Super Bowl Sweets


The Super Bowl will be on in a few hours so I thought I would go ahead and share some sweet treats worth cheering for. That is if you are a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. My friend Cupcake Julie and her husband are. Big fans. Me? Not so much a football fanatic or watcher for that matter. But I am a fan of fun and cute treats, so when Julie asked me to help with her Steelers Sweets Dessert Table I was all in. But how could I not be. Remember her Christmas table? Enough said.


I made some Steelers cake pops and chocolate whoopie pies for the table.


But these football jersey sugar cookie pops that Julie made were the star attraction. They were placed on custom bleachers measured, made and painted by Mr. Cupcake Julie. Teamwork is awesome.

On one end of the table is the offense…


…With the defense on the other end.


Complete with the names for each. Love the look of these cookies. They were made from a onesie cookie cutter and turned into jerseys by just cutting off the bottoms.

Polamalu … He was named the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year. I didn’t know that before yesterday or that this is the third Super Bowl for the Steelers in five years…  or that they are trying for their 7th Super Bowl win. I could go on … and on with what I didn’t know about the Steelers before yesterday.


…Like what a terrible towel is…  but if you are part of the Steeler Nation, I think you’ll appreciate these cute little labeled candy bars with a bit of licorice on each side to color coordinate.


There was even a football trophy made of chocolate. Julie had a metal cake pan she used for the mold.


Of course, we need something to wash it all down. Coke bottles won so we could add our own labels and use these cute yellow striped paper straws for a fun look.


The cake pops were dipped in white candy coating. The stars were made by cutting the shapes out of tinted fondant and attaching them to the pops with some of the extra melted candy.


And the tags were made using a 1 1/2 inch paper punch to cut circles from card stock paper and a teardrop shape hole punch for the holes. You can size your own artwork to fit whatever size paper punch you have and print it out to use.


Check out these cupcakes with cute football wrappers and these awesome Steelers helmets.


We made striped boxes in black and white for popcorn. Simple stripes, but a very strong graphic element and really pulled the look of the table together.


Julie happened to have a bunch of those paper pom poms being the super fan that she is, so she cut them in half and wired them in bunches to make them smaller and fuller. They added great texture to the background.

We both had so much fun pulling this all together. I’ve really got to be careful though, this kind of thing could be very addictive. I have visions of dessert tables swirling in my head.


Are you watching the Super Bowl?

Who are you rooting for?

Me? It looks like I’m a Steelers fan after all that work.

At least for today.

At least until Glee comes on.

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257 comments on “Super Bowl Sweets”

  1. I’m giving my husband a 50th steelers birthday party and I love these ideas and we live in Cincinnati but we love the steelers

  2. Im thinking about doing this. In order to make money off this, I was gonna charge $200.00 for it all. Is that too much or is that a good price for something like this? I wouldnt be doing just the steelers. I would also do other teams for the football season. Seems like a great project to make profit off of. What would you charge for this?

  3. hi! I’m doing a steelers themed baby shower & was wondering how you did the terrible towel candy wrapping! did you just print something out?

  4. could I get dimension for the cookie stand?
    Would love to try this out!!

  5. Love this!!! What are the measurements of the bleacher cookie holder?

  6. I love these jersey cookies! Am attempting them for this weekends superbowl. I would like to know how you made the numbers on them?

  7. what stand did you use for the cookies and the cake pops?

  8. I have been searching for bleacher cupcake/cookie stands. Would you know where I can purchase them?

  9. How do I get the Steeler printables?

  10. BTW, Mommy is a BIG Steelers fan!

  11. Any chance of custom ordering some Football jersey cookies for my Granddaughters pinked out Tailgatae 1st birthday party, Otober 6th?
    Her Mommy is also combining the baby’s Daddys surprise 30th birthday party into the mix (he is a High School Football Coach and Teacher).
    I would love to order two dozen cookies with his High School Team Mates Names and Numbers—–any chance? It would be the icing on the “cake.” Mommy has been getting creative with cupcake baking and decorating herself! We are all just beginner bakers.
    Thanks so much for your consideration ,

  12. I LOVE GLEE!!!! not so much a football fan though ;)

  13. Freaking AWESOME! Love it!. You are pretty much amazing :). Too bad they are not there this year :(. Wish you could help me throw a fun party!

  14. My friend’s favorite football player is Polamalu! I’m going to show her this next time I see her. She’s already a huge fan of you since I showed her the book. You never fail to impress me or my friends! Thanks!

  15. Those jersey cookies are amazingggg! How did you do the numbers?

  16. Wonderful! I just made cakepops for the 1st time. I used the babycake machine, so no crumbling!
    The steelers really aren’t my thing, but I wonder what I could do with clemson tigers…..

  17. If I didn’t already ADORE you this would have clinched it! You ROCK! My hubby is a HUGE Steelers fan, and I cannot wait to show him this!

  18. Oh My Gosh!! This is so amazing! Being a die hard steelers fan and and avid baker, I think this is the greatest thing in the world!

  19. OMG!! I LOVE this. This would blow my friends mind. He’s DIE HARD Steelers fan! I have to show him this. Do you have your printables for this avail? I’d love to make these for him and surprise him with it for a SNL game.

  20. omg.. i absolutely love this! keep up the good work :)

  21. This is EPIC. I love the Steelers. This is the best things I’ve pretty much ever seen.

  22. Wow those r neat! do u think u can do the same 4 the dallas cowboys?! i am a big fan

  23. soooo coool!!!

  24. I loved your idea, I was gonna copy your idea for my sons 3rd birthday party, do you mind sharing your templates for like the banners, terrible towel wrapper and the drink label?

  25. Oh my goodness! I just stumbled across your recent posts and can’t believe I missed this! These are awesome and I will definitely have to be making all of this for next season! Go Steelers!!!

  26. wow… i love this display! you are so talented. i’m going to try some of these ideas next year, if we have football.

  27. I’m from Pittsburgh and these are literally amazing. I’m obsessed. You’re great!

  28. Bakerella, I Hope You get well real soon! God Bless you! Thankyou for all your inspirations! Be Strong! Luv Maria Newberry!

  29. wow! this is absolutely beautiful! you are a food artist!

  30. I love your table! I’m not that creative but I did make jerseys! :) Wilton has football cookie cutters that come with 4 cutters (helmet, jersey, football, and pennant). Here’s how mine came out:

  31. Love this – of course, as an enormous Steelers fan. Just found this blog, but love it , and love it even more now that you’re a Steelers fan!!!!

    Hope you get better soon!

  32. Where can you get cute bottle labels like the yellow ones on the cokes?!

  33. I just found you as a Bloggie runner-up. And since I love all things football, I had to chime in on this post.


  34. wow! this is a fantastic site! Thank you soo much for sharing!

  35. I’m still thinking about this table, LOL! I am wondering if you know were she got her white stands? I love the different levels to show off all the details on each cookie. I’m looking to buy something exactly like this to start my Farm Market days this year! Thanks so much!!!!


    You are INSANE!!!!!! (in a perfectly, perfect, amazing, phenom way!!)

    I DEMAND to be invited to this Steelers/Bakerella party next year. I simply DEMAND it, I tell you! ;-)

    I’ve been watching this site for a looong time and have made many of the delicious and infectious and cutest creations on the edible planet….but THIS….THIS is just so over-the-top!
    I’ve never commented here before, and was just about to comment on the Valentine Kisses post (“bakerella xoxo”…are you kidding me for cuteness??)…and then came across this.

    It’s jaw-droppingly amazing.
    Even if I had FREE tix to the Super Bowl…I would want to be at THIS party (well….kinda, sorta…yea…I would!)

    You are so dog-gone creative, prolific, artistic, adorable and I can tell…just as sweet as all the lovely edible masterpieces disguised as simple treats (although, you DO make them so that we can try to re-create them in our own kitchens)
    I just had to let you know….much success to you….it is well-deserved.
    and…..Thank you! :)))))))) xoxo

  37. I love it!!!!! Going to attempt at making a similar one for my nephew’s party. Where did you get your stand for your cookies?

  38. That was amazing!! We are huge Steelers fans. I have to print off some of the pictures for the next Super Bowl! A co-worker and I were talking about cake pops this past weekend and she told me about your website. GREAT! No work getting done tonight. I could spend hours looking at your stuff.

  39. PACKERS WIN!….. anyways….. I made superbowl cupcakes for a friend too!! Not pops, just plain cupcakes, maybe I’ll send you a picture :)

  40. Ok – probably a stupid question, but how did you get the stick onto the cookie pops without it burning in the oven?? i would love to make some cookie pops for my sons birthday party with his friends names on them but have been too scared to try!

  41. oh. my. goodness! this is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen! i hope auburn has another good season next year so i’ll have an excuse to copy this in orange and navy!! well, even if they don’t have a good season, a dessert table like this would probably cheer us up. :) thanks for sharing!!

  42. Bakerella, how did you get the number on the jerseys??

  43. you gals are amazing. i’m not a big football person, but julie clearly has some serious fan love – or at least an insane amount of love for her husband! ;)

  44. Ahh I love this display! Absolutely adorable and super creative! Definitely might be a little too much work for me, and I hate it when I cook too much and are all cooked-out.

    But I’m glad other people aren’t lazy! This setting is terrific! I bet your partyers had a great time :)

    (I bet it was horrible to watch your display getting eaten slowly…haha. I woulda been like, you can look but you can’t eat…aww I’m just messin!)

  45. *** gorgeous

  46. Thats sooooo gorges !!!!

  47. YOu are too clever! This is so festive and fun, I love it.

  48. Now thats a Candy CUTE HANDSOME BUFFET..Love it now can I purchase the BLEASHERS ?

  49. How many men at that superbowl party appreciated the time and effort that went into all of that set up?! Were they even allowed to touch anything?!! It looks so great.

  50. As a most-of-the-time Steelers girl (I’m from Baltimore, so whenever they play each other, I’m all purple and black, but love them the rest of the time), I love these, even though they make me sad. But one thing… Where’s Special Teams? Suisham, Sepulveda, Kapinos? I question. Sorry, I’m strange like this. *blushes*

  51. The dessert display is beyond beautiful. This looks like a magazine spread and should be featured in a book. The creativity is over the top and both of you deserve a standing ovation!

    With such an amazing spread were the guests hesitant to dig in and “ruin” the beautiful display? I wouldn’t touch anything because it is so pretty. I wish you had an “after” photo to show if the guests were bolder than I would have been. WOW!

  52. OMG!! That’s simply AMAZING!!!! Your guests are the luckiest of all!!!

  53. Haha! The treats look awesome, as always. Yeah, this year I had no preference. I actually fast forwarded through the game to get to the commercials… but those wern’t my favorite this year either.
    Long live The Bears! :D
    Jess :D

  54. Oh my gosh… this is unbelievable. How could you bear to eat all that!? It looks so pretty! I am a Packers fan by family obligation, but I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, and although I am glad the Packers won, I didn’t really care very much one way or another.

  55. umm… this is ADORABLE.

  56. I love it… guys are just so creative!!

  57. Where can I get the football cupcake papers? My son’s birthday is going to be sports themed and I’d love to use those.

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