Monday, July 22, 2013

Nice Cream Giveaway


I’m giving away something nice today.

It’s silver and boxy. Short and sweet.



And it will help you make beautiful creamy creations right at home.

It’s the Cuisinart 2-quart ice cream maker.

Very Cool! Freezing, actually.

Want endless ice cream options? Sweet scoopable treats? Fun frozen flavors right at your fingertips?

I think yes. Because I know I totally want one, too. But first I’m giving away one. And to go along with it, a copy of Jeni’s Ice Creams at Home. I love this book and her ice cream, too! It’s soooo so good.

Here’s the scoop for a chance to win a Cuisinart 2-quart ice cream maker and the book, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home:

  • To enter leave a comment on this post and share something fun you’ve done this summer.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 at 8:00 pm ET. Sorry guys…Time’s Up. Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening.

Good luck!

Giveaway sponsored by me.

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And now we have a winner. Congratulations Princess! Looks like it’s party time for you guys.

P.S. Thank you all for entering and sharing your summer.  You guys are having way too much fun.  It makes me smile reading your responses. Hugs!


Shellie W. said...

Went to Oakley Idaho for a 3 day family reunion.

July 24, 2013 03:28 AM
Joanne Spence said...

For my granddaughter’s 5th birthday I night her the Bakerells Cake Pops Kit with the four different press molds. Before she came over I made the filling, and yesterday we pressed all of it into the different shapes. Today, after a sleepover, we dipped and she decorated almost all of them by herself. Being a child that marches to the best of her own drum, they look nothing like the suggested designs on the included laminated instructions but after 3 hours of watching her play You Tube Show while she’s dipping and decorating … Best day this summer!!! And since I can’t share a picture here, I’m going to try to share one on Bakerella’s page:)

July 24, 2013 03:30 AM
Tracy said...

Beach day with friends and yummy food!

July 24, 2013 03:36 AM
Jenney said...

Oh such a lovely treat!
The funniest thing so far this summer was jumping from a 11 meters high cliff down in perfectly clear water in an old lime pit. A wonderful day with wonderful cousins!

July 24, 2013 03:45 AM
Sally Griffiths said...

Wow this looks amazing. This summer I have been au-pairing in Spain for two really cute girls. They also really love baking and getting creative. So far we have made cupcake cake-pops and we made the oreo ice-cream treats just yesterday! :) Maybe if I win this we can make our own ice-cream too! :)
Sally x

July 24, 2013 03:55 AM
Susan said...

Went to Branson, MO. Lots of fun!

July 24, 2013 03:58 AM
Lisa F said...

We moved this summer & my kids had a blast painting their new rooms. Orange for my Lily and racing stripes for my Rylan! So fun!!!

July 24, 2013 04:09 AM
Jules said...

I replanted my mother’s garden with her. It was a lot of work, but it’s really beautiful and I love hanging out there with an iced coffee (and hopefully some homemade ice-cream)

July 24, 2013 04:24 AM
Adelene said...

Helped my sister plan out her wedding!

July 24, 2013 04:36 AM
Ramiya said...

travelled to Dubai and spent awsome time on a cruise and cooked & baked italian throughout the stay

July 24, 2013 04:41 AM
Robynn Yoerger said...

Summer? It’s winter here in Australia, we are looking forward to relaxing days on the beach and 30deg C plus temperatures.

July 24, 2013 04:43 AM
Joanna said...

Running my first half marathon!

July 24, 2013 04:56 AM
Sandra said...

I had a little vacation too France,, And to learn something different then baking I took surflessons. But back home and already miss the sea.

July 24, 2013 04:57 AM
Kaitlyn said...

I went to Toronto for a concert and the Poconos for an Indycar race — it’s been a pretty awesome summer in my book! :)

July 24, 2013 05:00 AM
Mary B. said...

Bar-B-Q’d burgers and tri-tip at the beach with family and friends. Camped and visited friends on our vacation, Watched my hubby and daughter ride a tube behind our friend’s boat. Played bocci ball and lots of Boggle on our camping trip.

July 24, 2013 05:02 AM
Mimi said...

On the 4th of July my family and I had a family picnic at a park. We made BBQ and there was so much food to choose from. And of course, there was a great selection of desserts too. Yummm. We had such a great time!

July 24, 2013 05:40 AM
Fiona said...

Are non-US residents eligible? I’m from Australia but I’d love to win – although having my own supply of delicious icecream could be a very dangerous thing! Something both fun and exciting I did this summer was buy a coffee van business – and the fun has continued since I’m still having a great time running it :)

July 24, 2013 05:41 AM
Pat said...

Dear friends bought a cabin in northern Michigan and my husband and I spent the most relaxing, enjoyable weekend with them! Boating, sitting by a campfire, fish fry, playing cards, etc. Only thing that would have made it better would have been a Cuisinart ice cream maker! :-)

July 24, 2013 05:55 AM
Renee said...

I went to Costa Rica with a small group of youth group students on a mission trip!

July 24, 2013 06:11 AM
Merve said...

Spend 1 week with my grandma in our summer house :)

July 24, 2013 06:28 AM
Yvonne said...

Me and my 5year old boy took yoga lesson. He enjoy it more then I do ;-)

July 24, 2013 06:29 AM
Heidi said...

We’ve been harvesting all kinds of goodies from our garden!

July 24, 2013 06:34 AM
Sardine said...

Waouh, je tente ma chance pour gagner ces magnifques cadeaux. Bravo pour votre blog qui me fait rêver au fin fond de ma Touraine.

July 24, 2013 06:47 AM
Vannah said...

There is nothing I love more than lounging by the pool during the hot summer months.

July 24, 2013 06:50 AM
viola said...

enjoyed every day of this summer with weekend get together s, family time and lots of baking!

July 24, 2013 06:51 AM
Linda said...

Gosh, I wish I could say I did something exciting. Um…. Planted some heirloom peppers seeds, descended from seeds my great grandma brought over from Hungary.

July 24, 2013 06:51 AM
Ana said...

I’ve been trying to relax at the beach – it’s hard to do with a toddler and an infant. But at least it’s been fun!

July 24, 2013 07:00 AM
Cindy said...

Sat my behind at the beach for a week and read 5 books. Delightful:-)

July 24, 2013 07:02 AM
Roberta said...

I worked and visited Venezia in Italy! Wonderful city!

July 24, 2013 07:03 AM
Rebeca said...

You are giving away one before you get yourself one?!?! You love your readers :-)

Fun thing I’ve done this summer? Well, I’m packing to move. Most people find packing dreadful but I actually enjoy it. It’s a great time to purge of old things weighing you down and start fresh.

July 24, 2013 07:07 AM
sof said...

Went to the mountains with family!

July 24, 2013 07:10 AM
Heather said...

We went blueberry picking!

July 24, 2013 07:12 AM
Juliet said...

I took my parents on a well deserved vacation to Barbados!

July 24, 2013 07:29 AM
Myriam said...

We went back home to introduce my growing belly to my family … Because in christmas, we’ll have our first baby !

And I went shopping with my mom for some maternity clothes … Sooo fun !

Making our own icecream would be so cool ! Thanks a lot !

July 24, 2013 07:40 AM
Ruchi said...

I danced and bathed in the rains that lashed my city to beat the humidity and heat :). Followed this with a sumptuous meal amid pitter patter of the raindrops.

July 24, 2013 07:43 AM
Michelle Scrimgeour-Brown said...

Me and my family – hubbs + 3 kids, aged 9, 5 & 1 – drove almost 2,000km’s round trip to New York City to watch a dear, dear friend get married. It was crazy – because I’m a terrible traveller – but once we were going, it was actually amazing. Loved the road trip, and I really loved watching my friend hitch her wagon to a wonderful man.

July 24, 2013 07:53 AM
Yanneris G said...

We hosted a Gender reveal party, for my best friends. It was a pool party! When Teams were formed according to the guests guess, 6 of us were on team pink (including the mommy, who didn’t know the gender) and over 30 guests on team Blue…imagine everyone’s faces, when we saw the “its a girl” balloon coming out of the box!!!!

July 24, 2013 07:54 AM
Alline S. said...

I went horseback riding for the first time..very interesting.

July 24, 2013 07:58 AM
Huda said...

Had my first paid cake order!!

July 24, 2013 08:00 AM
Judit M said...

I think the funniest think I did was going to the beach… not having much fun yet this summer!

July 24, 2013 08:00 AM
Ekaterina said...

I baked cake pops and gave them to my neighbours

July 24, 2013 08:05 AM
Valarie said...

This summer I found my “inner kid” again–I ran in my very first 5K–a Color Me Rad event. I bounced in a trampoline park. I played in the sprinklers with my kids. I slid down water slides. I walked outside barefoot–in the rain. I caught lightning bugs and put them in a mason jar. I ate sprinkle covered ice cream cones. I’ve found my inner “kid” again….and it’s been GREAT!!! :-)

July 24, 2013 08:09 AM
Angela J said...

I haven’t done too much fun stuff this summer because we just moved… its been endless packing then unpacking. Something fun I did do that wasn’t moving related was canoeing on a lake! The weather was perfect and the lake was very beautiful.

I hope I win, it’s my hubby’s birthday today and this would be such an awesome present for him! He loves ice cream!

July 24, 2013 08:09 AM
Eimear M said...

I went on a three week trip along the coast of California with my family! We went to San Francisco, Monteray, Los Angeles and San Diego. It was truly amazing, the trip of a lifetime and I think we’re all much closer as a family now :)

July 24, 2013 08:18 AM
Stacy said...

With this humidity, ice cream sounds like a dream!

July 24, 2013 08:24 AM
Sara said...

Did a sprint triathlon and was inspired by the father/son team of Dick and Rick Hoyt, who were competing, along with three other paratriathletes.

July 24, 2013 08:24 AM
Tanea said...

Went to Chicago to celebrate my birthday. Came back and about a week later, went on vacation with the entire family to Maryland, Virginia and then the beach. Fun in the sun!

July 24, 2013 08:29 AM
carrie said...

I’ve been pregnant with our third baby all summer and nothing sounds better than COLD ice cream right now!

July 24, 2013 08:30 AM
Tanea said...

Went to Chicago to celebrate my bday with the hubby. About a week later, the entire fam went on vacay to MD, VA then on to the beach. Fun in the sun!

July 24, 2013 08:33 AM
Sabine said...

Baking wedding cakes, and after the last one today, on our way to France, for sun and beach!

July 24, 2013 08:37 AM
Amy said...

I took my kids to the beach. They had loads of fun playing in the sand and jumping over the ocean waves.

July 24, 2013 08:44 AM
Summer said...

My boyfriend has been teaching me how to swim!

July 24, 2013 08:46 AM
Andrea Fleck said...

We took the kids to Lakeview. What a wonderful place for family fun!!

July 24, 2013 08:50 AM
Kate Moynihan said...

I surprised my mom with a visit!

July 24, 2013 08:50 AM
deb said...

Went to my daughter’s national dance competition in Palm Springs!

July 24, 2013 08:51 AM
Julie M. said...

Celebrated my 2nd pregnancy at the beach with the whole family!!

July 24, 2013 08:52 AM
Kathy said...

we are headed to Myrtle Beach in a few weeks to have some fun after spending lots of summer fun at the baseball field! I treated my son’s team to ice cream a few times after their really hot ballgames!

July 24, 2013 08:54 AM
Bunny said...

This summer I opened my blog!

July 24, 2013 08:54 AM
Donna said...

Went with my sons to Dave and Buster’s for an afternoon of fun!

July 24, 2013 08:56 AM
Julie M. said...

Celebrated my 2nd pregnancy at the beach with the whole family!!

July 24, 2013 08:58 AM
ila said...

I went to a scout camp and I slept under a million of stars… incredible!!

July 24, 2013 09:01 AM
Tran Nguyen said...

Spent our first wedding anniversary in Paris!!

July 24, 2013 09:03 AM
Kristin Dickerman said...

I went to Holden Beach, NC in June for a weeklong, long overdue vacation! It was incredibly relaxing as we had our own ocean front cottage and had beautiful scenery out every window!

July 24, 2013 09:05 AM
Jessica said...

We visited Colorado Springs and spent many hours swimming!!!

July 24, 2013 09:09 AM
sandra mosolgo said...

welcomed grandbaby #12, Katherine Leigh & helped care for her 5 siblings while their mom rested
nana m

July 24, 2013 09:14 AM
Linnae said...

I have taken my little children to explore the sites around our home and the LA area.

July 24, 2013 09:24 AM
Melissa Booth said...

My summer has been awesome. This past weekend my mom had her annual Ice Cream social. This would be perfect for her Ice Cream Social!!!

July 24, 2013 09:26 AM
Tara said...

This summer has been challenging……my husband is active duty Army and is preparing to deploy so I have made the most of the summer for my kids…..we have taught our 6 yr old how to swim, I’ve been testing new recipes so my huney will have sweet dreams while he is gone and our final project is building our own furniture as a family that ice cream maker would definitely round out our nights after working hard on building furniture.

July 24, 2013 09:28 AM
Sarah said...

With my four favs – the Grandchildren…
We’ve hiked, we’ve camped,
We’ve swam and stamped…
We’ve partied and run,
Had a summer of fun!
Wouldn’t they love some
homemade ice cream to top it off!

July 24, 2013 09:31 AM
Megan Smith said...

This summer I went berry picking with all of my friends then we made cobbler after! Yummy!

July 24, 2013 09:32 AM
Stephanie said...

we had a nice staycation

July 24, 2013 09:34 AM
Dani said...

Getting frozen yogurt as dinner 5 out of 7 days a week!

July 24, 2013 09:37 AM
Estefani said...

This was a very special summer for me. Me and my boyfriend traveled to Barcelona and my boyfriend surprised me with an engagement ring!!! :D We are so happy, and already planning what appliances we need for our future kitchen. An ice cream maker would be awesome!

July 24, 2013 09:41 AM
Amy L said...

All I’ve been doing this summer is work and hang out at the beach. I hate to get a tan but despite loading up on sunblock, I’m darker than I’d like to be but the beach is irresistible. I’ll also be going to camping in 2 weeks, can’t wait for that to happen.

July 24, 2013 09:45 AM
Kristen said...

Lots of summer trips to visit family and friends. Almost every weekend!

July 24, 2013 09:48 AM
simone wallace said...

Would love to make some homemade ice cream with my daughter this summer.

July 24, 2013 09:48 AM
Lalana Coughran said...

I picked sour cherries on my birthday in June, spent A LOT of time pitting them, and now they need to become cherry sorbet. Yum!!

July 24, 2013 09:53 AM
Andie said...

I took my niece to dinner and a movie for her 6th birthday!

July 24, 2013 09:54 AM
Beth said...

My husband and I took our 3 kids on vacation to the north shore of Minnesota. Lots of work since they are 4 and 2 (twins), but so worth it to watch them have so much fun.

July 24, 2013 09:55 AM
Jennifer said...

I have been taking the kiddos to the huge outdoor pool in our neighborhood and soaking in the sun! They have had a blast!

July 24, 2013 09:58 AM
Kristin D said...

We took my son the the Butterfly Wonderland exhibit. That was so cool to have them landing all over you…very neat!! He definately enjoyed it :-)

July 24, 2013 09:59 AM
Cheryl said...

Spent two glorious weeks in Ireland and Scotland!

July 24, 2013 10:04 AM
ROSEANN said...

went to boone nc this summer and new york,
and all i gotta say about the ice cream maker is yummmy haha

July 24, 2013 10:09 AM
Marty said...

Spent time with my family in Anna Maria Island. Great vacation! Lots of great funny pictures of the kids diving in the pool and at the beach paddle boarding.

July 24, 2013 10:11 AM
Cathy D said...

I’ve been playing with the grandsons!

July 24, 2013 10:13 AM
Carissa said...

This summer I sang for my cousin’s wedding!

July 24, 2013 10:15 AM
maria said...

I’ve been pretty much only working but I always make sure to take a couple days off for the occasional beach day! :)

July 24, 2013 10:16 AM
Jamie said...

We took a super fun road trip from Colorado to Montana and back. There’s some beautiful country along those roads.

July 24, 2013 10:21 AM
Deb C said...

I went to a huge BBQ festival this summer. I loved sampling all kinds of BBQ and for dessert, having Deep Fried Oreos, a totally unrewarding but delicious treat.

July 24, 2013 10:28 AM
Adela said...

My BIL got married to a fabulous woman this past weekend. She’s Indian and the ceremony was beautiful. As part of the festivities this weekend, I attended my first Mendhi party and had henna drawn all over my hands. It was so much fun and I’m already hoping for another chance to do it again.

July 24, 2013 10:28 AM
Nicolette said...

Las Vegas with my friends

July 24, 2013 10:40 AM
Sarah said...

I have done a lot of fun things this summer, but one of those was getting a chance to learn how to DJ with old school equipment from my boyfriend. It was great learning a new skill.

July 24, 2013 10:41 AM
Vicki Rintz said...

We are still holding out for summer vacation getaway coming up in August – but it has been a fun summer so far with weddings, a slower pace of life and being together every day!

July 24, 2013 10:41 AM
Alicia said...

We have gone on several short family trips! So fun :)

July 24, 2013 10:50 AM
Maricel Quirante said...

I went to concert with my sister and two friends. Saw NKOTB, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men. It felt like we were in high school again! Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

July 24, 2013 10:51 AM
Jen Luminati said...

We are stationed in Germany so we took our three little ones to Prague last weekend. It was great–amazing! But I think the kids would like the ice cream maker better. :)

July 24, 2013 10:54 AM
Jessica L said...

I went to an outdoor concert and enjoyed great music as well as the great weather!

July 24, 2013 10:54 AM
Joy said...

So far I have traveled to Iowa for a wedding, New Hampshire to visit family, and out to the north fork of Long Island for a reunion -good times, and there’s still 6 weeks left!!

July 24, 2013 10:55 AM
peanut said...

The best thing I did this summer was spend good quality time with my lil one….he starts day care soon, so i wanted to make the most of my time with him. :) BTW love ur blog….I always want more….once a week posts just arent enough for me! LOL

July 24, 2013 10:58 AM
Teija said...

I was home with my 3 months old baby girl, and I love it!

July 24, 2013 11:01 AM
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