There’s no business like snow business

These little cupcakes went to the office today. And unfortunately for them, none returned home with me. I wanted to decorate something wintery since this will probably be the only snow I get to play in this year. It was even 70 degrees outside today. It’s January… it could at least be cold.

Snowman Cupcakes

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14 comments on “There’s no business like snow business”

  1. I love great blogs and yours is definitely one of them!! I was led to your blog by CakeJournal and I love it. I can’t wait to sit and read your posts!! :)

  2. Thank you so much special t cakes. Hope you come back and visit.

  3. I just came across your website today. In my browsing it I came across the snowmen. I love snowmen. These cupcakes make my heart skip a beat.
    I am loving your website. So please keep posting PLEASE!

  4. HELP! I have trouble with cupcakes cups not staying stuck to the cupcakes once baked. I have tried several different brands. Has this ever happened to you? Thanks, Jen

  5. wow I should make these for my grandmas annual christmas party, I could already hear everyone talking about how cute they are.

  6. Hey, where’s the recipe? They look great!


  8. WAY too cute… must bake & make one day soon!! ;)

  9. I want to make these for a get together I am having in a few days. Could I get a list of ingredients and recipe. THANKS. I {LOVE} them all they are so CUTE!!

  10. i need some easy to make but cute and fun cupcakes to make. but they need to be easy because I’m not a major wizard with a whisk
    Any ideas?

  11. LOVE your site so much inspiration!
    do you have a recipe or list of things you used to make these they are so cute!! :)

  12. i love these! i want to make them for my son’s winter one-derland birthday party. where might i find a recipe?!?!?!


    I WEIGH 5r3452

  14. Would love the recipe

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