Time to get in the baking spirit

It’s October and one of the most fun months of the year to bake and share sweet treats.

Cute. Spooky. Scary. Ooey. October is all about having fun in the kitchen and treating people to a smile.

Want to get your bake on and get in the baking spirit? Want to trick out your treats?

Well, how about a brand new KitchenAid stand mixer to get you started?

Sounds ghoulishly good to me.

Enter for a chance to win a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in one of the Spooktacular colors above.

  • To enter, just leave a comment on this post and tell me which mixer color you’d like to win … oh and if you know what treat you’d like to make this Halloween, I’d love to hear that too.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 at 7:00 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening.

Good luck guys!


Okay, here we go… drumroll please…  And the winner of a brand new KitchenAid mixer is … Debi!!!!

YAY Debi – Boysenberry IS a fun color! Happy baking this Halloween!

 This giveaway is sponsored by me.

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8,001 comments on “Time to get in the baking spirit”

  1. The grey is beyond amazing. I’m looking forward to making my spooky graveyard cake pops! They were a hit at last years work party!

  2. I like the Contour Silver and it would make all my chocolate goodies better!

  3. That green would look so good on my counter!! Some amazing sugar cookies would come from that beauty!!

  4. Gray and real homemade German chocolate

  5. I’d love to use the contour silver one to make cinnamon buttercream for my pumpkin cupcakes!!

  6. Ohh, I’d love the Onyx Black to mix up Monster Cookies for the little Gremlins in my life. Happy Halloween!

  7. Geee, do I need to pick just one? Silver, Gray and White look very nice. Chrome would not look bad in my kitchen either.

    Halloween treats? Well, being from Mexico, I would actually make mini “pan de muerto” (dead man’s bread) to celebrate our “Dia de los muertos” (Dead men’s day). Which is on Nov 2nd.

    Maybe some pumpkin pie flavored cakepots for Oct 31st. :)

    Love you blog!!

  8. Tangerine would be delightful in the midst of a rainy Oregon winter!

  9. the best colour of course: canopy green!

    i will definitely tackle my fear of making tiramisu if i win this mixer! :)

  10. Onyx black looks pretty! Some type of brownie would be delicious…

  11. I love the Grey one! The matte color is so practical and chic! Also, I would make some delicious pumpkin cream cheese roll! :)

  12. I would LOVE the white, since it would go with ANYTHING! Wish I were daring enough to try the tangerine or the Boysenberry :)

  13. The boysenberry looks adorably fun!

    We’ve just moved and my kitchen is small but I’d love to make candies and small pumpkin bread loaves for friends this fall :)

  14. I would love to use the contour silver to make Halloween cake pops.

  15. I like the green, the silver, the gray, and the boysenberry in that order…. sorry… I love them ALL!!!!

    I would love to create all the TONS of Halloween treats I make every year by hand for our annual Halloween party – like witches fingers cookies, and so much more… :)

  16. Love the white one! I am going to make my grandkids favorite, peanut butter eyeballs!!!!

  17. Would love the White one!

    I look forward to making pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

  19. contour silver! candy corn sugar cookies

  20. I would LOVE the tangerine one!!!

  21. The Boysenberry one! I plan on making a few cupcakes!

  22. I love the Grey one! The matte color is so practical and chic!

  23. Hard to decide between the orange and the green but…I think….the green! ????
    I can’t wait to make some gluten-free cake pops shaped like pumpkins!

  24. I like the white mixer.

  25. I think I’d go with boysenberry and I’d make cookies :)

  26. My favorite is the Tangerine!!! As far as treats, I’ll be making some eye ball and pumpkin cake pops and decorated sugar cookies for our Halloween party.

  27. The Metallic Chrome is soooo cool!! First thing I would make is one of those graveyard cakes!!

  28. Boysenberry! I’m wanting to make pumpkin cream cheese bread.

  29. White, to match all my other appliances. :)

  30. Here in the Bavarian Forrest is the right place for the green kitchen aid. I would make some original bretzels with it, and of course a pumpkin cake.

  31. Hello! Contour Silver is my favorite! ..And this year I’m going to make Spiderweb Florentines.

  32. the BOYSENBERRY!!! the name sounds like a sweet pie!! dark brownies is what I want to make!!

  33. The boysenberry is my favorite! Bet it would make some of my favorite cookies pretty nicely too :)

  34. While I love the boysenberry, the Onyx would fit best in my kitchen!

  35. I am going to try caramel apples this year. I have some beautiful organic macintosh apples that a wonderful friend gave me. I would love the BLACK kitchen aid. Thanks for the opportunity <3

  36. Love the boysenberry and grey! I’d love to make some Halloween coloured macarons :)

  37. Contour silver…. or tangerine….. both so stylish!

  38. Boysenberry – so pretty!

  39. Orange is my absolute favorite color, so I’m really glad that the Tangerine is considered one of the Spooktacular colors! One of my favorite Fall recipes is for a Pumpkin Pillow Cookie, which has the consistency of a fluffy, light cake!

  40. I like the boysenberry one. we will probably make sugar cookies and pumpkin pie :)

  41. The tangerine mixer is adorable! I think I’m going to make jack-o-lantern cake balls :)

  42. The boysenberry mixer is beautiful! I’m excited to bake pumpkin muffins :)

  43. Love the Boysenberry color… Would love to bake my favorite, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting??

  44. Pumpkin Cookies is the plan. Boysenberry is my choice.

  45. I love the boysenberry! And mini pumpkin cheesecakes are on my list to make for Halloween :)

  46. That Contour Silver one looks pretty sharp. Oh, and I’m think some cute sugar cookie cutouts – ghosts, pumpkins, etc..

  47. I LOVE the Canopy Green one! I would bake pumpkin gingerbread applesauce cake and a pumpkin roll. :).

  48. Tangerine & Pumpkin Spice Cake! Yumm!

  49. Boysenberry looks great! I’ll be baking cinnamon rolls, yum!

  50. Love the canopy green – And the tangerine – And the boysenberry! A lil’ color in the kitchen goes a long way… I’d take any color because they’re all so cute but the green really stands out. I don’t see a lot of green mixers at the local stores and who doesn’t want to stand out?!
    This Halloween I’m making the cowgirl cookies in mason jars for my special friends and family. I made a test batch and hand-picked the m&m colors. They aren’t only cute but absolutely delicious!

  51. I’m going with Tangerine! And I’m getting set to make some mummy cake pops!

  52. Metallic Chrome!

  53. Tangerine!!! I’ve got pumpkin on the brain, so pumpkin pie and pumpkin cookies are coming up! :)

  54. That Boysenberry color is so pretty, it’s definitely the one I would choose!

  55. i Love the Tangerine one and i would use it to make all the desserts for the holidays.

  56. I’d use the onyx black. It matches my stove n fridge. Pumpkin cupcake with white chocolate buttercream is the plan.

  57. Definitely the Tangerine! That color is awesome! I plan on making plenty of Halloween cupcakes and cookies this year. The kids love them!

  58. The TANGERINE one is so Halloween style!!!!

  59. I love de Boysenberry!!! I´d like to make brownies!!!

  60. I would love the Grey one and I would love to make Orange Cream Cheese Brownies

  61. Boysenberry!!! Love that color. I plan on making some awesome cupcakes for my sons preschool class. We’re super excited!

  62. Contour Silver!! Thinking of pumpkin cake pops and cupcakes.

  63. I love this Grey color. It is simply amazing..we don’t have Halloween.. but I love making cakes

  64. Love the Boysenberry. Just saw an awesome looking recipe for Smores Cupcakes – that is what i am going to make!!

  65. I would love the Boysenberry…

  66. Contour Silver would look spectacular in my kitchen! I want to make pumpkin spice cookies. :)

  67. i’d love to have canopy green ! the eco friendly green color haha! .. also i was thinking of infusing your itty-bitty bat idea on cake pops in green color :D

  68. Halloween cookies! I would want the contour silver, metallic chrome or white!

  69. The Canopy Green or the Tangerine :)

    Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cupcakes, that’s what I will be making this year :)

  70. I love how the grey one looks! The matte color looks so practical and chic!

  71. I would LOVE the Boysenberry mixer!! I am planning on making some CAKEPOPS decorated as PUMPKINS for Halloween!! :)

  72. Boysenberry! Super cute!

  73. I love that grey mixer! I probably won’t be baking cookies on Halloween as I have a wee one due on the day after but I am totally aching to make some snickerdoodles before then! (Some of them will get frozen so that I can enjoy them when I’m too tired dealing with baby to even think about baking.)

  74. Contour silver! I think some spooktakular decorated sugar cookies… Witches Cauldrons this year!

  75. I like tangerine; ))))

  76. boysenberry would be my favorite color :) I would make anything pumpkin, since it’s so tasty for the fall time! xx-soph

  77. That green would really brighten up a kitchen! But, I love the silver and chrome too. Too hard to decide! I have yet to make anything pumpkin-y, so it’s about that time for me.

  78. I’m loving the tangerine color! I’ve always wanted a stand mixer and I’ve been trying to save up for one! This Halloween, I’ll probably make some candy corn cupcakes for work. :)

  79. I am going with a pumpkin cupcakes with a spooky theme for the kids tuckshop at school (small school 19kids… I love to do there lunch club baking!!). But as we are on a farm and have green tractors…. green it is for me!! x

  80. I love tangerine… my kids will surely love my special chocolate chooey spooky cupcakes… :)

  81. I adore the Metallic Chrome. I am planning to make chocolate cupcakes with cheesecake frosting–maybe make it look like spiderwebs on the top. :)

  82. Any colour is fine with us. Cooking choices are endless with the kitchen aid.

  83. I´ll like to have the Contour Silver Moxer!!!! i´ll do some Spooky Cupcakes!!!!!

  84. The black one would match my stove and fridge. Pumpkin cupcakes are in the near future maybe with white chocolate buttercream.

  85. I’d love to make some ice water chocolate cake in the boysenberry mixer. That is a gorgeous color and who doesn’t like chocolate?! :)

  86. i love the tagerine, please!

  87. Boysenberry color is so beautiful, We are going to do our traditional cut out Halloween sugar cookies, My son absolutely loves making bats,pumpkins and mummies.

  88. Boysenberry one to make my me some cakes

  89. Would love the grey one
    To make some ghostly pumpkin bars

  90. Love the contour silver

  91. Definitely the Onyx Black. If I win this, it would go to my mom, and hopefully she’d make me some chocolate cookies.

  92. I’d make so many spooky cookies with the boysenberry mixer!

  93. the boisenberry is my mixer of choice :) and of course for fall time I would make anything pumpkin. xx-soph

  94. Canopy Green Please!!! And I am going to make ghost cake pops for a friend’s halloween party. :)

  95. I would like the onyx black. Some chocolate peanut butter brownies would be fantastic made in this mixer.

  96. I love the boysenberry one but would probably pick the grey one if I had the chance. This would make an awesome birthday gift. ;) This year I want to make a coffin cake with Frakenstein, I saw it on a website and thought it would be cute for my 5 and 6 year old girls. Thanks for the chance to win one. Take care and have an awesome one!

  97. Well the Boysenberry would match my apron (which is also the inspiration for my dream kitchen) perfectly! And while I’m not much of a Halloween baker, as soon as I find some time I want to try my hand at an Apple Spice cake recipe I found on pinterest!

  98. The contour silver would be my color choice.

  99. Ooooo, black is classic. I’d like that one.
    I’ll be making cake pops this halloween! With halloween sprinkles I bought on clearence from last year of course. :)

  100. I like tangerine;)

  101. Ooooo I’d love to have that boysenberry mixer! It’s so pretty!
    And I would love to make some homemade Twix candies… that and caramel apples… and Snickers bars… oh gosh sooo many desserts, I could probably go on forever :)

  102. Absolutly the white one! So stylish and perfect for my brand new Halloween cupcakes!

  103. Contour silver for me!

  104. Ohhh Contour silver… Please pick me!,,,,,love your site.

  105. Sorry email was wrong it’s

  106. Definately making cake pops and brownie pops for my girls and their classmates.
    I love the contour silver.

  107. I think I’d pick the Boysenberry… so hard to choose though!

  108. I love the Boysenberry color. I love to make pumpkin cupcakes.

  109. Tangerine is my dream!

  110. I like the boysenberry! I’m not sure what I’m making for Halloween but thinking about a hummingbird cake for thanksgiving!

  111. I’ve been thinking of white chocolate pumpkin cookies….
    and the Onyx Black is calling me..

  112. The Metallic Chrome would live perfectly in my kitchen. I am making cupcakes with “blood” filling (gel)!!!

  113. The Boysenberry color is awesome. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies would be the first order of business in this bad boy!!

  114. I would pick the contour silver, I plan on making pumpkin cheesecake, and mini pumpkin pies this month. Love fall!

  115. my favorite one is the canopy green, it reminds me of the green bay packers!!! go pack go! attempting to make halloween cake pops is hopefully the scariest thing i’ll do this halloween. boo!


  116. Canopy Green!! Perfect for pumpkin bread! :)

  117. I would love the boysenberry! And I would use it to make ghost cake pops and pumpkin cheesecake- yum!!

  118. I’d love to make pumpkin cake pops or a candy corn theme cheesecake. I love the contour silver but that tangerine looks good too…

  119. I would like to have the boysenberry pls.I will bake some cheesecake.

  120. The onyx black looks menacing for Halloween…but making chocolate chip brownies and chocolate chip cookies in it will make Halloween very sweet!

  121. metallic chrome, will be making marshmallows!

  122. A new Canopy Green mixer would be great to have when I make my annual Kitty Litter cake for the office.

  123. Boysenberry! Just in time for some serious holiday baking.

  124. Canopy Green is awesome :) cupcakes with gruesome blood and limbs on them (made of gum paste)

  125. Tangerine is still my all time favorite color! I’m up for making Biscoff rice crispy treats this Halloween. I like that I don’t have to turn on the oven and I can shape those into ghoulish shapes!

  126. Loving the Boysenberry!! Love making different Halloween cookies!

  127. Boysenberry. I love making butter cream icing for cakes and cupcakes with the Kitchen Aid. I have to borrow my sister’s because I don’t have my own….

  128. Contour silver is beautiful! And this halloween – chocolate rice krispies! Yum!

  129. Thank you, Bakerella, for running fun contests like these! My favorite color is purple, so I like the boysenberry one!

  130. I love the metallic chrome! I think I’d like to make homemade butterfingers for Halloween!

  131. I would love that tangerine mixer! I don’t have a treat in mind yet, but have been looking for an excuse to make brownies for a while…

  132. I would like silver or grey one pretty pretty please.

    With it I would make Halloween cupcakes this month
    with witches hats an pumpkins decorations made from
    royal icing.

  133. Boysenberry!! Simply gorgeous! ^.^

  134. Contour silver please!! B

  135. Hi,
    I like the mixer in grey and I would like to make pumpkin bars.

  136. I think I’d have to go for that funky purple Boysenberry. As for Halloween treats, I’m thinking we need some pumpkin brownies soon. Thanks for the chance!

  137. Contour silver!!!!! Classic!

  138. Love the contour silver!!! :)

  139. Love the onyx black

  140. Contour silver and pumpkin truffles and salted caramel Choco layer cake :)))

  141. The Canopy Green is so much fun….with Tangerine close 2nd!!! It would be great for making my pumpkin chocolate chips bars with cream cheese frosting :)

  142. I love the white! And I always make the no-bake graveyard cake! It is so simple and yet so delicious and its always a crowd-pleaser!

  143. Boysenberry — I’d make my signature dessert: peach filling cheesecake!

  144. I would love the boysenberry. I have pumpkin cookies with maple glaze on the to do list for this halloween

  145. Loving Canopy Green! I’d make some spooky blob cookies with green royal icing to match.

  146. Onyx Black, and I love to make pumpkin muffins filled with a cream cheese mixture :)

  147. The Boysenberry is beautiful!

  148. That boysenberry mixer is gorgeous! I’m making some day of the dead sugar skull cookies to celebrate Halloween!

  149. The boysenberry one is my favorite …. And as far as baking goes it would have to be any thing with pumpkin in it just in time for the fall

  150. Onyx black or tangerine!

  151. I would love contour silver, it would got with my kitchen

  152. The Boysenberry is beautiful, although I might decide I’d like the Contour Silver . Thanks for the giveaway.

  153. Love the silver! Cant wait to bake some cutout halloween sugar cookies!

  154. I love both orange & green!!! Love love love!! I’m thinking pumpkin pound cake & witch tooth cookie sandwiches!! Ooo I love fall baking and it’s birthday & cake making season here for me. :)

  155. I would love to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies using that Contour Silver Kitchen Aid stand mixer!

  156. I would love to try and re make my grandma’s Pumpkin Pie Crunch. Onyx Black or truth any color cause they are all beautiful and anyone would be lucky to have one

  157. Tangerine! We are moving to a new state, and its the perfect excuse to redo kitchen colors! I am attempting a pumpkin molten lava cake this month, for annual Halloween Bunco. Along with caramel apple cake pops :-)

  158. White, like my grandma’s! I use my cobalt one for baking and my chrome for making soap. But my cobalt is the smaller size, and I need an upgrade! Going to make traditional Christmas cut out cookies.

  159. The boysenberry mixer is gorgeous! Homemade “pink velvet” would definitely be my first project!

  160. Tangerine

    I have a big list for Halloween already…. Eyeball cakepops, pumpkin cupcakes, bloody shattered glass on red velvet cupcakes, oh and pumpkin cakepops :-) I love Halloween baking

  161. Love the Contour Silver.

  162. need to perfect the black and white cookie. a mixer in canopy green would be a huge help :))

  163. I love the silver! My kids love pumpkin cake pops, Rice Krispie treat ghosts and pumpkin bread:)

  164. Grey is my favorite and my best. And as for treats, my daughter has already asked if we can make our halloween eyeballs, which consist of yummy peanut butter and sugar rolled in a ball and dipped in white chocolate with an m&m on top. If I’m feeling extra fancy I use food coloring gel and make a black dot in the center of the m&m and red food coloring gel to make “veins.” These eyeballs are delicious.

  165. Ooooh…that Canopy Green is such a lovely shade! Fall means spice cake for me and any recipe that features mallowcreme pumpkins. I’m a sucker for them!

  166. Boysenberry, sweet bread with melted sugar, egg cream and white chocolate :)

  167. The boysenberry is gorgeous and I think it’s about time to work on perfecting the pumpkin cupcake recipe!

  168. I really like the Boysenberry, I would make some homemade pumpkin pie cupcakes, I would also make pumpkin bars and pumpkin cookies. What can I say, I love love love to bake :0) Happy Halloween everyone.

  169. Love the boysenberry! Soo many great fall recipes this season to make with it! :)

  170. Definitely the Boysenberry…..

  171. Maybe grey? But I would love any of these and decorate my kitchen around it! Will definitely be baking some monster cookies soon.

  172. The Contour Silver!

  173. Well…I really love the boysenberry!!! But I think that I will stick with black or silver.

  174. This is so cool! Thank you!!! I would definitely choose the boysenberry. It’s such a fun color. I’m going to be making s’more chipper cookies; they’re chocolate chip coolies with melted marshmallow and chocolate candy melts on top and they are a HUGE hit with my teenagers friends.

    Thanks again for the chance to win!

    Snoopy :D

  175. Tangerine! So bright and cheery ;-)

  176. Love that boysenberry color! There are so many treats ill be making. But lots of Halloween candy cookies is top of list!

  177. Definitely the Tangerine! With all the upcoming holidays, I could really put this to good use!

  178. Tangerine!!! I am ready to make popcorn balls and pumpkin rolls!

  179. I love the Tangerine!!! It would be perfect for some awesome Halloween cupcakes!!

  180. Green is the new kitchen LOVE

  181. i love the boysenberry color! :) perfect with my blueberry cupcakes. :)

  182. Contour Silver!

  183. The boysenberry is beautiful!
    Can you make a dessert with cream cheese?

  184. Tangerine. I would make Carmelitas with it.

  185. The boysenberry is gorgeous… and next on the to-bake list is perfecting pumpkin cupcakes

  186. I love the boyensberry or tangerine colors!

  187. I would love to make no bake pumpkin cheesecakes!

    The Chrome is my favorite :)

  188. Contour silver will go with any kitchen decor. I’d make some killer pumpkin chocolate chip bread.

  189. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I would love either tangerine or boysenberry! This year I’m going to try my hand at your dangling spider cake pops. I kind of want to make candy apples with onions to hand out to kids (TRICK or treat?) but I might not have the guts! Children take revenge very seriously in my neighbourhood!

  190. The contour silver is pretty. I would love to make pistachio cookie this halloween.

  191. I’d love the boysenberry!

  192. Boysenberry is so nice!

  193. Tangerine would look lovely on my counter! … to my apple green one …..and my red one….Lol:D I’m planning on making a halloween themed cake and cupcakes for a party!

  194. I really like the Boysenberry, I would make some homemade pumpkin pie cupcakes, I would also make pumpkin bars and pumpkin cookies. What can I say, I love love love to back :0) Happy Halloween everyone.

  195. I was JUST looking at KitchenAid mixers when this popped up in my Facebook feed. I hope it’s a sign ;) I’d so love the black one! I’m not sure yet what I’ll make for Halloween but I’m already started on fall baking. Next on my list is pecan pie stuffed chocolate cupcakes with a bourbon chocolate frosting!

  196. My pumpkin cheesecake would be easier to make with that Tangerine one!!

  197. The contour silver is beautiful! I’ve made a couple of treats getting ready for fall..Pumpkin Patch Lollipops for one! Happy Fall Bakerella! :)

  198. I saw a recipe for pumpkin pasties that I would LOVE to try out in my new boysenberry kitchenaid ;)

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