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Welcome to the new site design. This weekend I moved from my blogspot address to hosted through WordPress. I’ve been wanting to make the change for awhile, but I really loved blogger. It is right up my alley when it comes to ease of use. I just wish it offered as many options as WordPress so I would never have needed to leave. By the way, if you’re on Blogger now, you might want to stick around. They are doing some really great things as far as new features and functionality. I’ve got to tell you, they made it really difficult to leave. But, I had already ventured down the path of a new design and there was no looking back. I’m really excited about it. I hope you like the new look and to get you off to an easy start, I thought I would give you a really quick tour of some of the ways you can navigate to see older posts and search. I’m visual, so I have thumbnails everywhere I thought it would help. And … the other reason … the real reason … I didn’t bake this weekend because I was playing wannabe web designer getting all things ready to launch.

Note: graphics below are for illustration purposes. Clicking on them will not take you anywhere. Hey, somebody will ask. :)

Okay! Here goes:
If you click on any of the three main categories located in top of the gray bar…

You will get a page that looks like this. These sections are like visual overviews of the most recent thumbnails related to each topic.
If you notice the topic, breakfast… the first thumbnail is the most recent breakfast post I have and the doughnuts are the oldest.
Obviously this section needs some attention. Note to self: bake more morning treats. This feature might actually be more for me than you. See, this way I keep track of what I’m baking and what I’m not baking enough of.
Moving on. In the same gray box above, if you click on any of the topics you’ll get a page that looks like this…

These topic pages all have a main image and instead of all thumbnails, this view shows excerpts as well. You’ll find the most recent topic-related post at the top of each list and under the main image.

Except for this topic.
Themes is slightly different.
Because so many of you guys ask for ideas, I wanted an easy way for you to look for things I have already made that may help out. On this topic page, the excerpts are also organized by most recent, but they are grouped by theme. Christmas, Halloween, Easter, For Her, etc.

That’s pretty much it for the main navigation, but you can also search through the archives.

Three different ways!
The link is in the very top right hand section of the site. And it will allow you to search:
1. chronologically by year
2. most recent by list
3. most recent by photo thumbnails
YAY! Now I can actually find something I’m looking for. Before I only had archives by month that only listed the number of posts for that month. No post names and no thumbnails. I love this feature!
And you can also access the most recent list and photo view quickly from the main navigation in the gray box. YAY!

Here’s even another fun way to look around.
At the bottom of each individual story post, there is section called Random Sweetness. This functions exactly like it’s name. All of the thumbnails rotate through randomly. Maybe something cute that you haven’t seen before will catch your eye. It does mine. I made everything, but I still can’t stop clicking on these thumbnails. I told you I was visual, but it seems easily distracted, too.

If you want to keep up with what’s coming next, you can subscribe by email or RSS.

Note to current RSS subscribers:
I’m working on getting the feed back the way you are used to.
Note to readers using IE7: You may not be experiencing the site to it’s fullest. I hope this will be corrected soon.

There may be even more glitches that I’m not aware of yet, but I plan on working through any of the bugs that might arise from a transition like this.

So that’s it for the tour. I hope you like the site. I kinda feel like I’m just starting out and now I have a site that can meet everyone’s cravings… including my own.

I want to give the biggest thanks to Heather of OMSH.

I could absolutely not have done this transition and design without her help. She’s also the force behind the Pioneer Woman’s award-winning blog design and one of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Thank you Heather! You rock!

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124 comments on “ a quick tour”

  1. Wowza! Yum! My butt grew just looking at your goodies. but I’m still ready to take on the challenge of cooking and eating this yummy stuff! Thanks for your site!

  2. Everything looks great!!! :)

  3. Love your new look!

  4. I love your website! It contains so many creative ideas with awesome pictures…

    However.. I am a little disappointed in the recent blogs.
    It has little to do with actual baking and new recipes and I am hoping that each day you would come up with the blogs with new recipes to try out like the previous ones from past months. Also, I have noticed that there are less and less blog entries… I understand that you have been very busy with the new website but I am hoping that you would find a little time in between to create blogs that could really inspire us amature bakers!!! thanks youuu

  5. This new site looks wonderful. Very inspiring. Bravo!

  6. Love the new site, congrats on the move. Its wonderful!

  7. Wow! The new blog looks fantastic and easy to navigate, gotta love that! Although to me it really doesn’t matter what your blog looks like, I’d still stop and have a peek. As long as you keep baking and sharing I’ll keep drooling on my keyboard. ;)

  8. The new site looks great! Thanks for the tutorial!!

    Feel free to check out my websites!

    Evie Adventures shows ideas of places to take your kids – there are even giveaways!
    Evie Adventures

    I post my weekly menu to help give new ideas of recipes. Please comment and let me know some of your favorites so I can try them out too!
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  9. I’m loving this website it’s sooo much easier then the blog.

    And it’s really cute.

  10. I love the new site design! I love being able to browse all of your recipes by theme! Thanks! I’ll get to baking soon! :)

  11. I love love love the new site. It is so much easier to find an old post when I want to go back to it.

  12. Hi Bakerella! I just found your site and I LOVE it!! You are such a creative person – I love all of your ideas!

  13. I love the new layout! Yeah you and yeah to Heather!

  14. The website looks absolutely amazing. I didn’t think it was possible to make it cuter than it already was, but you really did.

    Can’t wait to see all the new recipes you’re going to share with the world!

  15. Love the new design. Everything is so easy to find !!

  16. Congratulations on the successful move! Your new place looks fantastic and is very functional. Perfect for all your awesome creations!

    I had recently moved my (free) blog from WordPress to Blogger because the latter provided more flexibility for a free account. Moving was hard for me, too.

  17. Looks great!!! I need to learn to web design…. I just love to post photos and gab……well, really I love to gab………well, really I love to eat………and that is why I love your site.. drewl…….oops sorry….

  18. hi.. i’ve been reading through your bog for quite some time now.. and i;m realy loving it! It does inspire people!! If only I have a baking oven, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! to try out some of this recipes! for now, im waiting for your next contest (hehehe) I hope people outside USA can enter too (your prizes are sooooo nice!!) :)

  19. I love your new design. Looks and works great. Also thanks for the input on blogger vs wordpress. I use blogger but I’ve also got some stuff on wordpress (high school reunion blog) and I’m always interested in feedback and pros and cons.

  20. Let me just explain how I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new site… it looks FANTABULOUS…….

    Keep coming with those Yummy Creative Recipes :-)

  21. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your website!! i came across it by searching for brownie pops….. and i will definitely be visiting your site often (..which means prob daily :) …. oh.. and the wedding proposal ~~ so so so so cute!!!

  22. Wow, I haven’t been to your site in a while and it’s just stunning, truly beautiful. Congratulations.

  23. WOW, I just found your site and am loving it already. I have become you’re new biggest fan. I have my first batch of cake balls in the freezer setting up as we speak. Thank you for being so creative and sharing. I’m loving reading about PW too.

  24. Love Bakerella! Would you consider send a copy to our Girl Scout Troop? I can`t think of a better activity! There must be a patch for it!!!

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