Southern California

I’m home from the first part of the Cake Pops book trip. Portland, Seattle and San Francisco were first and below are pics from two stops in Southern California. This week I’ll also get pics up from Utah and Chicago if you were there and want to see them. And then this Saturday is Atlanta. Yay!

But first So Cal. So much fun!

I was at the Williams-Sonoma stores in Costa Mesa and Santa Monica. One was bigger and in a mall and the other smaller in more of a neighborhood. Loved them both. Below are a handful of pictures from each signing and at the end of the post, you can click on one of the slideshow graphics to see more photos from each if you like. If you see yourself, feel free to use the photos from my flickr photostream.

This is the Costa Mesa store.


Lots of people visit this mall.


Lots of happy people.


This is so much fun for me. To see people smile. I usually just imagine you guys on the other side of the computer … hopefully smiling when you see something cute on the site. But this is surreal. Thank you. Big hugs all around.


Blushing. I heart you guys too.


These girls work at My Sweet and Saucy in Long Beach and brought cake pops. I was so excited they came out because I’ve been wanting to visit the bakery. Hopefully next time.


Such sweet faces and great hair. I think I need a pink streak. But I don’t have the nerve.


A boy. I’ve actually met several boys over the last few days. Some are waiting in line for their mom, girlfriend, wife, mother-in-law, and some for themselves. It’s super sweet. I didn’t expect to see so many.


Friends come out together too. I love it.


Moms and daughters. Umm… great cut by the way.


And Cakespy… if you’re reading…Look who stopped by for a visit.


P.S. Cakespy… you need this shirt in your shop. Cuteness.


Wow… I think everyone in Costa Mesa has great hair.


I’ve decided mine looks best from this angle. Now I just have to master walking around with my head down at all times.


Look at these cute kiddies. And those eyes. Oh my.


Okay… I’m adding this photo because my hair never looks this good. It must be something in the water.


This is the entrance to the Santa Monica store. I wanted to move in here. So cozy.


Look… the cutter that started it all. The flower cutter in the small tin is the one I used to make the cupcake pops.




Oh my gosh. This makes me so happy.


Hand in the air – side smile.

I can’t stop it. I think it happens mostly when I’m by myself though. Weird, huh.


Look how cute these two are. So stylish and such great glasses.


Oooh… I want this Fuji instant camera. Fun for days.


This is Alpha. Sweet Alpha. She came to the signing and drove in from Mexico. She said the most beautiful words to me. You can see by my eyes the effect they had. I think I scared everyone behind her when I started crying… it was one of those embarrassing cries, too. The loud kind. But her words were worth every tear.


I’m sorry if you were in line after that. I didn’t mean to be all red-eyed in your photos. At least you look super cute in your apron.


Kids. I love how many children came out and were just as excited as their parents. So sweet.


See what I mean.



Hey Jen. It was great talking with you. You give good party.

Jen helped plan the Pioneer Woman, Steamy Kitchen, Simply Recipes closing night Blogher party. It was fantastic.


This is Louis with my mom. Love his store. Look in the background. See that display?


Yeah, this one. Talk about surreal. They put Cake Pops on the same display with Sprinkles Cupcakes. Very cool. And unexpectedly color coordinated.


Look these two even made cake pops. So nice.


And at the very end – yes, I changed clothes : ) – I had a sweet surprise. A baker named Joy stopped by. Do you know Joy? Joy the Baker? If not, let me introduce you.

She’s super cool and cute. Plus… she bakes.

Below are links to more photos if you’d like to see them.

And now that I’m home for a couple of days. I’ll try to bake something this week. Something quick. I’m having withdrawal.



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