The last five signings and some gift sets, too.

The last five book and kit signings were such a blast. When I started the book tour the end of last year I had no idea how much fun they would be and how much I would miss meeting you guys when they were all over. Thank you so much to everyone that came out to one of the 20+ signings. Along the way I have tried to get pictures of everyone that came by to say hi and also recap each city on the site. This time I combined the last several cities in one big giant post.

San Francisco, Orlando, Phoenix, San Diego and Austin.

There are a few photos from each city below as well as slideshows of all the photos from each. Feel free to use any of the pics from flickr if you find one of yourself.


It was so great starting off the signings at Chronicle Books Headquarters in San Francisco. Say hi to Emily. She designed the kit and the notecards box sets. So so cute.


There’s nothing like watching the excitement on little ones faces when they look through the book. It’s still such a gift for me to see.


There were lots of fun and friendly faces in San Francisco.


Like sweet Melissa of Best Friends for Frosting. She did a little interview with me while she was there.

Here’s the San Francisco Slideshow…



The Barnes and Noble in Orlando brought more friendly faces.


Like my friend Robyn from Add a Pinch. She lives out of state, but made time during her family Disney vacation to stop by. She really is the super sweetest.


And here’s Julie from The Little Kitchen. So glad to see your smiling face!


I just want to take a minute to thank everyone at all the signings over the last year or so that brought such sweet gifts to share.


You guys made me feel so special through your many talents and your kind words. I can think of several right now that even brought tears. Sweet happy tears.

Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my happy heart.

Here’s the Orlando Slideshow…



The Phoenix Barnes and Noble was a lot of fun, too.


These girls were a blast. They were a great group of bloggers that all came to the event together.


Cute suede shoes. Guess which ones are mine.


I met Amy of Amy Miller Designs. She makes faux cupcake ornaments and shipped some special cake pop ornaments for me a while ago. And look at these Muppets she brought to the signing. They are faux Muppet Cake Pops. And they are fantastic! I need to take a better pic and share it on Twitter.


This is Jennifer. Check out her site if you make lots and lots of cake pops at a time. She has a cake ball roller that could help you out.


It’s Phoenix. We had to have some cactus cake pops of course. Excellent use of white jimmies, Arianna!

Here’s the Phoenix Slideshow…



San Diego. Yay!


Check out Kris. She makes the fantastic hot air balloon cake pops and much more.


And look at these Marshmallow Treats by Alejandra. Amazing.


Look at this cutie pie!


Hi there little one. So glad to meet you and your mom and learn what we have in common. Big big hug!


And sweet Julie from Jaybird Quilts. My mom and I had the most fun talking with you.

Here’s the San Diego Slideshow…


The last book signing was in Austin at Book People.


My friends Georgia Pellegrini, The Girl Hunter and Marla of Family Fresh Cooking came with me to the signing. Love you guys! We all had plans with several more bloggers the next day for a fun Girl Hunter Getaway hosted by Georgia. More on that soon.


There was lots of signing. And some note taking, too.


There were hugs…


And even some extraordinary chickens.

Here’s the Austin Slideshow…



That’s it for the signings. For now anyway. ; )

Oh, and big thanks for the awesome marquis sign, Book People. That was a nice surprise.

If you are near any of these stores (addresses here), I left behind some signed books and kits if you want to give them a call and see if there are any left.

If you aren’t near any of the stores, that’s ok, too. I thought I would do an end-of-the-year giveaway to anyone that wanted a chance to win some Cake Pops stuff.

I’m giving away five (5) Cake Pops gift sets that include:


A signed Cake Pops book, the Cake Pops Kit and the notecards set, too.


And if you’ve managed to make your way this far down on the post, that’s not all.

Did you know that Cake Pops is available on the iPad? That’s not very helpful unless you have an iPad though.


So one (1) of the five winners will also win a brand new 16 gb WiFi iPad. Yay!


Enter for a chance to win a Cake Pops Gift Set that includes a signed Cake Pops book, a Cake Pops Kit and a Cake Pops Notecard Set.

  • Five (5) winners will be chosen at random to win a gift set. One (1) of the five winners will then be selected at random and will also win a 16 gb WiFi iPad in their choice of white or black. (That means 4 gift set winners and 1 gift set plus iPad winner.) Yay!
  • To enter, just leave your answer to the following question in the comments section of this post.
  • What is the most recent gift you’ve purchased for someone?
  • Deadline to enter is Tuesday, December 20th at 8:00 P.M. ET. Sorry, Time’s Up. Winners announced below.
  • The five winners will be announced sometime Tuesday evening on this post.

Good Luck!

Note: This giveaway is completely sponsored by me. Thanks y’all!

Here are the winners of the Cake Pops Gift Sets. Each of you will get a book, a kit and a notecards set. And one of you is going to also get the iPad. YAY!

giftsetwinnersShannon T, Fenny Chandra, Alicia, Jennifer B and Tara. Congratulations on the Cake Pops Stuff!

Now for the big winner. After a random drawing, Shannon T – you win the iPad, too!

Hope you have fun with it.

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5,646 comments on “The last five signings and some gift sets, too.”

  1. I just purchased the last of the Christmas gifts for family — books for my nieces and nephew!

  2. I just purchased fancy running shorts for my wonderful, athletic, and inspiring sister. Happy Holidays to you!

  3. I just bought a few ornaments for my parents. :)

  4. Lotions for my mom.

  5. a humidifier for my sick brother!

  6. Wool to crochet scarves for my parents! :)

  7. I bought my brother-in-law a few pairs of fancy socks!

  8. A nerf gun for my daughter. But a cake pops book is sure on my good girl list.

  9. I just bought an iPod Shuffle for my sister!

  10. My final gift–an octopus-themed mug for my best friend!

  11. a head lamp for my MIL!

  12. completely age inappropriate toy Elmo for my teen son because it will make him happy. And that is what is most important, right?

  13. A new set of blocks and a big wooden truck for my 22 month old son. I can’t wait for Christmas morning!

  14. I bought cheese for my husband for Christmas! He loves all kinds of stinky cheeses!

  15. I just bought my niece a pair of jeans, a jacket and a shirt from her favorite store for Christmas!!

  16. The last gift I bought for someone was some of my favorite spatulas to give with a cookbook for a Christmas gift. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  17. The most recent gifts I’ve given would be a digital photo frame for my grandparents that contains over 500 photos! And also a dozen holiday themed cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake. I have the sweetest grandparents and therefore thought that these two gifts would be super fitting :D

  18. Bought a fitted ladies fit jersey for dear daughter…all she wanted.

  19. Just bought some sweaters for my boyfriend. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. A super cute wallet for my best friend!!

  21. I gave my nephew a cookbook so he could help plan meals!

  22. The last thing I bought was a video game for my brother. I hope I win! Merry Christmas :)

  23. I bought my parents a copy of the game Apples to Apples. Mostly so I can play it with them when I go over there, but we’ll just consider it the gift that keeps on giving.

  24. I bought some reusable straws for my mom! :) Thanks Bakerella!!!!!!

  25. Yesterday I bought a dear friend an advent calendar. I had no idea she didn’t have one- or I would have bought it earlier!
    Everyone needs an advent calendar :)

    HOoray for all the book signings

  26. I got my daughter an adorable sweater dress from H&M today!

  27. A feel good kit for my stepdad who has just started chemo and radiation for cancer

  28. I bought my wife a pair of delightful Birkenstocks, thanks!

  29. Great Post! – I just bought my last gift! a gift card for my brother-in-law… I like that he’s easy like that! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Still praying for your continued good health! God Bless!

  30. I just bought some cute wine glasses from Pier 1 for some friends!

  31. A gift card. Not too exciting, but it was for the in-laws who are hard to buy for!

  32. I just bought a huge battery powered tool kit for my husband. Ugh. So unoriginal!

  33. I just bought a cricut machine for my sister :) can’t wait to give it to her!!

  34. On Friday I bought a few kids books for my best friend for Christmas! Thanks for the giveaway Bakerella, have a happy holidays!

  35. The last gift I bought was actually yarn for scarves that I’m making for Christmas. Do raw materials count? LOL

  36. I haven’t bought any gifts yet this year, I have been attempting a homemade Christmas and it has be so fun. So I have made homemade marshmallows and hot chocolate for friends. And aprons for all my girls and marshmallows guns for guys. Indoor snowball fights and snowman kits for the kiddos. It has been a blast… now onto making husbands art kits.

  37. Most recently I bought a book for my husband’s step brother’s son. What? Yes.

  38. I bought a couple of Thomas the train – trains for my 2 year old. He carries them with him where ever he goes!

  39. I bought a dress shirt for my husband because being an adult is awesome like that.

  40. a football jersey for my brother!

  41. The book “The Night Circus” for my grandmother-in-law. Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. So much fun meeting you in Phoenix!!

  43. Melissa and Doug toys for my son! The one I can’t wait to play with is a sandwich kit!

  44. I bought my father a gift card for his XMas gift, he was the last one I had to take care of to be completely done with shopping!

  45. I bought my almost 2 year old little girl a pink play kitchen! I might be more excited about it then she will be!

  46. A digital picture viewer for my mother in law

  47. I just purchased a sweater and shirt for my husband. Thanks for the give away!

  48. Let me think…some items from Starbucks for our Secret Santa gift exchange. Merry Christmas!

  49. Some glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets for my daughter’s stocking! Thank you so much for the generous giveaway!!

  50. A sweater for my brother-in-law. Merry! Merry!

  51. The last gift I bought was a box of jellied fruit slices. I looked everywhere local for them but ended up ordering. You can buy them by the pound at most candy stores but i needed a packaged box.

  52. The last thing I bought was a purse for my sister-in-law for Christmas. That girl looooves her purses. ; )
    I’ve read your blog for so long. You were the first I encountered. I’m thrilled for you and your amazing success. You’ve spread a lot of joy with your cake pop creations. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!
    Happy Christmas and all the best to you in 2012~

  53. I bought my sister a digital camera.

  54. A fun apple and pomegranate basket with a jar of orange blackberry honey! Would like to get an iPad! Thanks!

  55. Hi, I bought my newborn daughter some socks that look like shoes. She is 3 months old so this Christmas will be lots of presents from both sets of grandparents.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing break.

  56. Golf balls for my brother-in-law

  57. A jar of lingonberry sauce from a swedish shop for a friend. She really likes the stuff!

  58. I’m guessing the pink are yours? Awesome shoes. I purchased a Kindle for my husband yesterday. I think I want it more than he does so I might steal it after Christmas. :) Merry Christmas!!!

  59. I just bought 2 tickets to a Chicago Bulls game for my parents! =)

  60. i bought a nook for my sister for her birthday

  61. Today I got some cute hats for my kids that were crocheted by my friend…I can’t wait for them to see them!

  62. Most recent gift I bought was a green sweater for my husband. :) What an awesome giveaway! I hope I win. Looks like you have lots of fun at your signings. Yay!

  63. I just bought Bananagrams for my husband (and myself :) for Christmas.

  64. Spa gift card for sister-in-law

  65. Just bought my hubby some Sanuks from Zappos 5 min ago!!

  66. a book that my brother’s been wanting to read!!!

  67. I didn’t purchase any gifts this year, I’m making them all! The last thing I made was a set of wine glass charms for my parents, so they can stop arguing over whose glass is whose!

  68. I bought my son the cutest animal books and a little leap frog laptop… I can’t wait for him to see it. He is going to love it!

  69. I just bought a watch for my niece and a messenger bag for my brother-in-law Thank you for your lovely blog!

  70. I bought fleece and made a bacon scarf for my BFF. She’s addicted to the stuff.

  71. The last gift I bought was the book Hungry Planet for my mom!

  72. The last gift I bought was fuzzy pink boot slippers for my sister!

  73. I bought my mom and step-mom some goodies from the Body Shop!

  74. I just bought a Nike sweatshirt in Georgia bulldog colors for my sweet little cousin. He is an avid sports fan

  75. I purchased a hat for my sister!

  76. The last gift I bought was a gift card for my friends. I wanted their gift this year to be something of a date night so their are chocolates and a gift card to their favorite restaurant. I’m doing something similar for my parents too! Every couple could use a little together time. ^_^

  77. I bought a mug and a Christmas towel for my boss. :)

  78. I just bought my mom an automatic floor cleaner. It goes around the house sweeping and mopping for you. I just know she’ll love it!

    P.S. I’m in the process of making Cake Balls for my friends, they MADE me make them for Christmas in between my crazing cookie baking schedule!

  79. The last gift I got for someone was a Star Trek calender for my Mom. It’s her favorite show.

  80. Some small play horses for my little horse crazy girl!!

    Merry Christmas!

  81. That looks like a blast! Wish I could meet you for one of your signings! I’m showing off the skills I’ve learned from this site with a cake pop masterpiece for my Christmas staff party!

    Oh, and for the question, the last present I picked up was a jam and shortbread set for my Grandparents! (and maybe for me to try too)

  82. The most recent gift I purchased was a huge stack of about 10 different fast food gift cards for my husband… I try to prevent him from eating at those places as much as possible {for his own good of course} so Santa is giving him the gift of grease this year!

  83. I purchased a new dress for my mom’s Xmas present!

  84. A wooden train set for my kids for Christmas.

  85. Just finished purchasing the last of my kiddos Christmas presents. One of them was a cool karaoke machine for my 7 year old.

  86. A Shutterfly calendar for my mom.

  87. A Nook for my husband

  88. The most recent Gift I bought should be a secret, but since I know that the giftee is too young to read: I bought a ‘tooth fairy’ costume for a special little girl :) She truly wants to be a tooth-fairy when she is older.

  89. Just bought some last minute Ohio State sweatshirts for my boys. Although a cake pop kit might be another last minute gift, my boys love to make cake pops, love to eat them even more!

  90. One of the last gifts I bought was baking supplies for my niece & nephew. My daughter lives with them and states that my niece makes great brownies, but never has the right pan to make them in. I also included cupcake pans, baking sheets, spatulas and a few cake mixes and brownie mixes. Hope they think the gift is a good one! When I told my daughter I didn’t thaink it was such a great gift for my nephew, she said “who do you think eats all the goodies she likes to make?” She had a good point :)

  91. I bought my niece a Kewpie doll!

  92. What is the most recent gift you’ve purchased for someone?

    I have bought so many gifts this past month, I don’t even know how to answer this! Okay, the very last I bought was a box of Brazilian chocolates for my boyfriend’s dad and brother. But the very first gift I bought this Holiday season was a Kindle fire for my boyfriend, and that thing has been sitting under the three for more than a month now, and I can’t wait for hm to open it!

  93. Late last week, I bought some tins for all my Christmas cookies. I had the kids go hand them out to the neighbors this weekend!

  94. The last gift I purchased were sleds for my kids. I think they will make wintertime just that much more fun!!

  95. I bought my dad a gps!

  96. A boring scarf was the last gift I bought! I’m crocheting a matching hat though.


  97. My baby girl just had her 5 year birthday party! I bought her some cool Twinkle Toes boots:)

  98. i bought my husband some christmas-themed boxers today. romantic, i know.

    ps i’m making your red velvet sandwich cookies right now. they are a family favorite! i even made them for our wedding rehearsal dinner. thanks for the amazing recipe!

  99. I bought some adjustable dumbbells for my sister!

  100. The last gift I bought was a boxed set of Penzey’s spices for my Mom for Christmas – they’re all for making fancy cheesy garlic breads I guess. I hope she likes it!! Thank you for the giveaway, it’s very generous of you. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for a while now, and I hope 2012 brings you great health & happiness!!!

  101. Looks like you had so much fun! I love looking at your book signing pics :) The post recent gift I bought was picture frames today to be part of Christmas gifts. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  102. A heated microplush blanket for my mother-in-law! Thanks for the chance to win & Merry Christmas!

  103. On the 14th, I bought a hardcover book called “Teddy Bears: A collectible history of the teddy bear.” It was a spontaneous purchase for my two little sisters (3 and 5 years old) because I thought they’d have fun looking at all the pictures. Also because it had a picture of Rupert the bear, a character from a show I loved watching as a kid :)

    Earlier in the week, I bought chocolate truffles for my dad for his birthday. It was part of a set of presents from my whole family :)

  104. Most recent gift I purchased was “The Commish” entire series for my dad

  105. Pizza gift certificates for daycare teachers

  106. The last gift I bought were wooden dolls that I could decorate as power rangers and different superheros for my adorable nephews!!

  107. The last thing I bought (co-bought with my sister) was an exercise bag for my mom’s birthday! She’s recently started getting into shape and was so happy to have such a cute AND functional bag!

  108. Some clothing for my husband!

  109. A lotus incense holder for my friend. :)

  110. cookie tins and baking materials for homemade cookie tins for friends and relatives!

  111. Picked up a Hexbug Spider today!

  112. I bought my friend Lori a “heavy metal” shirt from ThinkGeek–she’s a ceramic artist, and a lot of the metals are in the glazes she uses :D.

  113. I just purchased a best buy gift certificate for a Christmas present. Not exciting but what they will love. Thanks for the chance to win. Merry Christmas!

  114. i hope she doesn’t read this… but the last gift i bought was a pretty purple wallet for my college roommate! she lives all the way across the country now, so she’ll have to wait til christmas for her package to arrive in the mail :) it was bright, funky and fun – just like her!

  115. The most recent gift I bought was something for my husband (who’s sitting right next to me so I will keep it under wraps for now :), and my wonderful in-laws (book / DVD).

  116. I bought two things today actually! A chronologically ordered Bible for my sister and a tall plastic popcorn cup that has the classic popcorn logo/colors (yellow with ‘Popcorn’ sitting in bed of popcorn) for my mom to go in her goodie bag. We always do a goodie bags in my family.

  117. I got my mom jewelry made with with chocolate diamonds! very pretty!

  118. The last gift I bought was a new little travel mug for my 4-year-old to have his hot chocolate in!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  119. The last thing I purchased is a gift for my other half… a tiny bottle of Pure Capsaicin extract. He loves spicy food and nothing is ever spicy enough for him. I plan to designate him his own bowl and pan to use it with!

  120. Just bought some panties for my little (big) girl.

  121. I bought an iPad cover for my sister’s new iPad, and would love one for myself! Thanks!

  122. I bought my son some Skinny Levi’s. Twelve is such a funny age.

  123. The most recent gifts are Nutcrackers for my kids. They just finished their first Nutcracker Ballet: a soldier and a party boy! The Nutcrackers will go in their stockings ;-)

  124. Thanks for having a giveaway! The most recent gift I bought was a home beer brewing kit for my dad.

  125. I bought my little boy lots of storage for his new toys.

  126. Oh gosh, those book signings look like lots of fun! Unfortunately not too many end up happening up here in Spokane – we’re just too small!

    I hope my husband doesn’t somehow find this, but I just bought him a sparkly 6 pack of beer Christmas ornament for our tree – he’s a home brewer, so I think he’ll appreciate it! :)

  127. I just ordered a “Cars” backpack for my two year old son.

  128. My cousin’s baby’s name is Dylan, partially after Bob Dylan, so I had the cover of one of his albums screenprinted on a onesie. I can’t wait to give it to them!

  129. I got my son-in-law an iPod touch.

  130. I bought my wife some slippers.

  131. I just bought my husband a Blu Ray player.

  132. i bought a book of vegan food for mi sister in law!! And some perfumes!!

  133. The most recent thing (and the last thing I have to buy, I think) was a gift card for my dad and stepmom.

  134. The most recent gift I bought was a Letter Leap Frog game for our son !
    Thank you for all your great ideas and smiles you bring to my face as i look at your blog :) wish you could come to Michigan !!

  135. I purchased my sister-in-law an iHome for her iPod.

  136. Today I purchased a sweater for my husband. I still have so much more shopping to do.

  137. I bought a Kindle cover for my husband (shhhh…it’s for Christmas!).

  138. I just bought my dad a jacket from Land’s End. I was so relief because the men in my life, especially dads, are so, so hard to shop for. If only they liked baking… :)

  139. A hand-stamped monogram necklace for my 12 year old daughter. :0)

  140. I bought my daughter an iPad and would love one for myself!

  141. A gift for my best friend which consisted of a wine glass, bottle stopper and still have to get the wine!

  142. Two seasons of Mad about you for my mom! :)

  143. Just last night I bought some bath and body pump soaps for my mother in law. Hopefully it will arrive before Christmas!

  144. the last gift i bought for someone was a beautiful soft scarf for a good friend. when we were shopping for our boyfriends she saw this scarf and fell in love with it so i had to go back without her to pick it up! I can’t wait until she opens it! :D

  145. Oh that’s easy … A dolphin pillow pet fr my beautiful 6 year old!

  146. I got my best friend a framed photo of us and baked her some super chocolatey cookies and some homemade applesauce for her birthday at the beginning of the month.
    I’m way behind on my Christmas shopping but sometime in the next few days I’ll be getting my mom a new pair of sneakers and/or an electric blanket.

  147. I bought some books for our six month old grandson! So fun to read!!!!

  148. I bought the movie “The Help” for my mother-in-law’s Christmas gift. we saw it together when it first came out this year.

  149. The Zoku Quick Pop Maker for my niece!

  150. Yummy coffee for stocking stuffers for just about everyone in my family! :)

  151. It’s been a flurry of Christmas shopping the past 2 weeks but I’ve just about wrapped it up (not literally unfortunately- still need to do that.) However, I realized today I should get something small for a cousin of mine so we stopped and got him a bag of Chad’s Popcorn’s Buffalo Bleu. Chad has done quite well by us- we sent out 2 sampler packs (5 bags ea.) and picked up 5 more bags for giving. Great stuff! Merry Christmas to you!

  152. A pair of huge copper statement earrings for my sister in law. I could never work them but they will look great on her!

  153. I bought my daughter, a niece and a nephew sweet handmade hats from a charity blog!

  154. The most recent gift was another of the numerous gifts to my 2-year old son: a racecar toddler bed! :)

    P.S. Cute photos!

  155. A photo frame ornament with a picture of their old home in it. They just moved in a new one!

  156. The last gift I bought fo someone was a make-up kit for my younger cousin. I have the cake pop kit on my wish list. I would love to get one!!! :) < 3 baking

  157. I didn’t buy my last gift, I made it — a tent for an American Girl Doll for a soon to be surprised little girl!

  158. i bought a book of vegan food for my siter in law!!

  159. anti monkey butt powder for my dad since her recently bought a motorcycle, a little gag gift for his stocking

  160. The most recent “gift” I purchased was by far the best one I’ve given this year. Ran into a young lady and her mother in the Kohl’s parking lot that were asking strangers for just $42 to get a room for the night at a hotel since they had spent the previous night in their car and just wanted a warm room and a shower. I didn’t have much cash on me, so I gave her what I had and got into the car and discussed with my roommate what we could do. We decided to go get more cash and hope that they were still there when we returned. Thankfully, they were. Their tears became my tears and that very small gift will most certainly be the best present I both give and receive this Christmas.

  161. I just purchased “Being George Washington” for my husband’s grandmother, along with some white chocolate truffles. I love buying gifts for people that I would love to receive! Thanks for the chance to win!

  162. I bought my dad a hummingbird feeder! He’s going to love it!

  163. A vintage Moroccan brass tray table for my parents. Kind of odd, but we’re a strange bunch :)

  164. I bought a yearbook for my nephew – sophomore year of high school for him!

  165. A spy cam remote controlled airplane!

  166. A sequined sweater for my sis. Love your site :)

  167. I recently bought some Christmas fabric to make my friend a Christmas table runner. Your book tour photos look fun. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  168. Yarn! That I’m currently knitting into fingerless gloves. (Cutting it a little close, I know…)

  169. A camo snuggie for my video game playing son to keep warm with!

  170. Just yesterday I purchased a pair of pajamas for my mom. She actually picked them out and then I paid for them. I’ll bet she will be so surprised when she opens them up on Christmas Eve! ; )

  171. Purchased some MEDLINE Remedy Lotion for several people, had to order it online. I’m a nurse and It’s the lotion we use in the ER on patients and on our own hands to save them from drying out. It’s the best lotion EVER so it makes great gifts :)

  172. The very last was groceries today. Sort of special things to fill bags instead of stockings.

  173. My most recent one was “It’s a Wonderful Life” for my dad. He LOVES that movie! (and so do I)

  174. I just bought this great paisley knitting bag for my Grandma – hope she loves it!

  175. I am all about the Christmas shopping right now–the last gifts I bought were ties for my boyfriend. :)

  176. The most recent gift I got was for my mom. I got her a nice sweater. She doesn’t go out much, so hopefully this will encourage her to out a bit more!

  177. Some ceramic pie pans for friends and family from the Williams Sonoma outlet (such good deals!).

  178. Disney Princess for my youngest daughter

  179. Fact or Crap, the game! Purchased for my VBF and her new hubby for Christmas.

  180. The last gift I purchased was a set of headphones for my husband for Christmas. We celebrated our Christmas early yesterday and he loved them! He’s been wanting new ones for a long time.

  181. A Stella and Dot necklace for my mom! :)

  182. Christmas – a beautiful bracelet for a friend.

  183. I bought a barbie make up kit for my daughter.

  184. I bought my sister in law a set of wooden coasters from France on Etsy.

  185. a shutterfly calendar!

  186. A “save the wooly mammoth” t-shirt for my husband!! :)

  187. A sweater! Lame, I know, but it was the last thing I needed to complete my list!

  188. A Ducks hoodie for my brother in law.

  189. I bought some Harley Davidson pilsner glasses (with pinup girls on them) for my stepdad!

  190. gorgeous hand painted ornaments for my daughter’s sunday school teachers. :)

  191. I bought a nintendo dsi for my adopt a family child since it was the one thing he really wanted this christmas, but his mother was unable to afford.

  192. Chocolate covered bacon for a friend for Christmas

  193. I bought my husband some clothes for his recent weight loss.

  194. chutes and ladders for my 3 year old girl!

  195. I bought my son his first three chapter books!

  196. serving utensils for one of my friends for Christmas

  197. I bought my brand new nephew toys. :) He’s just over 28 days old.

  198. A baseball glove for my boyfriend. Shhh…don’t tell!

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