Spring Bake

I’ve been in spring break mode lately. You might have noticed since I didn’t bake last weekend. I think it’s because I recently went on a vacation which I haven’t done in a couple of years and it felt awesome to just relax and do nothing. And now being back home I can’t stop enjoying the warmth that’s finally taking over. Spring is probably my favorite time of the year. Unfortunately, in the south, you only have about seven minutes to enjoy the season before the hot and humid heat of summer takes over. Okay, okay – I’m exaggerating a little. It probably lasts eleven minutes. ; ) So you’ve got to enjoy all of them while they last. And I’m trying.

Got Spring Fever, too? Take a break with me and enter this sweet Spring Bake Giveaway for a chance to win a KitchenAid Stand Mixer… in one of the following pastel colors. Plus a white and silver choice in case springy isn’t your speed. Me? I have the pink one, but man, that aqua sky is calling my name. And the ice and crystal blue. too. I’m glad I don’t have to choose.

Enter the Spring Bake Giveaway for a chance to win a KitchenAid 5-quart Artisan Series Stand Mixer

  • To enter, just leave a comment on this post answering the following question.
  • What’s your favorite thing to do or place to go on vacation? Oh and pick your pastel, too.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, April 24th, at 7:00 pm ET. Time’s Up. Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening on this post.

Good luck!


Okay, we have a winner. And the winner picked pink. I thought for sure ice or aqua sky would win. So many of you guys love that color. And me too.

The winner is …… Comment # 6625. Yay Veronica! You are getting a pink mixer! And now I totally want to go on vacation again. You guys have fun ideas.

Giveaway sponsored by me.

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13,790 comments on “Spring Bake”

  1. I love water-activities! Like going to the beach or the marina

  2. Favorite place to visit: San Francisco! I’ve been there a couple of times and always had a blast. Would love taking my two little girls once they’re old enough!

    I’m kinda in love with the Ice mixer, even though it doesn’t match anything in my kitchen. I think it’ll brighten it up quite a bit!

  3. My favorite part of vacation? The first night we come home and everyone is asleep in their own beds. I love that feeling!
    That majestic yellow is calling me!

  4. fave place to go on a holiday will be the tropical island of srilanka, dig your toes in the sand, sip on coconut water, have scrumptious seafood on the beach, with flowers in my hair and a special someone next to me :P oh and i love the Silver metallic mixer! such a classy finish! oh and thank you for the give away such a generous thought…big fan of your work…much luv xo

  5. I loved the white sand beaches in Sarasota Florida, & I’d pick pink.

  6. A beach or Maine was a beautiful place! I love the pink.

  7. Anywhere tropical and beachy. Love the clean white mixer :)

  8. My ideal vacation is anywhere with clear, blue ocean waters and palm trees. If I had to pick a favorite place, I’d say Maui. And if I had to pick a favorite color, I’d say Aqua Sky.

  9. I love to go anywhere warm and beachy because I love the water. The deep blue sea calls to me! As does that silver metallic mixer. :)

  10. I love going to Europe whenever possible – especially anywhere I’ve never been before. But probably my single favourite holiday spot is my family’s batch (what kiwis call a beach house) up North in a tiny little batch community called Pataua. I love to go up and sit in the quiet with a book and read my heart out.

    And the colour I pick is Ice :-D

  11. Disneyland or the beach! Majestic yellow.

  12. I love to relax at the beach, listen to music, read, meet new people while visiting friends and family…in my home town, Algarve!
    I’ll take Aqua sky:)

  13. My favorite place to go on vacation is Hawaii! It’s so beautiful there! I love the aqua sky one.

  14. Favourite vacation spot? Hmmmmm, really anywhere I can be with my family (my whole family)…! Hubby is a soldier, so we don’t get a lot of time together as a family (so is my brother in law), we move around a lot and that means spending much of our time apart.
    So honestly, I wouldn’t care where we all were just as long as we could be there together.
    Hence the crazy baking regime *lol* It’s my way of escaping from “Army Life” *hehe*

    Oh and definitely the Ice colour, would match my espresso machine PERFECTLY…! :D

  15. Would love to go to Fiji. And I love the ice colour =)

  16. Going camping in the Adirondack’s (in New York) with my family growing up was the best vacation spot and place I still want to go now on vacation! Pink would be my color :)

  17. My original comment was #558, but I forgot to include I love the pink! :D

  18. I like to go to the park and the beach, and I’m dying for the pink one :)

  19. Anywhere with white sand, blue water, and a drink with an umbrella in it. I would love to go to Bora Bora. Love the Aqua Sky color!

  20. Nothing beats lying out on the beach in Hawaii! Love the pastel colors but aqua sky would have to be my favorite (:

  21. my fave place would be Maui…..I could use some warmth right now! And love the Aqua Blue! THANK YOU for this giveaway!

  22. I love to go to central California and just be home! I love that area and always will. I would love to win the ‘ice’ one!! So pretty!

  23. My favorite place to go on vacation is the Philippines where 90% of my family still resides. I love spending time with them and wish I could go more often!

    My favorite color is Crystal Blue, it’s beautiful on this mixer!

  24. We love love love St. Maarten! The colors of the mixers are so pretty! I’m drawn to the silver one though as we have stainless steel appliances.

  25. I love old cities where I can walk around and explore history.

    I’d pick the silver metallic, even though the aqua is pretty.

  26. My favorite place to vacation is Niagara Falls, on the Canadian side. The aqua sky mixer is gorgeous…;-)

  27. New York! Love the Ice one!

  28. Vacation is great anywhere it’s warm and there is warm water and sunshine. Love Disney World, too. love the blue

  29. My favorite thing to do is fishing and crabbing with my boys on a nice sunny day. Aqua Sky is the perfect color for my kitchen!

  30. Junking is my favorite thing to do on vacay – I love all the mixers!!!!

  31. My favorite place to vacation is to Maine to visit my family. And I love the ice mixer.

  32. For family vacation, my husband and I like to take our kids to visit historical sites! I love the yellow!

  33. Panama City beach!! We go almost every year and I love it!! Silver metallic is the one I would choose!!

  34. I absolutely love Cedar Point! But anywhere with friends and family is a good time!

    I love the Ice mixer :)

  35. we like cruising but our last one was during super storm sandy. won’t be going for a while now after that experience! i love aqua sky :)

  36. I’m happy to vacation anywhere I don’t have to cook, clean bathrooms, do laundry, etc. It seems as though all of our vacations the last few years consist of these things. Might as well be at home, baking with a PINK mixer! :)

  37. My favorite thing to do is have a nice bbq outside. (I’ve never really been on vacation.)

    I love the silver metallic!

  38. Anywhere I can bake on vacation is my favorite place to be; and I love to share my goodies with anyone who wants to eat something sweet! :]

  39. Sayulita, Mexico is my spot right now. Love the yellow and silver.

  40. I love to go to Disneyland with the kids. :)

  41. My favorite place to vacation is either the beach or the Smokey Mountains :) And my favorite mixer color is Pistachio!

  42. A tropical beach!! Aqua sky is my favorite…it’s the color of tropical blue water too!

  43. My fav thing to do is to – bake. Fav vacation would be on a beach with warm waters…. my fav pastel color is ICE

  44. my fav color is PINK!!!! i like to go visit my family if i go on vacation. they are so far away it takes 18 hours to fly there. i hang out with family and friends and party while family watch the kids ;)

  45. You are my mentor Bakerella!!! I’m 14 yrs. old and I have my own cake pop business because of you!! It’s called Fabulicious Lollies and I have a Facebook page for it!!

    My favorite place to go on a vacation is to go camping to my favorite place “Thousand Trails” or TT for short. & my favorite color mixer is the crystal blue & ice one please!!

  46. I have never been on vacation before but I would imagine that france would be a great place with their delicate pastries and rich culture.

    All of the kitchen aid stand mixers are just so cute but my favorite would have to be either agua sky for that pop of color in the kitchen or white so it fits in nicely.

    But honestly, does color really mater when you have the best tool for your kitchen in your possession?

  47. I love to plan parties. Aqua Sky!

  48. my favorite place to go on vacation would be the place where dreams come true everyday… walt disney world!
    it’s a tie between the aqua sky & majestic yellow!

  49. Vegas!!

    My favorite color is pink!

    Luck, luck, luck!

  50. my favorite vacation spot is las vegas!!
    and i love the ice color

  51. We don’t usually go on vacation, maybe just to an amusement park. Silver metallic!’

  52. Forgot to put the color, aqua sky

  53. My favourite place to go on vacation is NYC. There is so much to see and do there, no trip is ever the same!

    I love the white mixer.

  54. Favorite place to be? Out in the boat in the Gulf of Mexico in the crystal clear waters off of Anna Maria Island, FL! Born and raised here and won’t take a second of it for granted. Whether it’s swimming, fishing, or riding my beach cruiser–I’m a happy camper! :) The Ice Mixer fits the occasion perfectly!

  55. San Diego California! The Ice is the color I would choose if I won.

  56. anywhere with great food, family and friends!.. and I love the Ice blue one :)

  57. Anywhere with a beach and pretty blue water! Silver Metallic please!! :)

  58. Love cruises! And it’s all about the ice!

  59. I love spending time with my family in Utah and my fave color of the mixer’s is majestic yellow! Yay for old school colors :)

  60. I really like to read but don’t get the opportunity too often. I love to go to the beach for mini vacays. I would Love the silver mixer!

  61. My favorite place to go on vacation is England as my fiancé is English. I love going to that country and specialy to spend time discovering english cakes. By the way, I’m belgian. I’m getting married in June and I’m going to spend my honeymoon in the USA so I’ll definitely be discovering american specialities too.
    Oh and I love the pink mixer (what a surprise!).

  62. Florida, it holds some great memories. Favorite thing to do was to drive around to different beaches.
    Ice Color

  63. I look forward to strawberry picking with my family every spring. It’s right before it gets too hot and humid around here and then you cant do anything. Plus then I get to bake with strawberries =)
    Oh and Majestic Yellow!

  64. Newport beach or Maui with the family! The pistachio color would go quite well with my kitchen!

  65. Favorite place to go is Carmel California. Nothing better than snuggling up with my hubby on the beach

  66. I love Hawaii. It’s beautiful and the weather is awesome. I love the silver metallic one.

  67. The beach! Aqua Sky.

  68. My favorite vacations have been to Asheville, North Carolina or the Smokies in Tennessee– gotta love the mountains. I love the pistachio color :)

  69. The beach! RELAX and Unwind!
    I love the Majestic Yellow!

  70. Anywhere with water!

    Love the crystal blue color :)

  71. The beach, Pismo is my favorite!! I love the pink one :)

  72. My favorite vacation is somewhere warm and sunny or any place new! Love the pistachio colored mixer! :)

  73. My favorite vacation is any vacation any where as long as my husband & sons are along.
    I would choose pink! But if someone would give me one I would take any color, they are all nice!

  74. My favorite place to vacay is in Texas with my nieces. There’s nothing like their unconditional love :)
    I like pistachio as my spring color!

  75. I’m a fan of coastal vacations: I love Ocracoke Island in North Carolina most of all!

    The kitchen aid ice is very nice!

  76. I love going to Disneyland with my family. I love the ice colour!

  77. One of my favorite places is Aracaju, Brazil. Beautiful beaches, dunes, and nice people.
    I’d love the white color!

  78. Pink, please!

  79. Disney World or NYC, yeah buddy! Lol…love the Majestic Yellow one!

  80. I’d have to say my favorite thing to do for a vacation
    Is go on a cruise! My parents took me for a
    Graduation present and I’m hooked! I don’t
    care where we are going, as long as I get to
    enjoy all the fabulous foods and fun activities
    happening on the ship. It’s also nice to turn
    off the cell phone and truly RELAX!!

    And I think the silver metallic one is calling my name!!

  81. Southern California because there really is no place like home! Silver Metallic!

  82. I love Israel it has so much to see and do you feel the history come alive. By the way I am a sucker for pink any day!

  83. Any place away is great … As long as I have sunshine and my family, its a great time away!
    LOVE the white mixer.

  84. Fave place to is in boracay phil. Love the ice color

  85. I love taking the kids go Chicago!! BUT … my dream is to one day go to Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada and visit Orca Lab, meet Dr. Paul Spong and his wife, Helena … and go on a whale watching trip! :D I would pick either pink, ice or pistachio! LOVE these colors!!

  86. My favorite thing to do on vacation is to go skiing or swimming depending on the time of year! I absolutely love the pistachio colored mixer. Gorgeous!

  87. Anywhere tropical as long as I’m with my family and friends!
    Pink please!!

  88. I’ve visited so many amazing places in the past but my fav was Italy, so much culture, art, great food, gorgeous architecture n landscape, just wow
    Ice is such a cool color!

  89. Best thing to do on vacation is enjoying the outdoors, beaches forest just being away from the city with my husband and being cooked / baked for. I am in love with the silver metallic.

  90. The loveliest vacation I ever had was being spoiled, pampered and loved on at a retreat at the Cove in Asheville , NC. The staff there were amazing!
    And I think the aqua mixer is adorable . Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  91. My favorite place to vacation is the beach and my favorite color is red.

  92. My favorite place to go on vacation is Disneyland. I can forget I am a grown up while I am there.
    I love the Aqua Sky color.

  93. Any place with a palm tree! Crystal blue!

  94. I like to go to Japan for vacations. The culture is so appealing.

    The silver metallic mixer is a great neutral color.

  95. My favorite thing to do when I’m on vacation is relax, spend time with my family, and make them my experimental tasters to all my cooking ideas. They are all beautiful colors but my favorite I would have to say is the ICE, I’m in love :-)

  96. Picnicking with all my boys and puppy and watching them play with a cool drink and a good book.
    All the colours are beautiful, so hard to pick but I think I’d go with Ice blue :)

  97. Favorite vacation spot is Disneyland, with friends. I love the pistachio!

  98. An all inclusive resort somewhere in the Caribbean or NY with tickets to every musical currently in Broadway.
    I really love the pink one :)

  99. I love Disneyland!! and Aqua Sky (you can’t go wrong with anything Tiffany Blue) :0)

  100. Hawaii! Laying on the beach working on my tan.. That seems nonexistent at the moment! I have to go with the ice blue mixer. Absolutely gorgeous!! <3

  101. The Rockies are my favorite place to go and the pink is beautiful!

  102. The Bahamas is lovely! Warm, relaxing, and a great getaway. I’d love the ICE color. :)

  103. I love to go to the lake and do nothing! And my favorite color is the pistachio.

  104. My favorite thing to do on vacation is make my kids smile with anything new we experience! Their smile is worth more than all the gold in the world! And pink is my favorite ;)

  105. My favorite thing to do on vacation is to simply sleep in, relax, and have a cookout with my family. My favorite pastel is the crystal blue!

  106. Favorite vacation:Anything with sun!
    and pistachio is the favorite color in those pretties.

  107. Love to just relax and read a book while sitting next to a lake or the ocean…love the pistachio mixer!!

  108. My favorite place to go on vacation is to the beaches in Delaware. It’s simple, but relaxing. :) Why oh why must I choose only one color?! I guess since you’re making me, I’ll have to go with Ice.

  109. I just had a baby so ANYWHERE would be nice to have a vacation:) But we do love us some Disney! Pink of course!

  110. My favorite place to go is to the ocean, whether its to the south or North. I love the beach. I also love the Pistachio mixer.

  111. my favorite thing to do on vacations is tinker in the kitchen making no bake sweet treats!!!!

    love the aqua sky mixer!!!

  112. My favorite thing to do while on vacation is to discover new places with my husband. Even if we have been somewhere or have an idea of what we will be doing, we always try to do something spontaneous and unplanned. My favorite color is Majestic Yellow because it is bright and cheerful.

  113. Big Island, Hawaii enjoying the scenery. I LOVE the Ice mixer.

  114. My favorite place is either Newport Beach or Maui with my family! Anywhere with a beach is where my family is happiest!

  115. New York City Baby!!! Love the shopping. I love the Ice Color

  116. I always like to go to a landmark, or a restaurant that can only be found in that town. The Silver Metallic is pretty!!

  117. My only real “vacation” was my honeymoon to San Diego. Someday we’ll take another real vacation! I love doing new things, going places I’ve never been.

  118. I live in Florida, where it’s flat and summer most of the year. I like to go somewhere in the mountains where it’s cooler and spend time with my family in the great (less sweaty/buggy) outdoors!

    I love the pistachio and the silver!

  119. San Diego-zoo, Sea World, and Wild Animal Park…all for the kids :) Pink

  120. Hawaii is always my favorite place to take a vacation. Sure wish I could go there every time! Majestic Yellow if you please.

  121. i love to go to the San Diego Zoo for vacation! PISTACHIO please!

  122. The most amazing place I’ve ever visited on vacation was Alaska and I would love to go back! I adore the pink mixer!

  123. I love to go anywhere sunny and HOT! I love the yellow color :)

  124. Trip to Wisconsin dells or a wknd away camping in the state…if the snow ever leaves(mn)!
    It’s a toss up between ice and pistachio, so maybe the metallic.

    Thank you!!

  125. House boating with the family!, love the Ice color :)

  126. I love Maui! Aqua Sky reminds me the beautiful sky and water,

  127. My favorite vacation place is Disney world. It is a break from reality. My favorite color is Crystal Blue.

  128. When I visit other countries I love taking a cooking class to experience the native cuisine. On domestic trips I like to get out and explore with my camera

    Silver for me!

  129. My favorite play to go is around my neighborhood walking my Camielle, she just has so much fun running around I forget about most everything going on. I love Pink!

  130. I love going to a cottage on the lake. Relaxing and tons of fun for the kids!
    That Aqua Sky is gorgeous and def my fave!

  131. I love just going to the beach with my kids. I love the pink mixer. So excited, just bought your book!!

  132. I would LOVE to go to Italy! But out of my vacation places, Portland is my favorite. Also, I would really love the Silver Metallic, but Pistachio is coming in as a close second.

  133. I love to go visit family…and the PINK one is so sweet!

  134. italy! florence and milan
    majestic yellow

  135. I love going to the beach!

    My favorite color is Ice : )

  136. My favorite place is Rome. and I love the Silver Metallic!

  137. My favorite place to vactation would have to be on top of a mountain, in a chalet or in a log cabin by a lake. We try to do this at least once a year. I love the silver metallic mixer. :)

  138. My favorite thing to do on vacation is lay on the beach with a nice cold drink!

  139. The warm sun, white sandy beach and a margarita in hand. Now that is my ideal vacation.
    Silver metallic for me please.

  140. My fave vacation spot is the beach, hands down. The sun, the sound of the waves…ahhh.

    Oh, and pink. Always pink.

  141. The Jersey Shore is my favorite place.
    The yellow mixer -love it!!

  142. I love to go to Ft. Myers in Florida with my boyfriend to visit his grandparents! My favorite kitchen aid is the ice blue mixer!

  143. My favourite place to go on vacation is Manila, I miss and I love my moms cookings. And I love the silver metallic color :)

  144. My favorite thing to do in vacation is make desserts with my kids, they love it; also I lenjoy go to the beach ^^
    I’m in love with the crystal blue ?_?

    Greetings from México!

  145. When I was younger, my parents took me all over the US to visit the 50 states (we made it to about 43). But I have to say that my favorite out of those trips was the one to Wyoming for Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. I would give anything to go back there again. Now that I’m older, I feel like I would appreciate the wonderful views and air even more than I did when I was a kid.

    My favorite mixer color is definitely that ice blue. I just can’t tear my eyes away from the vibrant color!

  146. Any place warm and near the ocean works for me…I love the Aqua Color….thanks for the giveaway

  147. My favorite vacation spot so far has been Kauai. It’s both beautiful and relaxing…..and the banana pancakes with coconut syrup….amazeballs! I love the silver metallic.

  148. Alaska! We went there on our honeymoon and I can’t wait until we can go back. I love the ice colored mixer!

  149. San Francisco!
    Love Pistachio

  150. Since I’m the only person in my family that lives in Michigan my favorite place to vacation is Oklahoma where my heart is since all my family is there.

    I can’t stop starting at the ICE color… ???

  151. my favorite place to go on vacation is the beach with my best friends! that pistachio is mine! :)

  152. I could be everywhere –
    With my Boyfriend ?
    Paris is my favourite place for vacation.
    I like the Ice KitchenAid.
    Greetings from Germany :)

  153. Any place there is beach and sand and of course the ocean…especially important seeing that where I live it is basically winter from September to May. And I LOVE the Pistachio Green mixer….the color does not in anyway match anything else I have in my kitchen but I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  154. I love taking my kids to Disneyland! Just seeing the happiness on their faces is priceless! I love the Crystal Blue mixer!

  155. My fav place is the kitchen (baking) or working in the garden. I love the ‘ice’ one. :D

  156. Lake Shasta houseboat trip – we do it ever year. Love that pistachio!

  157. Anywhere where I can scuba dive! Pistachio is amazing!

  158. Love relaxing at the beach, enjoying the water and the sun wit friends and family. The Silver and Pistachio are my favorites…I would have a hard time choosing

  159. Don’t usually go on vacation, if anything maybe a day at an amusement park. Silver metallic!

  160. Oahu!! Beach, food, friends…
    I’d choose Ice!

  161. My favorite place to vaca is at my childhood home in Alabama with my mom, dad and sister! We all end up in the kitchen baking, drinking sweet tea and laughing until we cry. I hope I get to take home the Ice color mixer!

  162. Vegas a little of everything to do there, and the pink or silver =D

  163. My favorite vacation spot is the Big Island, Hawaii chilling on the beach and enjoying the scenery. I LOVE the ICE mixer. But all the colors are all cute. :)

  164. Used to be Punta Cana, now it is wherever my beautiful granddaughter Rylynn is!!! And of course pink to make her all of Gma’s goodies!

  165. My favorite thing to do (besides bake of course) is crochet. I’m really into Tunisian crochet right now and it’s great to have something low tech to occupy my time every once in a while.

    Really feeling the pistachio color!! :)

  166. Lake Chelan, WA. We visit every year.

  167. I love going to the beach! Looking forward to our annual trip this year! I love the Pistachio mixer!!

  168. A road trip to the country will be awesome… and I love the “ice” color :D

  169. I love eating at new restaurants! I love the aqua sky mixer!

  170. I LOVE THE EXPLORE THE HOTELS! and I want aqua sky. .

  171. My favorite vacation place is Hawaii. There’s something calming about the islands. I like the ice mixer!

  172. always home to hawaii! and love the aqua sky, or pistachio

  173. I love to go anywhere with my husband. Hawaii, Cayman Islands, Las Vegas, Park City…my favorite pastel color is Pistachio :-)

  174. Paris is my favorite place to go and I love the pink and aqua sky ones!

  175. I would love to go back to our honeymoon spot, Punta Cana. Gorgeous!
    Majestic Yellow (although its so hard to pick just one!)

  176. My favorite place to go on vacation is Playa del Carmen, MX. And my favorite mixer color is PINK! :)

  177. I love to camp,fish and go boating with my 3 sons in oregon! I would love metallic !

  178. My favorite place to vacation is California. The temperature is nice. You’ve got the beaches and Disney Land what could be much sweeter :) plus having family there is nice as well. I’ve gotta choose pink!

  179. My favourite vacation is anywhere adventurous with my husband, and if we can bring the dogs then it’s even better. My favourite is Ice because it matches our newly painted kitchen walls!

  180. My favorite thing to do on vacation is visiting different beaches!
    I LOVE the pink one!

  181. I enjoy Disneyland but would love to go to Disneyworld
    I love the pink!!!!

  182. My favourite place to go to is Okanagan, British Columbia and i love majestic yellow!! I hope, i hope i win!!!

  183. My favorite place to go on vacation would be Walt Disney World in Florida. I would love the Pink mixer! :)

  184. Favorite thing to do at any time of the year has got to be bake. Even in summers, hot as they are. Pink or yellow are the best pastels.

  185. The ocean is where I need to be for my vacation. It doesn’t matter where, just to have the ocean fill my senses is enough! And in keeping with the ocean theme, I love the aqua sky colour!

  186. New Orleans! Love Silver Metallic.

  187. My favorite place for a vacay is on Maui at the Kaanapali Westin Villas….I’ll take ICE…aloha

  188. favorite thing to do: hear my bebes laugh
    color: Ice

  189. My/our favorite place ever is Puerto Rico…the waters are calm, clearer than clear and the people, culture and food are amazing! And my favorite color is pistachio! Anything green makes me happy!

  190. My favorite place to go is basically any big city with a comfy, clean hotel room! Anywhere to getaway from thinking about errands or needs at home is nice. I like pastel pistachio!

  191. I love going anywhere tropical (especially Hawaii)- the next trip I take will be my honeymoon! And I love aqua sky!

  192. I like to go anywhere involving a beach. Last year’s trip to Hawaii was fantastic. And I’ve gotta go with the majestic yellow. :)

  193. We love Disneyland! And the Aqua Sky would look great in my kitchen!

  194. Fav vacation disney all the way!!!

    Pastel color: pistachio!!!

  195. I would love to get away to Italy! After studying abroad in Rome, the country and people stole my heart. The aqua sky would be my choice!

  196. Definitely Charleston, SC for vacation. A foodie’s delight!! And my favorite color for the Kitchen-Aid mixer is Yellow.

  197. the mountains… so peaceful and beautiful! Pink is my fav.

  198. My favorite place to go on vacation is Oahu, Hawaii. The beaches are beautiful, local food is great, and tourist attractions are so much fun!

    Pistachio mixer! :)

  199. I’m from another country so anywhere in Australia with a good book…my favourite colour is Ice…

  200. My favorite place to go on vacation is definitely Paris! I’m in love with Paris!!. And I love the aqua sky mixer.
    Great blog, BTW!:)

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