They’re Poppin’ Up All Over…Part 2!

Hey bakerellas – here’s the sequel to the first Cupcake Pops video… finally, right!?

I took some time over the Thanksgiving holiday to work on it for you guys. I think I included everyone that left their link in the comments from the first video back in May. There were more photos this time, so the video is a bit longer. Thanks for sharing and thanks for making me smile!

Here’s a hi-res version if your computer can take it; courtesy of vimeo:

Cupcake Pops & Bites: Part 2 from bakerella on Vimeo.

And, here’s a lower-res version through youtube:

And, here are all the pop stars:

Jennifer – Cupcake Bites in a Cupcake Box

Michelle – Mint Truffle Pops

Anne – Bakerella’s Cupcake Pops
Kendra – A Sweet Celebration

Mrs. Bumblebee – My New Favorite Thing
Lona – Minis
Michelle – Not like the original

Kristin – Procrastination
Sarah – Cupcakes are not like Chi Squares

Kat – Happy Father’s Day Cupcakes
Stephanie – Blogless, but talented

Carolyn – Blogless, but talented
Kellie – Small Love
Natasha – I finally made the cupcake pops


Camille – Success

Jill – Blogless, but talented

Jamieanne – Cupcake Pops

Libby – Little Cupcakes (again)

Najla – Blogless, but talented

Pineapple – Mini Cupcake Bites

Becky – Today I am 35
Kathleen – Cupcake Pops

Sarah – Cupcake Bites

Theresa – Hello Sweetie Pie!

Lynn – Blogless, but talented

Christina – Blogless, but talented
Dawn – Don’t think I will try this one again
mushroomgarden – Cake Pops

Bridget – Blogless, but talented

Shealynn – Something New

Nicole – Cupcakes!
Stephanie- Cupcake Mess Up

Brooke – Cupcake Pops
Kyrie – So Soon?
Shawnee – Red Velvet Cake Balls
Nicole – I think I have a problem

Stacey – Wedding Cupcake Balls

Stella – Blogless, but talented

Allison – Blogless, but talented
Amanda – Blogless, but talented
Angie – Almost 10!
Ashlee – Cupcake Lollipops…
Deby – A Request for Cupcakes
Jaime – Cupcake Pops

Lizzy – Cake Pops
Lizzy – Made these yummy treats for Grandma
Megan – Cousins, Closets, Cows and Cupcakes

Ellen – Blogless, but talented

Abby – Our busy weekend
Beki, Blogless, but talented
Jenn – Cute as a cupcake
Marisa – Just for you Bakerella!

Amanda – Pumpkin Cake Balls

April – Cupcake Suckers
Cara – Perfect Little Cupcake Pops
Dana – Blogless, but talented
Debbie – Cupcake Pops
JB – I Heart Cake Pops
J. Keeler – Cake Bites that Rock
Joelle – Many (many) Hours Later
Kim – yum…yum…
Megan – My project from today
Melly – Bakerella for President
Sarah – My Baking Adventures
Suzy – First Communion Gift Idea
Wanda – Blogless, but talented

I love to bake

This Girl Loves to Talk

Jessica – Blogless, but talented
Rosanne – Brittany’s 13th Birthday



Macpixxie – YAY Mini Muffin Pops

Cookemila – Homenaje a Bakerella
Morgana – Bakerella, this is our way to say thank you

Mellan – Nya Cakes idag!

Debbie – voila!! lol

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60 comments on “They’re Poppin’ Up All Over…Part 2!”

  1. so creative

  2. where do you get the cupcake mold at????

  3. i am 11 and i love making cakes and cake pops are so much fun to make and eat.

  4. I make cake pops all the time and I get SO discouraged because they didn’t look Like BAKERELLA’s in her book, but I realized that you give it your own flare and touch and even if they are not “Cake Pops” book perfect they are still cute and yummy no matter how they look! LOL! Even with all the flaws in the ones I make, EVERYONE loves them!

  5. Still haven’t tried these but there on my list.

  6. Love this site and all the beautiful things and ideas! Very talented bakers! I’ve done the cake pops but not the cupcake bites…they look fun and so pretty! Cant wait to try!

  7. Hello, I’m vegan which means I don’t eat any meat or dairy or eggs. I have veganized your amazing cake pops and cupcake bites and I just wanted to say thank you for all of the awesome inspiration your blog offers! These tiny treats are seriously incredible.

  8. Hi Bakerella;

    I’m from Brasil…São Paulo.

    I made your Cupcake Pops….I hope you like.


  9. I made more Pops. Oh no, I am Pops-maniac :D

  10. i finally took pictures and documented, love your creativity.

  11. Greetings from Finland :D

    You make so beautiful and fun sweet pops. I just love them! I try to do also some cupcake pops :D

  12. Those cake pops are “almost” too cute to eat! I am going to try and make some for my family. My daughter will be making a batch for her boyfriend. I am going to try and make some dog friendly ones to give to my Pugs.

  13. No problem, Jaime!

  14. yay! thanks for the shout out :) people are still talking about the pops…

  15. Angela – One word. Superb!

  16. I just made some of these for my dd’s birthday. I have them on my blog with much credit to you of course :) I would be honored if you would take a look at them and tell me what you think!

  17. mary – thanks

    onyah – They came out fantastic. I wish I had done them. so cute.

  18. Thank you for including my cupcake bites! I thought you might also be interested in seeing the Nintendo-inspired final product of my second cupcake bite attempt. I posted the photos here (you can just ignore the ones of my cat and Christmas tree).

    -Ellen from Virginia

  19. YAY :-) Thanks

  20. Ashley Johnson – Thanks Ashley

    Love the post.

    Rhian – YAY!

    Mary – They’re up now.

  21. Im anxious for your Christmas pops… I really want to make them for the family for our Christmas Day snack table…. when should I be looking for that? :-)

  22. Rhian here and I made some cake balls for Thanksgiving they turned out perfect they were gone in minutes. I decided too make them for a contest in January I hope they turn out good.

  23. Bakerella,
    We love you at MyRecipes! Hope you don’t mind, but we had to share your expertise with our users on the blog:

    Bake on!

  24. Laura – Thanks for letting me use the shirt pic. It’s sooo cute.

    Two Wheeler – Awesome Utah!

    Jaime – me too.

    sarah – that’s awesome!

    Kendra – You sure are. Thanks for the use of your pic!

    Melissa and James Atkinson – I just love your pics.

    Billy and Teresa – and they look awesome!

    * TONYA * – All over. I was so surprised by how far they reach.

    Anonymous – Hi there Rhian. Glad you like the website.

  25. WOW, they really have been popping up all over the world. How wonderful.

  26. this inspired me, and gave me confidence to try too!

  27. I to have made these cute lil pops, and get so many requests to make them over and over again. I am addicted to your blog and what’s coming next. Keep up the amazing work!

  28. I’m a pop star! I’ve always wanted to say that! Thanks for including me and for all of your fantastic ideas!

  29. I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures, but I made some Halloween pops following your fabulous directions and won some vodka as a result. :) To say thanks, I’m passing along the Kreativ Blogger award from my blog to yours. I am so inspired by you!

  30. Very cool. I love all of them.

  31. There are some more cakes popping up over on Bloggie Style for Utah.

  32. teejay – and you are sweet!

    Stampmouse – not me for sure!

    nikkita – they get better each time.

    Sarah – that look is pretty.

    morgana – Thanks morgana. I’m glad you like it.

    Stacey – I will.

    Karen – I bought it from this site for royalty free background music since I was going to be playing it on the web. I’m glad you liked it.

    allison – That’s ok. I’ll fix your location.

    Debs – Glad you found all the fun.

  33. oh my goodness, this is just too good to be true! i just found your blog and i am so so wanting to reach out for one of those heavenly cupcakes!

  34. Awesome! I forgot to leave where I’m from in mine. I’m Allison and from Houston, Texas. Still no blog ;) Just a devoted reader!

  35. Bakerella, what was the song you used on your video? I loved it, and would like to know what it was!

  36. Thanks so much for including my wedding pops in your video! You did a fantastic job on the montage!

    I love checking in on your site. I have you bookmarked and check every few days to see what new and exciting project you have going.

    Keep on bakin’!!!

  37. Wow! Thank you for such an amazing tour!

    As Becky, I forgot to show some Halloween cake-whatever. ;-)

    I can't wait to know about your book.

  38. They were all beautiful.
    I made some right after I saw you on Martha.
    And made them a little differently just a couple of months ago.
    I saw the pops done with white on the bottom and loved it, so I think I’ll try a version like that for my daughter’s first birthday!

    Love your ideas, and your blog!

  39. aww thanks very much! And for all your creative and whimsical ideas, you’re the best! I’ve re-made these cupcake pops and they turned out far better than my first attempt.

  40. COOOL who can resist these little bites I love making them for parties or get togethers.

  41. You are amazing!!

  42. Eunice – I'm sure they looked perfectly beautiful.

    paul hunt – Thanks for the link.

    This Girl loves to Talk – oh no. Sorry. I was hoping I didn't miss anyone. I'll add your link to the list and see if I can redo the vid.

    nebbaz – I'll update the list.

    cakes_are_fun – please do

    Kandra – Awesome

    tidymom – thanks

    VeggieGirl – glad you liked it.

    Ashley – they look fantastic.

    LaDue & Crew – I know you can!

    We Are Not Martha – those should be easier.

    Jeanne S – glad you think so.

    J.Danger – thanks!

    Suzy – You're most welcome!

    SarahHub – npo problem

    Becky – Those are so cute. Love the one in the ground.

    The Cookie Girl – YAY! thanks.

  43. Love the video!

  44. Ah, how did I miss that we could send pics in???

    Here are some Halloween inspired ones. :o) The ones on the sticks, further down, are mummy’s.

  45. How cool! I was so excited to see mine in the video! Thanks for all of your hard work putting this together!

  46. Thanks alot for having my creation in your video montague. I loved it!! Well, I’m off to make a gazillion more Cake Pops for a school bake sale this week!!!
    Happy Holidays,

  47. so awesome!

  48. I saw a dragee! What an elegant pop! They are all so beautiful & inspiring…video is so much fun to watch!

  49. Aww that is awesome!! I attempted the turkey ones for Thanksgiving but definitely came up way short of yours. I consider it my practice round…next time they will be better! I think I’m going to try the cupcake ones next.


  50. What a neat video! Very well done! I applaud all that have made these and done so well. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why I can make a wedding cake, but the art of a cake pop eludes me! I will continue to practice… I think I can, I think I can…

  51. Just wanted to let you know that I just made your cupcake pops yesterday for my daughter's 1st birthday party! They took me forever (I'm NOT a talented baker…), but they were a HIT! My friends and family LOVED them! Here is a link with a few pictures of them and the party. Thanks for the great idea!

  52. Marvelous!!

  53. What an awesome thing for you to do! I loved it!


  54. That’s awesome! I’ve made the cakeballs, but have yet to make the cupcakes on a stick. The cakeballs were a HUGE hit at a church potluck and then at a work function… so good that my sister even made them for thanksgiving! :)

  55. LOVE IT! I will have to enter next time around!

  56. Wow I am so flattered!!!
    I have a blog by the way… Inspired by you =)

    Nicole, From Australia

    Here’s a link to my blog…

  57. I left a comment in may.. but missed out.. oh well :) here it is again if you ever do another and need more POPS from Australia :)

    actually I think maybe my photo isnt close up enough, maybe that was why..

    thanks for the inspiration :)

  58. you missed the most important one!
    Copy Cat (or Kit)

  59. I’m in love with your blog! And these poppers. I have actually made these (but not as beautiful!!!) – but gee whizz so many others have had wonderful results! I’m getting ashamed of actually thinking of posting em up.

    Heh I muust make them beautiful and show em to you!

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