Super Bowl Sweets


The Super Bowl will be on in a few hours so I thought I would go ahead and share some sweet treats worth cheering for. That is if you are a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. My friend Cupcake Julie and her husband are. Big fans. Me? Not so much a football fanatic or watcher for that matter. But I am a fan of fun and cute treats, so when Julie asked me to help with her Steelers Sweets Dessert Table I was all in. But how could I not be. Remember her Christmas table? Enough said.


I made some Steelers cake pops and chocolate whoopie pies for the table.


But these football jersey sugar cookie pops that Julie made were the star attraction. They were placed on custom bleachers measured, made and painted by Mr. Cupcake Julie. Teamwork is awesome.

On one end of the table is the offense…


…With the defense on the other end.


Complete with the names for each. Love the look of these cookies. They were made from a onesie cookie cutter and turned into jerseys by just cutting off the bottoms.

Polamalu … He was named the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year. I didn’t know that before yesterday or that this is the third Super Bowl for the Steelers in five years…  or that they are trying for their 7th Super Bowl win. I could go on … and on with what I didn’t know about the Steelers before yesterday.


…Like what a terrible towel is…  but if you are part of the Steeler Nation, I think you’ll appreciate these cute little labeled candy bars with a bit of licorice on each side to color coordinate.


There was even a football trophy made of chocolate. Julie had a metal cake pan she used for the mold.


Of course, we need something to wash it all down. Coke bottles won so we could add our own labels and use these cute yellow striped paper straws for a fun look.


The cake pops were dipped in white candy coating. The stars were made by cutting the shapes out of tinted fondant and attaching them to the pops with some of the extra melted candy.


And the tags were made using a 1 1/2 inch paper punch to cut circles from card stock paper and a teardrop shape hole punch for the holes. You can size your own artwork to fit whatever size paper punch you have and print it out to use.


Check out these cupcakes with cute football wrappers and these awesome Steelers helmets.


We made striped boxes in black and white for popcorn. Simple stripes, but a very strong graphic element and really pulled the look of the table together.


Julie happened to have a bunch of those paper pom poms being the super fan that she is, so she cut them in half and wired them in bunches to make them smaller and fuller. They added great texture to the background.

We both had so much fun pulling this all together. I’ve really got to be careful though, this kind of thing could be very addictive. I have visions of dessert tables swirling in my head.


Are you watching the Super Bowl?

Who are you rooting for?

Me? It looks like I’m a Steelers fan after all that work.

At least for today.

At least until Glee comes on.