. This is just bizarre! How lazy do we have need to be to make slice and bake cupcakes?! Thanks for taking on the experience so we could see the nasty looking frosting slither out of the tube. Oh, that’s just gross. I’ll take the memory making experience of gathering, mixing and cleaning with one or more of my munchkins anytime…

  83. Ooh these dont actually look all that bad…! My guilty pleasure…cookie dough..or peanut butter!! Mm

  84. Wow now I think I have seen everything!! To me there needs to be more frosting but I guess in an emergancy it will do.

  85. i have to admit, when i first saw “slice and bake” I did think YUCK, but they don’t look as if they taste too bad! but it’s too bad we don’t have a kroger around here :/

  86. Like mollie said, 6 cupcakes for $2.99? I think not. I just baked a bunch of mini muffins last night so the kids could take them to school instead of buying those ridiculously overpriced prepackaged ones in the store.

    Besides, I can’t imagine the preservatives etc in those slice-em-up cupcakes! LOL Thanks for trying them out for us!

  87. I just find those wrong. In an emergency maybe ok…te frosting…no!

  88. I'm more then a bit horrified at the idea of slice & bake anything, because you have no control over the ingredients and at $2.99 a pop, I'm sure they ingredients are hardly high quality. While I understand the kitsch-factor behind this product, I don't even think that the cheap price would tempt me to try these out. and I'm glad that the Netherlands is still "behind the times" when it comes to "food products".

    Having said that, my guilty pleasure is store-bought glazed doughnuts. I try to eat them without thinking about what they are made of or how they were made.

  89. I was watching M.Steward show (in Norway)and you was on :) I can see that you are “in to” cupcakes. Just wantet to tell you that I loved your pop-cupcakes. Hanne

  90. only in america!!what a hoot.. I never seen anything like it

    actually you should be kinda grateful… I look at all these cooking blogs…in Australia

    we dont have cool whip, premade dough of any type, crossiant dough or anything like the prepackaged stuff you have in the US

  91. Lol, thanks for trying it for all of us! They don’t look bad at all, let’s just not admit it, ;)!

  92. That has got to be one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. Thanks for giving it a try though -so we don’t have to. As for guilty pleasure, one word…Nutella! I could just eat it out of the jar. Mmmmmmm…

  93. Oh yes. I will give this a try.

  94. This is truly hilarious that a product like this exists. At least it sounds/looks better than the Jimmy Dean Chocolate Chip Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick. :D I have to say, though, that I still prefer things to be made from scratch.

  95. this is awesome. really!

    i’m such a sucker for trying new stuff just like this, so i have no doubt that i’d have picked it up too, just to try it out. i guess that’s my guilty pleasure.

  96. I still can’t grasp the concept…and I had your awesome pics to help. It’s just too weird, especially the picture of the sliced dough. They did turn out very pretty though, but I’m just going to attribute that to you awesome photography so that I can continue thinking that all that work that goes into making cupcakes from scratch actually does account for something. Please don’t burst my bubble :)

  97. Wow! Wave of the future?! I think I’ll stick to more standard cupcakes mixes. They look cute, though!

    “The b’s”, that sounds delicious!

  98. wow, what would they think of next? i probably would have the same reaction u did. it'll seem too ridiculous for me and i just have to try it.

    my guilty pleasure… baking something and not letting anybody else know, so i can have it all to myself. >insert evil laugh here<

  99. Oh we never get any crazy and exciting things like that in Australia! We do have the slice and bake cookie dough but that’s about it- not that I’d give up making my own home made stuff ever.

  100. Huh…slice and bake cupcakes. What will they think of next? It sounds pretty good for someone who needs cupcakes in an hour. You know what though? This is totally something I would eat raw like the cookie dough in a tube.

  101. Anything that involves peanut butter and Oreos sends me straight to Heaven!

  102. Only Bakerella could make slice ‘n bake look half way edible. Guilty pleasure would have to be anything with peanut butter and chocolate, especially Baskin Robins peanut butter and chocolate ice cream!

  103. My guilty pleasure is a big slice of chessecake (ny style) with a lot of lemon curd and whipped cream, you should try it, it’s delicious

  104. Sometimes I make cookie dough and eat it all before I make cookies. If I’m being really lazy, I’ll buy the “Ready to Bake” (not the slice ‘n bake) dough and eat *it*. But even then I like my homemade dough better because I use real butter. :)

  105. someday kids wont even know about homemade scratch items. Boo hoo.

  106. Whoa! Talk about fast food there. At least they look normal. The frosting in a tube kind of freaks me out, I wonder what the ingredient list is for that!!! But I must admit, my guilty pleasure is the sara lee cheesecake in the freezer. So good when still a little icy…

  107. oh my lord!
    you take the best foodie pics –
    those sprinkles just pop!

    had to laugh at your experiment.
    you went above and beyond
    all in the name of science.
    and i have to say
    (despite the dodgy looking contents of the box)
    they look to have turned out quite well!

  108. Thanks for trying these out for us so we didn’t have to! I think it’s a tribute to YOUR culinary skills that you could make the frosting look so good after coming out of that worm-like package.

  109. Okay, so they work, and you even make them look better than the box. But, $2.99 for 6 cupcakes from a tube? I couldn’t bring myself to do it…

  110. My guilty pleasure is blueberry muffin batter…I’m pretty sure I could eat a whole bowl of it!

  111. Hmm, as beautiful as your photo of the cupcake is – the icing just didn’t look right. Yuck – just take a couple extra minute and at least add a couple eggs, water and oil to a mix! Haha

  112. My secret guilty pleasure is to take 1/2 c cake mix and 1/4 c water (or brewed coffee), mix it together, pour into a coffee cup and microwave for forty seconds or until the center is pretty much done. It will be kind of like a molten cake or volcano cake. It is best topped with vanilla ice cream. YUM!!!

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