Snowman Cake Pops

I made these snowmen pops last year and just never got around to posting them. I think they are pretty darn cute. The black confetti sprinkles are perfect for two eyes made out of coal. The noses are orange sunflower seeds. The mouths are drawn on with a black edible ink pen.

The hats are made from regular and mini size Oreos.


Cookies make them even more awesome don’t you think.

Want to make some? Follow the basic instructions for cake pops and use the following to decorate:

White candy melts
Black confetti sprinkles
Orange sunflower seeds
Black edible ink pen
Regular Oreos
Miniature Oreos
Styrofoam block

  • Prepare the hats first. Separate Oreos and remove the creme center. The miniature Oreos can get a lot of crumbs stuck to the side of the creme center, so take a toothpick and scrape the surface off for a white edge.
  • Use some of the melted coating to attach the miniature Oreo to the regular size Oreo half and set aside.
  • Dip the cake pops and while the coating is still wet, attach the sunflower seed nose and the Oreo hat and let dry.
  • Then attach the confetti sprinkle eyes by dotting on a small amount of coating with a toothpick and attach the sprinkles.
  • Draw the mouths with the edible ink pen and let dry standing in a styrofoam block.

And voila … Snowman Cake Pops … or Snowhead Cake Pops … nevermind.

Now these are pretty cute like I said before… they remind me of what a snowman would look if I tried to build one in the yard. Not that we ever really get that much snow here. They are more like ice men than snowmen in the south. But this weekend I was thinking about them and I decided they were a just little too generic.

So I decided to try something a little more iconic.

Prepare yourself. These really are cute.


Stop it. I can hardly believe they are real and I made them.


The hats were made by tinting white candy coating with black candy color to get a dark gray. Then the coating was poured into these candy molds.


Now, if you want a more floppy hat look like the ones in the back of this photo, then try dipping Reese’s in the gray candy color.


Unwrap them first… but you knew that. And make sure the coating has cooled off or else it will melt the candies before you can attach them to the hat base.

Want to make some of these? These are more involved, but you can do it. I know you can because a lot of you have been sending me some fantastic pics of snowmen. With licorice scarves and Rolo hats. Keep em coming. Follow the basic instructions for cake pops and use the following to decorate:

White candy melts
White confetti sprinkles
Red mini M&M’s
Black edible ink pen
Red edible ink pen
Black candy color
Pink jumbo confetti sprinkles (You can find jumbo flower sprinkles and you can skip drawing the petals. I just didn’t have any on hand.
Blue confetti sprinkles
Orange gumdrops
Japanese somen noodles (you can also use pasta, it’s just a little thicker.)
Disc candy mold
Cordial cup candy mold
Reese’s (optional)

  • Prepare the hats first. Melt candy coating and add candy coloring until the desired shade of gray is achieved.
  • Pour coating in the molds and place in the freezer for a few minutes to set.
  • When completely dry, remove and attach the top of the hat to the base by using some melted candy coating.
  • Then attach a pink jumbo sprinkle to the hat using a small amount of candy coating. Next attach a smaller blue confetti sprinkle on top of the pink one. If you can find jumbo flower sprinkles, you can skip drawing the petals on.
  • With a black edible ink pen draw on the hat details if you like. But be prepared to suck up the ink in your edible in pens.
  • Now dip the cake pops in white candy coating. Before the coating sets, attach the hats to the snowman head.
  • Use a new block of styrofoam… one that hasn’t been used for cake pops before. Because you will want these to stand straight up due to the weight of the hat. If you use old styrofoam, the integrity of the holes may be compromised and they might fall over.
  • When they are completely dry, attach the nose and eyes using more melted candy coating.
  • Draw on the mouths and the eye details with the black edible ink pen.
  • Then cut some orange gumdrops into smaller shapes.
  • Use a toothpick to drill a small hole in the cake pop mouth.
  • Break noodles down into one inch pieces and insert one end into the gumdrop shape and the other into the mouth for pipes. By the way these will be extremely delicate, so space them out in the styrofoam.
  • Note: you can also drill holes into a wood block to guarantee straight holes.

Oh yeah…

Happy New Year!!!

You know I had to kick it off with cake pops, so hope you like em.


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  1. WOW. That’s all I can say. You’re good.

  2. These are the most adorable thing EVER! I love Frosty – not that it would stop me from eating him ;) Great job yet again!

  3. Angie, I think I’m in love! Those Frosty’s are just plain adorable!

  4. I am freakingout. These are ridiculously cute. You are extremely talented. I just tried to make cakeballs and was lucky to even have them shaped correctly. So, from experience, this is not easy. Do not try this at home, just order here. LOL

  5. Unbelievable… You are awesome!
    Happy New Year!

  6. wow, those are too crazy cute, they look loke little cartoons…not cake pops. BRAVO

  7. Fantastic! And very apt as we have just had the heaviest snow over in the UK than we have had for 30 (yes 30!!) years and there are lots of snowmen about!!

  8. OMG, those are the cutest! My 6 yr old saw them and loved them too. He then proceeded to ask me.. “how come you can’t be like Bakerfella and make me snowmen” sorry sweets, mom’s just not that motivated. And yes, he says fella not ella. LOL

  9. I’m glad you’re back! I might have to make some of these for my class since they are (much) smaller this semester.

  10. I just think you are AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your site !!!!!!

  11. These are so cute! Great job Bakerella. Seeing these snowmen cake pops makes me not think of the cold weather and snow so much! I love your blog, keep up the great work! =)

  12. These are great! I wish I had known abou the styrofoam issue earlier because I made full snowmen and a few of them met an untimely demise because of it! I also had a problem that has happened a few different time when making cake pops, the coating cracks open. It doesn’t happen immediately but usually within an hour. I’m not sure if it’s because of how thin the coating is or because of freezing/refrigerating the pops before coating and the cake expands in room temp.

  13. Love your work!!!!! We’ve made some cute snowman cake balls too!

  14. OMGosh, you amaze me everytime i come here! I don’t know where you find the time to do all of this…you are incredibly talented!

  15. I love these soo much!!! They’re soooooo cute. I can’t wait to make them this week!!!!

  16. how creative and adorable! im going to make them today!!

  17. Wow! Those Frosty Pops are amazing. They’re so authentic, even my little Frosty expert loves them with their button noses!

  18. For the love of all things cute!! Seriously! I shouted OMG!! really loud when I first saw these… too bad no one was home!! or good thing, cause if my kids saw these… well, I’d be on the hunt for mini Reeses asap!!

    SO INSPIRATIONAL!! SO TALENTED!! thanks for the smile today!!
    You! : )

  19. You hope we will like them?! OF COURSE we will like them. What does Bakerella bake that we don’t like?!

    From in-obvious-envy-of-your-talent-and-imagination

  20. I saw the first ones and thought: They just couldn’t be any cuter! Then I scrolled down, and I was wrong!! You have a true gift!

  21. Your cake pops always make me so jealous because they’re so neat and clean looking! Mine would be a mess! But I LOVE looking at them :)

  22. Absolutely Brilliant! I love them

  23. Bakerella~ you’ve done it again! Just when I thought cute couldn’t get any cuter! Thanks for the inspiration….gotta get the cordial mold!

  24. outstanding..wht a killer idea.. ur awesome!! i heart ur site!!
    A very happy new year to u 2!!!

  25. Just when I don’t think you could be creative….there you go!!!

    These are just the cutest!!!

    You rock Bakerella!

  26. ‘So cute. Thanks for sharing. These are so creative!!

  27. These are so stinkin’ cute! Thanks for sharing! :)

  28. I think you find candy coated sunflower seeds in the topping section, right?

  29. They are so cute! Now what is an orange sunflower seed?

  30. Those are just the SWEETEST pops!!

  31. you are amazing! amazing! the frostys are just ugh! too good to be real life!

  32. oh my goodness, these are so adorable and on my list for next christmas… if I don’t test make them already this winter! I love your site and the cake pop creations, thanks for the inspiration!


  33. How cute! Can’t wait to make them my self!

  34. I’m in love with these!!! Your creativity blows me away.

  35. Okay, so my New Year’s resolution was to stop baking if there isn’t an actual birthday or occassion and my friends so appreciated that resolution for the sake of their waistlines…but you so are going to make me break it on day 4. Let me tell you, fate is so working against me because leftover supplies from Christmas baking has so left me with everything I need to bust out a rockin’ frosty cake pop. Argh, the internal battle going on right now!!!

  36. Oh man… I think I would have a hard time not eating all of the peanut butter cups before they turned into hats. These are stunning.

  37. These are just TOO adorable! I am saving this so I have it for next Christmas!! I love them!

  38. So I love your blog and everything you do but I never comment, but when I read this post the first thing I thought was “HOLY CRAP!” Those pops are too freaking cute. And then I scrolled down and saw the second ones and I almost lost it. You keep one upping yourself with all these creative pops and desserts!

  39. Oh my goodness! These are the cutest snowmen ever! I was in love with the first picture and then I saw the Frosty ones!!! Wow! So very cute! I wish I could follow you around for a day or so and take notes. You are the most inspiring! And you share and play well with others:) We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. my heart is pitter-pattering as well. i could sit and stare at these snowmen all day long. they look like they have their very own personalities – you’ve injected life into them!! happy, happy new year!! thank you for all the inspiration!

  41. You did it again! They are adorable! My son has had a fixation on Frosty this winter and started giggling when he saw them.

  42. Adorable as always! I so enjoy looking around your blog, and am determined to try some of your recipes soon. As a matter of fact, I dreamed about baking with your advice last night. Check it out here.

  43. Wow! Both sets are cute, but the Frosty pops are just amazing!!!!

  44. Oh, my gosh! Over the top precious!


    I would love to do this project with my students, I just don’t think I can find some of this stuff in Guatemala… I need to go exploring some more!

  46. These are so darn cute. Great job Bakerella – the detail you put into all of your work is amazing.

  47. HOLY SMOKES Batman! I was just telling the fella how I wouldn’t be able to bake for the next few weeks, and you create those amazingly cute pops. THEY ARE SO CUTE.

  48. The Frosty pops are great…I think I will try the Oreo version but will add the pipe. Living in the Northeast, snow is a for sure thing in the winter but I just heard Georgia might be getting some very soon as well so you can make real Frostys soon!
    I’m looking forward to a new year filled with creative, fun Bakerella posts.

  49. Yes, you are ridiculously good! I know how much work went into those and you must have the patience of a saint!

  50. these are the cutest things… you my dear..are a cake pop artist!

  51. Once again, oh so cute! I did some snowman for Christmas…check them out on my blog!

  52. My two-yr-old just saw the Frosty pops and said, “Ohhhh….they look sweet.”

  53. oh my goodness, how adorable!!! these are so perfect!

  54. Awww…too cute! I love it when you make cake pops!

  55. WICKED CUTE!!!

  56. Those are excellent, though a tiny part of my heart likes the generic ones a little better. They remind me more of how I made snowmen growing up.

  57. OMG – I think these are my absolute favorites so far – the cutest!! Have to go to the store to get suplies to make some with the kids!

  58. Oh goodness gracious! I love both Oreos and Peanut Butter Cups with equal measure. I’ll take one of each please!!!

  59. OMG! You have done it now!
    Those are brilliant!

  60. They are absolutely AWESOME!!! love them!!!

  61. how cute are those, too fun!

  62. I want a 12 month calendar filled with pictures of cake pops. Seriously. I fall in love with every single one you publish.

  63. I am a nut over Snowmen! LOVE yours and love the Frosty ones, too! just too cute!

  64. my 2-year old was very happy to see Frosty up on the screen again! We watched it on a continuous loop this year. (I also posted a link on my edible crafts column at So perfect.

  65. Omigosh, ADORABLE! So I made my first attempt at cake pops for a Holiday party, not nearly as cute as ALL of yours. But people were impressed nonetheless. I was having issues with the dipping part. Some turned out pretty cute but others not so cute, I did try to resolve the issue by keeping the cake pops in the freezer until I was ready to dip them, that seemed to help.
    I want to attempt to do it again for a Football party my husband and I are putting together this month. This time I’m going to try and make football shaped cake pops. Fun, I hope they turn out!

  66. Holy Crow ~ Here you go again with all your incredibleness!!!! These have got to be the cutest ever.

  67. O.M.G. these are genius! they look exactly like frosty! i’ve tried making the cake pops a few times but i just can’t seem to get the coating to be even. i can’t even imagine trying to make them as beautiful as these!

  68. These are too darn cute!!! You amaze me, as I tried the cake balls for Christmas, and they went over well, people loved them, but they were as ugly as can be. Mine seemed to heavy for the sticks and when I dipped them in the coating they would break off. I’m thinking I need to use candy coating instead of the bark coating?

    Anyway, yours are the bomb!!!

  69. Every thing you do is adorable but these are fabulous!

  70. cute cute cute cute cute cute cute! I can’t stand it!

  71. Can’t’ believe you made Frosty pops. They are awesome. Very cute! Crazy. Cute.

  72. You are so ridiculiously adorable! Thank you for sharing your amazing talents! I pretend to be talented. Does that count?:D

  73. How do you do it? When I make mine they are lumpy and the chocolate never looks amazing. I have tried so many ways to make them look good. I do not recommend spinning them at a high speed.

  74. how you don’t have a)your own bakery and b)your own baking show on Food Network is beyond me.

    these are insanely adorable.

  75. The Frosty cake pops are out of control cute!! I just love them!

  76. Oh my gosh, they’re perfection! Love Them!!! :)

  77. I can’t stand it –those are SOOOOO cute! Love the gumdrop pipe!

  78. I envision long skewers with the whole snowman body…………….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    Ok, GO!

  79. Those are so cute!

  80. AMAZING!! I only wish you had posted prior to my dd’s b-day in Dec. I made a snowman cake, but these would have been sooo much better.
    I also made my first cake pops during Christmas, the reindeer and the trees, and I got such raving compliments, but I told them yours were much cuter!

  81. soooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!! i love them!!
    so sweet!!

  82. ADORABLE! Love your creativity it is so inspiring! Kuddo’s to you!

  83. That’s the best thing about snowmen… they’re cuteness is totally appropriate after the Christmas holilday is but a memory. Frosty ROCKS!!!

  84. These are splendid, marvelous, so original and unique! You are a master. How can I get a smooth finish on my pops as yours. Yours are unbelievable smooth and shiny!!!! Please advice. Thanks.

  85. These are too cute for words. You have once again outdone yourself.

  86. OMG…TOO CUTE…I love it and Frosty looks just like the cartoon! How do we send u pics of our creations? I made some holiday cupcake bites for everyone and let’s just say there was a lot of hiding of the goodies. :-)

  87. You have me hooked ! I want to come and sit by your side & watch you work. I promise not to talk…forget that. I will try not to talk too much. Frosty is too cute to eat.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  88. Just tooo cute!

  89. Bakerella. You must stop with the cuteness! I can’t stand it!

  90. Okay Girl! You have out done yourself with these snowman pops! I love them!!!
    I just wish us Southern Gals could get some real snow this year, don’t you?
    Oh Yeah…..I made a New Year’s Resolution! When I get my kitchen renovations finished, you are invited to come on over and make all the mini pops,and desserts you want. I’ll even taste test them for you :) It would be worth that 2 hour drive, I just know it! :)

  91. You just amaze me. That’s it. I can’t think of a better way to put it.

  92. Love love love these!!! Frosty looks PERFECT!!!! The kids and I made our first cake pops to give out as Christmas gifts and they had a blast and all of their recipients LOVED them! Thanks for the great ideas!!!!

  93. Super cute as always!!
    I have got to get me some of those edible ink pens.

  94. Yay! Frosty cake pops! It’s way too cold today to venture out for supplies, so I’ll have to settle for looking at them here. Actually, I’m not sure I could bring myself to eat them anyway. Too cute, as always!

    I love this site. :)

  95. Oh, Bakerella… Why do you do this to me?
    I am renovating my kitchen, so I have not been able to use it for MONTHS! Every time I see one of your gorgeous posts, it is torture not being able to get in there and give it a try!

    You are so talented! Sooooooo talented!!!

    Happy New Year :)

  96. love these sooo adorable.

  97. You are completely amazing!!! These (all of them) are absolutely adorable!!!


  98. OH.MY.WORD!
    These are unbelieveable! Seriously these could win an award. Heck, anything you make coudl win an award!

    You’ve really outdone yourself. PERFECT! LOVE THEM!!!!

  99. *clap* *clap* *clap*
    these are just beyond awesome. you’ve completely outdone yourself this time!

  100. Oh. My. Gosh. So cute! The Frosty ones look just like the cartoon!!!!!! And the snowman ones are adorable, too! Love, love, love them!!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  101. Adorable! I wish I was more talented with edible art.

  102. I shouldn’t have looked at these before noon, because now I’m wondering how much effort it would take to make them just so I can admire their cuteness in person & EAT THEM.

  103. Those are gorgeous, so perfect!

  104. Amazing! Those Frosty pops are spot on!

  105. Tus creaciones son muy lindas. Eres una gran artesana.
    ¡Feliz Año Nuevo para tí también!
    Saludos desde Chile.

  106. TOO CUTE! I have to ask…who would want to eat something so cute. I would want to save it forever…but I guess that’s why you take such great photos of all your creations. Who go to eat them?

  107. The Frosty pops are amazing. I can’t believe it- they look exactly like the cartoon version.

  108. These are my favorite ones yet! I love all things snowmen and collect them. I actually like the Oreo ones better than Frosty! SO cute!
    Happy Winter!

  109. So creative.

  110. You are amazing and these are so cute!! I have to try these one day!

  111. you have done it again! i hope you continue to outdo yourself forever and ever. these are fantastic!

  112. You are the “Queen of Cute”!

  113. Holy cow….How gosh darn cute are these?! I cannot wait to make ’em. Thank you for making my Monday morning so much better! You rock :-)

  114. Ok these are the cutest things ever!!! but i do have a question for you, I follow your blog and absoutley LOVE it….but over the hoilday i tried to make your cake pops and I was doing so good until i got to the point of covering the ball????? i was using melting candies and for some reason it look like one of those squezzy balls with the spikes on it, it wasnt pretty at all. I tried melting the candies some more to see if the hotter it got it would be dippable but nope that didnt work either……can you please please please tell me the trick to covering the balls so at ease???? thanks so much Shannon

  115. love them!! I was sad I didn’t have time to make Christmas cake pops this year, but I think snowmen are perfect for January! Thanks! :)

  116. My goodness! These are the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

    I’m totally making these next Christmas with my daughter :)

  117. LOVE LOVE LOVE your attention to detail and the fact that you are an over the top perfectionist!!! Awesome!!

  118. How well do these survive being mailed? These would be cute in goody boxes for distant relatives.

  119. Thank you for giving me the first thing to smile about probably all new year. Those are just too cute, and what I needed to start this day.

  120. OMG! You have outdone yourself!!! These are absolutely amazing! I am a huge Frosty fan (something to do with being named Karyn and having a snowman obsession ever since I was a kid) and these just made my day!

    Thanks for sharing!

  121. amazing cake pops…as always..I love them!

  122. I LOVE THEM!! I made cake pops for our Christmas party this year…I have yet to post them!!
    I LOVE FOLLOWING your blog!! Keep it up!!

  123. Lord have mercy, you made my heart go pitter patter.

  124. Frosty is the cutest cake pop I’ve ever seen!

  125. I’m at the airport, I missed my flight, I’m grouchy. These Snowmen Pops made my laugh and got me out of my funk! They are awesome! Thanks for putting a smile on my face! Now if I only had a snowman pop right now…..

  126. OMG girl! Sooo cute! My daughter and I were making the reindeer pops at Christmas and she said “Mom you should make snowmen.” I am so glad you did, I will have to show these to her! I love your blog!

  127. LOVE THESE!!!!
    Snowmen are my favorite!!

  128. Wow, these are gorgeous!!! So creative!!

  129. You are an amazing, talented soul that brings happiness to the world with your creations ;)

  130. You, my dear, have out done yourself! These are amazing!

  131. Too cute! I don’t know how you come up with this stuff!

  132. You are just awesome..These are adorable…

  133. can’t wait to try these out and surprise the kids and their friends! :)

  134. Awesome!!
    Sorry I am out of words now…! Love the little snowmen.,..

  135. I don’t know how you do it, but *every damn time* I think you cannot possibly reinvent these things, you come up with another idea that makes me squeal out loud at my monitor.

  136. Oh my… they’re great!!! Cutest Frosties ever seen

  137. The last year’s version are adorable and could double as little snowmen flaminco dancers with those little hats, but this year’s version is perfection.

  138. The sticks…thattake it from cake balls to cake ‘pops’ where do I find those? I’m about to make them for the first time!

  139. Wow, these frosty cake pops are too cute!!

    Happy New Year Angie!

  140. Amazing. They are just PERFECT. I love them. A genius, as always.

    I also made mine last year but posted them some days ago. It is hard to believe but this season is almost over and my first cake balls (bizcobolas) are still something to do. I must solve it!!!

    Have a perfect 2010, Bakerella.
    Cheers from Spain.

  141. I thought the Sesame Street cake pops were the best thing I’d ever seen, until today…wow! I love these, they’re soooo Frosty!!! Good Job.

  142. oooh, i wish you had posted these earlier. these are so adorable!!! i’ll have to file this away for next year.
    thanks so much for sharing all of your creations.

  143. Bakerella,

    I LOVE your photography and backdrops! Your cake pops are great, too! Would love to know what camera, setting and any photo tricks (props, time of day, backdrop) you use to take your pics! They are just amazing!

  144. So, so cute!!

  145. So very cute! Thanks for always inspiring us! I may never make these but it is fun to know it is possible. :)

  146. Wow! You are a serious genius at this cake pop thing!!!

  147. ugh too cute!

  148. Yes 110% love them!!! I just love snowmen. I am going to have to make them. Thank you so much for your posts. I just love your site and look forward to it every week.

  149. No way! These frosty fellas are BEYOND adorable. You should put together a coffee table style book of your cake pops. I know I would look at it over and over and over.

    You are awesome, Bakerella! I always tell my family that I would invite you and PW to my birthday party. If I was having one. :)

  150. AHHH! LOVE THEM!!! i don’t know how you do it but you are my HERO! :D

  151. DAMN!!! You are so CREATIVE and TALENTED!!!!! These “Frosty’s” are so Darned Cute!!

    Where did your creativity come from? just curious. I think I got mine from my Maternal Grandmother.

  152. The frosty pops are the cutest things ever! Adorable!!

  153. Ughhh!!! Another cute creation I MUST MAKE! =) They are so awesome! I love both creations, the 2nd ones seem more refined! KEY-UTENESS

  154. Very C_U_T_E!
    Frosty is my favorite movie, I love when he says
    “Happy Birthday”
    All your creations are amazing :)

  155. I’m in awe of your creativity! I think the first ones look like the snowman in the Pixar Short film (the one stuck in the snow globe)…. and the second reminds me of the snowman from the Classic Christmas movie – Frosty.


  156. Both ways result in super cute pops! Been checking every so often tonight for your post…always look forward to it!!

  157. I have to say Bakerella, that it sometimes annoys me how amazing your creations look. I bake cakes as a 2nd job and you really inspire me to make my creations look as awe inspiring as yours do.

  158. Fantásticos!!!! felicidades eres la maestra ;)

    Saludos desde España. Paula

  159. I love the Frosty details – the hat and pipe are SO cute.

  160. Those are so cute! You are so creative, I love seeing what you come up with!

  161. Oh my, those are adorable.

  162. I love these! They are so cute! I tried making the oreo truffles a few days before christmas and I had a hard time getting them to be completely covered, and they lost their shape while i was dipping them…. they tasted great though. How do you get your to cover so nicely?

  163. OMG! Too freaking cute!

  164. SO CUTE! The frosty pops are perfect! They look just like him!

  165. Thanks guys!

    Jennie Larsen – it’s hyperlinked in the post

    “basic cake pop instructions” above.

  166. LOVE these!! I thought the first ones were sooo cute but I kept scrolling and it gets even better. This is my first time commenting but I have been reading your posts for awhile. Your ideas are simply amazing!

  167. Is there anything you can’t make? Your talent is amazing!

  168. I loved the first snowman pops, and I nearly passed out when I saw the second! SO AWESOME!

  169. AWESOME, just AWESOME!!!

    Happy New Year and THANK YOU for all your baking goodness! ;-)

  170. LOVE THE SNOWMAN pops… w/ the cute mini oreo’s … to cute! HELP? WHERE is the recipe to make just your original round cake pops.. I have searched, but still no luck! LOVE UR SITE!

  171. So ridiculously cute! I might just have to make these!

  172. My son is going to absolutely love the Frosty Pops! Of course, the idea of trying to make them kinda terrifies me but he’ll at least love seeing the pictures :)

  173. Sweet! With all the snow we have in New York and my absolute love of snowmen, your timing is impecable!

  174. ACK!!! Just when I think you can’t get any cuter….. you are!

  175. my first time to comment here although I regularly check out your site. You are SO talented. My daughter in law has made cake balls for Christmas the last two years and checks out your site for inspiration. Thanks for all the creative and cute ideas!

  176. Seriously, Bakerella? SERIOUSLY??

    These are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!

  177. I cannot believe how cute these are! As always, I’m impressed with (and envious of) your talent!

  178. Seriously you just overdid it. I thought the mini PW cookbooks were insane but this frosty look alike is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing. LOVE IT!

    I think you and I were meant to be the best of friends…

  179. Sooo cute! You’ve really outdone your self this time.

  180. My jaw just dropped when I saw those. Wow!

  181. So darn cute!! You are a wonder!

  182. Cutest thing ever! Bakerella you are a genius!

  183. Adorable!!

  184. omgoodness! the Frosty ones are spot on!

  185. THESE
    AMAZING!!! and now I MUST try them!!!!! lol

  186. Oh. My. Goodness! Those are too cute! I thought the reindeer were amazing, but these are unbelievable! Wow!

  187. Oh my goodness, the Frosty cake pops are absolutely adorable! Too cute!

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