Spring Bake

I’ve been in spring break mode lately. You might have noticed since I didn’t bake last weekend. I think it’s because I recently went on a vacation which I haven’t done in a couple of years and it felt awesome to just relax and do nothing. And now being back home I can’t stop enjoying the warmth that’s finally taking over. Spring is probably my favorite time of the year. Unfortunately, in the south, you only have about seven minutes to enjoy the season before the hot and humid heat of summer takes over. Okay, okay – I’m exaggerating a little. It probably lasts eleven minutes. ; ) So you’ve got to enjoy all of them while they last. And I’m trying.

Got Spring Fever, too? Take a break with me and enter this sweet Spring Bake Giveaway for a chance to win a KitchenAid Stand Mixer… in one of the following pastel colors. Plus a white and silver choice in case springy isn’t your speed. Me? I have the pink one, but man, that aqua sky is calling my name. And the ice and crystal blue. too. I’m glad I don’t have to choose.

Enter the Spring Bake Giveaway for a chance to win a KitchenAid 5-quart Artisan Series Stand Mixer

  • To enter, just leave a comment on this post answering the following question.
  • What’s your favorite thing to do or place to go on vacation? Oh and pick your pastel, too.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, April 24th, at 7:00 pm ET. Time’s Up. Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening on this post.

Good luck!


Okay, we have a winner. And the winner picked pink. I thought for sure ice or aqua sky would win. So many of you guys love that color. And me too.

The winner is …… Comment # 6625. Yay Veronica! You are getting a pink mixer! And now I totally want to go on vacation again. You guys have fun ideas.

Giveaway sponsored by me.

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13,790 comments on “Spring Bake”

  1. Love going to Disneyland in the summer. It really is the happiest place on earth!

    My spring color is Pistachio!

  2. I love to lay on a beach sipping cocktails in Hawaii!
    I LOVE the pistachio colour :)

  3. My vacation spot is Pismo beach, CA!!
    I would love to receive the Aqua Blue! My favorite color! :)

  4. My favorite vacation place is the big island. This will be our 5 th year in a row. Love the place. Ice is favorite colour :)

  5. I loved my vacations at parís !!! so that´s my fav place xD and i like the pink mixer !!!! :D

  6. I love going to Puerto Rico or Florida. I love anywhere that is hot and tropical. Beaches are a plus and Summer is my favorite season. If I could go anywhere for vacations, I’d probably go to Japan and Italy. I’d love to try some of their delicious food. I forgot to add the color! I’d love Pink because it’s beautiful!

  7. My family loves to visit Walt Disney World! Pink is so perfect:)

  8. I love hanging out with friends, driving, going on roller coaster rides, the beach, or just doing nothing during vacation time, as long as we’re happy :) I loved the pistachio color!

  9. I love spending time outside, camping, hiking, lounging, you name it. AQUA SKY!

  10. My favorite thing to do is clean my kitchen right before baking. I love the feeling of an immaculate kitchen right before making a delightful mess.

    Mexico will be my favorite place to go. Favorite part being playa del Carmen.

    Would love the pink mixer.

  11. Honestly, my favorite vacation spot would be my home town. I love going home!! And I absolutely love the pink mixer!!

  12. vacation is anywhere with my family!! pink mixer for sure!

  13. I love heading up to the beach in our caravan and kicking back and doing not much at all. I love the Ice colour.

  14. I love Mexico’s Pacific Ocean, any beach there! Is beautiful weather year round and delicious seafood!… I’d go with the pink mixer.

  15. Las Vegas! So much to see and do there….My color ICE

  16. I love the Aqua Sky! My favorite place to vacation is on a Cruise ship to a beach with beautiful aqua water!

  17. My favorite place for vacation is the beach! I just love how relaxing listening to the waves are! All of them are cute but I love the pink one!

  18. Anywhere that I can put my toes in the sand! And I like the Majestic Yellow…very pretty! :)

  19. My favorite place to go on vacation is San Diego.
    My best friend lives there and so does my soul.
    I adore the Pink Mixer.

  20. My favorite place to go on vacation? I love road trips….To anywhere!

    Favorite pastel…Pink, Aqua Sky & Ice. I can’t choose just one!

  21. I love weekend getaways! Monterey, Reno, Tahoe, Mendocino, anywhere outdoorsy and fun!

    Oh, and I’m bad at deciding, but I think I’d choose the…. White mixer!

  22. My favourite thing to do on on vacation is quality time with family and photograph everything! My favourite place to go is anywhere where the ocean is! :)

    My favourite is Aqua Sky Mixer – perfect mix of cute and pretty! :)

  23. I love anywhere tropical. I miss Hawaii. I like the aqua sky mixer. :o)

  24. I loved Florence, and can’t wait to go back.
    Pistachio is the best!

  25. Disneyland!!!
    I love to go to Disneyland and stay for a few days

    I love the metallic silver one

  26. I like to go somewhere warm and relax.
    Majestic Yellow

  27. Read by the water, be it lake, river, or ocean. I do love the look of the pink mixer :)

  28. My favorite thing to do while on vacation is to visit the sceneries and experience the culture that is unique to that place. Just visited Japan and Okinawa the other year and I loved it. I also love the silver metallic.

  29. I love exploring the Four Corners area. My color is ice

  30. Vacation, I forgot what a vacation is. LOL~! I love to travel back home to Ca to visit my family & friends, when I am back home I take my love of cooking & baking with me & save my family alot of $ by cooking for them which they all LOVE~! I just Love the Crystal Blue & the Silver Metallic since they are my 2 favorite colors~! :)

  31. I love going to New Mexico. aqua sky for me too!

  32. My favorite place to go on vacation is San Francisco, where I can visit with my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, etc. (I live in Texas). And I LOVE the white mixer!

  33. So far it would be Disney World. I like the crystal blue mixer.thanks!

  34. I love to go to museums, anywhere. Whether it’s a small town historical museum or a big city art museum. And of course, I love to eat! So definitely restaurants & bake shops are a must.

    And the pastel that I’d pick? silver metallic! It’s classic!

  35. Wow – all of the colors look AWESOME! If I had to pick, I’d go with pistachio. Yum.

    My favorite thing to do on vacation is walk hand in hand with my husband, checking out local shops and eateries, and repeating our vacation motto: no hurries, no worries.

  36. My favorite vacation spot is Hilton Head Island, S.C.! Lots of great memories and hopefully more to come from there :)

  37. My vacation spot is a toss-up between Columbus, Ohio and the north area of San Jose of California. The weather matches the seasons (most times) and it is just beautiful. I truly feel like I can relax and not feel rushed. These cities are remarkably beautiful in their own ways. I can’t wait to go back!

    My desired color? Pistachio. Thanks. :)

  38. I love going anywhere new with the hubby and kids where we can discover a new city together! If there is a beach or pool involved….bonus!!! I love, love, love the Pistachio!!!

  39. Oh most definitely the beach. Crystal Blue looks the best to me :)

  40. Mine is pink. I love, love pink!!!!

  41. Gotta say it’s a road trip to the desert with my teenage son. And majestic yellow :)

  42. My favorite vacation spot is a quaint bed and breakfast in Leavenworth, WA. There are so many shops and little restaurants to explore….and it’s so relaxing. As for the mixer, I love the Aqua!!

  43. I love going to our beach house at the shore. I love pistachio!

  44. I love to go out to the country and smell the wildflowers in bloom (we’re in Texas)…and see all the beautiful birds.

    My life would be complete with that cute pink mixer!

  45. I like going on garden tours.
    Pick a pastel…oh man that’s tough! I can’t decide between Ice, Aqua Sky, & Pistachio.

  46. The beach would be the best place to go for a vacation!!The waves, the sand, the sun…oh la la!!!I would definitely go for majestic yellow!:D

  47. I love to buy local music from the place that I’m visiting. It’s a good reminder of a trip I had, but also a fantastic way to discover new music and strike up conversations with local people (record store patrons are some of the best.)

  48. My favorite vacation place is beside my boyfriend, we keep a long distance relationship, I am from Mexico and he’s from Canada, so whenever I have a chance I go to canada and spend my free days beside the love of my life!!
    And as the pastel color I love the pink mixer!! <3

  49. If we had endless amounts of money, we’d pick Japan every time! LOVE it there!

    Aqua Sky is delightful!!

  50. My favorite place would have to be San Francisco! It’s so pretty, I really enjoyed it there!! And… I love the aqua sky mixer!

  51. My favorite place is the beach. My favorite color is Pink!! Thanks!

  52. My favorite place to go on vacation is Las Vegas. The beautiful night life, the wonderful lights, and the beautiful fountain show at the Bellagio. Nothing better than that. My color which is my fave color PINK……

  53. Part of me wants to say Disneyland but it has gotten so crowded the last couple years. It would only be perfect if no one else came. LOL. I also loved Tybee Island in Georgia and can’t wait to take my girls someday!

    I love the Ice color.

  54. My favorite thing to do on vacation is to spend time with my family. They mean the world to me! Fav color– majestic yellow!!

  55. Love me some Maui! And the ICE mixer for my kitchen! :)

  56. I would love to visit the seven wonders of the world :D and `i love the ice mixer:D

  57. I Love going to my second home. Scotland, it’s absolutely gorgeous!
    But I’ve always wanted to visit the U.S.A and visit Disneyland!

    I’m in Love with the Ice colour!! Gorgeous

  58. My favorite thing to do on vacation is to visit places in other countries that I will never have the chance to see again. I’m very open to trying any outdoor activities that I have never tried before. My favorite place to visit is Australia, I have been there twice and both times I loved it because I got to see different parts of the country. I would love to go there again to explore down under some more!

    I love the pink mixer :)

  59. So hard to choose but I’d probably go with majestic yellow as it’s so sunny! I would love to take a vacation where I got to just lay in a hammock with a book in the warm sun and sip a cool drink but usually our vacations center around sports & trying to see as many sights as possible.

  60. My Favorite place to go on vacation is the Carribean. Why -I love the colour of the ocean there, it looks just like the crystal blue Kitchen Aid, so if I win, please send me that one.

  61. My favorite vacation spot is always Bodega Bay, CA.
    Silver Metallic

  62. I love going to new places, but DisneyWorld never gets old! I love the pink mixer!

  63. The beach is the best vacation destination! I would pick the aqua sky mixer!

  64. My favorite place to go on vacation is to the beach with my best friends! The pistachio mixer is adorable! :)

  65. My favorite place to go is on a cruise ship. Any destination. Or great wolf lodge with my family. I dream to go to Hawaii one day.

    I would LOVE the pink or ice mixer!!!!

  66. Jersey shore!

    Aqua blue is gorgeous!

  67. Ooh not much of a traveler, so favorite vacation passtime is definitely curling up with a book in the sunshine.
    Love the yellow mixer :)

  68. My favorite place I’ve gone to on vacation was Japan! Lots of beautiful architectures and festivals there. My favorite thing to do is visit old abandoned places! They have the best stories.

    I would love Pistachio!

  69. My favorite place to go is Jamaica! I love to go the beach!! I would love the Crystal Blue KitchenAid Stand Mixer :)

  70. My favorite place to go is to Mexico! I love the culture, the beach, the cheap drinks and the food! Love the classic white:)

  71. I love to go up to the mountains..any mountains in the east! I have to go with Aqua Sky, but was tough.

  72. Waikiki, Hawaii and Aqua Sky!

  73. My favorite place to go on vacation is camping…anywhere by water. I love the peace and quiet and the fresh air is so revitalizing, plus I love to fish it’s sooo relaxing. My favorite spring pastel is PINK!

  74. Mi lugar favorito para ir de vacaciones, son aquellos donde más allá del paisaje, me llenen de cultura e historia, de donde al volver, me sienta con valor agregado siempre disfrutando claro! Por ejemplo, Roma, Egipto, Londres, Francia, etc…

    Sylver Metallic es mi favorito!

  75. We love to vacation with our children and grandchildren along the Lake Michigan shoreline. I would choose the yellow mixer.

  76. I love going to Puerto Rico or Florida. I love anywhere that is hot and tropical. Beaches are a plus and Summer is my favorite season. If I could go anywhere for vacations, I’d probably go to Japan and Italy. I’d love to try some of their delicious food.

  77. My favorite thing to do on vacation is to be with my kids. They make everything so much fun. And my favorite color is the crystal blue.

  78. love

  79. Omo. How gorgeous! The blue is soooo pretty!

    I haven’t been on vacation for a while but I imagine a week at the beach doing nothing and getting sunburned would be perfect.

  80. Disney World! Love the pink!

  81. My favorite thing to do is illustrating/designing learning materials for special needs children and children with learning challenges. My favorite color mixer is: Majestic Yellow.

  82. Yellowstone National Park is my favorite vacation spot! I love that Majestic Yellow (stone) mixer!

  83. my favorite thing to do on vacation is get away. nothing specific. and I would love the aqua sky mixer.

  84. I love to go where there is hiking to be done in the great outdoors! I love the pistachio color! Aqua Sky is my runner up! :)

  85. My favorite place to go on vacation is to small beach towns, but my dream vacation would be in Italy or Greece. Ice blue mixer please :)

  86. My favorite thing to do on vacations is to go snorkeling. It’s fascinating to see huge, beautiful, colorful fish, but also great exercise!
    For the pastel color, ice is my favorite!

  87. Favorite place to vacation is Chile, South America.
    Favorite Color : ICE

  88. I love the ice mixer.

  89. My favorite place to go in general (not just vacation), is Seattle Washington. I always find new things to explore :)

    Majestic Yellow <3

  90. my favourite place to be on vacation is to our little hideaway at the lake! Peace and Quiet! I love the Ice or silver metallic!

  91. favorite thing about vacation is relaxing. favorite place to go is europe.

  92. My favorite place to vacation is right here at home. Which I know isn’t fair (because I live in Hawaii) but I love it here! My favorite away vacation is to Japan.

    I love the mixer in any color but I’d probably pick Ice.

  93. My favorite kind of vacation would be one with a spa and a swimming pool and a beach near by. Of course that is just a wish list, haven’t been on vacation in 10 years or so…
    I lobe the Majestic Yellow!

  94. Scuba diving! Nothing more relaxing that that. The pistachio mixer is lovely~

  95. I loooooove to vacation wherever I feel the most relaxed! Which lately has been anywhere with my honey :) Most recently, Seaside! And I looooooove the Ice color, literally the cutest thing I have ever seen! I hope I get randomly chosen :) Thanks for the contest!

  96. My favourite place to vacation is Mexico to the resort my husband and I were married! We are fortunate enough to have gone back recently-so nice to share your favourite place with your best friend! ? My fav color mixer is pink !


  97. My favorite place to go on vacation is Disneyland because of all of the happiness and joy around me. The pink mixer is pretty amazing! :)

  98. I’ll choose beach for vacation definitely. And I love the Ice color mixer.


  99. I LOVE going to Disneyland :) I am a BIG kid!

    My kitchen would rock with the Crystal Blue!!

  100. I love to go to Orange County, California, and I love the Aqua Sky color. But I might not love either as much as I love Bakerella. ;)

  101. Florida!!!
    And I love the ice color

  102. My favorite place to go on vacation would have to be Kauai! I love the pink mixer :)

  103. Hawaii! It truly is paradise there.
    Love the crystal Blue mixer :)

  104. This is great! My favorite place is anywhere with a beach. I love the ocean and will take any place warm by the water. Also, I’d have to go with the pink mixer! love it.

  105. My favorite place to go is the beach, although I’d like to someday go to a beach where the water is warmer! And my favorite is the Ice Blue! Thank you!

  106. I’d love to win the Ice Kitchen-Aid! And my favourite place for a vacation is none other than Disneyland. The whole magical feeling in Disneyland is definitely the best! (:

  107. my favorite place to go on holidays is to go back home (Vancouver Island) and visit my family. I would love the pistachio one so pretty

  108. /my favorite place to vacation is Disney World. Favorite color pink, always pink

  109. Maui, yellow is so pretty!

  110. I go to the beach. Relax & read. Pink!

  111. I love to eat delicious foods! I like the ice color the best.

  112. My favorite place to travel to for vacation is Asia/Hong Kong. I love eating and Hong Kong have all of my favorite eats, from savory to sweet.


  113. My favorite vacation spot is Paris, France! There is nothing more romantic and beautiful in this world as that city no matter what season you visit it in….the food, the people, the architecture and not to mention the shopping!!! I love the Ice color and would love to win one!

  114. Disney, or mountains. :) and I LOVE that Ice mixer. So pretty!!

  115. my favourite place to go on vacation is home, i live in a different colour is white

  116. This may sound crazy, but my fave place to vacation is to MIL’s house. But it’s because she lives in Hawaii, on the Big Island. I love the fact that we are down the road from Rainbow Falls, close to beaches, and that she lets me completely relax.

  117. Anywhere warm and relaxing is my dream break. Pistachio is the most gorgeous colour:)

  118. I just spent some time in Charleston, SC and want to go back. It’s a gorgeous area. I love the silver metallic. : )

  119. I love to go camping.

  120. Oh wow, I love all of them! I think I would pick the silver metallic. My favorite place to go on vacation is anywhere that is cool. I love in Arizona and it is SO hot here during the summer. San Francisco is always fun! :)

  121. Disneyland or beach with family. Would love the ice.

  122. I would love to go to the beach and soak up the sun, take photographs and eat with the locals…I would love the pistachio color!

  123. I love to vacation at Lake Couer D’Alene in Idaho! So pretty. I would choose Majestic Yellow! Very Retro! Love it! <3

  124. Forgot to add my email…. (repost)

    I love, love, love visiting the Mouse. The Big Cheese in Florida. <3 And my spring color is White

  125. My favorite vacation spots are rural areas with lots of trails for walking. I enjoy sight-seeing and nature. For my next vacation, I would love to try a beach! Of the pastel colors, my favorite is pink.

  126. I would love to be at Santorini Greece! :) The Pistachio looks so coooool <3

  127. Maui is my absolute favorite place on Earth! All those mixers are beautiful, love Crystal blue!

  128. My favorite place to go on vacation is anywhere new! I hope to visit somewhere new every year. I love the pistachio color!

  129. My favorite thing to do on vacation is go to many festivals and have fun! I like Pistachio :)

  130. The beach! Love the pink!

  131. I love to be at the beach!! With a nice book and a cold drink!! I like the silver!

  132. I love a camping holiday where I can cook fresh fish and seafood and sleep in a camper. I LOVE THE ICE ONE and the pink one but FAVORITE is ICE!!!
    they’re all as cute as a button


  133. favorite place to go on vacation would be las vegas! there is so much to do there you never get bored.
    I choose the color Ice.

  134. My favorite place to go on vacation is the beach! I love the Ice mixer!

  135. I love to visit Quebec and enjoy all the wonderful patisseries! My favourite pastel is pistachio :)

  136. I really like the beach, I could stay in the sea for hours…
    Pink, pink, pink!!

  137. I love to go visit family in Iowa and I would love to go back to Biloxi, MS. The last time I was there was right before Hurricane Katrina. My favorite pastel is the Majestic Yellow.

  138. San Diego, CA
    Majestic Yellow!

    Thank you!

  139. Disneyland with the kiddos! And I love the yellow. :)

  140. Las Vegas! …….pink mixer…how pretty is that?!

  141. My favorite place to go on vacation is Kauai, Hawaii! And Ice. Definitely Ice.

  142. My favorite place is Cancun, the beach is what relaxes me!!! I love the pistachio!!! Thanks

  143. Any where with a beach, it doesnt matter where. It could be the West Coast so I could see a sunset or the East to see a sunrise. I choose pink, and it would go to my sweet MIL who needs a new mixer and her favorite color is pink.

  144. I love going to museums.

    Aqua sky is my favorite! I love any type of teal color.

  145. My favorite thing to do is spend time with family and flying. An awesome place to go is St. Maarten. Love the Crystal Blue!

  146. I love to go to the beach….read…relax and do nothing…Aqua Sky

  147. Lay on a warm beach and read a good book!

  148. I love, love, love visiting the Mouse. The Big Cheese in Florida. <3 And my spring color is White

  149. Ahhh vacation… I hardly remember what those are anymore! Kidding aside, we are a lake family and love a good trip to some triple digit weather and a big body of water.

    As for the pastel color, pink ALL the way.

  150. My favorite vacation spot is Phuket, Thailand! And I have to choose PINK! :)

  151. I love holidaying at the beach. I’m all about sun, sand and surf.

    So hard to choose but I do love the majestic yellow one.

  152. USA. I love the pink mixer.
    Kisses from Rome.

  153. My favorite vacation spot is my grandparent’s lake house in Montana. Gorgeous! And I love the Ice color. :)

  154. I love going to different big cities. That aqua sky mixer is gorgeous!

  155. Italy. We went there a couple of years ago and I’m dying to go back.

  156. Disneyland, without a doubt, and the pink mixer :)

  157. So many places to possibly go! I’m a big fan of art and history, so somewhere in the UK or western Europe. But then again, somewhere in Asia would also be awesome. So many places…

  158. I love sleeping. I want my Kitchen Aid Mixer in ICE!!

  159. Favorite thing to do on vacation – simple….. NOTHING !! Favorite place to go – Aruba!! Favorite Pastel color – Pistachio (which is also my favorite flavor!!)

  160. My favorite place to go on vacation is home – there really is no place better! I think my color is aqua sky.

  161. My favorite vacation place is the Oregon coast. My sweetie and I love cool weather AND the beach, so it’s perfect for us! And If I had to choose, I pick pistachio! :)

  162. Love to be up in the mountains by the lake. I choose Pink.

  163. Lately it’s Magic Mountain, My 15 yr old loves roller coasters, so does my hubby….and I love the silver metallic!

  164. Going to waterparks is my favorite vacation activity ever! Aqua Sky is beautiful!

  165. What an awesome way to celebrate spring season ^ ^ !
    The perfect vacation for me is doing whatever, going wherever – with my husband. It can be a simple picnic by the river, a random road trip just outside town, staying at home and watching films – really doesn’t matter as long as we’re together ;)
    Oh, and I choose the pistachio one ;)

  166. If I’m going to a city, I have to visit at least one museum. If its the beach, I gotta spend an afternoon walking up and down the shore.

    Fave color? Ice, ice baby!

  167. I love hiking on my vacations. And I would choose the yellow mixer.

  168. My favorite thing to do on vacation is walk around town. It’s my favorite way to get to know any place, actually, and it’s led me to things I would never have found if I’d gone by a strict plan or followed an app’s recommendations.

    Crystal blue is a lovely “pastel.” (And a great color for the beach!)

  169. Thanks for this fun contest! My favorite place to vacation is Topsail Beach, NC. Granted, I haven’t been to too many places in my life, but I really do love this quiet beach town.

  170. i love vacationing in mexico… not enough sun where I live! ….Crystal blue

  171. I love our yearly trips to Chicago.

    Love the aqua sky!

  172. Durango, Colorado! Beautiful weather, vaudeville show, and great views. I’m a big fan of the majestic yellow!

  173. I love the Great Wolf Lodge. Indoor water park FTW! Pink!

  174. My favourite vacation is a good mix of relaxation but also seeing and touring new things and places. I want to see the world.

    And they are all beautiful, can’t I have one for each season hah. But I think I’d choose the aqua sky or pistachio.

    Also, I’m in Canada, and spring hasn’t quite made its way up North yet, we had a bit of a snow storm yesterday, Saturday April 21st. But it did get warm today, so no snow left on the ground!

  175. I spent my latest Spring Break wedding planning so any trip would be nice right now! I have the aqua sky on my registry- it goes with my wedding colors.

  176. We are lucky enough to live in Hawaii so I am happy with a staycation!

    I LOVE the Aqua Sky!

  177. I haven’t had much of a vacation in the past years. But I really really love to go on picknicks or just sit in a café, watching people passing by, enjoying some coffee and cake. Since this is possible practically everywhere, I sometimes go on Sunday afternoon vacations ;)

    I would really love the pistachio-colored mixer. I have wanted a KitchenAid for years now. ^^

  178. My favourite thing to do on vacation is go to places I have never been before and eat and drink things I have never had before. I love the yellow.

  179. I love traveling so for me that question is hard I’d probably have to narrow it to anywhere in Europe or Disney because Disney is so much fun!!!

  180. Oh, and I’d chose the pistachio one ;)

  181. Walt Disney World of course!!!!!!!!!! Silver Metallic!

  182. I Love going On Vacation To Anywhere International. Currently wishing To Go To Japan!

    Oh, And I Love The Aqua Sky Mixer.

  183. My favorite vacation spot is actually my cabin in North Dakota. I may be the only person on the planet who considers North Dakota their favorite place to visit! I would say, though, that one trip I’d love to repeat is the month I spent in Bali, Indonesia.

    I know we’re supposed to pick one of the pastels, but it’s still very much winter here in Minnesota and that silver is calling my name!

  184. I like warm places, somewhere I can get a tan. And I like the ice or pistachio. Thanks!!

  185. What an awesome way to celebrate spring season ^ ^ !
    The perfect vacation for me is doing whatever, going wherever – with my husband. It can be a simple picnic by the river, a random road trip just outside town, staying at home and watching films – really doesn’t matter as long as we’re together ;)

  186. Oh yay! My favorite place to go is the beach (any beach), and thing to do is SURF! I can’t get enough. I’ll have to go with the Ice mixer. That blue is gorgeous!

  187. The beach at a tropical island with a casino! and i love CRYSTAL BLUE!

  188. Hajj-the holy pilgrimage :) Ice blue has stolen my heart!

  189. My favorite thing to do on vacation is to explore a new city. I hope to make it to one of the great cities of Europe one day.

    I love the Aqua Sky mixer.

  190. I LOVE a tropical vacation! Almost anywhere tropical is fine with me. Just give me a beach, a fruity drink, and a good book and I’m good!

    As for the mixer, I’d have a difficult time choosing between Crystal Blue and Aqua Sky. And, upon further thought, I might have to throw Majestic Yellow into the mix.

  191. I love to go someplace warm when it’s cold here. I love to go to museums, wherever I end up. Silver metallic!

  192. I would love to go to Europe on spring break!
    It’s hard to decide between aqua sky, & ice but I think my daughter would be mad if I didn’t go with the pink. :)

  193. Best vacation spot has to be on Michigan’s Great Lakes! and I’m in love with that pink mixer!

  194. I’m a researcher, and when there is “vacation time” I like to stay exactly where I am. I usually revel in having a completely open schedule to 1) fly around on my bike, 2) work on interesting projects, and 3) bake colorful things, of course!

  195. I could live at the beach, so I would definitely say that my favorite place to be would be the beach… Living in California, I’m so psyched for this summer! Can’t wait to be there all the time. :D I love the pastel pink. It’s so gorgeous!

  196. My favorite thing to do on vacation is sleep in and wake up without using an alarm clock! I choose silver metallic!

  197. I would love to take a break in Paris again. The museums and food were so great.

    And all the colors are fantastic, Aqua Sky is winning me over as the favorite. :)

  198. The beach is my go to vacation, nothing like the sun at the beach! I love the majestic yellow!

  199. Walt Disney World! Pink mixer!!!

  200. My favorite place to go on vacation is definitely an amusement park. And I love the Crystal blue mixer

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