It’s Chocolate Adventure Time

Who’s up for a baking adventure? One that’s centered around what else, but CHOCOLATE!

Oh my… I’m so excited about this.

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker and TuttiFoodie are hosting another amazing Chocolate Adventure Contest and this year the theme is all about BARS.

That’s right. Chocolate and Bars. That’s any kind of bar as long as it uses Scharffen Berger Chocolate and at least one adventure ingredient from this year’s list.

You guys can so do this.

You’ll want to do this.

I hope you do this.

Why, you ask? Well how about a $25,000 winning prize. That’s pretty sweet! … Plus ten Culinary Honorees will also be chosen to win an iPad mini and more. Awesome!

Want to make brownies? Blondies? Ice Cream Bars?

What about layered bars, cookie bars or even chocolate bark?

How about candy bars or get in my face bars? We’re talking any kind of bar.

Are you in? Good. I’m glad.

It’s time to set the bar!

Just create an original bar recipe using Scharffen Berger chocolate and one of the following 12 adventure ingredients.

Adventure Ingredients
Turbinado Sugar
Fresh Pomegranate
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Peppercorns (Any Type – Black, Red, Green)
Pandan Leaf or Pandan Leaf Extract
Coconut Milk, Cream, Butter or Oil
Oat Flour
Sesame Seeds (Black or White)
Fresh Croutons or Crostini

I’m helping judge the contest again this year with John Scharffenberger, Alice Medrich, and Matt Armendariz and we can’t wait to taste your creations. Entries will be judged on creativity, taste, ease of preparation and whether the recipe reflects a spirit of adventure. So get your creative juices flowing.

The contest began October 1, 2013 and goes through January 2, 2014. So you have plenty of time to come up with a recipe. Or ten. Yep. You can enter up to ten recipes. That’s more chances to win.

Check out for official rules and how to enter.


So… which ingredient sounds adventurous to you?

Photography by Matt Armendariz. Food styling by Adam Pearson.

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24 comments on “It’s Chocolate Adventure Time”

  1. My office has about 10-12 folks and everyone is crazy about chocolate. We are always trying out new things on each other! Sweet deal for a suburban NJ office.

  2. I have be winner recipe and I’m in Canada :( wah

  3. $25,000?? nar, I’d rather have the chocolate in the pictures haha just playing :)

  4. Hummmmm…I wonder if ALL the ingredients would work together????? Bourbon and pomegranates.

  5. Ditto! I want the recipes of the bars shown in the pictures! Yum! Can you share? Please!

  6. Chocolate puts me into a trance….

    What was the question again???

  7. Bourbon…, did someone say “bourbon” AND chocolate!? Oh, I’m can totally get into this challenge!!! Thank you for another fun opportunity! Yayyy!!!

  8. Pomegranate, coconut and chocolate :D

  9. An adventure that involves chocolate of all things? I’m down.

  10. Some of those that you have displayed look amazing! Are there any recipes available for the ice cream bars and layered bars? I just want to try them out and eat them!

  11. Oh man, I’m totally doing this! Sounds so fun :)

  12. Not fair that is only for US residence :(

  13. This will be fun. My daughter and I had fun creating for last year’s contest, although I got the end date for submissions wrong on my calendar and missed it. She will be excited to try again!

  14. I never would get in on this contest… but i would love to do something with Hibiscus flowers..

  15. Fresh pomegranate and chocolate sounds great! I’ve never seen that brand of chocolate before though. I loved the look of your bars!

  16. “Eligible to US residents only…”
    *head desk*
    Every single time….
    If you only have to send in a recipe, so long as you use the ingredients they said to use, I don’t see why people outside the US can’t enter. You can send an email from any country in the world. Also, there aren’t nearly enough things like this in Australia.

  17. Anna – It sure does.

  18. I do love croutons… never thought of pairing them with chocolate. This could be quite an adventure!

  19. Does this mean youll be in SF again to judge? :)

  20. This sounds like such a fun way to try something new! And to have some yummy chocolate :)

  21. This sounds fun. I think I would pick bourbon or coconut milk.

  22. Ah, so exciting! Fresh Croutons sound very adventurous… but very workable at the same time. Can’t wait to try some new things out :)

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