This is so cool.

At least to me it is. This month I received some sweet news. Three different magazines recently mentioned YAY! Here they are:

I Do for Brides

I Do for Brides
Winter 2009
You can get a copy in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland and D.C.

Joy Magazine

October 2008
Joy is a food and wine magazine in Argentina. I have no idea what they say about the site, but I’m assuming it’s awesome.

Southern Weddings Magazine

Southern Weddings
Premiere Issue gets a mini mention in a big new magazine.

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180 comments on “This is so cool.”

  1. Great!!

  2. Another great giveaway, I’ll say you are choice C. *crossing fingers*

  3. How fun! I’m going to say D. It is so exciting that you were mentioned in a magazine! How great!

  4. OMG..what great cupcakes!! (and fabulous contest!

    I am thinking you use H as your character. :)

  5. Bakerella-

    Not only are your posts filled with yummy looking cakes and treats… I’m going to try the brownie/cookie combo this week to take to a friends house… but your photography is AMAZING!!! It looks like you can just eat them off the screen!

  6. I, too, am going to try the cookie/brownie treats! They look AMAZING… as do ALL of the things you post. I actually got inspiration for “reindeer pops” from your blog (pics in my blog). They were a huge hit… totally stole the show!

  7. My Son chose “C”.

  8. so pleased for you – you deserve recognition for the incredible things you create!

  9. congrats, that is awesome

  10. The Spanish one basically says that you are a woman from Georgia who had the brilliant idea to make suckers out of cake. Your blog gives instructions on how to make them with whatever flavor/color/design/topping one wants, and the photos are mouthwatering to anyone who likes cake.

  11. I have been watching your blog one hour and I like all your posts, I love cupcake and fondant, I´m just starting in this world of fondant and I love it
    A kiss for you

  12. That is far to cool! :)
    I’m trying out your brownie/cookie combo for my sons dessert banquet for Cub Scouts! :) Thanks I love your site!

  13. That is awesome! I am going to pick “H”!

  14. That’s fantastic! Congrats to you!!!

  15. congratulations! each feature looks beautiful!

  16. Sweet! Make sure you get a copy of all of them =) Congrats!

  17. Wow! That’s so AWESOME! Especially since I recently re-read your profile, and you really only got into this 2 years ago?!

    That’s neat! Way to go, Bakerella!

  18. That is VERY cool – congrats !

  19. I’m going to guess “C”

  20. This is so much fun. I love your ideas. I say you are G.

  21. How awesome!

    All your fun and hard work is really paying off!

  22. That is awesome, congratulations! Your creations are all so cute, you deserve to be in the magazines. And when you have your own show on the Food Network, I will watch it everyday!

  23. Awesome! I say you are G.

  24. My pick is letter C!!

    Hope I win…it would be a cool graduation present for my son, Gavin :)

  25. Man, that was a hard choice. I’m going with C though.

  26. I am going to guess D. I love your site and wish you much continued success.

  27. Congratulaions!!

  28. I’ma gonna guess H!

    I would totally recommend the Wii fit! The balance board works with other games as well. Be warned though: it is a little spendy, and I got bored with it after a few months. If there’s an expansion pack for the game I would totally get it just so I don’t have to do the same workouts over and over again.

  29. You are amazing! See, you’re addictive!

  30. Yay! What a great giveaway. I’m going to guess H but they’re all cute. :)

  31. That’s awesome!

  32. These are so awesome!!

    Okay I’m guessing C.

    There were two I thought could be right!

  33. How fun (and adorable Mii cupcakes)! I’m going to guess “C”.

  34. i’m guessing H…and i’m inspired by your site!!! baked all weekend long during our “arctic” spell here in ohio and loved every minute of it…love the mini cakes!!!

  35. I chose “C……
    By the way, you are awesome.

  36. that’s really neat that you were featured in some magazines…can’t say I’m surprised though, you’re incredibly talented! : )


    I’m still debating on whether or not to do the pops for my own wedding, I think I might just do them for our tiny reception after our huge one. Especially since we’re doing the cake and cupcakes at the first one.

  38. The Spanish one says that you are a lady from Georgia, who’s had the brilliant idea of inventing (yes, inventing) the cake lollipop and then it says to go to your site for instructions on how to’s and the pictures are mouth watering.

    How exciting!

  39. Wowie Zowie!! What a give away!! Well, when I saw you on Martha, I think you look mostly like “C.” Who knows? Maybe you like to use a Mii that doesn’t look like you…?

    PS – Love your amazing ideas!

  40. I am going to guess C. I am pretty sure I can guess your niece too…

  41. That is fantastic, I am so glad that you are being recognized!

  42. Congratulations on all the magazine mentions. I will guess C as your Mii.

  43. I am going to guess…D

  44. I’m gonna say D. They are all so dang cute, but I think D looks most like you!

  45. C

    As always your fondant work is impressive. Those cupcakes are precious!

  46. Congratulations on your magazine fame!
    I pick C.
    You pick me. (please…)

  47. Congratulations!!! I only wish I could make mine as pretty as you do. They taste yummy never the less.

  48. Thanks for all the sweet congrats everyone.

    And, I guess I shouldn't have posted two posts on the same day. For everyone that accidentally left/leaves their comment here for the giveaway, I will add it to the correct place before I draw the winner.

    Janelle & Mrs. K – Thanks for the translation!!!

  49. Congratulations!!

  50. Wow, that is awesome! The Spanish one basically says who you are and that your pops are explained in detail on your website, so go and make some ;).

  51. I think you are Mii – “H” :)

    jenfdykstra (a)

  52. Angie I pick C!

  53. How exciting! Congratulations on being the “pop” queen.

  54. Those cupcakes are so cute! My guess is “D”.

  55. Super Cute! I say *H*

  56. Congrats!! that’s really awesome :D

  57. That is totally awesome- Congratulations!

  58. totally awesome!

  59. My guess is “B” – love the blog! I have passed your site along to all my nieces, realtives and friends around the world.

  60. that is just fantastic! congratulations and it’s well deserved!

  61. I’m guessing you are Mii G! :) Love the cupcakes and your blog!

  62. definately C. saw you on martha and i have been hooked ever since. maybe if i butter you up that will increase my odds?? either way you are fantastic and these cupcakes are unreal.

  63. this is fantastic! i think you are g :]

  64. That is VERY cool! Congrats!


  65. Congratulations!! I love your creations, so it’s no wonder you’ve been mentioned so many times… I’m surprised it’s not more!

    Thanks for keeping me experimenting!

  66. Congrats that is really fun to see in a magazine.

  67. I think D! hope I’m right, I love Wii!!!

  68. Congrats! How neat is that!
    You know, another fellow food blogger, Aran, cannelle et vanille is featured in the Southern Weddings one as well!

  69. I’d say by the end of the year you’ll be listed in TONS of articles and will do a few guest spots on tv, as well. I’m surprised the craft stores aren’t beating your door down to do demos! Your work is as smooth as glass!

  70. Wow Bakarella, that’s too cool! So nice to see the pops getting famous! Congratulations!

  71. Cool I think you are E!

  72. Hi Bakerella!
    I was going to translate for you the article from the Argentinian magazine, but two other readers beat me to it.
    I’m a newly-wed translator from Argentina and I’ve been silently reading your blog for many many months now, and I just wanted to say that everything here is wonderful and yummy!!
    I love all those cupcake recipes and I’m starting to try some of them myself… pity that many of the ingredients you often recommend are not available here in Buenos Aires.
    Congratulations on those mentions and let’s home there are many more to come!!
    Regards from the South Cone!!

  73. Wow! Great giveaway!! I do believe you are choice C. Pick me! Pick me!!

  74. I am going to guess C

  75. Awesome job!

  76. So cute!! I will say C

  77. Wow! That’s awesome!!!

  78. I’d say G!

  79. Wow, this is a good one. I hope you are C.

  80. I’m going to pick B. Love your posts.

  81. Congrats! You are definitely worth the mentions!!

  82. Congrats! You so deserve the recognition.

  83. Congratulations on your Bakerella honors! That is awesome that you were mentioned in some pretty popular mags. You rock! :)

  84. Congrats! I’m going to attempt your cupcake pops for my daughter’s first birthday party. We’re going to do a “cupcake” theme!

  85. I “C” you! :)

  86. Congrats on the coverage!

  87. I pick D

  88. I am sOOOO “D”!!

  89. That is so awesome for you. Congrats!!!!!
    I have a quick question for you…. How do you know that you are in a magazine?? Does the magazine contact you? Do you just have to look everywhere? or rely on people who see it to tell you ?
    Thanks, Mary

  90. Hoooooray!

  91. Lady you rock! You deserve to be in these mags :-)

  92. Wow, that’s fantastic! Congrats :-)

  93. Congrats! Of course well deserved.

  94. Yay!! I love the Wi! You look like “C” to me.

  95. I’m voting for C. I love your cupcakes! They are so cute!

  96. congrats! thats some accomplishment. Way to go.

  97. I have to say you get me started baking and l love it so much thanks so much . I swear the first thing I do when i’m on the computer is to check what cool stuff you made so i can try and make it too thanks for giving this stay home mom my own special time to look forward to everyday

  98. these mii’s are SO neat! I think you use C!
    *fingers crossed*

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