So Cal So Sweet

Sweet and Saucy Shop

…… and Saucy.

I was in Southern California a week ago and finally got to visit Melody of My Sweet and Saucy. Well, that was her blog name back before she became a superstar cake decorating, bakery owning machine. Now she has two Sweet and Saucy Shops and she’s in the construction stage of a third.

Melody of Sweet and Saucy

Hi Melody. You are a doll.

I first “met” Melody when she would leave sweet comments here on the blog way back in the beginning and it’s been a blast watching all of her success.


She’s super-talented and so is her staff… including her sweet little helper Blake.

And their wedding cake designs are just gorgeous, modern and sing Melody.

Sweet and Saucy Shop Mini Desserts

But what I love most is her love for mini desserts. Little pies and mini tarts, macarons, cupcakes and cake pops, too.

Sweet and Saucy Shop

The desserts are all displayed on beautiful cake stands like these. So cute. And so are the cupcakes. ; )

If you stop by, make sure you get a mini pie… Oh my. Get any flavor and have them warm it up for you. You won’t regret it.

The S’mores cupcake shouldn’t be missed either. Heck, just get a whole plate of petite treats.

We did. Thank you Melody.

Sweet and Saucy

Yeah, I didn’t eat this all myself. I had help. Jenny of Picky Palate, Amanda of Kevin and Amanda and I went on a quick sweets tour to a few places in Jenny’s neck of the woods before we headed out to a food blogging conference. Prep work.

Cake Stands at Sweet and Saucy

Oh yeah, you can also rent or buy these beautiful cake stands from Melody’s shop. I wanted the whole table.

Okay, the whole bakery.

Sweet & Saucy Website

Sweet & Saucy Stands

Newport Beach, CA

'lette macarons

Not far from Melody is ‘lette.

Macarons. Macarons. Macarons.

'lette macarons

Okay. Will do.

'lette macarons

Here’s the sampler pack I picked up for a next day treat. I say sampler pack because it sounds less like I’m eating so many.

They didn’t make it that long though before I had to dive in.

'lette macarons

I’m always drawn to these little bites of perfection and their beautiful colors, but I haven’t found a flavor that beats out chocolate for me. Always my favorite.

‘lette Macarons Website

Fashion Island, Newport Beach


Jenny also took us to a little place called Wonderland. Such a perfect name for this sweet shop. So much eye candy.

Cupcake Stuff\

And tons of cupcake gifts. Ornaments, mugs, and yes bandaids.

Wonderland Cupcakes

And what a cute curved cupcake case set atop a sparkling glittery floor. Magical.

We didn’t pick up any cupcakes here though. Instead we had a couple of cookies.

Just two. Sandwiched between a tiny bit of buttercream… Ummm… that they will warm up for you!

Wonderland Cookie Sandwich

And just for reference, I asked Amanda to hold it up for you.

See … tiny. Like Big Mac tiny. Help.

P.S. You can mix and match the cookies. We had Peanut Butter Chunk and Raspberry Dream. Yum!

Wonderland Bakery Website

Newport Beach, CA


Truly Madly Sweetly Cupcakes

Truly Madly Sweetly. We stumbled on this cupcake shop by accident when we arrived for the conference.

Truly Madly Sweetly Cupcakes

It was at a mall that we were “accidentally” shopping at with Maria of Two Peas and Their Pod ; ) and it was a sweet surprise.

Great cupcakes. Great frosting. We decided the chocolate cupcakes were our faves. Go figure.

Food Photos

That’s once we finally finished photographing them. And when I finished photographing them photographing them. We have a problem. A big sweet problem.

Truly Madly Sweetly 

Temecula, CA


Oh and next time I’m in Jenny’s area I want to try Sprinkles Ice Cream in Newport Beach or even the one in Beverly Hills. They have red velvet waffle cones. Oh yes they do! The Newport Beach location just opened, but the line was Ridiculous!!! Even for me. I’m also told I need to check out B. Candy and Confexion Cupcakes. Any other recommendations?