Characters in Cake


Cake balls…


Candy melts…


and candy color …

These are key participants in the cake pops I’m about to show you.

Any guesses?


I made them weeks ago for some new friends to put on their website and I’ve been dying to share them with you since, because so many of you have asked how to decorate these little guys. Now that I have the go ahead, I’m so excited.


Ok. Here goes.

Hope you like em.


Mickey Mouse.


and Minnie, too. Mini Minnies.


Silhouette Mickey & Minnie Cake Pops … made by attaching cut candy melts for their iconic ears. Minnie is made by adding a simple bow.


It’s amazing what a couple of candies can do.

But, it’s even crazier what candies and some sprinkles can do.


Hey Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you … Wait. Wrong Mickey.

Now, I’m not gonna kid you. Making them with faces was more challenging. And without a mold for the shapes, these characters are going to each have a little character of their own.

That’s ok. Character = cute. Handmade = love.


And bows = crazytown cute.



Have fun and make someone smile.


The full instructions are available through the links below thanks to Disney. And I’m pretty sure you’ll find a lot of other fun stuff on their site, too.

Mickey Mouse Cake Pops
Minnie Mouse Cake Pops
Mickey Mouse Silhouette Cake Pops
Minnie Mouse Silhouette Cake Pops

And just out of curiosity. Do you have a character you’d like to see in cake pop form? Hello Kitty, Sesame Street and Frosty the Snowman aside.

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534 comments on “Characters in Cake”

  1. I think garfield would be super cute!
    haha garfield AND odie!!!
    omg too cute

  2. I love the Mickey silhouttes! I’m definitely going to have to make those soon! :D I also second the suggestions for Totoro, owls, and Snoopy. I also think it’d be cool to have a Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts theme. Or how about cakepops in the shape of fruits and veggies? Kind of along the same lines as Veggie Tales, just not anthropomorphic… Like you could make a spicy chocolate cake pop in the shape of a jalapeno.

  3. I would LOVE to see Garfield in pop form :P
    Or even the Grinch!

  4. So glad you are feeling better!

    Mickey and Minnie are adorable!!

  5. Aaw, I love Mickey! I just showed a pic of a Mickey bag on my blog:)

  6. I love these! They are so stinkin cute. My son is 4 1/2 and loves loves loves mickey mouse! These would be so fun to make for him!

  7. Are you open to Snoopy & Woodstock?

  8. Alice in Wonderland characters would be super cute!

  9. My son would be over the moon if he came home to some Spongebob Squarepants pops. Really. Over the moon. :)

  10. amazing!!!!


  12. Those are adorable! Love the silhouette ones!

  13. I would love to see a cake pop version of PINGU! I love penguins…

  14. I love the Family Fun magazine and website. They’ve always got really cute stuff that doesn’t take a crafting or baking guru to pull off.
    Seeing as my 2 and a half year old has already informed me that she wants her September birthday to be Spongebob Themed I’d love to see some Spongebob SquarePops!

  15. Great job! I can only imagine tha amount of time you spent on these.

  16. your creativity seriously blows my mind! This is awesome!! :)

  17. I have this odd feeling that my son will want a party this year with the How To Train Your Dragon theme. How about creating the star dragon, Toothless? He’d probably be pretty easy, but your ideas tend to be more creative than something I’d think of!

  18. Awesome! You are one talented woman! :)

    doesn’t really matter… everything you make turns out totally adorable!

    Love your stuff!:D

  20. I love Disneyland! So I think these are A-dorable! I would like to see maybe a goldfish or hmmmm…. Oooh! Rainbow Fish! I would love to see that done! Anything miniature is good for me! I love miniature things! Especially miniature plates or baskets of foods, I think they are so cute!

  21. omgosh bakerella you are amazing! i especially love minnie’s bow!

    i would love to see a tigger or winnie the pooh cake pop!

  22. Courage The Cowardly Dog! Do it do it do it!! PUHLEASE!

  23. Oh Wow! These are too cute. My sister absolutely loves Minnie Mouse. It would be nice to see Tigger as a cake pop or maybe The Little Mermaid :)

  24. I was gonna say calvin and hobbs but already been mentioned then my second idea was pooh characters …thanks for all you do Angie I am a baker wanna be who sure is lovin your blog

  25. All I have is….WOW!

  26. SPONGEBOB!!! and cast too, like PATRICK. HAHAHA. awesome awesome job on mickey and minnie, my favourite, ever so classic Walt Disney characters!(:

  27. i love the idea of the Charlie Brown crew as well as Calvin and Hobbes….my daughter would say the disney princess….and I would LOVE to see (I don’t know how to spell it) …snuffelufagus?.. from.sesame street

  28. Snoopy Cake Pops, my husband would love those, Snoopy or anyone from Charlie Brown is his favorite. Or Mr. Potato Head.

    The Mickey and Minnie ones are soooo Cool!

  29. you said “Character=cute”

    i say “Bakerella=AWESOME”

    you are just way TOO cool—seriously you ALWAYS make my day :)
    I had a Girl Scout Troop that I help out with make your cake pops for a Baby SHower they hosted for a teenage pregancy center—Half of the pops in blue/half in pink–everyone loved them —and even though they were just plain pops without any decoration–the girls were quite pleased with the way the pops turned out. I keep telling myself someday when I retire I am going to do all of these neat things (like what I see on your site) and I realize that the time is NOW–don’t wait—Thank you for being my inspiration—I missed you while you were gone–and your story confirmed what I already knew–that you are an incredible woman—-and I am so glad that you have not only touched thousands and thousands of women ,but also that you have touched me !!!!!!

  30. That’s funny…I just did some Mickey silouettes on spring break in Kissimme for my niece’s college softball team while we were there for the Rebel Spring Games!
    I’d love to see anything Super Mario you could come up with, especially YOSHI. (too many people think he’s a frog!)

  31. I love these cake pops they are soooo cute!!! I would love to see Curious George as a cake pop.

  32. These are so cute!! I have to second a couple from above – I would LOVE to see the Disney Princesses or Harry Potter!

  33. I agree that Pooh and friends would be fantastic! Also, my daughter would love Finding Nemo cake pops!!! In fact, I am planning a Nemo party for her 3rd birthday, and that would be out of this world to have Nemo pops!!! Love the Mickey and Minnie ones. The silhouettes are my favs, they are so simple and iconic. Lovely!

  34. Would love to see Wonder Woman or Jetson’s characters – my fave childhood cartoons.

  35. these are seriously ADORABLE.

  36. I am IN LOVE with these! Adorable! I am going to Disney for the first time ever (and I am 24 haha) this Decemeber so I might just try these to get in the spirit!! Have you ever tried making any characters from Finding Nemo?! My fav movie ever…don’t know if it’s possible but would be SO cute!

  37. Bakerella, you are truly amazing! You must’ve sprinkled Tinkerbell fairy dust on Mikey/Minnie’s faces to get that piped coating so smooth……? I LOVE all your creations. I think your readers would be amazed to see how you’ve got your kitchen organized for making and decorating all these treats. I now have 2 cabinets stocked and labled with sprinkles, deco’s, ribbons and potential “cute” add-on’s. Thanks for your terrific website and all your ADORABLE edibles!

  38. Love it! love it! You are so creative! Now I really have to try making cake pops one day! My son loves Mickey!!!!!

  39. OMG! bakerella you continue to astound and amaze me! these are simply the best pops you have ever made! (can u tell im a huge disney freak?!)

  40. AMAZING!!

  41. these are adorable! they would have been great to go with the Mickey Mouse Cake I made for a friend 2 weeks ago! Keep up the cuteness bakerella!

  42. My son is in to Thomas the Train (65th Anniversary this year), although I think that would be one time consuming cake pop.
    Some characters and friends to try to make: Shrek, Veggietales (Bob the Tomato would be adorable!), Diego and Dora, etc. The possibilites are endless and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! :-)

  43. Garfield. . .definitely Garfield (and I loved your cupcakes by the way). The Cheshire Cat would be awesome too. Maybe some Mad Hatter Hats?? I could go on forever. :)

  44. Those are absolutely adorable!! I just found your site last week and am simply amazed at your talent!!! I’d love to see your take on the Peanuts gang or Winnie the Pooh & friends.

  45. I’d like to see Curious George and Winnie the Pooh

  46. OUTSTANDING ! REALLY! You continue to amaze me. I have enough trouble with the plain little cuppie cake balls. Finally got those mastered. These character ones are insane. Great job as always. P.S. I really always had a thing for Pooh myself. He is so adorable.

  47. Too cute!

  48. Terrific pops! Have to try this rendition, too! My next project will be frog pops for my daughter’s birthday next weekend. She loves frogs. Barb in Mn

  49. I have a new appreciate for your character cake pops. I’ve been making the cake balls for quite some time, but I just put them on a stick for the first time this weekend trying to make the Hello Kitty pops. My, what a challenge that turned out to be!! (FYI – if you get your melted white chocolate too hot, it will melt the ears and make them slide off!)

    Thank you for all the inspiration. You definitely take my baking to a whole new level!

  50. I would LOVE to see versions of any/all of the Backyardigans! Any chance of having them in time for my two younger kids’ joint birthday party at the end of the month? :-D

  51. These are great! Thanks for sharing! I am addicted to all things cake pops. Really. I have 2 kds with birthdays this month and just did a search for both Toy Story and Harry Potter cake pops…came up with nothing. I would love to see both of these.

  52. In regards to the new movie, The Last Airbender, (which is based off of a cartoon, ) I’d like to see Aang, the main character. he’s got a nicely round and bald head that seems easy enough to make. Just wondering.

  53. Wow! These are my new favorites! What a great idea!

  54. The creativity just oozes from you. I am just amazed at these cake pops. How cute!

  55. You are a true artist! The Minnie Mouse pops are amazing.

    I’d like to add another vote for Shrek. It’s coming out the weekend of my son’s 8th birthday, so we’re taking a few boys to the movies. I’ve been looking for a way to make Shrek cupcakes, but cake pops would be even better!

  56. Omg!! I just came back from my Disney Honeymoon! Seeing these just made my day! I’d love to try them!

  57. shut up…those are stinkin adorable….I more then heart you

  58. I think the Smurfs (movie coming out soon) and the Peanuts characters would be awesome!

  59. These are incredible. You are so talented!!
    Calvin and Hobbes would be super fun to see.

  60. These are awesome!!
    My 3 yr old is in the “everything must be Disney Princess” stage lol
    Is it possible to create Ariel, Cinderella, or Belle cake pops?

    She also loves that cutie Kai-Lan from the carton show Ni Hao Kai-Lan.

    I’m so excited to see the new pops you create!!

  61. Genius, you’re simply a genius:)

  62. Wow, those are amazing!

    I’d love to see The Simpsons characters, or old school Nintendo characters (Mario, Luigi, Princess, etc).

  63. Disney Princess or Barbie cake pops!
    I also love the idea of Harry Potter cake pops!

  64. Right now my 9 year old daughter is really into watching the Flintstones on a retro cartoon channel – she especially loves Pebbles and Bam Bam.

    Yabba Dabba Doooooooo!

  65. okay i was actually secretly waiting and hoping back in March that you would do a dr. seuss somethin somethin. i’m a teacher who does something for my kids each year for his birthday. even if just on a cupcake. cause let’s be honest, time’s limited. LOVE LOVE your stuff.

  66. Shut up! those are so cute!!

  67. Yoda.
    ‘Do…or do not….there is no try’!!!! :)

  68. SO STINKIN CUTE! How could these be eaten?

  69. So excited about these! I MUST make them!

  70. I just gotta say, i think dilbert would be fun…mr men…barbapapa….

  71. Those are so adorable. It would be neat to see Diddl and Diddlina cake pops, they are like the German version of Mickey and Minnie, but not Disney. Cuter than Disney’s mice, but not cuter than those cake pops.

  72. AWESOME! I love Minnie. I would love to see Scooby Doo cake pops, I’d so be making those. Keep up the great work!

  73. Oh my goodness! I love mickey mouse and these are too cute for words! I want them. :D

  74. I would love to see some cute bugs in cake pop form. My daughter has a birthday party coming up and I was going to attempt oval bumblebees with sliced almonds for wings? Butterflies and ladybugs would be too tricky right?

  75. Curious George pops made with banana bread!

    I’ve also always thought that Jack Skellington of The Nightmare before Christmas would make a nice cake pop.


  76. Not a character but a specific animal.


  77. These are the cutest ever!!!

    Anything Disney is CUTE, but I’d love to see Winnie the Pooh pops! :-)

  78. I agree with the suggestions for Monsters Inc. and Winnie the Pooh cake pops! Mike Wazowski, Pooh, and Tigger would be so fun, although I would probably add too much food coloring and end up with crazy colored pops!

    I would also love to see a monkey pop (not necessarily Curious George, just a generic monkey).

    Love all your gorgeous creations – can’t wait to buy your book!

  79. awesome work!!! thanks for sharing. :)

  80. My son would go crazy for Toy Story characters or Wubbzy! Wubbzy has a pretty basic shape so he might be fairly easy to do:

    Love Mickey & Minnie – so cute!!

  81. Of course, you could always go for the iconic cartoons: Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Tweety Bird.

    Or the ever popular Jetson’s and Flinton’s! ;)

    Mickey and Minnie Mouse are redonkulously adorable!

  82. These are precious! Great job! :)

  83. Oh, I almost forgot, how about the Swedish chef and his chickens?

  84. Sooo sweet!! c’est très joli, bravo ! Quel talent !

  85. This is awesome. You should try doing some superheros from the comic books!

  86. I am a Disney freak and those are adorable!

  87. OMG these are adorable! You’re so talented!! I attempted some Mickey cupcakes last week, but they don’t hold a flame next to yours!

  88. You are AMAZING!!! I will be trying these, they are so cute. My sons love Mickey Mouse. Have you ever tried Winnie the Pooh and Tigger? Thank you so much for sharing!!

  89. My daughter would be over the moon if I could make her Nemo pops! I made owls for her birthday. :)

  90. Love them All!!!
    My 40th bday is coming up and I will pass out if I see these on your site: Ms Piggy , big fan of the muppets show and the green M&M.. You are an inspiration and love that u make your beautiful daughter part of your awesome, fun, creative projects

  91. Love these!!! I would love to see YO gabba gabba too… but my little one is turning 2 in August and would love to find out how to do Buzz & Woody from Toy Story since he LOVES them and that is the theme!!! Great job as usual!!!

  92. I still haven’t made cake pops yet! I LOVE mickey mouse too…like absolutely love. Perhaps these will be my first. I’m scared!

  93. These look absolutely amazing! They’re so cute, so playful, so creative! I love them!

  94. You are so very talented! I’d love to see some Veggie Tales done in cake pops! Bob and Larry would be so adorable!

  95. I don’t think I have the guts to try these…awesome as usual!!!

  96. You continue to amaze and delight me with your creations…thanks so much!!

  97. Those are adorable! How about elmo?!

  98. It would be neat to see all the characters from harry potter. It could be a real hit in the new theme castle at Universal. Harry potter cake pops!!!!

  99. You are insanely patient!

    Winnie the Pooh would make a super cute cake pop. My girl is obsessed with Monsters Inc. at the moment – a Mike Wazowski pop would be funny!

  100. Your cake pops get more and more impressive each time! I would love to see Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends, especially Piglet and Eeyore, in cake pops. I think they would make the cutest favors for a baby shower!

  101. Oh my goodness!!!! These are adorable – you are so talented!

  102. Those cake pops were great. As soon as I saw the question one thought popped into my head = the Peanuts gang. And I see that Simone on comment 94 said the same. I would love to see your slant on a Woodstock and Snoopy especially.

    Can’t wait for your book!

    Take care

  103. Oh…my…goodness!!! No words to describe how absolutely freaking adorable your newest creations are!

    I’d LOVE to see Vin Diesel cake pops. So hot, I could just eat him up and if he were a cake pop I really could! :-) For my daughter, Tinkerbell and for my son robots!

  104. Oh, these are sooo cute!!!

    Me, I’d love to see your version of the Peanuts :-)
    My 8-year daughter, she loves Spongebob Squarepants and his friends, those would make a nice bunch of cakes too – in your hands, that is.
    You are a genius, thanks for the fun and the inspiration :)

  105. You are amazing bakerella!

    Star wars would be fun as pops.
    My baby is a cookie monster fan and thoose you have already done.

  106. Oh dear how cute. The ribbons and Minnie’s bows nail it. I just wonder if it is necessary to cut the candy for ears – couldn’t you just shove them in the pop using some force? ;-)

    As a Finn, I’m going to suggest you make some Moomin pops –

  107. omg wow these are amazing, i would love to try making these, i love anything disney :).
    and a character id like to see…Spongebob hehe :) i love that spongey guy i would love to have a go of making cake pops of him :).

  108. Ooh I love these! Do you have a side profile picture? Did you make the nose come out some? Does that make sense LOL.

  109. I wish you had made these this time last year!! I had a disney 21st.
    You are crazy talented!!!! Next you should try the simpsons or something.

  110. My little nephews and cousins LOVE Thomas the Tank Engine. My little nephews birthday is coming up and I was going to make Thomas cupcakes… pops would be so fun to have too!

  111. so creative as usual! sooooooooooooo cute

  112. Love the Mickey and Minnie! I would love to see Jack Skullington. I think it would be pretty easy for you (probably not for me). My tween boys would love them!


  114. I love these! I’ve been trying to decide between pirate cake pops and smiley face cake pops for my son’s birthday next month. I think it’s going to have to be his beloved Mickey! Thanks for the great idea!!!

  115. WOW! You never cease to amaze us!! These are completely and utterly adorable!!!!

  116. Holy cow Bakerella! How DO you do it! Those are just awesome!

  117. These are so adorable, can’t believe all the amazing ideas. My kids would love “Puffle” pops from the Club Penguin online site/game. They are round, just have to figure out how to do the fuzzy fur! Made my first attempt at cake pops this past week, they turned out great but some of the coating cracked? Also made “Marshmallow” pops which looked a little like Frankenstein’s head – now I have a Halloween idea! You are so talented and creative LOVE your site!

  118. YAY!!! Oh I’m so glad you posted these! I’ve been waiting for this post and here it is. :) Thank you!! Now, I just have to try and recreate these….. Here goes nothing! :)

  119. Oh, my nephew is CRAZY about Thomas the Train! That might be a little difficult to do though.

  120. Oh my goodness! You are killing me w/ the cuteness! I especially adore the Minnie Mouse Silhouettes!

  121. The Pillsberry Dough Boy and the Geico Gecko cake pops would be outrageous cute overload!

  122. I’m with a couple of these other ladies – gonna have to go with Yo Gabba Gabba. My 2 1/2 year old would FLIP OUT.

  123. Oh my gosh, these are so cute!!! If I show these to my 2 1/2 year old, she will force me to make them! We went to Disneyland a couple of weeks ago, and she was star struck. She almost couldn’t wait her turn to meed Mickey, and when it was her turn, she just hugged him and wouldn’t let go. I will definitely be making these for her :)
    How about some Veggie Tales cake pops? Those would be fun :)

  124. These are so CUTE!!!!!! : )

  125. Eeee! They’re so cute! =D As for characters, how about the Power Rangers??? That would be a challenge but imagine the pops!

  126. Me again! I was so excited to see #31 and 32 ask for Yo Gabba Gabba. We don’t get that show in the Middle East but DJ Lance Rock is my dearest friend from high school and beyond! That would be so cool to do him! He just did and Egg Roll at the White House! He has been photoshopped to have Obama’s head in his head gear and glasses! My Lance!!!!

  127. Woman, you rock as usual! Your photography also! I have always been in love with the Pillsbury Dough Boy! He laughed when poked and when I was very little and did not speak English, it was comforting that I could understand that as well as the next kid whom did speak English!!

    yeah, the Pillsbury Dough Boy!! Flutter

  128. I loveeeeeeee love love, did I say love it? OMG!

  129. WOW! These are incredible…now I need to come up with a reason to try and make them!

  130. AWWW I love these! I would make cake pops more often as soon as I perfect the dipping technique lol

    I would love to see Garfield and friends one day. They seem simple enough?


  132. These are absolutely insane!! I thought the Sesame Street Cake Pops were my favorite, but your MIckey and Minnie mouse pops are awesome!

  133. these are FLAWLESS!! I’m in awe, Bakerella. You are such an inspiration!

  134. LOVE THEM!!! I had Minnie/Mickie cookies I made for a friend this weekend and they would have flipped for these too! Thanks for all your amazing ideas!!!

  135. Too cute!! I LOVE those Minnie Mouse pops!

  136. What about Dora/Diego or the Disney Princesses? My daughter would love it!

  137. Just thought I’d throw my two cents in, about how I melt chocolate bark using my electric fondue pot. I figure it’d work just as great with candy melts. I can’t wait to make/try some homemade cake balls.

  138. So darn cute! I would love, love, love to see Yo Gabba Gabba! Actually, my son would love to see Yo Gabba Gabba!

  139. Yay!!! Namesake pops!!! :) Those look absolutely fabulous!
    I think Finding Nemo pops would be cute..

  140. I second the little einsteins cake pops!

  141. I’ll echo Pamela–Pooh and Piglet! Or Care Bears? How about Snoopy?

  142. I’ve got one!! Winnie the Pooh and Piglet! Omigosh…my two little girls would love them!!

  143. I love these so much! You are so talented! How about some of the Disney princesses? Or the Mario characters in cakeball form?

  144. Those are SO adorable!

  145. I would like to see some Muppets characters and I think Yoda and Darth Vader would rock! I’m so looking forward to your book release!

    I’m currently trying this for the first time, making baseballs for my son’s teammates to celebrate his birthday this week. Thanks for the inspiration!

  146. What an incredible honor to have Dinsey use your amazing talent. These are so cute!

  147. How about Toy Story charactors? Toy Story 3 comes out June 18th!

  148. OMG…..these are SOOO cute!!! I can see doing the ones w/o the faces, they remind me of the foam figures you put on your car antennae!

    I’ve made your graduation caps back in June and STILL get comments abt them! A special feat considering I live in Orlando and dealing with chocolate in the June heat was a challenge.

    Thanks for all your great ideas. They are totally doable and when you find something you want to do, there is ALWAYS time for it.

  149. Love these!

    And which character would I like to see? Totoro! From the Disney movie My Neighbor, Totoro. They might not be that small though since he’s a bit of a fattie, haha.

  150. I forgot to say I would like handy manny or toy story cakes balls, that would be awesome :D

  151. WOW! These are fabulous!!! I would love to see cake pop bubbles, I guess that’s not a character, but wouldn’t blue cake pop bubbles sticking in a little bathtub with a cake pop rubber ducky be soooo stinkin’ cute!?!?!? Love you here on the west coast Bakerella!!!!

  152. i would love to see you make other sanrio characters such as kerropi, chococat, or batzmaru! so cute!

  153. woow. these are cuuuute. i’ll try them as soon as possible. yum yum yum.

    i’d love to see curious george cake pops.

  154. OMG, I love it!!! I will be making these for my nephew b. Day door sure…thanks ur Amazing

  155. AMA-ZING!!! Love it!! I am curious about ladybugs. I know it’s not a character so much, but the theme for my daughter’s first birthday party is ladybugs and I would love to make some pops as favors. Also, can’t wait till the book comes out. If you are on a book tour, I hope hope hope you come to Nashville!!!!

  156. so cute. love minnie. remmeber power-puff girls? those would be so cute

  157. clever, clever, clever! i’m going to have to think about what character i would love to see as a cake pop…i’ll be back with an answer! :)

  158. I’m in love <3

    As for other characters.. I think Chowder would make a cool cake pop.

  159. Ummmmmm….I just died. Just when I think you can’t out-adorable yourself, you do. These are absolutely span-dan-derous

  160. ADORABLE! I would love to make these but have no idea for who or what I would make them for.

  161. Oh how completely adorable! Your cake pops are beyond amazing and doable for anyone who has the inclination to make them!! You can always find time for such sweet treats as yours!!
    Thank you for another fantastic post!

  162. O.K. I have to say it for the sake of my kids…. can you do Sponge Bob??

    If I ever made them though I’d never let them eat em’!

  163. Muno—Yo Gabba Gabba. Red and bumpy with 1 eye.

  164. Sooooo ca-yute! I have a feeling that the Yo Gabba Gabba characters would be a big hit at my daughter’s next birthday party. I can’t even begin to imagine how I would make those. So I guess I’ll just let you pull some of that magic out of your hat and then I can copy yours! Don’t worry, you’ve got time. Her birthday isn’t until January. :-D

  165. I don’t know any parent who actually has time to do this stuff. They’re cute and all, but totally impractical for anyone who has a real job.

  166. WOW! These are adorable:-) My little girl loves Minnie, so this would be the cutest thing for her next birthday party.

    I’m SOOOO excited to have you as a dessert photo judge on I Heart Faces this week. YAY! Thanks so much for taking time out for us. You are such an inspiration to me. I’m totally giddy:-)

    I Heart Faces

  167. Amazing! Simply Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  168. Very creative! Think you could do Shrek?

  169. These are so cute! I think either Spongebob or Thomas the Tank Engine would be good characters to try out.

  170. Hi, just wanted to say I just love the cake pops!!!!
    Ok… do you dip the balls into the chocolate and get it so smooth??
    I’ve made the cake balls twice and some turn out great and others not so great.
    Any hints I would just love.

  171. my son is going to go nuts when he sees these! he LOVES mickey! I may try to make these for his 3rd birthday in July. Thank You!

  172. you sooooooo ROCK!!!
    cuteness overload!
    soooo tell us about your new friend(s)…are you going to be doing more of this in the future?

    little einsteins cake pops!

  173. AMAZING…. as always! Wow!


  174. These are so great! I love them! One of these days… I think me and Hello Kitty are going to have a day of it… Just for me. Hee hee.

  175. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. wow.
    they look hard to do (with the face)
    nice job!!
    you should try doing any character from dr.seuss I just love them all!

  177. AWESOME!!!!! i have SOOOO been wanting to make a mickey mouse cake pop for my mickey crazy little grandson!!! thank-you, thank-you and THANK YOU :) so glad you’re feeling better :)

  178. These are stunning! Gotta try to do them. I should also work on doing cake pops or cake balls for an Imagination Movers theme. Maybe little gears…

  179. Wishful thinking… but I’ve always loved Jimminy Cricket! “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to youuuu….” I’m willing to bet he’d be crazy hard to create though! Your Minnie and Mickey look incredible!

  180. I Loved them , very cute!!! I ‘d love to see Charlie Brown and friends, they r my favorite!!!

  181. Too cute!

    Curious George is always a fan favorite around here!

  182. Awesome! The Simpsons!

  183. OMG they are adorable! I see these in our future.

  184. Love these!!! Since I live in Tampa and am a huge disney fanatic family come and stay with us and go to disney. Now I can make these to give them when they get here!

  185. I agree with the Calvin & Hobbes comment.
    I think they would be adorable.

  186. So cute! I even liked them without the faces.

  187. Seriously, these are beyond amazing. We are going to DisneyWorld in 2 weeks and boy do these make me sooo excited to go! Wish I had time to make these and have them as a surprise in our hotel room. My daughters would go crazy for them!

    As for other characters–I’d LOVE to see the Charlie Brown characters—Snoopy, Linus, Lucy, Charlie Brown, and of course Woodstock. Maybe in their Great Pumpkin outfits? :)

  188. These rock. I am a huge disney fan and can’t wait to try these out. Disney pops here I come!!! :)

  189. This is redic! You have truely out done yourself!

  190. Oh my gosh! These are amazing!

  191. You have done it again! So creative and cute!! I love them :)

  192. Adorable!!! You are too creative… such an inspiration!

  193. I would love to see Calvin and Hobbes cake pops! I gave the cupcake pops a try for my daughters 2nd birthday last week. They turned out pretty cute, but they were a bit on the moist side. I think I added too much frosting. I also think I need to find a smaller cookie cutter for the cupcake bottoms. They were just too big. I love your site and all your wonderful ideas. :)

  194. You are just amazing!! I love visiting your site to see what the newest creation is!!

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