Snow Adorable

Snowman Cupcakes

I made some sweet snowman cupcakes this weekend and it kinda looks like it’s been snowing powdered sugar in my kitchen. These snowman heads were inspired by one of my new and now absolute favorite Christmas decorations. I’ll show you in a minute. It’s awesome!

But let me walk you through how I made these first.

Powdered sugar coated

The heads. I just picked up some powdered doughnuts to play with. They needed to be rolled in more sugar though to cover up some of the dark areas.


The snowmen bodies were just frosting. I kept it on the thick side, so it would stay sturdy and hold it’s round shape when the heads were placed.

Oh yeah … I used this recipe for the cupcakes.

Powdered Sugar

Right after frosting each one, coat with powdered sugar to match the doughnuts and make it look like one snowy body.


The scarves were pink tinted frosting piped on top. When you place the heads and press down, it will look like the scarf wraps all the way around. Then you can sprinkle a little sanding sugar on top for an extra snowy look. You can also put the heads on a lollipop and insert to make it more stable.

One tip – If you want your frosting white, use shortening instead of all butter. It would have made the bodies look brighter. See the frosting and recipe here.

Snowman Cupcakes

Now for the faces.

Powdered sugar doughnuts

I decorated the doughnuts while they layed on a small tray. Just poke a toothpick in position for all the facial features.

Seeds and Sprinkles

Then press chocolate jimmies in for the eyes and mouth and orange sunflowers seeds for the nose.

Petite Mints

These Smooth and Melty Mints in pink worked out great as snow dotted buttons on each belly.

Waffle Cones

And the hats… just gently sawed off waffle cones. You might say that’s a waste of a waffle cone, but I’m not much of an ice cream cone person. I like my ice cream in a cup with a cone on the side. So I just save the unused pieces and use them like nachos.

And speaking of ice cream, let me show you the inspiration for these cupcakes.


Santa's Frozen Treats Ice Cream Truck

It’s Santa’s Frozen Treats Ice Cream Truck topped with a sweet little snowman head.

I. Love. This. Thing.

P.S. I think the cupcakes are cute, but after the fact I now wish I had made them into cake pops. Just look at that little head. I’m pretty sure I could have made the faces way cuter and definitely less messier. Until next time.


Back to Santa. Inside the truck is an ice cream sundae train track complete with moving train, lighted interior and it even plays 8 holiday tunes. It just makes me happy so I guess I’m going to have to leave it out all year long.

Here’s a short video of it in action on my instagram.

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41 comments on “Snow Adorable”

  1. ahh. no i love them as cupcakes! >.< and their pink scarfs!

  2. Right Cup Cakes for the right season… Love it…:)

  3. The little ice cream truck is so cute(love the video)! Your cupcakes look JUST LIKE the truck decoration:) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  4. So cute!! A cake pop version would have been cute too, but I love how easy these are to whip up! It’s my kind of cake decorating!

  5. So cute! I love reading your posts! And the ice scream truck is adorable!



  6. Ahhh cute overload :D

  7. They are really cute. I think it’ll look like I’ve had a icing sugar explosion if I give them a try… #messybaker!

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  9. Just beautiful :)

  10. Love them. I’d love to see the cake pop version too.

  11. These are so stinkin’ cute. I’m laughing thinking about what mine would look like if I tried to make these, though. ;)

  12. Incredible! How adorable and sweet..

  13. Just perfect Angie! Love your creative baked goodies! When do we get to hang out this year?! Miss you!

  14. Save those cones! They make easy substitutes for fried shells for canolli! Not quite the same – purists would faint – but a fair substitute.

  15. You are so talented, and a great teacher too.

  16. Could you tell us where the Santa ice cream truck came from? I love it! Even better that it plays tunes.

  17. Very cute!

  18. These are the cutest snowman cupcakes ever! I love your Instagram video. ;)

  19. You always have the best ideas!! Love these little snowmen!

  20. Wow!! These look amazing!!

  21. these are super cute! but howdy you get the nose and mouth to stay?

  22. Clever, clever, clever.
    Very cute!
    I’m making these this w/end!

  23. They are adorable!! They remind me of the movie, The Snowman and the Raymond Briggs book – so sweet! Well done!

  24. Where can you buy that truck<3

  25. So sweet…going to give it a try !

  26. SO adorable! I love them, Angie!

  27. Adorable cupcakes! Of course they would be great cake pops too … next year? I seriously thought about buying the “Happy Camper” that goes with your “Santa’s Treats” … maybe next year too!

  28. I love these. You are so talented.

  29. So cute snowmans :)

  30. Those are so cute! And my three-year-old said, “Are those snowman municorns (unicorns)?” She loved them!

  31. This cupcakes are super cute!!!!

  32. So cute! I would imagine using shredded coconut instead of powdered sugar would work well, also. Lovely and creative. :)

  33. Such a cute and clever idea! I love the little pink scarves and buttons :-D

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  35. Those snow men are cute!

  36. Wow! Nice pictures. I love the sweet snowman cupcakes. My daughter loves too.

  37. Hi !! Awesome Pics …. The cupcakes seems to be very delicious.

  38. Well, for the normal baker, this is HARD!
    Working with powdered sugar does not work well, frosting does not stick to it therefore putting that heads and hats on is not an easy task. Also putting the facial features into Powered sugar is again quite a task.
    I wish I could list a pic of how my turned out , they look like Halloween snowmen.
    But yours sure are cute?

  39. This has totally inspired me to do Mr Bingle cake pops for Christmas this year! If you’re not from New Orleans, you may need to google him.   Love love love your creations.  Thanks. 

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