The Pioneer Woman Hosts a Cake Pop Party!

As the winners and guests arrived, I loved watching them all walk in and see how excited they were to meet PW and be at the Lodge. It kinda reminds me of someone else I know that acted much the same way not so long ago. Everyone that won and all the other guests were so much fun. I absolutely loved each and every minute of it. Meeting new friends. Making Cake Pops. Putting smiles on peoples’ faces. Priceless!


Like this one. This is Sheila. She came with Jamie, one of the contest winners. And, I think you can tell, she’s definitely not boring.


Here’s Maryann… She’s local, and just as excited.


Here’s Jamie, the contest winner. She has a blog.


On the far right is Dia. She’s local, too. And look, MM even came to check out the party. Or maybe he was just hungry for some of PW’s Beef Tenderloin. Hmmm… Cupcake Pops or Tenderloin? Cupcake Pops… definitely.


Here are the punkettes watching over the candy. I promised them all of the unused sweets. Basically, I tortured them.


Here’s Sheila again, Kacee, another winner is to the right with her mom, Cindy. To the far right is Karen. She’s something else and very funny. And of course, there’s Jamie again at the bottom.


The blonde standing up is Missy. Missy is PW’s sister-in-law. I loved Missy. She’s my future cake pop partner. You’ll see why in a minute.


This is winner, Stefanie and her friend Colleen. They have a business together selling t-shirts. And they’re military wives. And, Stefanie is the mother of eight children. Four of which are adopted from China. So buy a shirt from them because I like them.


This is PW’s dear friend Hyacinth. I was so excited to meet her. Look at her cute haircut. So stylish.


Here are the punkettes again and in the middle is Hyacinth’s daughter, Meg. Another sweetie! They had just finished singing the most beautiful song for all of us. It made me cry.


People were so happy to take pictures with PW.


Here’s Kaycee and her mom again. Mom should be proud. She has the sweeeeeetest daughter.
And thank you Kaycee for taking some pics with my camera. I really appreciate it.


This is Karen’s friend, Patty. She had to leave early… bummer.


And see that sneaky lady in the background. P-Dub is blogging away. Superwoman, I say!




Take a look at PW’s curls. So glamorous.


Punkette, Jr. is in the front. She’s nine. Look how tall she is.

But that’s nothing. Punkette, Sr. is eleven. And she’s already much taller than me. I don’t know any tall women. It must be a ranch thing. I want to be tall. And, I didn’t even know I wanted to be tall until I stood next to them.


Here are some pops waiting to dry.


All kinds of techniques going on here that PW will blog about on The Pioneer Woman Cooks.


Do you ever get that feeling that someone is always looking over your shoulder?

That’s okay, I did this to her the day before. (I just had to stand on a table to do it.)


I love to see them smile.


Punkette Sr. is good with the cupcake pop method. Way to go.


And Missy, she was the pop star. Look at her cute snowman.


We all made a really big mess and PW and I loved every minute of it.


Smiles and Ice Cream Cake Pops… perfect combination.



This is a banana split Ice cream pop. I love how she used Twizzlers for the bananas. I hadn’t even though of that.


This one was for PW. I made it for her since she loves sushi so much.


I think everyone had a pretty great time. I hope anyway.


Karen made some Hello Kitty Pops and took them home to her delighted daughter – who also strangely, coincidentally is adopted from China.


Here’s Colleen looking super cute in her Bakerella T-shirt. Glad you liked it.

Thanks for the one you guys gave me, too. It so cute. And thanks for helping us clean up. That was so nice of you. Especially since it was a HUGE – GIGANTIC mess.


After all the guests had gone. It was just me and PW. She blogged while I tried to. I had something wrong with my camera or computer or something. My photos downloaded at the speed of molasses, even with the help of PW’s card reader. Next time I do anything like this, I will have to be more prepared. But it all worked out ok because she posted enough for the both of us.

And if you read her site, you are probably even sick of me by now. She sure is showing me the love. Anyway, while she blogged, we had more time to talk and I enjoyed every minute of it.


I came to the ranch excited to meet The Pioneer Woman. I left having a new friend and an adventure that I will never forget. Thank you so much PW, MM, the punkettes and the punks.

Blogging has certainly made my life more interesting.

Photo courtesy of Karen.

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