Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was in LA for some fun Emmy events?

Well, I had a little free time and at the last minute I tweeted my friend Jenny of Picky Palate. We met about a year ago at a blogging event and hit it off right away. I remembered she lives in California, so I took a chance and crossed my fingers that she could rearrange her day and spend it in LA with me. Luckily for me, she could.

Before I show you all the yummy stuff we ate, I want to take a minute to reflect.

You see, before I ever started blogging, I remember hearing about people that blogged. I thought why in the world would anyone do that. Why would anyone waste their time sitting in front of their computer … blogging. Especially, when they could be out doing something. Something more fun. That’s stupid. I would never waste my time.

Nope. Not me. Not gonna blog. And definitely not going to blog for almost three years.

But I have to tell you now, as a blogger, attached to my computer, I’ve done more things and met more people than I ever would have otherwise.

People like Jenny and the Pioneer Woman and Tartelette and Steamy Kitchen that I’ve been so happy to spend time with. And people that I may have met briefly but still made a big impact on me … and of course all you that I feel connected with everyday … so many adventures that have truly made the last few years some of the best ones of my life. If I had never decided to post that first photo… on my blog, none of this would have happened. None of it.

Never say never I guess. You don’t know what you’ll be missing out on.

Anyway… enough gushy stuff… back to Jenny.

Jenny drove in to LA Friday afternoon for lunch and we spent time visiting a few places before I went to the Emmy Performers Nominee Reception for Duncan Hines.


First stop… Joan’s on Third. Neither of us had ever been there before, but now we both can’t wait to go back. It’s my new favorite place.

We had cute little bullet sandwiches with prosciutto and apricot glaze. Oh so simple, but oh so fantastic.

Then we had a little dessert.

Just a little.


There were two of us. Come on. It’s not that much.


Snickerdoodle cake, Cloud cupcake, macarons and more.

FYI… I guess you can see why I wanted to make Hi Hats. Looking at these photos, though… I want mine this high next time.

And … like bloggers, do. The photos come first …


… and during. I’m pretty sure people around us thought we were weirdos.


But that’s okay. We were having a blast.


Macarons. Wow. These were much better than my first solo attempt. I’ll have to try them again.

P.S. Jenny – You’re so perty!


After all those sweets, we needed a little milk.

Lucky us……


Milk was just down the street.


This was a cute little shop full of ice cream, cookies, ice cream sandwiches, cake and cupcakes, too.




We went for an assortment of frozen treats.

Our own little ice cream party.

Butterscotch, blueberry, oreo, black and white. All delicious.

When we finished, we decided it was time for dessert. ; )

So off to Scoops for some gelato.


I had caramel brown bread gelato and Jim beam ricotta gelato. I was too consumed to remember what Jenny had, but it was a great way to top off the day.

After we satisfied our sweet tooth, we headed back to the hotel.


Jenny flipped through a copy of the book while I started to get ready for the Emmy party. By the way, the room Duncan Hines put me up in was super swanky. It was covered in mirrors and sliding doors. Here’s a few pics if you’re interested.

The next day, was all free. So I rented a car and met Jenny in her neck of the woods.

And as luck would have it, there was a huge Food Truck Festival going on that Saturday.

Way cool. Fifty plus food trucks all in one location.


Our first truck stop was World Fare.


Hi Jenny!


See these. They’re called Bunny Chows – bread filled with braised short rib, chicken curry, barbeque or vegetarian chili. And they were amazing. And cute to boot.


Also a winner was the blueberry lemonade. Refreshing. Track down this truck and try it.


But the absolute best thing we ate all day was this. It doesn’t look like a lot, but let me tell you… spectacular.

It’s a butterscotch bread pudding and I would get it again in a heartbeat.

Here’s a slideshow of some of the other food trucks at the event.

Jenny – I had the most fun with you in LA. I can’t wait to do it again sometime.

P.S. – Have a favorite food truck worth tracking down? Do tell.

P.S.S. – So glad I started blogging.