Time to get in the baking spirit

It’s October and one of the most fun months of the year to bake and share sweet treats.

Cute. Spooky. Scary. Ooey. October is all about having fun in the kitchen and treating people to a smile.

Want to get your bake on and get in the baking spirit? Want to trick out your treats?

Well, how about a brand new KitchenAid stand mixer to get you started?

Sounds ghoulishly good to me.

Enter for a chance to win a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in one of the Spooktacular colors above.

  • To enter, just leave a comment on this post and tell me which mixer color you’d like to win … oh and if you know what treat you’d like to make this Halloween, I’d love to hear that too.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 at 7:00 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening.

Good luck guys!


Okay, here we go… drumroll please…  And the winner of a brand new KitchenAid mixer is … Debi!!!!

YAY Debi – Boysenberry IS a fun color! Happy baking this Halloween!

 This giveaway is sponsored by me.

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8,001 comments on “Time to get in the baking spirit”

  1. I’m thinking caramel cashew cookies this Halloween! The Boysenberry mixer is GORGEOUS. I’d love it! Thanks!

  2. A mixer would be so handy leading up to the holidays…the Boysenberry color is beautiful.

  3. The silver! My candy corn brownies would be insane if I went all mixer pro on ’em. :)

  4. Love the boysenberry!

  5. That canopy green is calling my name. Just about as loud as an apple pie cake!

  6. Boysenberry!!

  7. The tangerine colour =D reminds me of pumpkin ^^

  8. I love your website and am so excited to try Halloween recipes this month, especially your cake balls! All colors are gorgeous but I love white or grey or tangerine! :)

  9. Contour Silver

  10. I love the metallic chrome. So cool looking.

  11. The Contour Silver is amazing and my favorite! I found this great recipe for Halloween bark that I plan on trying. It has all sorts of candy plus the chocolate…Yum! My son’s friends will love me!

  12. Would love to make some double chocolate chip cookies for my 2 lil cuties and the Contour silver would make that process easier, Thanks!!!!

  13. Boysenberry is gorgeous and would be pefect to prepare my cinnamon coffee cake !!!

  14. The boysenberry mixer is sooooo pretty!

  15. contour silver. So sleek and cool. Holiday baking would be a breeze with this dream machine!

  16. Boysenberry! Pretty much anything with pumpkin is on my baking to do list these days.

  17. The grey seems very practical but the boysenberry looks so gorgeous. Dilemma! We don’t celebrate Halloween here in Malaysia but apple hand pies won’t go wrong anytime soon.

  18. I would love to have the boysenberry color. For Halloween I make amazing pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

  19. Boysenberry!!! And I’m making a big pan of my grandmother’s apple cake. :)

  20. Tough decision…I think either canopy green or contour silver. Thanks for the chance!

  21. Tangerine would be so cool! OMG …. We can’t get cookie butter here in Hawaii unless we travel to Trader Joes on the mainland. I would love to try my hand at some cookie butter cookies!!!!

  22. Love making treats like brownies and cookies for the holiday and I think the contour silver looks awesome!

  23. I love the Canopy Green! I can’t wait to make mini pumpkin muffins with cream cheese icing!

  24. I love the Canopy Green and the Tangerine. Tough choice. :o) I have some skeleton cookies on my short list.

  25. Boysenberry!! Love making sugar cookies and decorating them so many different ways :)

  26. I like the white one – and and this halloween I’m making a ton of whipped mashed potatoes.

  27. the boysenberry looks cool….but i can adjust with a contour silver too….or any color or that matter… :-)

  28. I like the boysenberry.

  29. Boysenberry! What a neat give a way. I would make gingerbread poptarts.

  30. Tangerine

  31. The Boysenberry color is beautiful! I’d love to make halloween cake pops..boo! :)

  32. I would love the Onyx Black because it would go with EVERYTHING! and perfect to make cake pops!!

  33. Honestly any color would be amazing, but that Tangerine is to die for! (Puns, woo!) I love a pop of color in my kitchen and I’ve always dreamed of a Kitchen Aid. I’m really tempted to make some faux candied apple cheesecake pops.

  34. I love the boysenberry color, so beautiful. I’d definitely be making homemade monster cookies and cupcakes!

  35. Canopy Green looks so pretty… And I’d make red velvet cake pops, of course! :)

  36. Boysenberry!!! I’d bake up a storm…ricotta cheesecake, pavlova, and other goodies…dessert party!!!

  37. Love mine, but could all ways use another one!!

  38. Tangerine would be so cool! We can’t get get cookie butter here in Hawaii unless we travel to the mainland and hit Trader Joes. I would love to try my hand at some Cookie Butter Cookies!!!

  39. Tangerine!!! It’s about time for some pumpkin cinnamon rolls!

  40. Onyx Black

    we would make a spider cookie cake on our cooking show

  41. Tangerine!!! I love orange.

  42. Oooh tough choice! Love the boysenberry… and the silver… but I also just picked out a green keurig for my christmas present. Is that too matchy matchy? Thanks for the giveaway!!

  43. Tangerine! I want to make pumpkin flavored anything :D

  44. I’d love grey. I’m hoping to make our traditional caramel apples

  45. I’d love the grey one :D

  46. I adore the Tangerine. I plan on hoarding candy corn like it is no ones business. Maybe put them on toast, stuff them into chicken, you know, the basics..

  47. Boysenberry. I am planning to make Halloween treats, including some cream cheese pound cake and homemade bread!

  48. Boysenberry!!

  49. tangerine!

  50. I would love the contour silver to make all my mini desserts for my daughters glamoween party

  51. Contour silver….and I’d love to make a pumpkin roll!

  52. I am looking all year long forward to Halloween! I will be making Mummy Pop Up Cake Pops for the kids and for the adults a Pumpkin Chiffon Pie :). I love the tangarine mixer and this is my biggest dream of all times to own a stand mixer someday. Have a Happy Halloween season!

  53. I’d have to go with onyx black! And we bought trick-or-treat treats…which we have already gotten in to!

  54. Hi bakerella :D

    The boysenberry mixer is absolutely gorgeous..would love to have it so I can bake more after my last year of undergrad!! I’m planning on baking some spooky cakepops for halloween this year!


  55. Metallic chrome for me! I make chocolate chip cookies & birthday cake.

  56. I LOVE the Contour Silver!

  57. White! To replace the one that just wore out. And I just want to make yummy breads this fall.

  58. Tangerine…this time if year love to make pumpkin choc chip muffins

  59. I would want the one in Contour Silver. I’m about to paint my kitchen walls and this would compliment them wonderfully. For Halloween this year I’ll be baking a cemetery cake (complete with coffin, open grave and dirt pile) for my friend’s 40th birthday. The idea is that she will be “burying” her youth! Good thing she has a good sense of humor!!!

  60. I love the contour silver!

  61. Tangerine! I want to make pumpkin spice cake pops!

  62. I’d love the white one. And I am looking forward to making pumpkin pie, sopapilla cheesecake bars, cookies, cake…well…I have a long list in my bookmarks….

  63. Oh, that green is calling my name!!

  64. Ooh, I love the contour silver color. Haven’t decided on Halloween treats yet. Still thinking about candy!

  65. I love the boysenberry!! I totally had the idea last night to make a pumpkin moon pie! If I can come up with one, I’ll share pics and the recipe with you!

  66. Definitely the Halloween orange is the best color and I would love to make some pumpkin spice cookies this Halloween!

  67. tangerine, i simply love the color =) i’m making cookies, cakepops and brownies!

  68. Contour Silver! I Might Make Some oreo Balls And Not Share.

  69. Contour Silver and I’d be baking lots of pumpkin & banana bread!

  70. The tangerine color is beautiful! It reminds me of pumpkins and candy corn…two things to use to make tons of awesome Halloween treats!

  71. So many choices. I like the Contour Silver. I enjoy baking in the fall. A new mixer would be awesome to whip up the Mrs. Field’s Pumpkin Harvest Cookies!! Thank you!

  72. Onyx Black.

  73. I love the contour silver! I can’t wait to make my pumpkin spice cheesecake!

  74. I LOVE the boysenberry. I just started culinary school and could definitely see some cookies in my future with that beauty!!

  75. I would love the Boysenberry Kitchen aid. I would make pumpkin cheese cake and pumpkin bread and maybe some halloween inspired cupcakes. :)

  76. The boysenberry color is so pretty! It would definitely inspire some baking.

  77. The onyx black is my choice. Yesterday someone posted a copycat butterfingers candy bar. Candy corn and peanut butter then dipped in chocolate. That sounds interesting and I have to try it

  78. Love all the colors but think the tangerine will work great for me!

    Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are great for fall!!

  79. Contour silver

  80. Contour silver

  81. I love the Boysenberry! My almost 5 year old would love it too as her favorite color right now is any shade of purple. I would probably be baking some cookies or trying out something new with that beautiful mixer!

  82. Loving the Boysenberry color! I’ll probably make either cake pops or cupcakes or both. Seen some cute stuff online lately.

  83. I’m between making some pumpkin spice cupcakes.. OR.. some shortbread cookies and decorating them all Halloween-e :) OR.. some cake pops or anything yummy! Decisions, decisions… :) I like the Contour Silver. Thank you for the opportunity! :D

  84. I would make more yummy
    Gluten free treats for my son who will be 12 on 10/10! He has been GF for 10 years and it’s a challenge to make him yummy treats! I have a pumpkin cookie recipe I would love to try to make him.
    I’m not picky on the color- is say let my son pick- why not!!!

  85. Love the canopy green!!

  86. I’m thinking black is pretty ghoulish…and I’m gearing up to make Halloween bark, and pumpkin bread.

  87. Boysenberry

    I would like to make some decorated cupcakes and brownies.

  88. Halloween cakes pops for my daughter’s school! Love the onyx black.

  89. Contour Silver! I would love to make spider cookies for my girls for Halloween…something with a mixture of sweet and salty!

  90. I love the boysenberry color. I enjoy making cupcakes for the kids in my neighborhood.

  91. Love the boysenberry and some pumpkin quick bread.

  92. The Boysenberry kitchenaid is pretty!
    I’d love to make Oreo or Red Velvet truffles this Halloween :)

  93. Tangerine, Boysenberry, and Canopy Green are my most favorite ones! I LOVE colorful kitchenaid mixers!!! :)

  94. I would love contour silver!!! Thanks for being such a baking inspiration!

  95. I love the tangerine!!! I will be making jack-o-lantern cake pops for sure, and maybe the witch ones, too!

  96. white or boysenberry!! all are such fun colors :) Kitchenaid really can match any occasion!

  97. Mine just died, and i juse it all the time.
    I had the white one, i would buy the white one again if i had the money.
    I would make a halloween cake with bloody fingers on top (of course the all edible ) lol

  98. I like the Contour Silver or Onyx Black and I would use it to make my Pumpkin Roll with Cream Cheese icing this Halloween!

  99. I’d love the Boysenberry one!! I plan on making pumpkin cheesecake :)

  100. I would go with the contour silver

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