Baby Faces

Baby Cake Pops

I made Baby Face Cake Pops for someone special today.

Her name is Jenny and she’s about to have a baby boy. Her third. She’s also giving birth to her first cookbook this year, and I’m very excited for her and the whole family.

You may already know Jenny. She is the light and love behind Picky Palate and she’s a cherished friend of mine.


  • We first met at a blogger event in Minnesota a few years ago and we hit it off right away.
  • Then on a trip I took to LA, I asked her at the last minute to stop everything and go eat cupcakes with me. She did and we had a blast.
  • A few months later we met up at a Blogher Party that Pioneer Woman was hosting in San Francisco.
  • And then we were roomies this past October in Orlando for Food Blog Forum.

I love how blogging brings people together and I’m happy to call Jenny my friend.

And even happier to be a part of this virtual shower for her with some other friends today.

Baby Cake Pops

Baby Faces.

I’ve made them before (they’re in the book), but I’ve been wanting to play around with different faces to make them better and I think these guys came out pretty cute.

These have smaller noses. Bigger smiles. Confetti sprinkle cheeks and simpler eyes. And now I wish I could update them in the book.

Candy Coatings

Here are some basic cake pop instructions.

For these baby heads, I mixed white candy coating with a little butterscotch and peach colored candy coating. Add them in small amounts until you get a shade you like. You can also just use peach or brown with white. Whatever works for you.

Baby Boy Cake Pop

The faces are easy to decorate.

  • Draw on mouths with a brown edible ink pen.
  • Dot on a small amount of tinted coating for the nose with a toothpick.
  • Dot on coating for the cheeks and attach a pink confetti sprinkle.
  • Draw eyes with a black edible ink pen.
  • Draw a curly hair with a brown edible ink pen or use some of the melted butterscotch coating to draw on the pop with a toothpick.
  • Dot on coating for the pacifier and attach a candy necklace piece.
  • Then squish a marshmallow bit into the opening of the pacifier. Totally not necessary, but I thought it made them cuter.


Candy necklace pieces, confetti sprinkles and marshmallow bits. These help make the baby faces look as cute as can be.

But I thought they needed a little something more.

So I dressed them up a little.

Baby Boy Cake Pops

Baby bibs. Eeeeek! I may never be able to make baby cake pops without bibs again. So cute. And so customizable!

These are basically cake pop tags, but with one hole punched, placed right under the pop and curled a bit to hang down.

……And for girls, check out how Pop Star Veronika made bonnets. So clever.

Then I made some more bibs … just for Jenny this time.

Paper Punch

If you know Jenny, you know her little one is destined to be a cookie lover. How could he not be with all the yummy cookie creations she comes up with over at Picky Palate.

Baby Boy Cake Pops for Jenny

Hey Jenny! Hope you like these little guys.

Baby Cake Pops

These are more generic bibs I made in blue. And I made some pink ones for you guys, too.

Here’s a pdf you can download if you’d like to use them.

And here’s a pdf of just the cookie bibs if you’d like those.

Cake Pop Tags

Just use a 1.5 inch paper punch to cut them out and then use a small hole punch at the top and you can slip them right on the sticks.

Happy Shower


P.S. – Jenny, I’m sorry, but I bit your baby.


For more fun and yummy shower wishes for Jenny, visit these blogs and see what some of her other friends are cooking up today to surprise her.

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Thanks Marla & Amanda for putting this all together!

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116 comments on “Baby Faces”

  1. Nice creativity I am going to try at home. Thanks, Bakerella!

  2. These are really adorable! Thanks you so much for sharing .

  3. I’m really pleased to read this article. Thanks

  4. Well, very good post with informative information. I really appreciate the fact that you approach these topics from a stand point of knowledge and information. This is the first time, I visited at your site and became your fan. You are bookmarked. Please keep on posting.

  5. These are adorable! How do I print the tags, I clicked on the link but i can’t find the baby ones specifically… Thank you!!

  6. Hi. I love following your blogs. I would love it if you could give me some hints/tips for dipping cake pops to come so smooth. Yours are so perfect.

  7. Pam, in NCq said…
    I tried these last night. This morning they’re all in the trash!!! I do not understand firstly, how you manage to get your balls SO round, or your coating so smooth

  8. As everyone else said, these are too cute.!! You definitely have a gift from God. I have made cake pops, but please tell how you get them so round and smooth?
    Please respond. Thank you.

  9. My daughter is having a baby boy. Her baby shower is Oct.12. Having 50 to 60 guest. Would like to know how much do you charge for the baby pop faces?

  10. How can I get the “Picky eater” pdf?

  11. Could you please tell me how you get the candy melt to be so smooth on the outside of your pops? I can never get mine that smooth!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing! They’re adorable!! I’m gonna take a stab at it! :)

  13. Hi. I love following your blogs. I would love it if you could give me some hints/tips for dipping cake pops to come so smooth. Yours are so perfect. How do you avoid bumps from drips?? Would love a mini lesson in dipping. Any tricks?? ????

    Thanks so much
    Pena Forman

  14. Where do you find the marshmallow bits at ? TIA :)

  15. Thanks so much for sharing – these are adorable! I just tried out your design for a baby shower a few weeks ago and the pops were a big hit:

  16. those are perfect for a baby shower! so cute :)

  17. I made these for my niece’s baby shower, I added a bow to the right with 3 curs drawn in and a pink bonnet. They came out fantastic, the only problem I had was with the bib, it kept coming down unless I gued it in place with the candy coating, although that didn’t always work either. How did you get the bib’s to stay up?

  18. Way, way, way, WAY too cute. I am not ashamed to admit I melted a little inside. :)

    I hope you don’t mind, but I had to blog about it:

    Keep up the great work, bakerella!

  19. Did you use jumbo sprinkles or normal size???

  20. These are sooo cute, that I am attempting to make them for a friends baby shower!!! I’ve gone and bought all the exact ingredients you mentioned, however the edible ink pen is just not drawing on the chocolate??? Help!!!!!! What’s going wrong???!!! Please let me know!

  21. These are adorable! I made some for a shower this weekend. I want to wrap them in cute little bags as the favors but wondering if that will mess them up/melt them? Right now they are hardening up in my fridge. The shower is Sunday. Please let me know what would be best as far as wrapping them goes. Thanks!

  22. Adorable! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  23. Totally amazing site. Thank you for all that you do. You are the most awesome person that I know online. You are touching so many lives by doing what you do. Please keep it up. My family (hubby and 2 kids) loved your site. We are drooling every single time. I have your book and I’d rather read that instead of my Pharm book ;) I am throwing my friend’s wife a baby shower and I am thinking of making these to give away as favors. I really liked the picky eater. Is there a way you can post the pdf? Thank you so much.

  24. The baby faces are so cute! Very clever idea.

  25. do you have a pdf for the “Picky eater” bibs?

  26. I will love to try and have recipe.

  27. I tried these last night. This morning they’re all in the trash!!! I do not understand firstly, how you manage to get your balls SO round, or your coating so smooth!!! I even actually ordered the Merkens chips! And they *are* just a bit easier to work with, but then my coating started cracking!! Aurghgh!!! My Wilton pens don’t write so well on coating and that’s my fault… as is the fact that I had confetti circles that ended up being too big!! And since I couldn’t draw eyes, I used some candy ones I had lying around. In the end, my ‘baby’ pops looked like wrinkled old men. So sad….

  28. I try to make the eye and mouth with the Wilton ink and don’t work which one you use or it’s a little trick?

  29. Some of my baby heads chocolate cracked. Do you have any idea why?

  30. How did you get them to be so smooth and perfectly round. When I tried making them, I would tap off excess chocolate but never came out that smooth and perfect like yours.

  31. Can I have the recipe for the frosting that you made for the cake pops? And how much in terms of grams did you use to mix with the cake crumbs.

  32. love them….. :D good job

  33. They r so beautiful. Adorable. What kind of stamp cutter use is so cute.

  34. i must ask (what has probably been asked repeatedlyl) how you always get your cakepops coatin so smooth? I’ve tried to tweak it so many different ways and it’s always, always NOT SMOOTH……
    please assist?

  35. How cute is your stamp cutter . Where did u find it?

  36. How long can you store rolled balls in refrigerator before dipping in chocolate? Sometimes I like to roll the balls ahead of time and dip at a later time.

  37. Hi, Angie. I have a ? Where did you get your stamp cutter is so cute.

  38. Where did you get your stamp cutter is so cute.

  39. Hey guys – just updated this post with the cookie bibs pdf if you’d like it.

  40. You really need to make your own brand!!

  41. Hi Bakerella!
    Are you still going to post those adorable “I love cookies” tag(bibs)? I sure would love to have them-your work is so cute!

  42. OMG, how cute are they. My friend is having a baby boy. I would love to be able to make them for her but I can’t even make plain cake pops, nevermind. LOL :)

  43. Thank you so much for your response. I have the adobe but never thought to use it for that lol. How sad is that. Cool. Thank you again for all your work. I love everyday to come here n look to see what u have made n think of ways to do the same thing or somewhat different. I did do the cupcakes n ppl love it. Thank you so much showing your tricks n tips.

  44. So happy for Jenny! I know she must have really loved these! Too sweet!! :o)

  45. Omg. Those are too cute! I almost died of adorableness! (:

  46. super duper cute

  47. I visited most of the shower posts already & these are by far my favorites! So, SO adorable. I love them.

  48. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I am getting all broody with you guys and your special gifts for Jenny! Too cute!!

  49. How do you get the shell of the cakepop so smooth?

  50. Angie!
    These are absolutely adorable!
    How cute that you used a candy necklace for decorations.
    I know Jenny must be wishing this was a “in real life” baby shower!
    Too cute!
    You are amazing…and totally adorable!

  51. OMG how cute :D love them. The last pic hehehe

  52. How awesome! I’ve followed both your blogs for years now, it’s exciting to feel like a part of the shower as a reader. Congrats on the baby Jenny, best of luck to you!

  53. I LOVED those candy necklaces as a kid!

    And the pops are just TOO CUTE!!!

  54. Super duper cute!! You’re work is amazing!
    Looking forward to the download of the “I ? cookies”

  55. these are amazing! you are so inspirational and i love your site and books and everything you do!

  56. Ive loved participating in the shower and seeing what everyone has made! I wish we could all have been doing it live and in real life because everyone’s goodies look soooo good and these are just so adorable!

  57. These are so adorable! I think it’s really nice that so many bloggers are a part of this “virtual” baby shower. I’ve seen a bunch of blog posts for this baby shower and it’s so awesome that so many people have become friends through blogging and blogging events. I hope to be a part of something like that someday. :)

  58. Wow these are so cute! I’ll tell my wife to make some of these. :)

  59. Cute enough to eat!!!! I can’t get the pdf to download it never finishes loading. Would love to have it!!

  60. oh wow, now I really want a baby…or just a baby face cake pop ;-)

  61. Oh my goodness, these are sooooo cute!! Awesome job!

  62. “The light and love behind Picky Palate” – that’s a wonderful (and incredibly appropriate) way to describe Jenny!

  63. These are crazy adorable! And such perfect timing… I just found out my little sis is having a baby!

  64. Love the baby faces and the blog roll shower…great idea! I can’t wait to explore!

  65. You are the coolest…EVER!
    Absolutly love your cake pops!
    A big hug from Norway!

  66. OMG-These are so incredibly cute! I love the pacifer detail. You are so creative and talented – wow.

  67. Very cute…how does a virtual shower work? Do you send her the food? Oh my then she would have so much food……do you play the shower games via the internet… tell how it works…I think it would be fun to do for someone far away

  68. I love the idea of a virtual baby shower! The cake pops are so cute! Congrats Jenny!

  69. These absolutely warmed my heart, sooooo adorable!!!!!

  70. SO adorable! You have a gift, girl!

  71. Cutest pops ever! What a special treat for sweet Jenny!

  72. oh my gosh those are just adorable! i love the little curl of hair — so. cute!

  73. Haha…I am cracking up over that last line! ;)

    I’d love to see you & Jenny together! Two of the cutest blond bakers ever!!!

    Love these sweet babies, Angie!

  74. Very cute, I hope these baby faces inspire my baby to come today. A girl can dream right?

  75. These are super cute and adorable. Love the bibs!

  76. Ummm, I’m DYING. These are freaking adorable. I’ll take 60 trillion.

  77. Adorable! The bibs are a nice touch

  78. You are AMAZING!! These are the cutest cake pops and your graphics astound me. How cute are those bibs??!! Girl, you think of everything. Such a sweet and thoughtful way to honor miss Jenny today :) So glad you could join in the fun :) XO

  79. These are too much! And the bibs work so well on so many levels! Great baby shower!

  80. The pops look adorable. It’s too bad they get eaten. Lots of attention to detail.

  81. These are stinking adorable. Those bibs make them extra special!!!

  82. Really nice idea but I would be sorry to it because they are so cute :)

  83. Bahahaha! “Sorry, I bit your baby!” LOVE IT, Angie!

  84. These are too cute for words! Love them!

  85. The funniest thing is? My brothers wife gave birth to a babygirl yesterday. That is so amazing. Perhaps I will make them when they get home as a welcome gift.

  86. Why are these so cute? I mean they are over the top cute. I wish I knew someone who was having a baby!..They will be archived for a later date.

  87. seriously!?!? These are the cutest cake pops ever!!!

  88. What a wonderful thing! And absolutely beautiful little pops. You definitely do cake pops like no other. And the talent. Too much.

  89. Super, super cute, Angie!! I love these little guys! xo

  90. Seanna Lea – i did. : )

    Gina – the program I use is Adobe Illustrator. I design the graphics and then print them out on card stock paper. You can also use Word for simple text. Just size it to fit inside whatever paper punch size you are using.

    Cynthia – Happy birthday to your little one.

    popeyetalk – Thanks!

    Shelly – me too!

    Tidymom – glad to give you a giggle.

    limor – I found it at Hobby Lobby. Check craft stores or online.

    Candy – I wondered if anyone would want those. I’ll make a sheet of them and update them here on the post soon.

    Jenny – My pleasure. Miss you too. Hugs!

  91. How cute are those! You have a lot of patience for all those details, but it’s so worth it!

  92. Thanks for a great Monday morning smile, Angie!! I hope all is well with you! Much love!

  93. These turned out so adorable! Oh my gosh! I love that you are having a virtual shower for her — so much fun! :-)

  94. These are so adorable, Angie!! I love them!! And the I <3 Cookies bib is just so perfect for Jenny's little one. :D

  95. Angie!!! You are so sweet, these pops could not get cuter and the one with the bite at the end, totally cracking up! Thanks for your sweet words friend! Miss you!! xoxo

  96. These are the cutest cake pops ever, Angie! Love those bibs and their sweet faces.

  97. I love these cute baby pops and their bibs! Could you also make available the “I love cookies” tag for us at home to print out?

  98. hello, i wanted to ask, where can i get the paper punch?
    thank you

  99. that is just the cutest pop ever, the bibs. they are just too much!

  100. oh Angie this are just ADORABLE!!!!……..and I’m sorry Jenny I bit your baby……..made me almost spit coffee all over my screen this morning! haha!!

  101. These are adorable and the I heart cookies bib is the BEST!

  102. These are the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

  103. Oh my goodness… OH MY GOODNESS… how supercute is that? This is definetly the sweetest thing I´ve ever seen! You are so incredible talented! After that I made a presentation of your new cake pop christmasbook on my blog, I had a lot of enthusiastic feedback from our German-Comunity here in Berlin… it`s very very possible, that for the future I´m not remaining the only new fan of your irresistable projects ;o)
    Love & Hug from Jutty&Poppy

  104. I love those! I made baby cake pops to tell my family I was pregnant and they still talk about how much they loved them. My baby boy is turning 1 on 10th september…

  105. These are adorable! I’m so excited for our friend and can’t wait to see her new little one soon. He’s certainly going to have a sweet tooth!

  106. I love them. They are so cute. For your tags you made, what is the name of machine you used and where did you get it?

  107. Poor little baby head. I think you should put the second half of his head out of his misery!

  108. The cutest cake pops ive ever seen! :D

  109. They are so cute :) One day I made pink baby-muffins with silver peals and pink and lila sprinkles for my friends baby shower. They were great but we had so much cake, that I had to bring a lot back home…

  110. So happy for Jenny! And the pops are cute too! :-)

  111. Aw this is so nice :)
    Cute baby faces.. but not cute enough not to eat them.

  112. Oh my goodness, these cute little guys are too adorable Angie!! I love the baby bibs! Love the pictures of you and Jenny, ya’ll are too cute!!

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