An update


Things are getting closer. It looks like the book will be available a little earlier than expected. In September instead of October online and in stores in October. Yay! I can’t wait to hold one. Then, I might finally believe this is all really happening.

It’s going to be hardcover and Wire-O bound so it will lay flat, which I love. 160 pages with more than 40 cake pop projects. Some you’ve seen here on the site and some you haven’t. It also has step-by-step photos showing how to make basic cake pops and how to dip them. Visuals help, so I hope it answers some of your questions, too.

Anyway, just wanted to give you an update. And, if you want to peek at the cover, hop on over to any of the sites below. You can even get a pretty good pre-order price at a couple of them.


Barnes and Noble


Chronicle Books

Note: The pops in the background are some of the ones that will be in the book. You may even recognize a few. And if you’re wondering about cartoon characters… there are only generic pops in the book. No Winnie, Mickey or Hello Kitty.

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372 comments on “An update”

  1. hop on over to any of the sites below. You can even get a pretty good pre-order price at a couple of them.

  2. I mean..but i cant

  3. I really want to learn how to make cake pops but i cait really make it niceeeeeeeeeeeee”……….

  4. Love it want to get it !??

  5. This is the idea book for any cake pop lover

  6. hi! excuse me where can i find this book on web ´cause im from mexico but it´s very cute i need it jajaja, could u bring me the website please or more information about this? thank uu!!!!

  7. is the book available in Malaysia?

  8. bakerella, did you notice the new cake pops at starbucks?! Did they just rip you off?

  9. kij ouij,;. vf

  10. Got it for my Birthday today!! Love these…

  11. I couldn’t believe it. I think someone ripped off your idea. I saw a book at Micheal’s about cake pops. I looked inside and it had your idea of mixing torn cake with frosting and then adding embelishments. It wasn’t by you. The inside cover had a picture of a man! Micheal’s definitely jumped on the band wagon though. They were also selling cake pop stands, gift boxes, and embellishments.

  12. hola, soy de mexico, i need know if your book its in mexico for sale thank you so much, your blog is amaizing. im sorry i dont write english very well

  13. I Just Love Cake Pops

  14. Just got my copy for Christmas present. Am so inspired by the contents. Always loved baking now it will be even more fun.

  15. i hope i can have a copy of this book! i love your cake pops how i wish i can meet you in person here in the philipines.

  16. I got my copy through Amazon and its such a fabulous book! lots of ideas and so much fun! Congrats and well done on such a fabulous book! Dee x

  17. I am sooooo EXCITED! I pre-ordered my book on September 20th and it is finally due to arrive on October 22nd. Can’t wait to start making treats! :) congratulations to you on your new book! :)

  18. I bought the book from Amazon and it’s so amazing! I was way excited for you to come SLC and I was going to get off work just to come, but I just read that you have to have bought the book from Williams-Sonoma in order to get it signed. Seriously?!? That makes me so sad. I’m sure walking around the store I would have bought tons of stuff, but I don’t think I’ll come any more. :( I don’t have much time off, so I had better just work. I really hope you have an amazing time though. SLC is a great city!

    ok, so I went to WIlliams sonoma to get the mold for the cupcake pops and the employees told me it is DISCONTINUED!!! Well, I went to WORLD MARKET and they had something similar so I GOT IT! Phew! I’m excited to make some cake pops for my little girl’s 1st birthday!

  20. Hi Bakerella, i have just received the cake pop not long ago! just in time to be reading companion for the coming trip. So happy and excited to trying out these cute and pretty cake pops when i am back from my holidays!
    Look forward to new creation on the cake pops! :)

  21. Hi Bakerella,

    Perhaps I’m a lil late.. CONGRATS!! I stumbled upon your lovely site by chance and have been following it since. It has certainly inspired me to get back on to my baking projects. I’ve recently started up on blogging about my travels and food when I got the time. Do pop by.. It’s a progress in making. Also I certainly can’t wait to get your book and hopefully I’ll be able to find it in Borders -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia soon.. Cheers.

  22. Received my book today…AMAZING! Very helpful tips, info and the pictures ROCK!
    Great job Bakerella!!

  23. i can not wait to preorder mine as soon as we get paid!!!

  24. How oh how did I not see this post before today??

    I am so excited right now!

    This made my day! I’m going to order a copy right now!!! Congrats. I love your work. I’m a huge fan! I’m soo very happy for you!!

  25. I’m broke, so I can’t pre-order :( but I’ve added the book to my amazon wishlist, so hopefully my Dad will take pity in me and pre-order :)

  26. I am sooooooo excited. Just Pre-ordered! Yippy

  27. cannot wait!! love all your stuff!

  28. Just pre-ordered !! looks awesome

  29. So exciting…I pre-ordered and can’t wait for my order to arrive! Congratulations on the book : )

  30. Hi I’m from England how do I get one?!?! :)

  31. I just pre-ordered my book. You are truly gifted. I wish you continued success and look forward to more of your creations…

  32. exciting stuff !! can’t wait!! =)

  33. Just wanted to show ya, were are going to carry it too. Though were not as impressive as amazon. Barnes & Noble and Borders.
    This is the link to your book.

  34. I can’t wait for the book! Thank you for giving me the inspiration to make this website! I love all of your ideas! Check it out!!

  35. Oh wow, congratulations! I first saw this on Amazon.Com! They’re suggesting it for me, hehe. :)

  36. when can I get one?

  37. Wow, I can’t wait for the book to come out! Congratulations, it’s such an achievement!! Great work and keep the pops coming!!

  38. congrats, i bet you have to be supper excited!!!! can’t wait. Goooooood luck.

  39. Hai there .. I wish I can also get one for me.. Like your things …

  40. The recipes on your website look so delicious and your writing is so fun to read! I nominated your website, along with a couple others, for the Sunshine Award! Thanks for all the great recipes and baking inspirations.

  41. I am so excited for this book!!

  42. So, I am in the process of making cake pops to coordinate with my tree house cake for my soon to be 6 yr olds Magic Treehouse Birthday party…so you have any creative suggestions for what to put the pops in for display?

  43. Congrats on the book! My book is coming out around the same time, though it’s quite different : ) Look forward to seeing all of the beautiful pops!

  44. Awesome…I can’t wait to get this book!

  45. Congratulations!! I’m so excited to get it, I’ve already added it to my Amazon wishlist :)

  46. I was reading an article in the New York Times and there was a mention of “cake pops”! Thought I should share as I’m sure the vendor learned them from you!

  47. Congrats! Bakerella on your new baby. I can not wait until the book hits stores and the tasty projects that will commence once in hand!

  48. But Bakerella I HAVE to have one of these before my daughter’s 1st birthday, August 4th!! I am so excited to make her some cake pops and I want to make them perfectly…those picture instructions are just what I need! Is there any way to get those publishers to print the book sooner? Maybe we can offer them some sweet treats infused with “faster, faster”!?

  49. So excited!!! Cannot wait!!!

  50. I can’t wait until September! I just pre-ordered mines!

  51. I placed my pre-order over the weekend! I can’t wait!!

  52. is the book will be sold in france and in french ?
    thank you !

  53. I can’t wait til the book comes out.

  54. I can’t wait to get your book!!! I am so excited and I am happy for you. Congrats!!!!!!!!!

  55. I would LOVE winning these! I love making breads and muffins and would love trying these out.

    I love all kinds of muffins, but I would have to say it’s a toss up between cranberry orange and blueberry.

  56. Congrats on your new book!

  57. I’m so proud of you, Bakerella! Your creativity knows no bounds…and your heart doesn’t either. I can’t wait for the book—wooHOO!

  58. Preorder….check!!

  59. The best of blessings on your new book i will be buying it to get all kind of great ideas i made the cake pop for my sis church they were a winner now there alway asking me to do more and so i want to try new ideas for them so will you ever come around Anaheim or Los Angeles CA cant wait

  60. This is fantastic! How wonderful things must be for you now. It’s going to be an exciting year…

  61. Congratulations! This is very exciting.

  62. I’ve just ordered mine from Amazon in the UK. Roll on October!!!

  63. This book will make the perfect holiday gift for many of my friends – can’t wait!

  64. Congratulations to you! I plan on pre-ordering a copy today.

  65. soo excited!! thanks to u and ur cake pops u helped reignite my passion for baking!!! i cant wait to purchase this book!!!!

  66. Congrats to you!!! You are so talented and you are about to unleash a “Cake Pop Craze” on the world!! Once people get a look at this book, it will be the next explosion of have-to-make foods! You go, girl!

  67. oooh i can’t wait!

  68. I’m so excited!! Can’t wait to see it, and congratulations to you!!!

  69. I’m so excited about this book! My friend Amanda introduced me to the wonderful world of Bakerella and now I can’t get enough.


    Hope shipping to the UK isn’t too expensive!

  71. cannot wait this book will be good for everyone!!! even older children!


  73. Ooooo! I am so excited to purchase your book. In fact, I’m buying 4! It is going to make such great Christmas gifts. Will you be doing a book tour?

  74. Congratulations! Will there be a book tour with book signings??

  75. I can’t wait!!! Congratulations!!

  76. Love, love, love the little robots & owls!!!! Congrats on the book!

  77. Congratulations! cant wait to buy one!!!

  78. Honey, I just wanna say CONGRATS and looove ya to pieces!!!!

  79. Oh, sweet! I cannot wait. :)

  80. Seems like a dream come true. Enjoy every moment before, during and after. Best wishes for your every success!

  81. Congrats!!! It will be such a hit!

  82. I don’t know about the cake pops… I’ve never tried doing some but it seems so difficult shaping them!! I saw your Winnie Pooh’s they are amazing although they seem time consuming and yet hard to achieve..So I hope to buy your book as a reference and try some! After all, practice makes perfect, right?? Good luck with your book. Saludos desde México!

  83. I am so excited! I’m counting down the days!

  84. Hooray! Can’t wait. Also I just want to say, I love all your postings on your blog. You have such pretty graphic backgrounds. How do you make them?

  85. Congrats! That’s a great accomplishment.

  86. how exciting! congratulations!!!

  87. congratulations!! you are truly talented. the book looks beautiful!

  88. i just came across your blog/website for the first time and i have been pouring over it for the last three days, i can’t get enough! i’m so inspired by your creativity! i’m wondering what you might make if you were asked to do something for a party for the upcoming sex and the city premiere?!

  89. congratulations! i’m sooo excited. i hope it will be possible to order it in germany too… :) can’t wait!

  90. Ordered my daughter one for Christmas. She is such a huge fan, she’ll love this!

  91. Congrats! I am so excited to see it in person :)

  92. It was so nice to meet you at our Betty Crocker Kichens, earlier this week! We will order one of your books for our large cookbook library and I will buy one for myself too. My 3-year old grandson (Blake) and I will have lots of fun making cake pops. Visit my blog at:

  93. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i pre ordered mine !!!!!! mid october…………it will arrive !!!!!!


  94. I cannot wait! Congrats!!

  95. OMGosh, I can’t wait. Are you going to do any book signings. I will be ordering a few for Christmas gifts!! Yea!!

  96. HOLY COW!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

  97. I can’t wait for this book to come out!!! It comes out on my birthday!!!

  98. Wahoo! I know what I am buying myself when it hits the shelves. Can not wait to review it and bake of course :)

  99. I’m so happy & excited for you…and so super excited that I’ll be able to purchase one for myself….I feel like a little kid at Christmas!!!

  100. Just preordered mine!! I hope you come to Pittsburgh PA for a book signing sometime!!

  101. Mine’s on order! (Can’t remember the last time I bought a book that would be kept in the kitchen!). I hope you make a ton of money on your book….you’ve more than earned it.
    I’m taking a break from making cake pops right now…..I just gotta get help for this addiction. Bakerella, after you publish your book I think you should fund a Pop Star Rehab Center and I’ll be your second registrant (pretty sure you’ll be first). Until, then, pop on!

  102. I have ordered 4!

  103. Wow!! It looks good, can’t wait to get my copy.

  104. OMGosh! You must be bubbling over w/ excitement!
    Like I said before, I will be buying one for me & a couple/few more for pressies!
    The cover is muy cute!!!

  105. Amazing! How exciting, can’t wait to get it. Great job Bakerella. :)

  106. this is so exciting! Can’t wait to see the final product!

  107. Congratulations!
    I added your book to my wish list. I love the robots, and everything else, of course.

  108. that’s awesome! can’t wait for it to come out!

  109. COngratulationS!
    I can’t wait to get this book. And gift it at Christmas. I can’t make these things. I don’t have the patience. But they are sooo fun to look at. So happy for you – – good luck! Book signing in Boise, Idaho!!

  110. Hi!! Congratulations, I think you book will be sucessful, I want your book. I love to bake and create, I like to do everything sweet

  111. Already ordered!! Can’t wait =) YOU’RE AWESOME!!

  112. I can’t wait to get my hands on one :)

  113. Congratulations Bakerella! You should head to College Station, TX for a book signing ;)

  114. Congratulations! You are so awesome! I wish I had half as much creativity as you do!

  115. I am so stinkingly excited, I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Congrats on the book!! I am looking forward to getting a copy!

  117. Yay! I cannot wait! :)

  118. Yeah!!!! I’ve been waiting and waiting for it! I just preordered it on Amazon! :) I hope you’ll have a book tour to Cincinnati! :)

  119. can’t wait to buy it. how did this book deal come about?

  120. Cute cover! I love it! :) … can’t wait!

  121. How exciting!! I love ALL your projects!!

  122. I’m so happy for you!!!

    Since I always support the blogs I love by buying their book, I’ll be pre-ordering yours right away.

    Oh, and I’m going to order one for my daughter, too!

  123. Congrats….! I can’t wait…

  124. cake pops for cub scout arrow of light ceremony tomorrow, and an eye rolling hubs pre-ordered the pops book for me!

  125. Con-grates…On your Book.. we all know you worked hard for it. Well I could not wait…. so I went on line and bought one.. its going to be a wonder surprise when I get it in the mail.. IN SEPTEMBER….. I was thinking maybe I could be the 1st one to order one…..NNAAA…we are talking about BAKERELLA I can not get a #1 comment…. Best wishes with the release…

  126. Changing the world, one little cake pop at a time!

  127. I can’t wait for your book to come out. Any plans to do a book tour of the UK? :D

  128. The cover is stunning! Cannot wait to get a copy.

  129. Already preordered!

  130. I’m going to put this on my Xmas gift list for many people – this is a can’t-miss present!!

  131. Just placed my order for the book. Now I have to exercise a little patience until September rolls around! Perfect timing though, my sister just sent me a Barnes and Noble gift card for my birthday! Can’t wait!

  132. Congratulations on your book – it looks awesome! I just tried one of your recipes for the first time (the Congo Bars) and it turned out GREAT! Got a ton of compliments.

  133. Wow this is amazing and your blog is amazing and inspiring! Congrats on your book!

  134. I can’t wait!!!! How exciting! I finally tried them last week and they were so much fun to make…and of course everyone loved them! Congrats! :D

  135. Congratulations. I am ordering mine today. Let us all know when you do the tour and signing. Or even better do some cake pop classes. Fun Fun Fun

  136. I am so excited!!!! I am going to go pre-order one right now!

  137. That looks great!

  138. I am SOOO excited about this book!!! Cake pops are my favorite to make! They are so fun and yummy!

  139. How exciting! Just wanted to say Congrats!!!

  140. How exciting for you!!!! I cannot wait to buy it! You ROCK!!!!

  141. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  142. Can’t wait for the book!!!! This is going to be awesome to have :)

  143. YAY!! Got mine pre-ordered, can’t wait for it to get here!

  144. Two copies preordered! I hope you do a book tour and come to Milwaukee….I want them signed!!!!

  145. I preordered! So excited :)

  146. Congratulations! I know it will be a huge success…you are amazing.

  147. Super Cute! Congrats on the book!

  148. Congratulations Bakerella! I have followed your work and your website for quite some time now (and made plenty of amazing treats from you!). I hope your book is celebrated hit and you are proud of all your work. I can’t wait to see it soon!


  149. CONGRATS!

    I just discovered your site and made cake balls for the first time the other day and my roommate loved it (even though I used the wrong chocolate for it). Time to improve now – and yes – visuals help! can’t wait for the book =)

  150. Just in time for my son’s birthday!! Congrats!!

  151. Already went to Amazon to preorder. Yeah!

  152. I super excited. I have loved seeing how you took this idea and then ran with it. You’ve managed to make pretty much everything under the sun into a cake pop!

  153. Wow, can’t wait to see this book. Sounds like it will be full of fun things to try out.

  154. Yup, I already ordered one through barnes and noble too (best price!). So excited!

  155. I already ordered one ! can’t wait to have it and read it with a cup of a hot chocolate !

  156. i am soooo excited!

  157. SO excited to buy this book!

  158. Are you going to go on a book signing tour??? HUh? huh, are you? Please say YES!

  159. Exciting news, can’t wait to get my own copy! I recently found your website. I made my first batch of these with my kids this weekend, wrote all about it on my site. They were so fun to make and tasted fantastic! What a cute creative idea! LOVE THEM :)

  160. Can’t wait for it – I just pre ordered mine now from Amazon :D

  161. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just pre-ordered it!!!

  162. Congratulations! This is awesome – I immediately preordered my copy through Amazon before I even left this comment! I would support all that you do – your cake pops/balls always get me such great compliments! I always refer them to your site! :-) Love this!

  163. Congrats! Can’t wait to buy this!

  164. I am totally excited about it! Like several have asked when is the book tour and where are you going? *fingers crossed for AZ*

  165. I just pre-ordered 2!! One for me and one for a great friend …..perfect timing for her b-day present!

    I am doing a kitchen reno right now and my book will have a happy home right next to PW’s once it’s done!!!

  166. You go girl!!
    WIll you be traveling to Southern California on your book signing tour?

  167. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!

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