Black Cat Cupcakes

Black Cat Cupcakes

Treat someone with these kitty cat cupcakes for Halloween. They’re decorated with cookies and candy, making them a purrfectly adorable spooky sweet!

Chocolate Cupakes

Chocolate cupcakes are the way to go for these. You can use this recipe.

Frost the cupcakes with chocolate frosting and then dip the tops in a small bowl filled with black sanding sugar to give them a shimmering coat.

Black Cat cupcake

Such a sweet face with those big eyes and that bright yellow button nose.

Candy Corn

Oh those. The noses are simply candy corn inserted into the cupcake so only the yellow shows.

Decorating Kitties

And the rest of the feline features are easy, too.

Kitty cat recap:
Fur coat: black sanding sugar
Button noses: candy corn
Ears: chocolate wafer cookies, cut into triangles
Mouths: Jumbo confetti sprinkles, pink would make them look like tongues
Whiskers: Orange jimmies
Eyes: Gumdrops, rolled flat on wax paper and cut with a teardrop cookie cutter
Pupils: Black M&M’s attached to the gumdrops with melted white candy coating as glue and then dotted on top, too.

Kitty Cat Cupcakes

Super sweet. Super Cute!

Hope you enjoy and have a Happy Happy Halloween!

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9 comments on “Black Cat Cupcakes”

  1. These are so cute! I’ll definitely have to try making them this Halloween, although I highly doubt they’ll turn out as nicely as yours :P

  2. These are purrfect for Halloween!

  3. Adorable, thank you and happy Halloween. 

  4. These are so fun!!

  5. Loved the black cat cupcakes and they are simple enough that I can do them .The grandkids will love them too . Thank you for putting them out there

  6. These are so cute. Want to make them for a party I’m having this month!

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