A few more signings… Yay!

I had such a good time in Minnesota a couple of weeks ago. I was so happy to be able to reschedule and meet you guys. Thank you to those that came out to say hi. And now I’m just as happy to share that I’ll be visiting a few more cities before the end of the year. The first one is this Friday in San Francisco and I’ll be signing books if you want to stop in. It’s at the Chronicle Books headquarters. Super cool. Then, at the rest of the locations, I’ll be signing Cake Pops Kits since it will be out in November. Yay! Hope to see you soon.

Here are the cities for the rest of the year:


San Francisco, CA
Friday, October 21, 2011
12 – 2 pm
Chronicle Books Corporate Headquarters
680 Second Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

KIT SIGNINGS … and books, too.

Orlando, FL
Saturday, November 12, 2011
12 – 2 pm
Barnes & Noble
2418 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

Phoenix, AZ
Friday, November 18, 2011
Barnes & Noble
21001 N. Tatum Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85050

San Diego, CA
Sunday, November 20, 2011
Barnes & Noble
10775 Westview Parkway
San Diego, CA 92126

Austin, TX
Thursday, December 1, 2011
Book People
603 N. Lamar
Austin, TX 78703


And now a little recap from Williams-Sonoma in Edina, Minnesota.


Things started out great with sweet smiles and cute treats.


Like these Loon cake pops – they’re the Minnesota state bird … and they have some serious piping.


Everyone was super nice.


I even had friends stop by. Hi Sue. Hi Chuck. Miss you guys.

And Sue, the pumpkin cookies you brought were ridiculously yummy.


This is Jennifer from Mon Petit Cupcake. She also brought cute cake pops. You can’t see them really good in this photo.


But that’s ok, because you can see them in this one. This is her Pop Stars photo from earlier this year. She made these the first time I was supposed to visit MN. It was so thoughtful of her to make them a second time.

Plus, she brought tons of delicious cupcakes and macarons for my mom and I to feast on. Thank you so much, Jennifer.


Actually, thank you all for bringing your bright smiles. It made my day.


And this young lady brought me something else. A tiny little handmade replica of my book.


It’s so cute with all the characters from the cover.


And pages from the inside, too. Amazing.

You’re awesome Sarah! I love it!!!


These girls made an unbelievable 9-hour drive one way just to make it to the signing. I was amazed. Still am.

I only hope you two did something else to make the drive really worth it.


Shaina from Food for my Family came with Amanda from I Am Baker. She brought Eddie, too. Love the bib, Amanda.
So great to meet you guys finally.


Of course, my mom came too. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be doing any of this traveling. I’d still be on dialysis and feeling terrible. But we are both doing great! It’s been an amazing year.

Here is a slideshow of the pics from the signing. If you were there and would like a copy feel free to use it from

One more thing. Do you remember the chewy chocolate meringues I made from the Home Baked Comfort book? The recipe was from the Salty Tart in Minnesota.
So I had to stop by and check out their treats while I was there.


So glad I did, too. It was hard to choose from all the deliciousness on display.


But we finally narrowed it down to a few.

They were all fantastic. But I have to say, the brioche was definitely my favorite.

Now it’s on my must-make list. Anyone have a good recipe?

Or … anyone know of any must-visit cupcake shops in the cities I’m visiting? Or ice cream or doughnut shops. I’m flexible. : )

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134 comments on “A few more signings… Yay!”

  1. Hi, my sister gave me your website for assistance in making
    cake pops. I think I am the only guy to make them. Guy being the key word. I made a batch as a test run, for practice to the big order. I am making green and yellow pops (my sons school colors) and orange ones with black stripe for basketballs for my sons school basketball tournament. He brought samples and everyone loved them. They won’t be as fancy as what on your site. But I think they will go well for the event. I’ll send you photos later.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Farley Smith

  2. Why don’t u come 2 stockton

  3. Before I knew about you, there was a signing here in music city…
    I would have tried to battle a dragon if it meant that chance. You are amazing and thank you!

  4. Can you buy a Cake Pop Kit anywhere in Canada? Chapters perhaps?

    I heart you Bakerella!! :)

  5. come visit us in the northeast…Phila, Atlantic City, NY…

    ps. last gift i purchased for someone…. a created book for my mother with a years worth of family event pix.

    take care and merry christmas!!!

  6. Hello Bakerella :)

    Please come to DENVER! There is a Williams Sonoma in Park Meadows mall that I am sure would LOVE to have you! lol I know I’d be the first in line!

  7. fernanda said…

    WHAT IS A CAN FROSTING? (from the basic reipe of the cake pops)
    does anyone know???????

    Canned frosting is the frosting you buy at the store and it’s pre-made in a can ….so you don’t have to make it from scratch…but you could make it if you don’t have canned frosting…hope this helps.


  9. Please come to Ky or at least Cincinnati, Oh. You need to “stir” things up a bit around here! “pun intended!” I will call around to different stores just to get you here. Please considered the wonderful Bluegrass State?????? Thank you Sincerely Maria

  10. OMGOSH so excited your coming to Phoenix!! I am in the middle of making 40dozen CCBites for the USAF out at Luke Air Force Base maybe some will show up for you Friday night!!!!

  11. I have not checked your site in a while. Not sInce you were still recuperating from your surgery. I have such a big smile on my face to see you looking sooo healthy and well. You look beautiful and so does your mom! The cake pops look great and this time I am tempted to maybe make them for the holidays. I loved the photo of that shaggy orange hair cake!!


    a can of frosting is just cake frosting already made. We find ours at the grocery store, but you can easily just make some frosting yourself at home. this is what it looks like:
    Hope this helps… If you cannot find frosting in your grocery store, here is a link to make some from scratch:

  13. You be sure to stop by Atlanta soon!

  14. Hello,

    Please contact us. We are very interested in producing custom cake pops for Holiday gifts for our clients.


  15. Yaaaaaay!! I’m only an hour away from Orlando, you can bet that I’ll be there!!!! =)

    And Fernanda, canned frosting is just cake icing that comes in a can. =)

  16. ANSWER me!!! what is a can frosting? i neeed to know, so i can make the cake pops!!! pleaaaaaaaaaaase!!!

  17. The San Diego signing is less than 30 minutes from my new house!!! I just put it on my calendar… see you soon!! :-)

  18. I am so excited you are coming to Phoenix and its the week my mom is in town!!! You are such an inspiration to me. Not just for your amazing sweets but for your will and positive attitude. Thanks for everything and am so excited to meet you!!! :)

  19. WHAT IS A CAN FROSTING? (from the basic reipe of the cake pops)
    does anyone know???????

  20. I’m totally going to echo the San Diego donut recommendation on here. Peterson’s donuts in Escondido is amazing! I love the maple bar, crumb donut, chocolate old-fashioned with coconut, glazed, well…you get the idea!

  21. In addition to your website, I am also addicted to the show Martha Bakes (Martha Stewart of course). This past episode she made brioch four ways. I havent had a chance to try it yet, but of the other recipes I’ve tried by her, they were delicious! Take a look :)

  22. Hoping to make the Phoenix signing-i may need you to bring the espresso beans you use for your turkey heads-i canNOT find a good substitute! Any suggestions?

  23. There’s an AMAZING Greek bakery in Tarpon Springs, Florida called Hella’s. EVER kind of wonderful great pastry and dessert on earth!! Heaven……
    If you’re ever in the gulf coast area of Florida, make sure you stop by. The Sponge Docks are also a really neat sight to see. (We just visited for the first time a few weeks ago….a far sight from the prairie’s of ND!) :)

  24. While in Austin you HAVE to go to Sugar Mama’s on South 1st Street. I’ve eaten at most of the cupcake places in town (and there are a lot) and it is by far the best! Somehow Olivia has managed to make rootbeer frosting that tastes like rootbeer. All it was missing was the fizzy. Sugar Mama’s has been voted the best cupcakes in Austin every year since they’ve been opened.

    Delish on 2nd Street is also pretty good. I’ve always found Hey Cupcake to be far too sweet and way too big. I suppose it’s okay for an airstream trailer, but there are far better cupcakes in town. Polkadots is pretty good, but every time I go, they only have a few options.

    Further up north is Lick It, Bite It or Both on Burnet, which has ice cream and cupcakes. Haven’t tried the ice cream, but pretty good cupcakes.

    And III (Three) Forks on Lavaca/Ceasar Chavez has THE BEST chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted (and I have eaten a lot of cake, if you haven’t noticed) and a really yummy fancy happy hour menu.

    So I hope you find deliciousness in Austin and I can make it to BookPeople to meet you!

  25. I didn’t look through all 107 comments before me, so I may be repeating someone else– but there is a donut shop in Round Rock, TX (right outside Austin) with HUGE donuts! I haven’t gotten to experience them myself, but everyone I know that has raves about them!

  26. In Orlando, find out where the Yum Yum Cupcake truck is going to be and make sure you taste ALL the flavors! So delish!

  27. you and your mum! so cute!
    wish you’d come down under to sydney :) lots of fans here!


  28. I love the girl with the tiny book’s shirt- it’s from Threadless!!!!!

  29. Hi Bakerella,

    I just wanted to say that both you and your mom look fantastic! and I’m glad everything is going well for both of you! Enjoy your book and kit signings and if you’re ever near Pittsburgh, I’ll be there :-)

  30. Do you think you can make another trip to Seattle for a kit signing? Or anywhere near it, really. I’m willing to take a drive. :)

  31. Hey!!

    Def check out Sweet by Good Golly Miss Molly in Orlando (UCF side of town off of Alafaya)!! Super yummy cupcakes! My fav are the tiramisu and high hats!

  32. if anyone knows what is a CAN FROSTING, please, tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Hi Bakerella!

    I am SUCH a big fan of yours – I’ve put both your Cake Pops book and the Cake Pops kit on my birthday wishlist for this year! I was just wondering – will you ever be able to visit countries overseas for your book tour? I understand that it may be difficult for you to take such a long flight given that you were so ill earlier this year, but do you think that a trip to London (and other cities in Europe!) might be on the cards at some point?

    Big hugs and thanks so much for all your baking inspiration!

    Camilla x x

  34. sorry the bad english, i am from brazil :) ! and i don´t speak english very well.
    hello! i found this site yesterday and i loveeeed it! today i´ll try to make the cake pops! The recipe looks easy, but i have a question: what is a CAN FROSTING?
    thanks a lot!!!

  35. I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to come to Miami! It’s not that far from Orlando *wink wink*

  36. I’m so sad I couldn’t make it, but I’m glad you got a chance to stop by The Salty Tart. The cream filled brioche is one of my favorites too!

  37. When you come to Orlando on the 12th, You should stop by Blue Bird Bake shop!! We’re seriously right down the road from the Barnes and Noble you’ll be signing at! We have cupcakes, brownies, cookies, scones, muffins and coffee! And I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet you since I’ll probably be working!! The address is 3122 Corrine Drive Orlando, Florida 32803
    Pretty please!?? We won’t disappoint!

  38. So bummed! I’ll be at a wedding when you’re in Orlando :(

  39. I’m so glad you made it to Salty Tart! I’m curious to your thoughts on Midtown Global Market in general – pretty awesome place, right? (trying to reign in the inner nerd but I just can’t – South Minneapolis is one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the nation – over 100 languages spoken in a few square miles).

    Anyway, Salty Tart made my wedding cakes and they are just the best. I love those guys. They also “sponsor” my husband’s band with treats whenever we go on the road. :)

  40. Do you ever visit the north like Massachusetts?

  41. YAY! san diego!!!!!

    hands down extraordinary desserts, that place is just, whoa. so luxurious, you feel expensive just walking in! you have to try La Bete Noire which is an insane chocolate cake. they also have cheese platters and other savory things

    heavenly cupcakes is also a yummy place :)

  42. Missed you today, too lovely to drive with my new knee. Sure hope to find you inSan Diego. Thanksgiving wi the family.

    I am grateful that your kidney transplant is doing well.

    January brought me a new liver, right before I died.
    The stuffed organs were so much fun.

    Thank you!

  43. Bakerella-girl… you look fabulous! So glad that you are doing well after all that you have been through this year! :)

  44. you should come to philly and check out philly cupcake!! they also have a chocolate shop down the street!!

  45. So excited your coming to Arizona! You have to check out Sweet Republic Ice Cream in Scottsdale! All kinds of delicious goodies and not far from where you are doing your signings. Hope I can make the book signing!

  46. Oh, I hope you come to Maryland for a signing at some point. Annapolis Maryland, to be exact. There’s a Williams-Sonoma in the Annapolis mall, and a cute little cupcake shop called Nostalgia Cupcakes down the road, as well as a sweets shop called Q Coffee and Chocolate right in the mall!

  47. Glad to see pics of you and all your signings…and you with your mom [bet no one has ever said you two look alike?:)]

  48. I’m happy to see that you will be coming to Texas, in Austin…
    I’m wondering if the Book People store will allow us to bring our own, previously purchased books into their store to be autographed? William Sonoma would not.

  49. I am jsut seeing this now and there is no way to get to your signing today in SF. What a bummer! I just made my first cake pops and they came out smashing if I do say so myself. So glad you are feeling better and I hope you have a great day in the city!

  50. Definitely try Sweet cupcakes in Orlando, they are amazing!! I hope your visit here is a great one!! :)

  51. Please come to Kansas City next time! Although Kansas City isn’t big like other places, it doesn’t mean you don’t have fans down here. We love you Bakerella!!! :)

  52. We had such a great time meeting you and your mom! My girls and I had the best day that day. It was easy to bring you our smiles, because you have been making us smile for years:) I posted about meeting you on my blog but I never thought I’d see myself and my two girls on yours. Super fun! Please give your mom a hug from all of us. You are both amazing women who have done amazing things- and made a few cake pops in the process!

  53. OMG you’re coming to Orlando!!

  54. Glad to see Phoenix. I totally planned on whining about it not being on there!!! You look great!

  55. So glad to hear and see that you and your mom are both doing so well! And, glad to see that you are out and about again! Please come to the Chicago area!!!!!!!!! Would love to see you in person!

  56. Yay! I’m so excited to hear you’re visiting Arizona! I look forward to meeting you~ I had planned my vacation to San Francisco from Oct. 15-20 months prior and was so bummed that I was going to miss your signing by a day.

    But now I get to see you in Phoenix! <3 YAY~

  57. You look so great! Glad to see you doing well and traveling all over the place!

  58. Definitely go to Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego! The name says it all. :)

  59. I was so excited for the MN signing!! I was planning the trip for weeks. Edina is only 20 minutes away from where I live, but unfortunately a very close family friend passed away and that was the date of her funeral. Maybe you’ll circle your way back to MN though :)

  60. wish you would come just a bit farther south than Orlando, or it was later in the afternoon

  61. Oh, wow, I wish I still lived in Phoenix! You’ll have to come to Chapel Hill, NC some time. However, in Phoenix, I would suggest the Sugar Bowl, an adorably pink old fashioned ice cream shop in Old Town Scottsdale. Gelato Spot is also amazing, and has a few locations around the valley. Hope you have fun!

  62. Yay, I can’t wait to see you at the Austin book signing! xox

  63. Will you be coming to chicago anytime soon?

  64. Don’t forget a lovely trip to Boston!

  65. I’m so glad you and your mom are doing well. Looks like the signings are lots of fun! And I love the loon cakepops! Reminds me of my parents cabin on “Loon Lake”.

  66. I was so excited when I saw Austin on the list that I jumped up and down!!! My hubby just laughed!! I can’t wait to meet you or even just see you in person because it will probably be so crowded!! You and your mom look terrific!! I lost my mom a few weeks ago so cherish her every day as much as you can!!! See you soon!!

  67. Fantastic photo of you and your mom- you both look great!

  68. You might’ve already been here but Citizen Cake in San Fran is great!

    If you were coming to the bay area on Saturday the 22nd instead of tomorrow- you would’ve made it to the grand opening of The Sweet Art of Cake bakery in Hayward.

    In San Diego, try babycakes and extraordinary desserts (i love their bluberry coffeecake cheesecake– melts in your mouth!)

    I hope to make it to your San Diego signing!!

  69. Wahoo! You are coming to Orlando?!? I cannot wait!! Must bring additional cake pop book for your autograph :)

  70. Oh i am so sad! I am going to be in San Francisco this sunday, I will just miss you! :( you will have to come back :)

  71. Bakerella, I love your site and I check it every week a few times. I tell everybody about you here in Utah! I love your photography, your spunky personalisty, and your fun posts full of things to try and bake. I don’t see any book signings here in Utah, but if you ever do come here. You need to visit KNEADERS. You would LOVE it! It is like a sensory overload for your eyes, tastebuds, and nose!

  72. Yay you’re coming to Phoenix! I would recommend Sweet Daddy cupcakes in Glendale (about 20 minutes from your book signing) – they are so good!

  73. come to VIRGINIA!!! We love you here!!

  74. Wow, you look so good! Did you lose weight?

  75. Bakerella! I can’t wait to finally see you tomorrow! I missed your first appearance here in the Bay Area!

  76. So excited to see that Austin has been added! I can’t wait until December!! You and your mom are looking fantastic, so glad to hear that you’re both feeling great. To echo everyone else, Hey Cupcake, Sugar Mama’s, and Holy Cacao (red velvet cake shake!!) should all be put on your list of places to try.

  77. wow great pics….i have a question related to chewy chocolate meringues i have wrote there several times but i think u are more responsive to the new topic thats y i wrote here…hope u wud reply…this recipe is soooo unique that i jus wanna try it now….but wot i dint get is that did u use 5tbs or 5 teasp of coco pwdr..n did u substitute choc.nibs with choolate chopped or u just omitted it..plz do reply iwannamake em assap…
    lov yr baking n yr blog…..great work!!!

  78. Dynamo donuts in San Francisco! And/or Lush Gelato (aka my favorite place ever!) in Berkeley if you have time to venture across the bay bridge. :)

  79. people have already covered some of the austin places i was going to recommend but there’s also sugar mama’s for cupcakes, amy’s ice cream for ice cream and round rock donuts for donuts. At round rock donuts they have giant donuts. :)

  80. ahhh.. I’m so excited for you to be comeing to pHoenix!! i feel like i’ve been waiting and hoping you’d come!

  81. Glad you are doing well :D

  82. OH NO!!!! I live in Austin, TX, but I’m in Boston for college right now, and our finals don’t end until after December 2. i’m so disappointed! please come to boston, too!!!

    also, there are so many great places in austin! for cupcakes, hey cupcake is yummy. Try yogurt planet for delicious froyo. And tex-mex is an obvious must: chuy’s, maudie’s, or matt’s el rancho are fantastic. there’s also this food-truck called gourdough’s that have the most fattening, artery-clogging, delicious messes of scrumptiousness in the form of topped donuts. also, zilker park should have their trail of lights when you’re there, and that’s always so much fun!!!

  83. You have to check out Sweet in Orlando. They have the most amazing cupcakes! Their key lime cupcakes are out of this world! I’ll have to send my mom to meet you and get a book signed for me. :D You look great! Glad to hear you are well on the road to recovery.

  84. I missed it !!!! I wish I would have known !

  85. Yayayayay for a stop in Phoenix!!

  86. Naia is a gelato place that is AMAZING! Try the cinnamon. You will want to eat it more than once.
    Across the street there is a breakfast place that has some beautiful pastries. Their macaroons were fantastic! I think it’s called La Bolange.

  87. It’s really lovely to see you looking so well. Continued best wishes to you – and your wonderful mom.

  88. You and your mom are so cute! I am so glad that you are both doing well and you get to do some more touring :)

  89. I am SO excited that you’re coming to Austin!! This just made my week!!! :) Can’t wait to meet you!!!!

  90. When you’re in Austin, you *must* stop by Polkadots Cupcakes! I know people will swear by Hey Cupcake — they are very cute in their airstream trailers, and their Michael Jackson is their best cupcake (cream cheese + chocolate). But in my opinion, Polkadots’ deliciousness + moistness seriously can’t be beat. They were my go-to for my 30th bday cupcakes + mini cupcakes, and who my friends chose when they sent treats to the NICU staff and my family when our daughter came along — the bestest! A-hem. Hope to see you in December :)!

  91. Dear Bakerella,
    I am so glad to see you and your Mom looking great and doing great! My husband donated a kidney to my brother and both are doing well also, we are grateful. But . . not only are you doing well but you’re kicking it with fun cakepops and other goodies. Thanks for sharing with us.

  92. You need to come to Richmond/Midlothian VA. Really!

  93. I’m so excited you are coming to Orlando! I live a few hours away so I really hope I get to see you! And I really hope I get a kit for you to sign! (My birthday is the week before) If not I have your book as backup ;) Thank you for all of your fabulous posts and recipes!

  94. yeah! austin’s on your list!!!!
    Amy’s ice cream- mexican vanilla or coffee ice cream…oh so good!!!
    hey, cupcake is real popular here, but i actually prefer lick it, bite it, or both :
    best to you! glad to see you and your mom are doing well!

  95. I don’t for any of the places you are visiting, but if you come to the Boston area then I really need to bring you to a cafe in Boston and to the doughnut shop down the street from where I live (they have the best lemon sticks).

  96. Early Christmas present to me! Can’t wait to see you in Austin in December!

  97. I’m so excited you’re coming to Orlando!!!! YAY! (Book signings almost NEVER come here! At least, not by authors I follow.)

  98. Yay!!! You’re coming to Orlando!!! I’m so there!

  99. I’m so sad!! You’re going to be in Austin the day we’re going out of town for the weekend!! =(

    You’ll have a great time in Austin though! =)

  100. You look great! Glad to see you healthy and out on the road again. I’m using your graham cracker recipe today to make my version of Halloween S’mores for an article for Thanks for all the great recipes and inspiration! I’ve had my own health challenges recently and you are my hero for getting through it and getting back to work! Thanks!

  101. So excited that you are coming to Orlando…..SO sad that we will be out of town doing a craft show. :( Bummer.

  102. There is a fun iPhone App called Yelp that can assist you in finding the cupcake places!!

  103. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I enjoyed meeting you and your Mom at the book signing!

  104. yeah! Finally Orlando. I’ll see you there. not sure what you mean by “kit signing” but I’m glad you’re doing books also.

  105. oh bakerella……looks like the fun is starting up again and meeting all your adoring fans and followers.

    you and your mum both look great !!!!!!!

    enjoy !!!!!

  106. I so wish i was going to be there! Come to South Africa pleaseeeese :)

  107. One day when I come to America… Sigh you lucky people :)

  108. Dang I wanted to go to the one in Florida and I’m driving and passing by that way to another town but I have prior engagements :(

  109. And what about Rome? ^__^
    Your cake pops are amazing!
    love from (rainy) Rome

  110. So sad i live in the Netherlands. So i can’t be there. I love the insperation you give me.

  111. ah! so excited you’ll be in phoenix! i can’t wait to meet you!! so fun!

  112. In San Francisco there are a LOT of good ice cream places. Bi-Rite and Mitchell’s that are both in the Mission area. You should really check out the Toy Boat Dessert Cafe in Inner Richmond. It’s AWESOME & fun and near lots of Bermese food that is super good.

  113. You know, the day you’re in San Francisco, Anthony Bourdain will be at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland (20 minutes away)! DH and I will be there, foodies that we are…you should find a way to get free tickets! DH loves savory…I’m the baker! Have fun in CA!

  114. In North County San Diego in my humble little hometown of Escondido (if you consider 120,000+ little) is a donut shop called Peterson’s at the corner of 9th and Escondido Blvd. It’s been there for something like 30 years and is open 24 hours. Best donuts in San Diego, plus who doesn’t need a donut at 3am?! The frosting on the cake donuts is so thick and yummy and the glazed twists are HUGE and amazing. Check it out if you can!

  115. Going to see you on friday in SF!!! i can’t wait!!! driving all the way from Woodlake, CA.

  116. SD! Yay! Hope to see u there! :)

  117. So excited you are coming to Austin! I will definitely be there!

  118. It was sooo fabulous meeting you in Minnesota! It was a very very late (about 6 months) belated birthday present to me to finally get your book! You are so sweet <3

  119. Woo hoo!!! San Diego made this list!! I will definitely be there and can’t wait to meet you!! :)

  120. Babycakes in San Diego! I can’t wait to see you here :D!

  121. Awesome!! I totally want to go to the San Diego signing.

  122. Lovely pics! If u ever come to Peru please let me know, i haven’t got your book yet, but i’m trying to get my hands on it :) congratulations on the tour!!!!
    Greetings from Peru :)

  123. I wish you could come to the Williams-Sonoma store in New Orleans, LA. I live an hour and a half away from there, but I’d drive there to see you :)
    I’m just glad that you’re feeling better and can travel.
    Take care and God Bless!

  124. I’m so excited you’re coming to Austin! Too bad I am at school in New York.
    Definitely go to Hey Cupcake! for cupcakes
    Mozart’s for great coffee, pretty views, and good desserts


  126. Eeek! SO excited to see Phoenix on the list!!!!! :)

  127. So much fun! Wish I could make it to one of these. We’d love it if you came to Seattle again!!!

  128. Well, of COURSE it was worth it! I’d make the drive again in a heartbeat – I had such fun! Seriously, I was grinning all the rest of the day! Thanks for including us in your post! ♥

  129. Wow how much fun! Well I guess I’m just waiting on the day you choose to come to Charlotte, NC it would be amazing to meet you. I love what you do, your work ethic, and your positive attitude that shines through. Thanks for all you do!

  130. wish I could make to the city on Friday.
    if you go to Ghiradelli Square, you need to try Kara’s Cupcakes- they rock!

  131. I have to say I love your tan jacket in these photos! =) And I wish I was headed to San Francisco on Saturday. Ah well, maybe someday.

  132. You are finally coming to Phoenix! YAAAAAAAYYY!!

    My sister-in-law should have her shop opened by then! It’s called Bake and will be a baking supply store for the west side of town. It will also have it’s own DIY studio! You should stop by while you are in town :)

  133. Looks like you had a wonderful time in MN, wouldn’t expect anything less! I’m from Woodbury, just a short little drive away from Edina. And how AMAZING is the Salty Tart?! I interned there a few summers ago and it was the most amazing time of my life, I learned so much about starting your own business and those guys work so incredibly hard. Michelle is an absolutely wonderful woman, I hope you got to meet her while you were there!

  134. AAAAHHHH these are amazing! I can’t wait to meet you on Friday in SF. I will be the blabbering geek fan!

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