The last five signings and some gift sets, too.

The last five book and kit signings were such a blast. When I started the book tour the end of last year I had no idea how much fun they would be and how much I would miss meeting you guys when they were all over. Thank you so much to everyone that came out to one of the 20+ signings. Along the way I have tried to get pictures of everyone that came by to say hi and also recap each city on the site. This time I combined the last several cities in one big giant post.

San Francisco, Orlando, Phoenix, San Diego and Austin.

There are a few photos from each city below as well as slideshows of all the photos from each. Feel free to use any of the pics from flickr if you find one of yourself.


It was so great starting off the signings at Chronicle Books Headquarters in San Francisco. Say hi to Emily. She designed the kit and the notecards box sets. So so cute.


There’s nothing like watching the excitement on little ones faces when they look through the book. It’s still such a gift for me to see.


There were lots of fun and friendly faces in San Francisco.


Like sweet Melissa of Best Friends for Frosting. She did a little interview with me while she was there.

Here’s the San Francisco Slideshow…



The Barnes and Noble in Orlando brought more friendly faces.


Like my friend Robyn from Add a Pinch. She lives out of state, but made time during her family Disney vacation to stop by. She really is the super sweetest.


And here’s Julie from The Little Kitchen. So glad to see your smiling face!


I just want to take a minute to thank everyone at all the signings over the last year or so that brought such sweet gifts to share.


You guys made me feel so special through your many talents and your kind words. I can think of several right now that even brought tears. Sweet happy tears.

Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my happy heart.

Here’s the Orlando Slideshow…



The Phoenix Barnes and Noble was a lot of fun, too.


These girls were a blast. They were a great group of bloggers that all came to the event together.


Cute suede shoes. Guess which ones are mine.


I met Amy of Amy Miller Designs. She makes faux cupcake ornaments and shipped some special cake pop ornaments for me a while ago. And look at these Muppets she brought to the signing. They are faux Muppet Cake Pops. And they are fantastic! I need to take a better pic and share it on Twitter.


This is Jennifer. Check out her site if you make lots and lots of cake pops at a time. She has a cake ball roller that could help you out.


It’s Phoenix. We had to have some cactus cake pops of course. Excellent use of white jimmies, Arianna!

Here’s the Phoenix Slideshow…



San Diego. Yay!


Check out Kris. She makes the fantastic hot air balloon cake pops and much more.


And look at these Marshmallow Treats by Alejandra. Amazing.


Look at this cutie pie!


Hi there little one. So glad to meet you and your mom and learn what we have in common. Big big hug!


And sweet Julie from Jaybird Quilts. My mom and I had the most fun talking with you.

Here’s the San Diego Slideshow…


The last book signing was in Austin at Book People.


My friends Georgia Pellegrini, The Girl Hunter and Marla of Family Fresh Cooking came with me to the signing. Love you guys! We all had plans with several more bloggers the next day for a fun Girl Hunter Getaway hosted by Georgia. More on that soon.


There was lots of signing. And some note taking, too.


There were hugs…


And even some extraordinary chickens.

Here’s the Austin Slideshow…



That’s it for the signings. For now anyway. ; )

Oh, and big thanks for the awesome marquis sign, Book People. That was a nice surprise.

If you are near any of these stores (addresses here), I left behind some signed books and kits if you want to give them a call and see if there are any left.

If you aren’t near any of the stores, that’s ok, too. I thought I would do an end-of-the-year giveaway to anyone that wanted a chance to win some Cake Pops stuff.

I’m giving away five (5) Cake Pops gift sets that include:


A signed Cake Pops book, the Cake Pops Kit and the notecards set, too.


And if you’ve managed to make your way this far down on the post, that’s not all.

Did you know that Cake Pops is available on the iPad? That’s not very helpful unless you have an iPad though.


So one (1) of the five winners will also win a brand new 16 gb WiFi iPad. Yay!


Enter for a chance to win a Cake Pops Gift Set that includes a signed Cake Pops book, a Cake Pops Kit and a Cake Pops Notecard Set.

  • Five (5) winners will be chosen at random to win a gift set. One (1) of the five winners will then be selected at random and will also win a 16 gb WiFi iPad in their choice of white or black. (That means 4 gift set winners and 1 gift set plus iPad winner.) Yay!
  • To enter, just leave your answer to the following question in the comments section of this post.
  • What is the most recent gift you’ve purchased for someone?
  • Deadline to enter is Tuesday, December 20th at 8:00 P.M. ET. Sorry, Time’s Up. Winners announced below.
  • The five winners will be announced sometime Tuesday evening on this post.

Good Luck!

Note: This giveaway is completely sponsored by me. Thanks y’all!

Here are the winners of the Cake Pops Gift Sets. Each of you will get a book, a kit and a notecards set. And one of you is going to also get the iPad. YAY!

giftsetwinnersShannon T, Fenny Chandra, Alicia, Jennifer B and Tara. Congratulations on the Cake Pops Stuff!

Now for the big winner. After a random drawing, Shannon T – you win the iPad, too!

Hope you have fun with it.

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5,646 comments on “The last five signings and some gift sets, too.”

  1. Most recent gift purchased was a small Christmas tree I decorated up for one of my best friends .. her cousin lost both legs in Afghanistan last month .. his name is “Nick” … and by the power of prayer he is getting stronger every day! The tree is covered in red white and blue ornaments and I tied yellow ribbons all over it as well! I call it the “St. Nick tree”!

  2. My sister is a first year music teacher at an elementary school, and we bought her a pitch pipe as one of her Christmas gifts this year!

  3. Hmm, today I bought several things…a blanket for my daughter, a hair dryer for my other daughter and some stocking stuffers. Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!

  4. Hmmm…I have been buying so many gifts, so it’s hard to think of the most recent! Love this time of year! I think the last thing I have bought was the dog toys for our two dogs stockings! My girls would not like it if Santa hadn’t gotten the dogs a little something too!!!

    Your signings all looked like so much FUN!!! Thanks for sharing the pics, and for the opportunity to win!

  5. I bought the Rio dvd for my kids.

  6. I bought my niece a pink/purple ladybug Pillow Pet today!:) Thanksa bunch!!!

  7. Slippers for my sister-in-law.

  8. I bought my 48 year old sister a box of BIG Cheez-its for Christmas… as part of her gifts..

  9. i just bought a freshwater pearl necklace for my momma!

  10. A pair of cufflinks for a friend’s birthday. :)

  11. Just yesterday I bought a book for my hubby.

  12. I just bought Darth Vader and A storm Trooper toy for my 3 year old Star Wars loving nephew.

  13. My sweetest man turned 4 today! We bought him some Batman toys :)

  14. I love it! That will be a great gift for my sister.

  15. I made my dad a sculpture. It’s pretty awesome. Please check out my site. You inspired my screen name. Love ya!

  16. A golf ball embosser for initials for my golf fanatic friend

  17. Bakerella thank you so much for your creativity. And for share yours skills with all of us. HAPPY HOLIDAY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. And happy baking.

  18. Went to the bookstore this afternoon and bought a couple of books for my father in law!

  19. A wheatgrinder for my mother in law :) Merry Christmas!

  20. The last gift I bought was some Bath and Body Works for my mom.

  21. I purchased a book for my husband that was the next in a series that he thought was finished. I hope he enjoys it, since he didn’t know that the book was available.

  22. I bought fuzzy pajama pants for my nephew. Doesn’t everyone eat cake pops while wearing fuzzy pajama pants?

  23. I most recently purchased a Crayola art set for my five-year old daughter!

    Thank you for this giveaway! I absolutely love your blog, you have so many amazing ideas! I actually baked gingerbread cookies today – decorating with my daughter tomorrow. Hopefully my Gingerbread Heads turn out as adorable as yours!

  24. Blankets for our adopt-a-family, and a shirt for my daughter she has had her eye on :) happy holidays!!

  25. I just bought my nephew a Lego set to build Megatron from Transformers. Pretty excited to give it to him. I kind of want to try building it myself!

  26. An eagle figure for my boy

  27. I just bought a wonderful soy candle made by a local artist for my mother-in-law…banana nut bread scent! I think I need one for myself!

  28. The most recent gift was a dozen chocolate covered strawberries plus 3 cake pops (crazy, huh?) for my sister and brother-in-law to let them know I can’t wait to see them at Christmas! Gotta love pre-Christmas presents!

  29. I bought the Fable Comics in book form. My daughter and I love the “Once Upon A Time” TV series and someone said it was a rip off of “Fable.” Thought they’d be fun to read.

  30. Today I got gift cards for teachers, a skateboard for my son & K-cups for my hubby!

  31. Movie prop from planet of the apes!

  32. my mom some yummy smelling lotion.

  33. I just bought 3….THREE tablets for my teenagers!! One for each of them…none for mom! :)

  34. Such a cool giveaway! Thanks Bakerella! I finally got my hard to shop for husband his gifts! A fire pit for the backyard, and a computer game. Hopefully he’ll like them.

  35. A hand mixer for my niece!

  36. I ordered custom fabric and made quilts for my niece and nephew. That counts, right? Lol

  37. I love gifts that are handmade but unique. Back in September I started making my own vanilla extract with whole beans. Tonight, I just jarred 12 bottles of it as gifts. I am also making aprons and will give a “baking gift set” to all the women in my family :)

    BTW, was part of the blogger crew above. What an honor to meet you!

  38. I just ordered a pizzelle maker for my mom!

  39. I bought a cute Christmas photo frame for our annual Christmas Eve gift swap. Happy holidays!

  40. I bought my sister in law the cake pop kit!!!

  41. Last shopping trip was a doozy … various gifts for 3 Christmas kiddos we ‘adopted’, food processor & panini sandwich grill for my oldest kiddo, and gorgeous outfit w accessories for my youngest.

  42. Itunes gift cards!!

  43. A talking tea party set for my 18 month old daughter to host parties with!

  44. stocking stuffers for the kids!

  45. I don’t know if this necessarily counts as buying but I made a friend a vegan cake for their birthday! It was a tad moist but coconut oil does that. Oh well!

  46. The last gift that I bought was a nice pair of scissors for mom. She’s a big quilter and has been complaining about her current pair :)

  47. i just purchased a 5-pack of disney princess costumes for my lil gal’s bday in jan. taking advantage of those xmas sales! ;)

  48. I bought my mom a nice winter pea coat. She’s not used to having nice things, and I knew that was one thing she could really use but couldn’t afford :)

  49. A Kindle gift card for my Mom!

  50. A necklace for my niece

  51. Picked up a snowflake charm for my mother-in-law! She dropped a lot of hints…hope she likes this one!

  52. A jawbone Bluetooth for my husband.

  53. A mini trampoline for my wild 2 1/2 yr old boy

  54. The last gift I’ve bought was a golf deal for my dad :)

  55. Barbie joke :)

  56. I bought a digital picture frame for my mother’s massive collection of photos which I also transferred into digital format. it’s taking me months, but I can’t wait to see her face on Christmas!

  57. I just bought about 20 Starbucks gift cards. They are for my daughter’s teachers and friends.

  58. Thomas the Train videos, books, and bath toys for my soon to be nephew. My sister-in-law is adopting the little guy from a foster home. Very excited for both of them.

  59. McQueen and Franchesco for my 2-year-old son and Chuck & Friends cars for my 8-month old son. They loved them!!!!!!!!!

  60. The most recent gift I’ve purchased was a cranberry lime margarita drink mix for an old high school friend of mine who is coming into town! We do love our margaritas. I couldn’t resist!

  61. Souvenir t-shirts from my university for my two dearest sisters! =D

  62. I bought my 14 yo daughter a knit hat that has the long tassels down the sides. She is so stinking cute wearing any kind of hat that I always seem to get her hats for Christmas!

  63. An angry Birds calendar for one of my kids!

  64. A book with birthday fortunes! :) so fun!

  65. Black Eyed Peas Wii game for my 7 yr old daughter who LOVES every on of their songs. She cant help but dance anytime, anywhere she hears them.

  66. a pink and black zebra print hat for a friends grandaughter!

  67. I bought my 4yr old son a new bike.

  68. I just ordered a Kindle Fire for someone special.

  69. The most recent gift that I have purchased would probably be a Tiffany necklace and Coach bag for two of my close friends. They both have been going through a rough time and they are always there for me when I need help so this was my way to say thanks and to let them know that I am here for them. As an added bonus, it put a smile on both of their faces, which was sooo worth it!!!

  70. I bought some chocolate truffles in the most adorable gift box ever. May need to buy another set for myself to eat…

  71. I bought some vinyl albums for my husband for Christmas (to go along with his new turntable…).

  72. A 25 dollar gift card to shoppers drug mart, doesn’t sound exciting but with a hundred hand made paper stars ;) its the thought that counts!

  73. a chewbaca riding a bicycle tshirt for my brother. it makes me laugh so much.

  74. I bought a video game for my brother :)

  75. Last I bought was a screen printing kit for my 11 year old niece. I hope she likes it, because I thought it looked cool!

  76. Roxy brimmed female fashion hat for my niece

  77. I scored a major deal online at nike and got dh a USA mens soccer jersey and a ticket to their friendly vs. Venezuela!!!

  78. I got a cute little plant-your-own-spruce plant that came in a little ceramic elf boot for my friend =)

  79. I bought my husband a ride in a flight simulator cause he always wanted to learn to fly for his birthday tomorrow!

  80. A laser tag set for my niece and nephews!

  81. An infinity necklace for my mom

  82. Gift cards for my niece & nephew…

  83. The most recent gift I purchased was a spice rack for my Dad!

  84. the most recent gift i purchased was brownies ingredients for my friend’s 19th birthday. i made brownies with marshmallow they are so good i recommend you try some.

  85. Just purchased new cutting boards and wooden spoons for my mom.

  86. I bought ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas “animotion” book for my cousin’s son. I can’t wait to read it to him!

  87. I just bought my son a Megatron toy from Transformers and my daughter a Disney princess beauty/hair set!

  88. I bought my dad an axe for Christmas… Don’t really know why he wanted one, but that’s what he asked for :)

  89. I bought a gift card for my husband’s secretary. She is nice and super helpful, and I really hope she enjoys it!

  90. I bought an Angry Birds blanket wrap for my son, he is obsessed with them!

  91. A pair of mary janes for my little baby girl!

  92. I bought fabric…to make my twin boys some Jedi capes for Christmas! Can’t wait to give them their gifts! :)

  93. I bought my college age nephew some LED candles that actual go out when you blow on them like a real candle. Safe for dorm rooms! Merry Christmas!!

  94. I bought a zebra print throw for my sister!!!

  95. My last gift purchase was a gift certificate for a massage for my boyfriend. To be used when he returns from his first snowboarding trip in years. I’m sure he’ll need it!

  96. the last gift i bought was a Kindle Fire for my mom! It took forever to save up! (Low paying job+ lots of expenses ) But, I am glad to finally give her something that she wanted.

  97. Personalized coffee mug for my mom :)

  98. I bought my dog cute little boots for christmas.

  99. Last gift I bought was the FIRST gift I bought for the holidays… a little behind =]. I bought a guardian angel for my mom. Angels are special to us in our family, so I couldn’t resist the cute little, and very special angel!

  100. The most recent gift I bought was a Christmas gift for my kids. They will wake up Christmas morning to the cutest little beagle puppy named Blitzen! =)

  101. just purchased some little trees for my daughters Scene-A-Rama. :-) Merry Christmas to you!

  102. I just ordered an Angry Birds messenger bag for my son. The pictures on it will be good models for the Angry Birds cake pops we’re going to try to make!

  103. I bought a book of Elvis’ favorite recipes for my mom, it was called “Are You Hungry Tonight?”

  104. I bought my mom a book on Native American Sign Language (she’s a sign language interpreter and has a love of all things Native American) and a pair of Petoskey Stone earrings for Christmas :)

  105. I bought an electric toothbrush for my son and the Star Wars Blu-ray series for hubby.
    You look fabulous, Angie! Thanks so much for all of your amazing inspiration!

  106. I just purchased light saber chop sticks for my sisters boyfriend who loves star wars :)

  107. Gift cards for my sisters :)

  108. Bought clothes for our son.

  109. Just helped (along with ALOT of others) to pay for a Dad’s plane ticket so he could be there for his sons surgery along with his Mom :) Santa comes in all shapes and sizes!

  110. I found Star Wars chocolate coins for my boys stockings!

  111. I bought a Canon digital camera for my mother in law (we went in with my brother/sister in law). She is going to be so excited. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a great 2012!

  112. I bought my husband’s gift certificate at the Guitar store for Guitar lessons :)

  113. Just bought my daughter another Lalaloopsy doll… As if the 4 she has isn’t enough!

  114. Hmmm…I think the last Christmas present I bought was a grocery store gift card for the family my Bible Study group adopted.

  115. Just two days ago i bought an awesome necklace with matching earring for my sister. Hopefully i win!!!

  116. The last thing I bought was a christmas mug for my mom because she recently lost some of her mugs. Shhh! Don’t tell..

  117. A picnic table for my boys! :)
    So fun to see the Phoenix pics up on the site! We all had such a great night! :)

  118. I just bought a new bread making book for my mom.

  119. I bought some Legos for my boys. But with a house of 2 boys what else is new ;) I’m SO sad I missed going out with the Phoenix bloggers – they ARE a great bunch of girls and so much fun!

  120. i bought a george forman grill for my boyfriend.

  121. I got my mommy a book by Charlaine Harris (the True Blood author), I got my daddy a PIttsburgh Steelers shirt and my brother a movie!

  122. I bought my kid a whole bunch of diecast cars from Cars 2. I’ll probably be stepping on them a lot!

  123. Art kits for our foster baby’s two bio sisters.

  124. What an amazing giveaway! Thank you!

    The last gift I bought was for my 5-year-old twin daughter’s stockings. They love scotch tape. They are obsessed with taping their projects and different scraps of paper. Hence, they are constantly stealing my tape! I bought them a TON of their own. They are going to love it. :)

  125. I recently bought bought some cute, fashionable boots for my 11 year old daughter. She will be over the moon excited. as always, love your blog.

  126. Yesterday, I bought a bone the size of my dogs head for him for christmas

  127. I bought my husband one of those blank little figures to draw on. And we bought my father-in-law a Freemason Ritual book from 1963, he’s been a Mason for years, and we couldn’t help but pick it up!

  128. perfume for my mother

  129. Well, technically I made the most recent present. My roommate loves s’mores, so I made her s’mores truffles.

  130. I purchased a bird house kit so that my 6 year old daughter could create a bird house for my 90 year old grandmother.

  131. Hiking pans for my brother

  132. I bought 2 children’s toy sets for my 4 1/2 month old twin boys. The kind that have all the balls that pop out and you can place the ball in the top of a slide and it swirls down to the ball popper. I think they are going to love it!!

  133. I just bought my boyfriend a pea coat for Christmas.

  134. I made a reversed appliqué t-shirt as a gift for my daughter’s girl scout leader.

  135. Let’s Rock Elmo

  136. I bought my husband a blu-ray player for his birthday today.

  137. I bought my friend’s daughter a Hello Kitty manicure set! =)

  138. I bought my dad an awesome Vespa coffee cup and an assortment of different coffee to try out in his new coffee press :-)

  139. I just found a completely perfect book–The Heroine’s Bookshelf–and inscribed it for one of my girlfriends who’s an author. One of those gifts I think will be really memorable and fitting.

  140. Today was my son’s 7th bday. I got him some toys (Ben 10 and Star Wars) .

  141. I bought a beeper for your car keys today for my hubby who can never find his keys :)

  142. I purchased some local honey to send to my family on the other side of the country!

  143. I just bought my son headphones.

  144. I just finished getting everything for my brother’s gift. He can’t do sweets right now, so I went savoury. He’s getting ingredients for Korean spicy pork, a homemade chili powder, Moroccan spice mix, etc.

  145. I just bought my Dad a fleece Columbia jacket. I am now officially done Christmas shopping! Yay!

  146. The las gift i bought was a brazalet charm from pandora to my mom :)

  147. I purchased tickets to a show for my parents to say thank you for all they do for us! We have a 3 yr old and a 3 month old who are both full of energy :)

  148. Ingredients to make truffles for friends, neighbors and my kids teachers :-)

  149. Photos of my toddler for her grandparents.

  150. The last gift I bought is a surprise train for my husband.

  151. The last gift that I bought was a gift for my sister in law, a new bike:) I am sure that she will love it. I hope that you have a great new year and keep the fun posts coming, I love reading them!

  152. a pair of furry slippers for my sister!

  153. A Pink Hairdryer for my 14 yr old for Christmas.

  154. I bought a large glass (with lid) candy jar for my daughter for storing her cookie cutters.

  155. haha… I bought a dozen fancy doughnuts for a family that I care about!

  156. Harry & David pears for my folks!

  157. i bought two pairs of “wicked good slippers” from L.L. Bean just this morning! one pair for my father-in-law who has icebergs for feet and one pair for my mother who loves house slippers :)

  158. I just bought my mom a custom recipe book from paper coterie. I hope it gets here in time! Thanks for the chance to win.

  159. We just bought pocket knives yesterday for our Boy Scout sons.

  160. I just bought a sweater for my sister!

  161. I bought my daughter an iPod. That’s what she wanted for Christmas.

  162. I bought a crockpot cookbook for my 25 year old daughter.

  163. The last gift I bought was for our dog. . . a cute little blue hooded sweatshirt to keep her warm while she’s jumping through the snow :)

  164. I bought my sister a Texas shaped waffle maker that she’s been wanting. :D

  165. Grocery Gift Cards for some friends :) Boring, but needed.
    Thanks for the chance !!!

  166. A watch for my future sister-in-law!

  167. Thanks for the lovely post!

    I bought a Shiatsu massage chair cushion for the hubby!

  168. Joyeux Noel! from Canada! My most recent gift purchased was a pair of Dr. Scholl’s suede slippers for my sister who is expecting her first baby. Can’t beat Dr. Scholl’s for those tired, swollen feet!

    Have a sweet holiday!


  169. A fork! It sounds crazy, but I’m planning on making some fork jewelry for my sister in law.

  170. A Transformer for my son. He’ll love it, I just hope that I can figure out how to transform it for him.

  171. Madden 2012 for PS3 for Hubby :) and a little something for myself… (peace and quiet)

  172. I just bought Crayola Pipsqueaks markers for my niece who loves to draw & a Winston Rod fishing hat for my husband.

  173. I bought a play-doh set and play-doh for my son. Can’t wait for him to open it up on Christmas morning!

  174. Tonight I snagged some silver glitter shoes for my daughter to complete her princess outfit. I’ll pass on the princess outfit but I wish the shoes came in my size :)

  175. I bought gift cards from Best Buy for my son and son-in-law. Merry Christmas!! When are you coming to Tulsa?

  176. I bought yards and yards of flannel yesterday to sew the children p.j. ‘s for Christmas – I know I am running short on time, but I think I’ll manage! They love new p.j.’s for Christmas and have informed me that it is ‘tradition’ LOL! Lovely giveaway – thanks for the chance to enter!

  177. I just purchased some running socks for my boyfriend’s mother and a cookbook for a friend. One more gift for the boyfriend’s mother and we’re good to go!

  178. Congrats on the success of the book signing (I’m sad I missed you in Orlando)! The most recent gift I purchased was a pair of Hello Kitty slippers for my lil sis. Thanks for your generosity with this giveaway Bakerella! Happy Holidays!

  179. I just bought my husband a thinline Bible so he doesn’t have to carry around his study Bible anymore. :-)

  180. Today I bought some scarves for my mom and sisters for Christmas.

  181. A toy dinosaur for my son!

  182. I just bought my mom a gorgeous necklace today, but yesterday I bought my best friend your book! We absolutely love baking together and I can’t wait to try out some of your recipes!

  183. I got a bunch of goodies for a ‘cozy comfort’ gift basket for my good friend.

    Thanks for sharing your cute blog and your positive and generous spirit with all of us. All the best in 2012!

  184. A beautiful charm bracelet from Brighton.

  185. I have a friend who loves to bake so I purchased her one of those brownie pans where everyone gets a brownie with edges.

  186. The last gift I bought was a tripod for my friend!

  187. I bought a pizza-making kit for my cousin’s girlfriend and an automatic candy dispenser for my dad.

  188. That Extraordinary Chickens book for my sister-in-law :)

  189. A Kindle for my mom (shhhh… don’t tell!)

  190. My most recent gift purchase was a pair of cross country ski mitts for my daughter to keep her warm this season.

  191. I bought my boyfriend some goodies from J. Crew!

  192. I bought some stocking stuffers for my almost 2 year old daughter- a set of 3 mushroom Kaleidoscopes and some water flutes to play with in the bath tub. Random!

  193. I bought my little boys each a jacket from lands end for fabulous prices.

  194. Some clothes for my daughter so she could attend a wedding with her boyfriend. I thought she needed something besides jeans!

  195. I purchased some Dr. Who DVDs for my brother. But not just any DVDs, I had to order them from Amazon UK, because they were episodes that aired in the 1970s, and you can’t buy them in the US. I think Dr. Who cakepops would be adorable.

  196. The last gift I bought was an Alaskan hunting DVD for my older brother, an avid outdoors-man and hunter. You are so sweet for being so generous, Bakerella! It warms my heart :)

  197. The last gift I bought was the book Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty for my sister-in-law, who’s into fashion design. Hope she likes it!

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