Spring Bake

I’ve been in spring break mode lately. You might have noticed since I didn’t bake last weekend. I think it’s because I recently went on a vacation which I haven’t done in a couple of years and it felt awesome to just relax and do nothing. And now being back home I can’t stop enjoying the warmth that’s finally taking over. Spring is probably my favorite time of the year. Unfortunately, in the south, you only have about seven minutes to enjoy the season before the hot and humid heat of summer takes over. Okay, okay – I’m exaggerating a little. It probably lasts eleven minutes. ; ) So you’ve got to enjoy all of them while they last. And I’m trying.

Got Spring Fever, too? Take a break with me and enter this sweet Spring Bake Giveaway for a chance to win a KitchenAid Stand Mixer… in one of the following pastel colors. Plus a white and silver choice in case springy isn’t your speed. Me? I have the pink one, but man, that aqua sky is calling my name. And the ice and crystal blue. too. I’m glad I don’t have to choose.

Enter the Spring Bake Giveaway for a chance to win a KitchenAid 5-quart Artisan Series Stand Mixer

  • To enter, just leave a comment on this post answering the following question.
  • What’s your favorite thing to do or place to go on vacation? Oh and pick your pastel, too.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, April 24th, at 7:00 pm ET. Time’s Up. Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening on this post.

Good luck!


Okay, we have a winner. And the winner picked pink. I thought for sure ice or aqua sky would win. So many of you guys love that color. And me too.

The winner is …… Comment # 6625. Yay Veronica! You are getting a pink mixer! And now I totally want to go on vacation again. You guys have fun ideas.

Giveaway sponsored by me.

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13,790 comments on “Spring Bake”

  1. I love to vacation at the beach, any beach; just hearing the ocean is relaxing to me….I love the pistachio color :)

  2. Any place that has a palm tree. Florida, California or Hawaii! I LOVE the crystal blue!

  3. The best place I’ve gone on vacation is Nashville! What a fun city. I loved the whole country music vibe and the ambiance.

    As far as mixers? I can’t decide between ice and majestic yellow!!!

  4. Maui — my husband and I get to bring our 4 children back this summer and I can hardly wait. I am loving all the spring color mixers, but my top pick is ICE. Reminds me of cold, which will be a nice thought when the summer heat arrives.

  5. I love any tropical beach destination. The pistachio color is lovely!

  6. House boatinh with the family!, love the Ice color :)

  7. I love to visit Colorado…it’s so beautiful! And I just adore the silver mixer!!

  8. I <3 Tasmania!!!

    And I LOVE the Pistachio colour.

  9. Northern California AND Gulf Shores Alabama. I can’t pick just one! And as for color, I have to go with Ice although that’s not a very springy word!

  10. My favorite place to vacation is in Michigan and I love the pink mixer!

  11. Anywhere from the beach to the forest to a big city, as long as I’m with my family. Silver or white.

  12. Hawaii… majestic yellow.

  13. BY FAR… I would say going to Oahu, Hawaii… is my very favorite place to vacation. :) Majestic Yellow

  14. On holidays I want to be by the sea. To sit next to it and swim in it with my man and our kids!
    I love it!
    If I get a Kitchen Aid I´d love to have a white or pistachio!

  15. I love going to Disneyland! I just love acting like a kid and feeling so removed from the real world.
    And I really love the aqua sky color!

  16. My favorite place to go is cruise to the Bahamas. And my favorite color would be ice. Thank you !

  17. One of my favorite vacation places is Las Vegas ! Been lucky (ha!) enought to visit a few times, last time my husband & I renewed our wedding vows …. By Elvis!
    My “pastel” is aqua sky

  18. My favorite place used to be Sedona, Arizona. You can’t help but relax when surrounded by the red rocks and driving up through Oak Creek Canyon. However last October we drove up the east coast stopping in Mystic, CT then Plymouth, MA and on to Salem, MA, Danvers, MA and Newburyport, MA then Gloucester, MA and into Maine for an afternoon. Such a beautiful drive!
    My favorite mixer would be white. I like basic white in my kitchen so I can accent with lots of bright, colorful accessories!

  19. My favorite vacation spot is NYC. And oh my goodness I want the aqua one soooooo badly!!!!

  20. My dream is a European vacation, but I’m also happy camping with my family at the Oregon coast or in the mountains, or visiting family in Seattle. I love the pink mixer! :)

  21. My favorite thing to do while on vacation is to visit Shaver Lake, Sitting in the quiet and watching the sparkling water while my children play is pure relaxation to me and the hubz!

    My favorite color mixer is ICE!!

  22. I love Crete in Greece and would go there anytime :) and I would choose the pistachio colored :)

  23. Awww…My favourite thing to do at the moment is baking and bento-ing! I have fun making bento these days and also started simple baking end of last year. It is really fun! And my favourite color is definitely PINK mixer! It is soooo sweet. :)

  24. Well, I’m on vacation now and I love staying at home practicing my cooking. And I loved the color of Majestic Yellow.

  25. I love London and that is my favorite place for holiday! And I’m just drooling over that Aqua Sky mixer! :)

  26. I love the warm beaches of Mexico for a relaxing vacation, especially Cancun! I also love love love the Aqua Sky…simply gorgeous!

  27. My favorite place to go to is San Francisco. The food, culture, and history just speaks to me. :D Juts like that Pistachio color. Swoon!

  28. The beach, any will do! The sand in my toes, smell of salt air & sound of the waves…now that’s my definition of vaca. Aqua sky is my favorite kitchenaid color!

  29. I love going to Austin, Tx. The food is amazing and culture change is nice.

    I would love the pistachio.

  30. Riveria Maya, Mexico in an all-inclusive resort is where I dream of being right now. Went there on my honeymoon…it’s simply paradise. I heart the ice mixer :-)

  31. Best vacation is the beach. I would love the ice color.

  32. I love touristy type places, so I would have to say California is my favourite. Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World…I love that kind of stuff. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough and I can take her.
    I love the pink mixer!

  33. Anywhere there is a beach!! All the colors are amazing but if I had to pick one, it would be the yellow (to match my kitchen).

  34. The vacation just depends on the time of the year – right now I would love to be boogie boarding at the beach with our kiddos! And I could make them some very delectable treats with that spunky PINK mixer if it were mine!

  35. Favorite place to go vacationing: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

    My favorite thing to do is BAKE, besides pursuing my dentistry of course…

    Thanks! Greetings from Peru !! :)

  36. Anywhere with not anyone around, alone with my husband! We went to the Dominican for our honeymoon so I pick that!!.

    I love white or pink!

  37. We Love To Vacation Everywhere…. Our Favorite Way Is To Take A Road Trip…. On The Harley….In The MotorHome Or THe Jeep. Yellowstone In The Winter IS A Great Trip. I Love The SilveR Mixer And The Crystal Blue

  38. My favorite place to go on vacation is anywhere in Italy. I’ve been there 3 times and I love the food, the atmosphere, the people, beautiful landscapes etc. I love the pink mixer if I’m lucky enough to win. :)

  39. Vacation is always Home, Hawaii. We are in Washington for military so Hawaii sounds nice 9 months out of the year hahaha if I had to choose a color it would be majestic yellow to match my kitchen :)

  40. my favorite place to go on vacation is gatlinburg, tn. and i like the ice color.

  41. My favorite place to go on vacation is Las Vegas. Plenty of shopping, shows, good food, and everything is open late at night!
    I like the Ice Stand Mixer.

  42. I love the pink!!! My favorite place to go on vacation is Disneyland and San Diego!! We can hit both in the same trip. <3

  43. Definitely HOME. As in PA, MN or wherever my family is. I’ve been in the military for 8+ years now and the best place is home. Family, food and memories!

    I’m going for the yellow! :)

  44. Fave place to go on vacation is the beach! Love the aqua sky mixer! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway

  45. We really haven’t been on a vacation for a while. I would love to take my kids to see the ocean, it would be their first time on the beach. LOVE PINK!

  46. I’d love the Ice! My favorite place to go is Disneyland I love the magic feeling it gives me.

  47. Aqua sky, so pretty and I love Maui

  48. Favorite thing to do is bike ride at the beach (:

  49. So far, my favorite vacation spot is Mexico…we love it! I’d have to go with the aqua color too :)

  50. The Beach!!! because i love the beautifule blue =)

  51. i have been to USA (NYC) only once so for the next vacation I would love to go back and explore but the west coast this time. Majestic yellow is perfect for me =)

  52. My favorite place to go on vacation would be New York City and I love the Aqua Sky mixer.

  53. Definitely beaches. White sandy beach & sea breeze giving me a perfect getaway.

    I ? Bali. I ? Pink Mixer.

  54. Disneyland! :)
    and pink color :)

  55. My favorite vacation is Winter Break with my kids. Lots of baking and keeping warm but also enjoying our time off and the snow of course.

  56. My favorite vacation place is Riviera Maya, Mexico. There is nothing like laying on a beach next to the blue water for a few days with a drink in hand and a good book! I love the crystal blue mixer!!!

  57. Hawaii! I was actually born and raised in Hawaii but moved to Texas recently. Would love to vacation and vist home and friends-it sure has been a big change! Thank goodness I have my baking :)

  58. I’m from NZ and our family are saving really hard to take to take our girls to either Disneyland or Disney World. If open to non-US residents…I’d take any colour offered!!

  59. I have to say I’m quite partial to Disney World. I love it!

    Aqua Sky! Ice! Pink! I can’t decide! Ok, if I have to I’ll pick Aqua

  60. I haven’t been on many vacations, but the one I enjoyed the most was our boating trip in Arkansas on Lake Ouachita. It was a very peaceful and memorable time. I think i’d love to have the Aqua Sky color. It has the right amount of blue and green.

  61. I wanna go on vacation to Australia!!
    and I love the Ice colored mixer…A LOT! :D

  62. I love doing papercrafts! But when not papercrafting, usually making cookies with my little gal! Oooh, these are so pretty – woud LOVE to have them all (wish!) but think that eye is pulling me over to Aqua Sky! So pretty – would love to repaint my kitchen in this color!

  63. my favorite place to vacation is Tybee Island, Georgia. Pistachio.

  64. A vacation anywhere with my daughter is a good time! Love the Ice color

  65. I went to Italy this last year and it was amazing! Really loving that Ice color!

  66. Lounging around on the beach/pool! Would love the ice mixer :-)

  67. The beach! The Gulf Coast is beautiful and the water is as blue as that ice colored mixer!

  68. I love going and visiting my Dad in Colorado. I live in Texas so the chance to be up in the cooler Rocky Mountains is awesome! Whether its snowmobiling in the winter, white-water rafting in the summer, or just plain hanging out, it’s my all time favorite vacation getaway.

    I would love to win the Crystal Blue mixer.

  69. My very favorite vacation is to road trip with my husband and our 4 girls across the country. We are both transplants to where we call home, so we usually make a trip across the country at least once a year. We love the driving, we love the treats, we love the stops at fun little things along the way, we love the pressed pennies, and most of all we love the memories. I love Majestic Yellow.

  70. i love Venice because its so romantic. and I love pink very much :)

  71. The Beach… East coast for me~! crystal blue Please & thank you~!

  72. It’s just in time for my birthday tomorrow!! I’m going down the coast this weekend to celebrate, I would LOVE to win the ‘ICE’ one!!!!!

  73. Well, I haven’t been on a vacation in AGES, but if I were to go I would pick the beach. Love the pistachio color!

  74. My favorite place to vacation is a remote spot in the mountains. Or in Montana.

    Ok, so pretty much where we can be left alone, but still be catered to if we call in staff. =)

    and I dig the majestic yellow!

  75. My favorite thing to do on vacation is anything as long as my family is with me. I love to see their reactions when experiencing new things and places. My pastel, Ice(ice,baby) sorry couldn’t help myself lol.

  76. I would have to say anywhere there is a water and I can be outdoors.

    I cant decide!!! Either Majestic yellow and pistachio would look great in my kitchen.

  77. Crystal blue! 14 days camping on the beaches of Pismo, Ca!

  78. Love the Oregon coast!

  79. My favorite thing to do is hang out with friends and enjoy the summer weather! Especially since it was snowing last Friday in Madison!! This summer, I have a couple of weddings to go to, so I’ll be exploring Oregon and going home to Boston!
    Love love love the silver metallic :)

  80. I love to go to the beach and take early morning walks along the shore. Love the Majestic Yellow…would look so cute in my kitchen!

  81. What’s your favorite thing to do or place to go on vacation? Oh and pick your pastel, too.

    My favourite thing to do may have to be reading a very good book on vacation (at Australia). That would be true paradise! I’m loving the soft pistachio colour (:

  82. My favorite vacation spot has gotta be disney world! It totally is magical !!! Went for the 1st time in September, with my hubby & 3 kids!! Was amazing can’t wait till summer 14 to go back!!!!

  83. Road trip with the family anywhere!
    And the Crystal blue mixer is beautiful!

  84. AHHHHHHHHH on the beach at lake Michigan! I love the color Pistachio ;)

  85. My favorite place to go on vacation is Disney! I love the Ice mixer!!

  86. Really just love my little house, garden, kitchen and dogs. Its my own tiny slice of paradise. Also, ICE. ;)

  87. I loveeee going on a cruise for vacation! I’m not one to want to stay in one place too long, and what better way to see multiple places in a week without having to spend so much time in airports!

    I love the pistachio mixer!

  88. Favorite place is wherever my family is at. Kids are all grown and out of the house, so anytime we can get together is great.
    Pink always rocks! But the pistachio is my latest go to color.

  89. My favorite vacation place is Hawaii with my family….love spending time with my 4 kids with no worries about homework, schedules, etc……love the pink mixer!

  90. My favorite place to go would probably be Maine. But my favorite thing to do when I travel is find new and exciting foods to try and I love to go to local restaurants dishes known to the area! I love the Ice color for the KitchenAid!

  91. Love to go to México to visit my parents!

  92. I love taking the kids to the family cottage. Cousins, grandparents, corn on the cob, aunts, uncles, dogs, swimming, biking…endless summer fun.
    Oh, definitely ICE. It is the retro colour that reminds me of the countertops in my grandma’s old kitchen.

  93. My family and I have been very lucky to visit Disney World a number of times, and that is my favorite place to visit by far! A little closer to home though is a beautiful cabin that we visit in the summer. I love the Majestic Yellow!

  94. My favorite place to go on vacation would be Wisconsin Dells, WI with my son and husband. I love the majestic yellow mixer color.

  95. I love to travel internationally and sightsee all the historic sites. Aqua sky is my favorite.

  96. I love to make and bake when I get the opportunity especially when husband is home for the school holidays here in Australia Perth as I have three kids under 5. I like the colour white for great clean look and its just fresh colour for me. Also my eldest likes to bake cookies…mybe we might have to buy a kitchenaide cookie cutter!

  97. I love a good beach vacation. Beach and books and good seafood = perfect!
    Hard to decide, but I think I love Aqua Sky most of all!

  98. My favorite place to go on vacation is Casey Key, FL

    I love all the colors but if I had to choose I gotta go with ice!

  99. I love laying on the beach and hearing the seagulls while getting sun kissed! I love ice!

  100. My favorite vacation is one with my family or friends to the beach fun times….baby blue is my favorite color just lie the sky when you look up to when laying on the beach with some tasty treats :-)

  101. The only place we go for vacation anymore is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is heaven on earth, as far as I’m concerned. I love the pink, by the way. ;)

  102. My favorite place is Destin with my family. I love the Majestic Yellow. It’s such a cheerful color!


  104. Walt Disney World (which is where I’m currently at yippee!) and ICE – it would look great in my kitchen!

  105. Taiwan. Pistachio .

  106. Favorite vacation place: annual weekend to Big Bear. Family bonds, plays in the snow and we all act like kids. Each family is responsible for a home-cooked meal and makes for some interesting menus. :-). I need an Ice colored mixer please. :-)

  107. I love to visit Disney world! I love the blue stand mixer. I would love to win!

  108. Anywhere with warm weather and the beach! I love the Majestic Yellow! :)

  109. Favorite place to vacation is Yosemite National Park. I go every summer with my family.
    love the Aqua sky mixer

  110. My favorite place to visit has been London. I hope to make it back there soon:)

  111. Anywhere sunny! I can’t decide between Ice and Aqua sky!

  112. We took our kids (11, 9, 7 and 5) to Disneyland for the first time during Spring Break. We had a blast, but we hope to go back in a few years at a less “peak season” time :) My 7 year old little baker would love the pink mixer!

  113. I live very close to the beach in NC, so I would pick somewhere like the Canadian Rockies or Colorado and go skiing! Pistachio is my favorite mixer color :)

  114. the best place to holiday would be in a hotel on the Gold Coast with a balcony overlooking the ocean and a good book and some chocolates…I could do this for a week…My favourite colour is Sky blue…

  115. Pistachio!

    My favorite place to go on vacation? Currently, that’d be an isolated beach with my sweetie-pie, where the two of us could relax and enjoy the ocean.

  116. Let’s see…silver metallic I think. And Disney World, FLA. Haven’t been there for a number of years and the kids keep asking when we’re going back.

  117. Fave thing to do is be in the water…swimming, snorkeling, floating…. the ice color mixer is my fave!

  118. My favorite place to visit is my hometown in portugal!! It’s always nice to got back to your routes and relive all the memories! I think i would go with Pink of course.



  119. It’s just in time for my birthday tomorrow!! I’m going down the coast this weekend to celebrate, I would LOVE to win the ‘ICE’ one!!!

  120. I love anywhere I can go with my family and learn about history. Or Disneyland! In love with the pink!

  121. I can vacation anywhere as long as I’m with my family!
    I’d be happy and grateful with ANY of those mixers!
    Thank you in advance!!!

  122. Well Disneyland with my grandkids was so fun, but Yosemite is my fav so far!
    Pink or Aqua

  123. I love when I went to Texas and did the river walk! It was sooo much fun!!!
    And I loveeeee the pink!!!

  124. I love to visit Big Sur, especially when the sun is setting. It’s just gorgeous!

    Majestic Yellow is lovely :)

  125. I love to go on road trips to beautiful places and have exciting adventures! And the Aqua Sky mixer is beautiful!

  126. I love to go to san diego & aqua sky

  127. I love to go to Bear Lake, Idaho. It’s gorgeous! I would love pistachio.

  128. A beach anywhere! And I love the aqua sky! Flavourite colour!

  129. My favorite vacation stop is anywhere topical. I love the beach, maybe Hawaii or California! A cruise would be nice too!

    The pink, Ice or Aqua Sky have my name written all over it. This would make an AWESOME first mothers day gift for me too! :

  130. My favorite place for vacation is Hawaii. There’s something so relaxing and calming there. My favorite mixer is ice!

  131. I live in hawaii and i just love to wander around my home island.
    I can’t wait for thailand or india though!

  132. Favorite place would be Paris!! Love the silver metallic! :D

  133. My favorite thing to do is camping with my family during the summer!

    Love Crystal Blue!

  134. Sri Lanka, in the tea fields with the amazing tea pluckers. I love the pink colored kitchen aid. Thank you.

  135. Relax / eat delicious food! And I’m totally drawn to the Ice. or maybe the Crystal Blue..

  136. I love to take mini vacations…3 days with my husband and my son away from the stress and hectic schedules..we enjoy anything outdoors:)
    Favorite color is aqua sky

  137. I love visiting our little cabin in northern Minnesota. So beautiful and peaceful. And I love the pistachio green mixer!

  138. My favorite thing to do on vacation in enjoy that time with my friends & family, catch up on reading & take in the sights, my favorite place to go, Australia – it is gorgeous! The Ice mixer would be my pick – Hope you had a good vacation!

  139. i only get to spend about a month with my family, so my favorite thing is spending time with them. i love white one (yes, i’m boring)

  140. Hawaii-I absolutely love it. Alaska is my home, but Hawaii is my second home. I am totally at peace there. Mixer colors?? Id just be happy to get a mixer! :)

  141. Sleep in. ;)
    Pistachio is my favourite colour.

  142. My favorite place to vacation is the mountains because I love to hike and climb.

    I love the Majestic Yellow!!

  143. Disney Cruise!!! Pistachio!!!

  144. My favorite place to vacation is Hawaii. It reminds me of my honeymoon and my sweet hubby. Favorite color mixer is ice.

  145. My Favorite vacation place would have to be on an Island somewhere in Hawaii :)

    Aqua Sky for me Please!! I love that color!

  146. Love to go to Pacific Beach, WA. Quiet, calm and beautiful! My favorite color of the mixers is Silver Metallic.

  147. My family loves to visit Disney World! The pink is too cute :)

  148. Camping on the Kern river with the kiddos and good friends. Pink please!

  149. My fave vacation thing is to go to try local eateries! Vacation+good food=happy me! Pink, pretty please. :-)

  150. I love spending my vacation on an island. Love love snorkeling and diving and chilling out at the beach watching sunset.
    Love Majestic Yellow! :)

  151. My favorite place for vacation would be Maui on a private beach! Loving the Ice color!

  152. I like going on vacation to puerto penasco…so sunny and love the beach!!!…O and I want the PINK one!

  153. I haven’t been on a real vacation – just travel to visit family usually. But someday, I’d really like to go to Hawaii!! I LOVE the pistachio mixer ;0)

  154. We love going to PalmSprings :) Majestic Yellow!!

  155. Brant Rock MA, Disneyland and Puerto Vallarta are my fav places to vacation. And the Ice is my fav :-)

  156. My favorite vacation stop is anywhere topical. I love the beach, maybe Hawaii or California! A cruise would be nice too!

    The pink, Ice or Aqua Sky have my name written all over it. This would make an AWESOME first mothers day gift for me too! :)

  157. I haven’t had many vacations so that’s hard to say, but I recently went to Ocean City, NJ and spent some time on the beach, walking the boardwalk and playing in the arcade. It was a really lovely way to spend a day. As to the color. I’m in love with the majestic yellow. It’s so sunny and happy, it reminds me of my bright happy day on the coast.

  158. Charleston, SC —- and pink!!!!!!

  159. The beach for sure. I love the lazy lifestyle there!

  160. My favorite place to visit on vacation is Ireland. It is just so beautiful! And if I get lucky I love the pink :)

  161. I haven’t been there yet…but would love to take a vacation in Alaska. I like the silver metallic color.

  162. My favorite kind of vacation is to rent a house with my immediate family of four and my extended family in Texas / England. We all get to spend quality time together, relax, cook and laugh a lot! Silver Metallic please!

  163. my favorite thing to do is bake! Muffins, Cupcakes, CakePops, Cookies and more… is what I do to relax and escape from a hetic day! my color choice would be Majestic Yellow – the color of sweet butter!

  164. I can’t pick just one pastel they are all just too beautiful! :o) If I had to choose though, I’d say white or ice. As for my favorite place to vacation, I have only had the chance of going once but I’d have to say it was definitely Yellowstone National Park, such beauty! :o)

  165. I love being able to sleep in on vacation!! And I love going to California. Favorite mixer color is Ice!

  166. I love going anywhere to adventure and explore this beautiful world, serving the amazing people of Costa Rica was one of my favourites! And the Ice coloured mixer would be my pick (:

  167. I love to go to Kauai!!! And love the pink mixer….

  168. Disneyworld and pink!

  169. I have too many vacation spots I want to go to! On the top of the list is to go to AUS to see my best friend. :) Crystal Blue i s my favorite color <3

  170. I have been to Walt Disney World a few different times and still get excited when I think about going again in the future! And now that I have a son, my desire to go back has only gotten stronger! As for the mixer, I love the Ice color!

  171. I love to lye at the beach and do nothing! as long as the kids are with me having fun. dont mind which color – love them all!!!

  172. The beach. And I love the Aqua Sky mixer. Thank you :)

  173. Sri Lanka! =D It’s the perfect vacation spot. Sun sun sun & more sun! ;) Oh and GLORIOUS beaches. Sigh!
    -Pistachio! X

  174. Fantastic fantastic giveaway! Thank you!! My favorite thing to do on vacation is of course, EAT. There is no better way to experience a new place then through their food. I pick the pink!

  175. I love going to Maine and the northeast in general. It’s nice to take a break from southern summer. I love the Majestic Yellow.

  176. My favorite place to vacation is Hawaii – preferably Maui, but all of the islands are paradise!
    All of the mixer colors are beautiful, it’s difficult to decide! The ice, pink and silver are probably my favorites.

  177. My favorite vacation spot is DISNEY!! Just back in February! And I would LOVE the pistachio color mixer to go in my kitchen!

  178. My favorite thing to do is to camp at the beach with my husband and two sons. Best times making great memories!
    My favorite color is Aqua Sky!

  179. Any beachy area where I can play in the water on a kayak will do for me!! Woohoo! As for color…has to be Majestic Yellow!! Happy and sunshiney!

  180. I love going to Prince Edward Island on vacation!… Pistachio please!

  181. Back to Australia, in particular, Perth…or stay home & visit with any of my 2children and/or 5 grandchildren when they visit and I do love the white mixer

  182. italy!
    crystal blue, please (:

  183. The beach, I love going to any beach with my honey and the kids. Dig my feet in the sand and take lots of pictures. Loving the ice color!!

  184. OOH just digging that Aquasky- My favorite place to vacation that I”ve BEEN to is Montana- are you kidding me? it rocks the mountains are just a breathtaking GIFT! i was blessed to grow up there even! Fantasy Vacay? Italy baby..

  185. Oh! I am from Singapore so can I also join? Anyway, I would love to go to US for vacation. I love pink!

  186. Exploring national parks and reading. Even though it is spring I think Ice is the best)

  187. Boracay in the philippines! PINK!

  188. I loved Sea World when I was little, and I know my son would love to go there too :)

    I would take any of them, but if I have to pick a color, then silver metallic :)

  189. My favorite things to do is spend time with my family and make cake pops! I would want my mixer in aqua sky!

  190. Our favorite vacation place is Las Vegas……I love all the colors but I think I like the silver metallic the most

  191. I think the best part of vacation is the anticipation of the night before. Sometimes you can slepp, sometimes you’re just so excited to be going away somewhere.
    I know as a child, we would always go to Padre Island in Tx & before we’d end the day, we were ask to grab a handful of sand & pick out favorite seashell, & put it in a jar.
    We’d have it to look at all year long until we came back next year. From time to time I’d open my bottle & smell the sand. I miss the ocean!
    Aqua Sky is such a beautiful color!

  192. For my vacation I would choose Seoul Korea because that country place have the best food and eye catching places to go and for the pastel I love the colour majestic yellow or ice :)

  193. Disney World with my husband and son!
    Majestic Yellow Mixer!

  194. My favorite place to go during vacation is definitely when I go home. Especially since I’m in college right now. I could careless about going to another state with school friends- I just wanna go home and be fussed over by my parents and play with my doggies!

    I sat here and stared for half an hour. Pistachio has won my love. Can’t help but love green related shades of colours :D

  195. I love to go on Cruises! There’s always something fun at all hours of the day and you get to travel and see different places in one entire trip!

    I love all the colors, but I would have to say my top choice would be ICE!

  196. Go to the coast!
    I like the silver metallic or pistacho!

  197. any new place that we haven’t gone before but it has to have some kind of hiking. :) my favorite thing is visiting small food family owned places. The aqua sky looks amazing!!!

  198. My favorite place to vacation is Michigan!1 I’m loving the Ice color, so pretty!!

  199. My favorite thing to do on vacation is to spend time with my family it doesn’t matter the place just to be with my family. Love pink ?

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