The Pioneer Woman Hosts a Cake Pop Party!

As the winners and guests arrived, I loved watching them all walk in and see how excited they were to meet PW and be at the Lodge. It kinda reminds me of someone else I know that acted much the same way not so long ago. Everyone that won and all the other guests were so much fun. I absolutely loved each and every minute of it. Meeting new friends. Making Cake Pops. Putting smiles on peoples’ faces. Priceless!


Like this one. This is Sheila. She came with Jamie, one of the contest winners. And, I think you can tell, she’s definitely not boring.


Here’s Maryann… She’s local, and just as excited.


Here’s Jamie, the contest winner. She has a blog.


On the far right is Dia. She’s local, too. And look, MM even came to check out the party. Or maybe he was just hungry for some of PW’s Beef Tenderloin. Hmmm… Cupcake Pops or Tenderloin? Cupcake Pops… definitely.


Here are the punkettes watching over the candy. I promised them all of the unused sweets. Basically, I tortured them.


Here’s Sheila again, Kacee, another winner is to the right with her mom, Cindy. To the far right is Karen. She’s something else and very funny. And of course, there’s Jamie again at the bottom.


The blonde standing up is Missy. Missy is PW’s sister-in-law. I loved Missy. She’s my future cake pop partner. You’ll see why in a minute.


This is winner, Stefanie and her friend Colleen. They have a business together selling t-shirts. And they’re military wives. And, Stefanie is the mother of eight children. Four of which are adopted from China. So buy a shirt from them because I like them.


This is PW’s dear friend Hyacinth. I was so excited to meet her. Look at her cute haircut. So stylish.


Here are the punkettes again and in the middle is Hyacinth’s daughter, Meg. Another sweetie! They had just finished singing the most beautiful song for all of us. It made me cry.


People were so happy to take pictures with PW.


Here’s Kaycee and her mom again. Mom should be proud. She has the sweeeeeetest daughter.
And thank you Kaycee for taking some pics with my camera. I really appreciate it.


This is Karen’s friend, Patty. She had to leave early… bummer.


And see that sneaky lady in the background. P-Dub is blogging away. Superwoman, I say!




Take a look at PW’s curls. So glamorous.


Punkette, Jr. is in the front. She’s nine. Look how tall she is.

But that’s nothing. Punkette, Sr. is eleven. And she’s already much taller than me. I don’t know any tall women. It must be a ranch thing. I want to be tall. And, I didn’t even know I wanted to be tall until I stood next to them.


Here are some pops waiting to dry.


All kinds of techniques going on here that PW will blog about on The Pioneer Woman Cooks.


Do you ever get that feeling that someone is always looking over your shoulder?

That’s okay, I did this to her the day before. (I just had to stand on a table to do it.)


I love to see them smile.


Punkette Sr. is good with the cupcake pop method. Way to go.


And Missy, she was the pop star. Look at her cute snowman.


We all made a really big mess and PW and I loved every minute of it.


Smiles and Ice Cream Cake Pops… perfect combination.



This is a banana split Ice cream pop. I love how she used Twizzlers for the bananas. I hadn’t even though of that.


This one was for PW. I made it for her since she loves sushi so much.


I think everyone had a pretty great time. I hope anyway.


Karen made some Hello Kitty Pops and took them home to her delighted daughter – who also strangely, coincidentally is adopted from China.


Here’s Colleen looking super cute in her Bakerella T-shirt. Glad you liked it.

Thanks for the one you guys gave me, too. It so cute. And thanks for helping us clean up. That was so nice of you. Especially since it was a HUGE – GIGANTIC mess.


After all the guests had gone. It was just me and PW. She blogged while I tried to. I had something wrong with my camera or computer or something. My photos downloaded at the speed of molasses, even with the help of PW’s card reader. Next time I do anything like this, I will have to be more prepared. But it all worked out ok because she posted enough for the both of us.

And if you read her site, you are probably even sick of me by now. She sure is showing me the love. Anyway, while she blogged, we had more time to talk and I enjoyed every minute of it.


I came to the ranch excited to meet The Pioneer Woman. I left having a new friend and an adventure that I will never forget. Thank you so much PW, MM, the punkettes and the punks.

Blogging has certainly made my life more interesting.

Photo courtesy of Karen.


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68 comments on “The Pioneer Woman Hosts a Cake Pop Party!”

  1. Wish I was there. Actually I wish my friends were more into baking. Then we could have fun baking weekends like that.

  2. wow, you make the cutest cakes!
    the recipes you have here are a MUST-TRY!
    I wish you were my pastry arts chef! =)

  3. Hi Bakerella!

    Ever since I saw this post I have been wanting to do a cake pop party. I am thinking of doing one this fall for our church. Do you have any suggestions for preparation? Hints? Tips? I know I will need to pre bake/roll some cakes before so that we have more time but just thought I would ask. Thanks so much for your blog!


  4. Okay, I just re-read this post and you guys are misunderstanding totally. I am not comparing Karen's adopted daughter to Hello Kitty. That's just weird. It never even occurred to me where Hello Kitty originated. Karen just happened to be making Hello Kitty pops. You could just as easily change out teddy bear pops in that sentence.

    What I was making note of is that Karen and Stefanie… both complete strangers… meeting for the first time at the lodge … 2 out of only 12 or so people… both have adopted children. That's coincidental in my book. And they both have adopted children from China. Which if I wasn't clear enough, I think is wonderful… and even more coincidental considering the number of people attending. And a great ice-breaker for strangers to have something so amazing to talk about with each other. Nothing. Nothing to do with Hello Kitty. Thanks.

  5. Okay, someone beat me to the punch about hello kitty being from Japan and not China. Not everything from Asia comes from China and why is it strange and coincidental? Because it is not Caucasian? Best to just leave the race card out of it.

  6. Wow!
    We have a crumbly (bought, premade) cake here, and I was thinking about doing choc coated cake pops… and then I got to thinking… My daughter (shown here at last years birthday party)wants a princess party…
    Any ideas for princess cake pops? I was thinking white with either silver or gold sugar balls, but thats as far as I got.
    Thanks in advance!

  7. They are just big ones cut down small.

  8. Love, love, love this! Where did you find the tiny ice cream cones?? CUTE!!

  9. I don’t remember mentioning Hello Kitty. ???

  10. well…hello kitty is actually japanese, not chinese. so, hello kitty really has nothing to do with that lady’s adopted daughter from china. just pointing it out because an adopted asian kid probably already has enough misconceptions about their culture of heritage, they don’t need one more.

  11. Wow! I wish I was your neighbor! You have great ideas for some of the cutest Easter treats ever!!
    My favorite is the Peanut Butter Eggs- do you do anything with those?
    I am making those little cake pops for my sons Birthday treat at school! I can’t wait- they will be so excited!!
    Thanks for the great ideas!
    Karen Caicco

  12. carefully in a styrofoam block should work.

  13. The chicks look so cute!! I want to make them to take to a school party. Any ideas on how to transport them to school? Thanks, Cathie

  14. Princess Danell – It was pretty fun!

    Jennifer – yes, non-pareils and multi-colored rainbow chip sprinkles.

  15. I’m crazy about the sushi pops! Thinking about making some as cake truffles along with some reg. cupcakes as a wedding cake for my friend. Are those white non-pareils on top? What is the orange and green? Thanks so much!

  16. This looked like so much fun! Much more fun thatn Martha Stewart? Color me jealous.

  17. I’ll have to find that version.

  18. It must be some funny twist of fate but while I was reading this post my iTunes was playing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and so in my mind that is what was playing at your pop party!

    It was the Miley Cyrus version, which made it all the more ranch-style.

  19. Debbie in AZ – Now I want to make a whole bunch of sushi pops. It’s probably the only kind i will eat.

    Bella – I think you missed the point I was making.

    • hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people entered a contest to visit PW’s ranch.
    • 4 strangers were chosen at random to attend
    • 2 of them had adopted children
    • that were also adopted from China.

    I just think that’s pretty special that these two strangers were brought together in such a random way.

    Definitely not knocking biological children as you put it. But come one…You have to admit that’s pretty interesting.

    So sorry if you don’t like the site for that reason.

  20. I really like your site but was turned off by the fact you made mention of one woman’s 8 children ‘4 of whom were adopted from China’, and then the other woman who ‘coincidentally’ has a daughter adopted from China. Why not mention all of the women who (coincidentally) have biological children?
    Who cares if they were adopted?? Just say ‘she has 8 kids’ or whatever. Seriously.

  21. I’m a devoted fan of PW and a new fan of yours. I love the cake pops! ROFL at the Sushi pops! I’ll bet PW was amazed and thrilled at your version of sushi!

  22. Holly – here ya go

    CalvaryGirl – glad you liked it

    tom – not planned. Just luck of the draw. Did you enter PW’s contest?

  23. WONDERFUL. Only one problem…. not one man there (blogger) ugh.. or,er, was that planned. Bless your hearts..

  24. That party looks like so- much – FUN!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    My Blogs: CalvaryGirl- Life, Designs, and Devotions

  25. Ok, PW let the cat out of the bag that you shoot your pics in full auto mode, but I’d love to know what kind of camera you use!!!! Thanks!

  26. 4funboys – I’m ready to go now.

  27. mouth watering yummy!!!

    When’s the next trip???

  28. OH MY GOODNESS now I really am super jealous! LOVE the pops, love the peeps, I think this should be an annual event!

  29. oh so much fun!!

  30. I love when various parts of the internet collide!! Looks like an AWESOME day!!!

  31. Looks like you all had a fantastic day!!! What an awesome experience! :)

  32. I’m so glad you all enjoyed reading about the trip. I still can’t believe she invited little ole me. It was the best experience in every way. Hope you had fun following along. And don’t worry. She’s going to have more chances to have people to the lodge. More bloggers and more guests.

    MMW – Here’s a link to the shirts…

    Starwoodgal – It really was a pleasure meeting you.
    You are so nice and pretty. Thanks again for the present.

    Cindy – yes- you can use homemade cake and frostings. Just keep the proportions similar to the cake mix and canned.

  33. Thanks for your perspective and photos! We rarely get to see P-dub on her site!

  34. I have a raging case of jealousy. Like I might cry right now. It looks like so much fun!

  35. These days seem amazing !!!
    I’m 16 and actually 1,8 meter,or 6 feet high…since I was 13 :p
    Do you think it’s so nice to be a tall woman?

  36. These days seem amazing !!!
    I’m 16 and actually 1,8 meter,or 6 feet high…since I was 13 :p
    Do you think it’s so nice to be a tall woman?

  37. looks like you guys had a FAB time!

  38. That looks like way too much fun! Thanks for sharing it all with us. I’m still so bummed that I live too far away to have even entered. You and PW are the best!!

    One question for you, for the ice cream pop, did you just cut off a bottom of a sugar cone for the base? Love it!

    Rachel S

  39. i too wish i could have been there with you! to be schooled in person would have been wonderful! thanks for all you share! could you please teach me how to do an elmo cake-pop? you are the best!

  40. That’s just awesome! I love your style of writing just as much as PW’s… and you can’t be tall, because you’re too cute the way you are!

  41. Man, that is just too rad! Sounds like everyone had a blast! Thanks so much for sharing everything, seriously. You’ve made getting over a broken ankle so much more interesting, and given me something to look forward to doing after I’ve recovered!

  42. OMGOOOOSSSSHHHH!! It just looks like you all had the best time with some WONDERFUL women!! This is something NONE of us could have even envisioned ten years ago. Heck, we’d never even heard of the word “blog.”

    This is fantastic and you took us on a journey that made me feel like I was there. Loved it. Love you both. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Can’t wait to bring my 17-yr-old Bakerella junior in here to see all the fun and creations. She LOVES to bake. If YOU ever do something like this at your place, can she come?! :)

  43. There is no way I could be sick of either one of you! I could read about stuff like this every day for the next year (hint hint) and still come back for more!

  44. Thanks for taking us with you through your posts. Hard to beat a party with two blogging icons and cupcakes! Your narrative really made me feel like I was there. :)

  45. Wish I could of been there also!

  46. It looks like you had so much fun!

  47. Looks like so much fun! I'm sitting here smiling & feeling like I know everyone now! :)

  48. …Hello Bakerella! I am headin’ out of Lurksville to just say that what you do is phenomenal and that you dear lady are an absolute gift!

    …Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ girl! :o)

    …Many blessings…

  49. Sick, I’m just sick that you got to go to The Lodge. You are one lucky lady! You deserve it!

  50. your pictures are lovely :) it looks like too much fun! i love the ice cream cake pops too!

  51. You have me wanting to do these with my kids! Of course, the 4.5 year old would eat the chocolate, and the 2.5 year old would … eat the chocolate AND smear it around!

    Those look so great, I want to try some (making and eating)!

    I guess regular cake would work too, right? Homemade, not from a box? But I would buy the icing :)

    White cake would be good too, right?

    Mmmm … the ideas. I’ve got some of those cupcake trays for melting chocolates in (plus a whole bunch more).

    Thanks for sharing your fun with PW!


  52. Thanks for sharing all the fun stuff! i loved reading every word. I’m so jealous!

  53. Although I was jealous not to be there, this whole adventure was SO much fun to read about! PW and Bakerella are my absolute favorites! What’s better than PW or Bakerella! You too TOGETHER of course!

  54. It really was a great idea. Looks like so much fun!!

    I’ll have to make me some cake pops soon now… Those look too delicious!

  55. it looks like you all had a wonderful time and meeting so many new friends – you will remember this.

  56. I’m laughing through tears. Your post cracked me up! I may have snorted my coffee this morning while reading it.

    Bakerella, it was a delightful day and such a pleasure to meet you and make cake pops with you. I am planning on a trial run of making cake balls/pops for Easter and then again for my daughter’s graduation party. I loved your “Grad Cap” idea!

    The post is wonderful. Love all the photos. Take care and God Bless you, Woman!

    Jamie (aka Starwoodgal)

  57. Oh what an amazing experience! Wish I could have been there. You are so cute.I love your hair.

  58. Wow, wow, wow! This looks like all birthdays and Christmasses rolled into one :) Thank you for sharing all these photos, I definately need to get pop making again, you are just fabulous!

  59. What a great recap on what looks to have been a wonderful adventure! How generous of PW to host this, and how generous of you to share your talents. Who wouldn’t want to be there? :)

  60. It all looks like

    Seriously. I would have loved to have been there!

  61. Fabulous! I love it so so much, the mix of generations, the evident happiness. Just wonderful!

  62. Ms. Bakerella, I WANT and I NEED a bakerella t shirt just like the girls were wearing. Do you sell them? They are adorable and just the right colour of pink. Please tell me how I can sport one too.
    xoxo MMW

  63. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun. I am so glad that you went to the ranch because the trip introduced me to your sweet blog.

  64. Wow! That was one great party you guys had. Congratulations to everyone. Wish i was there too!

  65. Envy, envy, envy… And happy because you all seem to be having a very good time together. I wish I could been there.

    Congratulations to everyone: Bakerella, The Pioneer Woman and all those lucky girls of the photos. I’ll wash my sadness this weekend making come cake balls. Alone. :'(

  66. Oh my goodness! I wish I could have been there! You are amazing Bakerella! Yes I’m using exclamation points. This little episode of you and O-dub is the best thing ever! You rock!

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