Sweet Soldiers


My friend Cupcake Julie had her Christmas party this past weekend.

You may remember her gorgeous sugar-themed decorations.


Stuff like this.

(Here’s the post from last year if you want to see visions of sugar plums dancing in your head for the next few days. Make sure you check out the kids play bakery, too. It’s incredible.)

It’s hard to imagine, but this year was even more beautiful than last.


Colonel Cupcake was there again this year.


And so was this guy.


And this one.


And this little one. These guys were all over the place.

You may also remember seeing them from the Toronto Book Signing Post.

Teatro Verde is the only store I’ve actually seen them sold in. It made me happy to see them on display.

Anyway, I love ’em. So festive and sweet.

As a surprise for Julie, I made a few cake pops inspired by them to bring to the party.

Wanna see?


Cupcake Nutcracker guys.

She squealed. I smiled.

They’re double decker cake pops, too. Tricky and a little over the top, but I couldn’t resist.

I also made some Christmas Tree cake pops.


Much easier. But instead of doing them in green, I kept them in her holiday color scheme.

I really like them like this.

Speaking of trees, Julie’s party decorations this year also included two new ones.


This cheerful pink one covered in snowmen.


And this whimsical upside down tree.

Amazing, huh.


But that’s Julie.


Here’s her dessert table. Filled with tons of treats.


Cookies and candy.


Cake Pops, of course.


Mini cupcakes from Crumb in New York.


Macarons and much, much more.


Completely lovely. I wish you could have been there with me.

But since you weren’t … how about a couple of cute guys to keep you company?


I just so happen to know of two that are about ten inches tall.

I thought I’d part with these to share them with one of you.

Enter for a chance to win these two sweet soldiers.

  • Simply leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite thing to eat on Christmas. Real food this time. Something non-sweet. I was on sugar overload this weekend and I need some ideas. I know you guys will have some great ones.
  • Deadline to enter is Tuesday, December 21 at 7:00 pm ET. TIME’S UP. Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Tuesday evening.

P.S. – If you know another store that sells them too, I’d love to hear.

Good Luck!

And the winner is………

Nutcracker-winnerYAY Amanda V! Hope you will enjoy them.

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3,780 comments on “Sweet Soldiers”

  1. My favorite thing to eat is cornbread stuffing for sure though I won’t get it this Christmas. I am spending Christmas in Canada which means white bread stuffing (which also rocks!). Merry Christmas!

  2. My favorite Christmas food is definitely lasagna. While this may be a year-round food in most homes, it’s a holiday treat for us! Sometimes it’s even made with homemade sauce! yummm :)

  3. Frittata!!

  4. prime rib.. Mmmm we always slow cook a prime rib outside on the traegger grill.. even if it is below zero and snowing :-)

  5. turkey and all the fixin’s :) like i didn’t get enough at Thanksgiving.. ha

  6. My fave is mashed potatoes :) With plenty of bcheese dressing or turkey gravy mixed in!

  7. My favortie Christmas food is my mom’s cheese ball. She only makes it this time of year so I look forward to eating it

  8. Christmas is hot here in NZ so my favourite to thing to eat is a seafood platter made up of scallops, prawns and crayfish (like lobster) – Yum !

  9. I can’t put something non-sweet if that’s all we eat on Christmas! ;) Actually, my favorite tradition is eating homemade cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate for breakfast after opening presents.

  10. I have such a sweet tooth, really all my faves are sweet. My top non-sweet dish would be green bean casserole, and I don’t get it enough.

  11. Gosh…something non-sweet??
    Probably my aunt’s roast potatoes. They are really, really good.

  12. say what!! the photos here are AMAZING!! I want a friend like cupcake Julie :)

    Ham for me !!

  13. Would it be boring to say mandarin oranges? I love those things….especially with some pistachio nuts :)

  14. Braciole! Mmmmmmm

  15. Prime rib & sticky rice :)

  16. I love making a savory cheese cake for spreading on crackers.

  17. Beef roast!!!

  18. We made the switch from Christmas turkey to Christmas beef a few years ago, & my husband does a beef tenderloin recipe that is DEE-licious!

  19. I’m seriously amazed at you and your friend’s creativity! It’s just too beautiful and seriously awesome.

    Favorite thing to eat on Christmas? We don’t really have any family traditions, but my mom does make some killer baby back ribs. YUM.

  20. I have visions of roast chicken dinners for Christmas!

  21. My mom makes the most creamy and cheesy mac n’ cheese! She only makes it for Christmas and I can’t wait to eat it!

  22. My favorite thing to eat on Christmas is something I enjoyed when my grandfather made it. He would bake a ham and glazed it with coarse ground mustard, cloves, Coke, brownsugar, and pineapple. I LOVED that ham each year. As I grew older, he finally showed me how to make it, and now I make it for my children each year.

  23. SO cute! (LOVE the upside down tree!)
    Fav food is…prolly cheesey potatoes! YUM! :)

  24. Soup! My mother-in-law makes an awesome mushroom based soup, a recipe that she brought from Poland. It is the tastiest thing I have ever eaten, and is only served on Christmas Eve!

  25. Non sweet…hmmm….it would have to be lots of fresh veggies with ranch dip.

  26. If it has to be non-sweet, my favorites are ham, mac & cheese, and green-bean casserole!

  27. My favorite thing to eat at Christmas is (Velveeta) Broccoli Cheese Casserole!(with Ritz crackers crumbled on top) De-lish!

  28. My mother’s spinach dip. It’s the perfect appetizer to tie me over until the REAL meal begins!

  29. I love eating all sorts of stuff but my favorite has to be stuffing I can’t get enough of it.

  30. My Favorite is Garlic stuffed Olives and Smoked Oysters. MMMMM together of course. Yum.

  31. Leftovers!! I love having a turkey bun with gravy hours after supper as a snack!!

  32. My favorite food (that I only get at Christmas) is Lebanese food!! Kibbi, Taboli salad, pita bread… yummy!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it :)

  33. I have a great non-sweet yams recipe that features seasoned salt, onion, and allspice — my family loves it!

  34. I love having spaghetti on Christmas; my favorite food with some of my favorite people. But, since we just had that for dinner along with some yummy chicken parmesan bundles, I think we will probably go the ham route.

  35. Mashed potato casserole is my favorite! Cheesy and bacon-y and oh so delicious!

  36. Prime rib, but not just any piece, that crunchy, tasty, highly coveted in my house, end piece. Mine. Period. No room for negotiation.

  37. I love to eat Pumpkin, Spinach and Feta Salad with marinated prawns! Sweet and juicy icy cold watermelon and cashews by the handful!

    Merry Christmas!

  38. Seven “fishes” : ) yummo!!!

  39. every year, we trick my sister into eating lamb on Christmas (she refuses to eat them because they’re cute). i’m actually in charge of making it this year and i found some sort of citrusy-pomegranate glaze for it that i think will be delicious! [: but as long as it’s lamb, i’m good. [:

  40. my favorite thing to eat on christmas is pumpkin pie (:

  41. We have lasagna on Christmas for dinner. We do a big traditional Thanksgiving every year, and a huge family brunch the day after Christmas, so we like to make Christmas day as easy as possible, cold cuts for lunch and lasagna for dinner. My sister in law makes a fabulous lasagna with ground lamb.

  42. Love my mom’s english toffee… it’s impossible to resist. With a cup of hot cocoa, even better.

  43. I love homemade bruschetta and flatbread (so good its reserved for only special occasions), fluffy buttermilk biscuits and garlic roasted veggies.

  44. That would be my Dad’s homemade smoked baby back ribs! Every year for Christmas day lunch/dinner!! SOOO GOOD!

  45. Prime Rib and Company Potatoes! Yum!

  46. I love making twice-baked potatoes for dinner. They’re the perfect companion for turkey or ham, and they are oh, so delicious!
    The double cakepops are amazing!! You really out-did youself on those! The trees are adorable, I’m going to have to try and make those this week!

  47. Green bean casserole and sausage apple stuffing. I can’t get enough! :)

  48. Stuffing!! Yuummmmm <3

  49. Bakerella, you’ve out done yourself on the cake pops this time. A true work of art and a true work of heart!
    What do I like to eat on Christmas? Plain & simple it’s turkey with gravy! Yum-o!

  50. My favorite non-sugar thing to eat at Christmas is cream corn or prime rib! YUM!

  51. Turkey or ham and all the fixings. We also have cinnamon rolls in the morning but that’s sweet, so I’ll spare ya that one. =D

  52. Ham, in this amazing crust my sister introduced me to years ago.

  53. I love all Christmas food. But I love my grandmother’s cornbread dressing. I am responsible for it now that she is gone. Christmas (or thanksgiving for that matter) wouldn’t be the same without it.

  54. My family always used to get a honeybaked ham each Christmas, but then I became allergic to pork.

    We were at a loss as to what to get for dinner for Christmas when while wrapping gifts A Christmas Story came on.

    Ever since then we have gotten chinese take out for christmas day to munch on.

    A great way to relax and do something not quite so traditional.

  55. Ham and funeral potatoes!! The best ever.

  56. I’m Vietnamese and we always have a mixed cuisine dinner for Christmas – turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes but then some Vietnamese dishes on the side – fried rice, fried spring rolls, and my favorite: roast duck. Yum!! I can’t wait!

  57. Chinese food! We go out for Chinese every Christmas Eve.

  58. I love Green Bean Casserole & make like a triple batch & changed up the traditional recipe. Everyone wants to take home the leftovers too!

  59. For the past few years, my sister has made one of my favorite pasta dishes: pepperoni linguini. It’s a recipe my mom found online a few years back and has been a family favorite since :) It’s so delicious and has a unique taste!

  60. We do a Christmas breakfast…. my favorite thing to eat are the swedish pancakes!

  61. My favorite is Prime Rib and Crab legs during the Holiday Season!

  62. Pot roast, garlic mashed potatoes and stuffing!! Yummy!!

  63. Probably green bean casserole! Although, Christmas dinner for us is just a repeat of Thanksgiving with turkey and all the fixins! ;)

    Both you and Cupcake Julie rock!!! Love her upside down Christmas tree!

  64. I don’t celebrate Christmas but on Hanukkah my family and I ate Brisket! If made correctly, it’s so delicious! :) happy holidays

  65. Oh my what a WONDERFUL giveaway, these would look great in my Christmas Village. My most favorite thing to eat on Christmas is red chili (pork) Tamales, we make them every year, it’s a family tradition. And they are soooo YUMMY!

    Happy Holidays!

  66. We call them roasty toasties: toast topped with leftover roast, brown gravy, & sharp cheddar cheese, melted under the broiler…YUM! Perfect at 2 a.m. after playing cards all night

  67. My favorite thing to eat is peanut butter fudge………..yummy

  68. Each Christmas, I look forward to my Nana’s dressing.. yum!

  69. I love funeral potatoes and a ham and cheese loaf that my mom always makes, delicious!

  70. My all time favorite christmas meal would be the spiral ham that completes the perfect dinner.

  71. my favorite non-sweet dish is definitely stuffing! i can eat bowlfuls of the stuff, it is SOO good!

  72. I’m so glad you posted all of this sweetness again, especially with a link to last year. I am dying to make giant nutcrackers to guard my home. But I have one big question. Where does your friend store them? Did she pull them out again this year?

    Fav Christmas food? Mom’s cream of turkey soup.

  73. Favorite Christmas item to eat? My Grandmoms stuffing. It is made with Ritz crackers and is DIVINE! Even better the next day on a turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce sandwich…… oh yum!

  74. Homemade chex mix and sausage balls scream the hoidays to me! Merry, merry!

  75. homemade caramels

  76. I love Holiday Turkey! We usually only have the traditional roast turkey during the holidays!

  77. We’re actually doing something different this year. It’s just going to be me and mom – my SO is going out of town to his mom’s (long boring story) with my daughter, so Mom and I are doing steaks, mashed potatoes, peppered corn, and garlic yeast rolls.

    But personally, I’m looking forward to the chicken wings and sausage balls I have at the get-together we’re having on the 24th the most. :)

  78. My husbands grandmothers twice baked potatoes. Tons o’ cheese (and butter)…so good!

  79. All about the lasagna at my boyfriend’s house for Christmas. His mom makes the best sauce!

  80. Hrmm…Mine would be my mothers candied yams. Those are kinda real food right? What can i say i’m a sucker for sugar!

  81. We call them roasty toasties: toast topped with leftover roast, brown gravy, & sharp cheddar cheese, melted under the broiler…YUM! Perfect at 2 a.m. after playing cards all night

  82. my mother-in-law’s homemade lumpias!

  83. For christmas breakfast my mom and I make a chile rellenos casseole and meat and cheese rollups with crescent rolls its a good light breakfast

  84. My favorite Christmas food is also lasagna! We have a big family, so with children & spouses, everyone seems to have a minimum of 2-3 Thanksgiving meals to attend… So come Christmas time, everyone is Turkey’d Out! It’s been a tradition for years in our family to have lasagna for our Christmas meal, & one of my favorite!!

  85. Mmmmm I love Christmas eve at my moms house…lots of summer sausage and different cheeses and breads and crackers and hot cider and hot buttered rums ahhhhh.

  86. I saw those and knew my daughter would LOVE them. She is obsessed with cupcakes, and nutcrackers and this would make her squeee with delight!!! My favorite holiday food is cranberry sauce. Not the homemade kind, I’m weird like that but I love that jellied, canned stuff. Soo Yummy! on the same bite as turkey, oooh, yum! Thanks for all that you do!!! Loved meeting you in Santa Monica!

  87. my favoriate thing to eat at christmas is sashimi! I

  88. I, too, cannot put something that isn’t sweet…….because I make homemade Monkey Bread every Christmas morning! I can already taste the ooey, gooey cinnamon…..YUM!!!! But if I must pick some savory, it’s definitely my mom’s stuffing!!!

  89. there are non sweet dishes to be had on Christmas?!! I never make it past the cookies. :)
    I guess if I had to choose it would be the Bacon I eat with my Christmas pancakes after opening my presents. how can you go wrong with Bacon??

  90. Wow. It’s hard to think of my favorite “non-sweet” item at Christmas because so much of our Christmas tradition involves baking and making candy, but I’m going to go with the main course…the turkey!

  91. My favorite non-sweet to eat during the holidays would have to be prime rib with my husband’s straight-to-your-thighs mashed potatoes! We’re always away from family so we spoil ourselves and our boys for Christmas dinner :)

  92. My family likes to eat steak and shrimp on Christmas Day! I don’t mind it AT ALL!!!

  93. I love eating homemade rolls with honey!

  94. I would have to say, my moms Pernil (Pork Roast), it’s a tradition in Puerto Rico. I’ll be going home for New Years and can’t wait to eat it again, it’s been a long 4 yrs.

  95. One of our favorite savory snacks is a cheese ball. I make several kinds and every year it is different. This year I’ll make a chipotle bacon cheese ball with some hearty whole grain crackers (as if we’re trying to be healthy over the holidays).

  96. My mother-in-law always makes prime rib for Christmas dinner and it is always AMAZING!!! Especially with lots of horseradish sauce…yum I”m salivating just thinking about it! I look forward to it every year!

  97. I enjoy everything because I don’t host. It does change every year, but my favorite is Prime Rib with horseradish.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  98. We do a different theme for Christmas dinner every year, but I must say that my favorite is English pasties. They are English and always remind me of my grandpa and grandma (Our family’s pasties are rectangular pie crusts, filled with potatoes, cubed steak, onions and seasoned with salt and pepper).

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