Time to open presents

Lollipop Workshop Goodies

Remember these? That’s right. We opened them. And, let me just tell you. Somebody needs to invent a stronger word for cute. Because what’s inside these boxes… cute… just doesn’t do them justice.


I waited for my little helper to come visit again before I opened mine. But, you knew I was going to do that anyway, didn’t you?

I let her open first. She was so excited. But of course she would be. Receiving a totally unexpected gift is always fun.

From the Lollipop Workshop

Oh, the suspense. What is it? Tear open that bubble wrap will you. And, hurry it up. I can’t wait.

From the Lollipop Workshop

Oh, I think it’s a doll.

From the Lollipop Workshop

Yes, it’s a precious little lolli doll. Can you stand it?


Okay. Okay. My turn. Move over.

From the Lollipop Workshop

While I opened my box, she took the opportunity to accessorize her doll with ribbon from the wrapping.

Of course.

From the Lollipop Workshop

Then, I quickly removed it for a photo session. (Sorry, sweetie.)

Just look at her doll. So adorable and wait… she’s even holding a tray of cake balls.

Now, what did I get?

From the Lollipop Workshop

Me? I’m a doll, too … and with my own little tray of cake balls. I think I will explode from all the cuteness.

But… it gets even cuter.

Wanna see?

Can you handle it?

Are you sure?

Okay then, you can look…

From the Lollipop Workshop

There’s even a dessert table complete with cake pops. It’s like a miniature scene from an Amy Atlas event.

Life support, please. Crash cart anyone? I may not make it.

From the Lollipop Workshop

Just look at it from the other side. Somebody has really tee-niny hands to work so small.

From the Lollipop Workshop

There’s even a Bakerella sign. Okay, that did me in.

From the Lollipop Workshop

But wait, something’s missing.

From the Lollipop Workshop

Okay, that’s better… I almost forgot about you. The desserts distracted me.

From the Lollipop Workshop

Now. Perfect.


Thanks Lollipop Workshop for the sweet surprise. You really, REALLY made our day!

Check out the Lollipop Workshop etsy store.
She makes custom pieces like these in addition to the ones from the cupcake topper giveaway.

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63 comments on “Time to open presents”

  1. so cute! i love those!

  2. OH MY GOSH DYING OF CUTENESS!!! What a sweet gift!

  3. I will try to make it

  4. Veel te veel werk maar wel leuk

  5. my previous comment was about an artist on etsy.

  6. if you like this then you will love this: Macaron earrings by DIVINE sweetness. so adorable!


  8. OMGSH! Cute! I wish I could travel to all the places you go, but I’m only 9, but I LOVE to bake!

  9. ACK!!!!! I’m screaming from all the cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I SO want one too!

  11. I am in love with this!!!!!! Such a cute thing….

  12. soooooooooooo cute <3 <3 <3

  13. Sweet! really adorable…. I want those!! ;) Great site i’m lovin it!

  14. Cutest things I’ve ever seen!!

  15. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! How adorable!!! Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we all could be made into a little scene such as this? Just breathtaking.

    Self brag, I wrapped some presents with swirly lollipops and bright papers and bows a few years ago. HUGE hit. Lollipops just make everything perfect.

    Especially cake pops ;)

    Newly subscribed to your blog. I think I may be in heaven now.

  16. Jenny – it’s colored papers

  17. That is adorable! So dainty and little and cute!

  18. That’s it. I’m putting lolipops on all my gifts from now on…….

  19. I totally see the resemblance! Too cute for words! You’re absolutely right, they need a new word for “beyond cute”… may I submit “swoolt” (sweet, cool and cute together)??

  20. What a fantastic surprise, and to have the loli’s and the table with goodies is just perfect!!!! Lovely gift!!!

  21. Love your new site and this post. You always have the cutest brightest backgrounds for your close-up pictures (the pink background on this post). What do you use?

  22. ridiculously cute!!

  23. The cutest things ever ever EVER! I love them so much and this is a great site :)

  24. oh my, I’m loving this blog!!! I’m already hooked and addicted with your pops and all. It’s my first time to be here… I actually found this through a comment on Martha Stewart’s webbiesite while I was looking for easy cupcake recipes. I’m trying to learn baking 101. And now after me drooling over your cakes for more than 7 hours (torture :p), Oh my I’m very much excited for the next weekend. Hope I’ll have lots of time and power but Imma gonna try the lollies… the cuppies… the cakes.. those with chocolates!!

    By the way, nice gifts! Are they edible? I bet if they are you wouldn’t let even an ant have a bite! Safe and super sealed! :)

  25. Love your new blog! I am having trouble finding my way around, but im sure I will get used to it. That was such an adorable gift!! I always brag about your recipes on my recipe site and steal a picture from your post. I hope that is ok! Please let me know if would like me to not use your photos. They are just so appealing!! :)

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  27. absolutely adorable!!! i want those lolli dolls! ^_^

  28. I love the new site’s layout! Your success really amazes me. I really hope that someday I’ll be able to be nearly as good as you are. If you have any tips on getting your name out there, please share!

  29. This really is too darn cute!

    and I love the new blog look!!!!!

  30. What a fun gift to receive Angie! You have some awesome readers that’s for sure. Those mini cake balls are adorable! Your site looks nice and organized, I’m sure you are loving it! Have a great rest of your weekend!

  31. I love the new look!! Super cute!

  32. How adorable! Thank you for sharing your Lollipop gift opening.

  33. Oh good! I was just trying to search for an old post of yours the other day. And I think you’ll like working with wordpress – there are tons of fun add-ons and it’s really easy to use!


  34. I always love finding new things to fuel my creativity, and I must say that your website definitely takes the cake!! No pun intended (: I love your step by step directions! Your website is amazing and I look forward to more posts and more beautiful pictures! Great work!!!!

  35. I love the new site. Very cute design! However, I usually read your posts in my RSS reader and now they’re showing truncated messages! I hope you decide to switch it back to the full posts, because the truncated ones are so annoying.

  36. Love the new site! Loved the old site too :)

  37. you always have such cute stuff on here

  38. Love the new website and layout! Adorable!
    Those presents are so cute! I love them!

  39. love the new layout! and have been a huge fan of your blog! (: Been wanting to host on my own domain for a while now and seeing your blog makes me want to do it even more! it’s so pretty!

  40. The site looks absolutely fantastic. Well done all involved! xxx

  41. Nice pressies, fabulous website, I like the upgraded and the photos are mind-blowing = )

  42. Very nice new website & all your photographs are SO pretty!

  43. I’ve been your fan for a while now and I must say…I TOTALLY LOVE THIS NEW SITE! I actually think it fits you better. VERY happy and pink! I’m very happy for you!

  44. really nice website you have there! :) I wanted to make mine a .com too but someone used it earlier than me.

    you can check out my current website at
    hope you enjoy your stay there!

    continue with these excellent posts!! love those pictures!

    P.S.: I wonder is it me or this website takes a little slower than usual to load especially when I’m commenting.

  45. Oh, wow – they are adorable! ::sigh:: To be a little girl again! It was SO sweet (and yes, I thought you would…) wait to open them with your helper friend. LOVE your new site! Must change google reader feed! :D

  46. Congrats on the new website; it’s so easy to navigate and you did a really nice job. I love coming to your website; you are so talented!

  47. I love the look of your new blog! You did a great job with it — simply beautiful. I subscribed to the new RSS feed and noticed that you switched to a partial feed — where you used to have full feed like Pioneer Woman. I hope you switch back… the full feed is so much easier on this lazy reader!

  48. that is so so adorable!!!! <3
    looks very nicely done! <3

  49. I think these are so adorable!

    What fun and what sweet gifts :O)

  50. Oh My God! these are the cutest little dolls EVER! gotta love the beautiful handmade things you can find on Etsy!

  51. I fell out of my chair from the CUTENESS! Love it.
    Also–LOVE LOVE LOVE the new site! Welcome to WordPress–I know you’ll love it. :)

  52. Cute as a button you and your site..:)

  53. Talk about precision work! That’s amazing! Congrats on the new site!

  54. I am so lovin your new site! And those cuties from Lollipop Workshop are just so adorable!!

  55. Awesome! Great site :)

  56. I love it! SO adorable!! My 5 yr old daughter wants to play with them ;)

  57. Oh my gosh! This is amazing! I am in love and need to do this PRONTO!!

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