Brown Butter & Biscoff Crispy Treat Bars

Brown Butter Biscoff Crispy Bars

Confession. I don’t think I’ve made Rice Krispie Treats before. What?!?! And if I have, it was so long ago, I can’t remember. Weird, right? I mean, I enjoy them and all their crispy marshmallowy goodness, whenever I do eat one. I just never make them. Maybe it’s because growing up, Rice Krispies didn’t spend that much time in our house. I was a Fruit Loops girl. Die hard. Fruit. Loops. Rice Krispies just got soggy too quick for my taste. It was however, one of the few I’d eat in a lack of Fruit Loops emergency at someone else’s house. I’m just now giving in to Frosted Flakes … I guess I consider that one my grown up cereal. I’m sure I’d enjoy others, but I don’t really eat cereal that often and I just can’t commit to a whole big box of a new cereal. Anyway… that’s a long way of saying I haven’t made Rice Krispy Treats.


But lately I’ve been wanting to …… recently my friend and Wookiee Pies author, Lara was raving about some Brown Butter and Biscoff treats she made inspired by this Smitten Kitchen recipe … but she added a little something to them.

Biscoff Spread

Biscoff spread! Also Speculoos Cookie Butter from Trader Joes. If you’ve tried this stuff before, you know why these have been stuck in my head. It’s ridiculously good. It never makes it spread onto anything though because if I dare open a jar… it doesn’t have a chance against me with a spoon in my hand.

But, I bought some special to make these treats with.

Browning Butter

Rice Krispies Treats start with mixing marshmallows into melted butter. But these are made more special by browning the butter first. It enhances the flavor and adds a wonderful nutty aroma. Just use a stainless steel pot when you make it so you can see the butter change color as it’s heated. It was difficult to see the colors change in this dark pot I was using and the butter can burn easily if you aren’t paying attention.

Check out this How-to if you’ve never made brown butter before.

Melted Marshmallow

Now you can just use this brown buttery marshmallowy goodness and stir in your cereal if you want.

Mixing in Biscoff

But what fun would that be without a bunch of Biscoff. Heat it a few seconds in the microwave first and it will incorporate easily into the warm marshmallow mixture.

In Lara’s version, she didn’t mix it into the marshmallow. She divided the brown butter marshmallow mixture and spread a thin layer between the two before she pressed it all together. So you can try it that way, too.

But I wanted to marry the two.


Stir the melted marshmallow and Biscoff until combined.

Crispy Treats

Add a little salt and six cups of cereal.

Beautiful Mess

And mix it into a beautiful mess.

Crispy Treats

Press it into a greased dish and cut into bars.

Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats

Like these rectangular ones. Yum.

Drizzle a little melted chocolate on top if you want, too. But they don’t really need it. They just looked lonely all by themselves so I thought they needed a hug of chocolate.

Brown Butter Biscoff Bars

And you know what, the best part about long rectangle bars like this is they make a great dipping stick too for any leftover Biscoff Spread. I mean, not that I would know anything about that first hand.

Brown Butter & Biscoff Crispy Treat Bars
Yield: 12-16 treats

Brown Butter & Biscoff Crispy Treat Bars

Prep Time 25 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes


  • 1 stick unsalted butter
  • 10 oz. bag of mini marshmallows
  • 1/2 cup Biscoff Spread or Speculoos Cookie Butter
  • 6 cups Rice Crispies Cereal
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • Melted chocolate, optional


  1. Butter an 8 X 8 inch pan.
  2. Melt the butter in a large stockpot over medium-low to medium heat, whisking often. It will foam, then turn from a golden color to a darker brown. Watch closely so it doesn't burn.
  3. Reduce the heat to low and stir in the marshmallows until completely melted and smooth.
  4. Heat the Biscoff spread in the microwave for about 20 seconds and stir it into the melted marshmallow until combined.
  5. Stir in the salt and cereal. Mix until incorporated and press into bottom of prepared pan. I placed a piece of wax paper on top of the mixture and used a glass to roll on top of the wax paper to help flatten the mixture down. Or you can press the top down with your fingers and leave it a little more freeform.
  6. Cool for a couple of minutes. Cut into 16 squares or 12 rectangular bars and you're ready to treat yourself or drizzle on a little melted chocolate and enjoy that way, too.


Source: Adapted from Smitten Kitchen's Salted Brown Butter Crispy Treats


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87 comments on “Brown Butter & Biscoff Crispy Treat Bars”

  1. I just made these for my son’s baseball team. I tried a bit and its FABULOUS!! I am very happy with how they came out. I used the “crunchy” biscoff cookie butter from walmart because I prefer it over creamy. I don’t think it made a huge difference lol

  2. Couldn’t find the biscoff spread anywhere in England for love nor money, but I’m currently on holiday in France and found some in the Intermarche!! You were right, you need a spoon to devour it in one go! :D I’m taking 3 jars home with me, one dedicated for this recipe :) can’t wait to try it!! Xxx

  3. Everything is so beautiful, that already salivating. I have looked and looked at these photos.

  4. My daughter made these for my birthday as we love the Biscoff spread but we could hardly chew them, they were super tough. Any ideas why this happened?

  5. I have made these twice now… everybody loves them. The Biscoff gives them the special flavor that everybody talks about. I did add an extra 1/4 cup of Biscoff the second time.

  6. Aldi’s now carries Biscoff spread

  7. se ven delicioso, realmente es todo un mundo de fantasia en el paladar.

  8. I made these today! They are so delicious!! I love how the cookie butter and salt helps it from becoming overly sweet. Thanks for sharing this recipe =]

  9. Love your site! But, can’t find the E. Guittard semi-sweet chocolate wafers on Williams-Sonoma site (the ones you used in the Chocolate Chip Confetti Cookies). Any suggestions?
    Thank you for delightful goodies –

  10. I had never heard of Biscoff before but soon after I saw this recipe it was in the Aldi’s ad. I made 3 batches in 2 days because my family and co-workers LOVED them. They made me a dessert rock star. Thanks.

  11. These are sooooo delicious… I had to makea second batch for my family and friends

  12. Oh my…yum! My kids will love these…like you, we don’t keep them in the house (Pops, Apple Jacks, yes, but no Rice Krispies). …I’ll add to the grocery list!

  13. I need to get a hold of this biscoff… so many yummy looking desserts… including this one

  14. These look really good. At Trader Joe’s, they also have a chocolate bar filled with the cookie butter… TO DIE FOR. Mmmm.

    You can also make “cereal krispy treats” with any kind of crispy cereal. I have made them with cocoa puffs before, and they were really good. I imagine you could do the same with froot loops, and just dial back the sugar a bit to compensate. They might not be as fluffy as rice krispies though.

  15. My 3 year old daughter and I just made these together. Thank you so much for the idea! Delicious and the perfect little baking date for us. Our family is very thankful for you!

  16. ooohhh I can’t wait to make these for my family. They sound much better than regular rice krispy treats.

  17. Ah this brings back childhood memories.. at every birthday party we had my Mom used to make these (less the peanut buttter..which I really like by the way..)..

    Your blog and recipes and you are inspiring!!


  18. These look awesome! And seems easier than I thought :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    ps. My wife would like to compliment you on your blog lay-out. She loves it!

  19. I need these in my life!!

  20. Baby Chunk and I are making these today…just cause it’s monday and you need sweets salvation on Mondays.

  21. Looks crispy delicious bar to eat, love to eat different types of recipe, I surely try this and hope to make it in right way and no mess up will happened.

  22. These look amazing – like grown up cereal bars.

  23. I just whipped these up in about 10 minutes, it was my first time successfully browning butter too! Your tip to use a stainless steel pan for the butter really made the difference for me. And they taste AMAZING. This is definitely my go-to recipe for crispy treats now. ^_^

  24. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! I have never tried rice krispie treats, not a fan of the marshmallow. Add Biscoff to anything and I’m in face first. Yummie, yummie and yummier. I heart you.

  25. These photos are making me very hungry. Browned Butter….mmmm….I can only imagine. I hope I can make these look as good as yours. They look delicious!

  26. Well, I made them. Tweaked the recipe a bit, (for my waisteline) they are outstanding. I never thought to brown the butter and man, I almost wish I never met Biscoff Butter. But, now my brain has exploded with ideas to use it! Yum & Fun! Thanks you AGAIN!

  27. Brown butter + Biscoff + crispy treat bars?!? Oh my!

  28. These look amazing! I have to try making these! I wish I can eat the pictures on the computer screen. (^_^)

  29. I remember you talking about this spread once before, but I forget about it, then saw it at the store the other day. Rice Krispy Treats are one of those things I have ZERO discipline with. I’d just eat them right out of the pot before even sticking them into the pan. But now I HAVE to try these. Oh my goodness. I will make them, eat one and RUN directly to somewhere to get them out of my house. I love you Bakerella – but, it is hard to do any form of sports training and bake all of your goodies. I can’t wait! Thank you for the ideas!

  30. I just made these for my office… they are amazing!! I can’t wait to hear the reactions tomorrow!

  31. Wooooo… Just loved it.. the pictures say it all.. i was not required to even read the content deeply… Great one!

  32. Wow, they look SOOOO good!

  33. I used to make similar things as a chicld but I am quite sure they didn’t look as tidy as your!! Delicious memories!!

  34. I haven’t heard of Speculoos but sounds like I need to find some! Couldn’t you use Nutella instead of Biscoff? I do have a jar ( or two) of that ;)

  35. We love Biscoff spread. I have an unopened jar (I’ve been valiantly resisting its lure) that would be perfect for this!

  36. Wow, these look so good! I have never Biscoff spread but I may need to try it out. I’m kinda tempted to try this recipe with some Nutella:)

  37. I finally made these after seeing them on Smitten Kitchen…you tempted me to! I have never actually commented on your blog even though I follow it religiously, even after making a few of your recipes!

    I don’t think I browned the butter thoroughly enough. It came to a rolling boil like I was making toffee, and then it did brown a little, but when I made the Rice Krispie treats I did not notice a huge taste difference. I’ll be trying other recipes with browned butter though now, as I am curious to see a taste difference!

  38. Can you buy biscoff spread in Canada?

  39. By looking at these food water comes in my mouth. Very very tasty food.

  40. Can just imagine the added flavor treat of browned butter! And the melted chocolate drizzled on top. Yum!

  41. Oh my word! These looks delicious! I have 4 jars of Biscoff spread in my cabinet!

  42. I have never heard of Biscoff spread….going to have to look it up. These look yummy!

  43. Got the Biscoff spread this morning and made these. Just had one with coffee.YUM! This recipe is a keeper!

  44. I don’t even like rice krispy treats (not the biggest fan of marshmallow), but this sounds soooo good. Anything with Biscoff is worth trying in my book! And I second what someone earlier said that the Biscoff brand spread is far, far superior to TJs cookie butter.

  45. Oh, P.S., I saw a chocolate bar at Trader Joes the other day that was chocolate with a SPECULOOS COOKIE SPREAD FILLING!!!! It looked so good! Thought you might like this, seeing as you love chocolate and Biscoff. <3

  46. MMMMM……….. these look soo yummy! I, like you, am a Froot Loops girl, but I love rice krispy treats! Only, I have never tried the Biscoff spread, just the cookies. Oh well- who can resist this!?

  47. Wow, they look SOOOO good!

  48. I love rice crispy treats! I haven’t had any since I was a kid… but I think I am going to have to try again :) Thanks for sharing

  49. These are perfect for my grandson who just told me he likes Nutella and not peanut butter! Thanks for the recipe. :)

  50. This looks so tasty!! Yum! I’m excited to try baking these- it seems so simple!

  51. Those look amazing, and speaking about cereal, have you ever tried Kix®? They aren’t sugar-y but oh so good… They don’t sell them in Canada, only the U.S. :(

  52. These rice krispy treats look like what dreams are made of! I can’t wait make them and send them to a friend who has been asking for rice krispy treats!

  53. I was the lucky recipient of a free case of Biscoff and, after handing out a bunch of jars, still have three left over. I saw this recipe this morning and made it this afternoon! Really yummy but the marshmallow/Biscoff mixture seems even stickier than plain marshmallow. I got an upper body workout!

  54. ow… very wrong
    there’s speculoos(netherlands) in my cupboard………
    mmm but no rice-crispies, or marshmellows
    hold on have to put it on the grocery list ;)

    Would this work with the cookie-crunch variety?
    Because those my daughter likes better then without.
    I’m going to try ;)

  55. How do you get your baking pictures so well-taken? Like the beautiful mess of the mix and the cutting of the bars with the string of stretchy marshmallow in between them?

  56. You have created a wonderful variety of a family favorite! Thank you for sharing ;)

  57. hi bakerella! Your rice crispie plan is so much more… detailed then mine! All i do is melt some butter in the microwave along with some marshmallows, add in a few cups of that cereal, cut ’em into bars, and bam! I’ve me some some marshmallow-y goodness! Anyways, could you make the ultimate summer sundae? And how about brownie icecream cupcakes? just try it!

  58. These look amazing! From a newbie blogger to an insanely talented one, how do you get your printable recipe pages? I’m having a nightmare!

  59. These look so great! Might even be great with peanut butter too! Can’t wait to try!

  60. Oh my, those look awesome :D :D I have fallen in love with the dark chocolate bars filled with speculas cream I find in trader joes :D

  61. Oh yah, it’s great glopped on bananas, too! I think it’s only $3.79 at my Walmart!!

  62. Oh good gravity mmmmm

  63. Love, love, love Biscoff Spread! One of my daughters brought some back for me from Belgium (Speculoos) while visiting abroad some years back and I’ve been hooked ever since! Used to order it from a Biscoff outlet in CA, then World Market began carrying it, then BEST OF ALL, believe it or not, WALMART started carrying it (top shelf in the peanut butter aisle!) for almost $2 less per jar than World Market, so now I’ve always got it on hand! Eat it on toast, bagels, English muffins, waffles, ice cream, crackers, dip veggies in it… and of course with a spoon! (Soup spoon, ladies, not teaspoon!) Will be trying these rice krispie treats soon!

  64. These look delicious! Have you had the crunchy Biscoff spread? I picked it up at World Market, and it is amazing!! (:

  65. YUM…..have to do this!

  66. OK….

    A. for your first time making Rice Krispies Bars, you kinda hit it out of the park!

    B. Brown butter + Biscoff?!? Does it get any better?

    C. Long, rectangle bar for dipping? Genius!

    D. Frosted Flakes…definitely a grown-up cereal. ;)

  67. Fruity Pebbles also makes one heckuva marshmallow treat!

  68. Omigosh!!! Those look FABULOUS! Yum!

  69. these just look HEAVENLY. i’ve never thought of putting biscoff in rice krispie treats. wow, well I know what I’m making next weekend!!

  70. Biscoff seems to be the buzz word these days. I love how creative you were to use it in a rice crispie treat recipe!

  71. Great!!!
    I’ve been wanting ti make rice krispie treats for a while and have an opened jar of Speculoos spread I dont know what to do with.
    Will definately try this.
    Hav emixed this Speculoos in bananabread, also good. mWhat about a rockyroad version????
    Love, love, love your blog btw :)

  72. Any recipe that includes the Speculoos is a winner in my book! Since living in Europe, I have fallen in love with Speculoos. It’s a must have! Thanks, Bakerella!

  73. I don’t think we can get Biscoff here. I’d never heard of it till your recipe. Would subbing with peanut butter work just as well, do you think?

  74. Bravo for this oh so gourmet Biscoff à la Rice Crispies creation.
    And thank you for sharing the recipe!

  75. Well now. Now you’ve gone and done it! I’ve been hearing so much about Biscoff but I haven’t really had just the right recipe to try it in. I do now! Thanks so much!

  76. oooh….! I love those crispy treats too. Cookie butter hasn’t hit our shores yet. It’s so sad. I will have to either make do with peanut butter or Nutella or both. Poor me.

  77. Even better is the crunchy Biscoff spread. Yum!
    I have to say that for me the TJ spread is a very far second to the Biscoff. I found the TJ spread too be to sugary.

  78. Love crispy treats and these look fab! :-)

  79. Love this, but I wish I knew what biscoff spread actually tasted like! Unfortunately its impossible to get here in Australia.

  80. Oh Angie, that brown butter marshmallow fluff makes me want to FAINT! So gorgeous! Swoon!

  81. Hey Lara – I still think I want to try them your way. Maybe I’ll get a stronger Biscoff taste. But I can always dip them too. : )

    Cindy C – I find Biscoff brand spread in the grocery store. And also at Fresh Market.

  82. I am BEYOND excited to know I can Find Biscoff spread at Trader Joes :) No longer do I haqve to wait for my friends to bring some back from Europe :)

  83. Oh yay! So glad you tried – and liked – them. And of course, improved on them too :)

  84. Making these right away! Thanks.

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