Humpty Dumpty Eggstravaganza

Humpty Dumpty Cake Pops

Remember these little guys I showed you how to make last week? Pretty cute, huh? They were for a baby shower my friend Cupcake Julie threw and now I have some of the pictures pulled together to show you all the fun. Julie has been throwing baby showers and creating dessert tables for some time now, but the last few years, she has been building on a Humpty Dumpty theme and creating party props for it. It’s a perfectly cute and cheery theme that works for baby boys and girls. She gets these fantastic ideas in her head and just has to create them and bring them to life. This was the third year she’s made something new for the theme. It’s been a work in progress, but I think she’s definitely perfected the Humpty party props.

Okay, prepare yourself for some amazingness.

It’s kind of mind blowing.

Humpty Dumpty Baby Shower

Obviously a Humpty Dumpty Baby Shower has to start with the main attraction.

Humpty! Yay!

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty is huge. And handmade. With custom tailored clothing. Elaborate custom tailored clothing.

Humpty is really just a giant plastic egg. Yep, a giant version of the little ones you might have had an Easter egg hunts with yesterday. Julie found it at Hobby Lobby and just spray painted it white. But first she filled it with rice and hot glued it together so he would be weighted down and could sit in different positions easily. You know… without falling.

Humpty Dumpty

But let’s talk about his outfit. Intense. Elaborate. Detailed. Gorgeous.

So, she can definitely sew. Me, not sew much.

Humpty Dumpty

Look at these glittered up shoes with pink painted soles and sweet sequined adorned socks. They’re baby shoes from Target made sparkly. Adorbs.

Humpty Dumpty

His turquoise top hat is constructed with wool felt. Definitely dapper.

And even though he’s Humpty, he makes a fantastic Easter egg with such a fun, frilly spring outfit, don’t you think.

Yay Pennants

And he makes me want to scream, YAY!

These are easy pennants she made with fabric fused together and iron-on, hand-cut letters. Topped off with little pom poms, too.

This is much more my speed. She makes me want to learn how to sew, though. Kinda.

Tassel Garland

Okay, I am in love with these tassels. It’s cotton fabric she cut using a rotary cutter.

The colors are so pretty together.

All the King's Horses

You can see them hanging in the background here.

That’s if you can get past the cuteness from these horses.

All the King’s horses are pretty freaking adorable!


Last year she sewed these stuffed animals using happy colored fabrics and yarn. They’re attached to a wooden rod so you can ride.

Not that I tried. ; )

Giddy up!

But you can’t have all the King’s horses, without all the King’s men.


All the King's Men


Julie’s had these sweet soldiers for a while. A Wal-Mart find from several years ago. They were originally red, green and royal blue.

Not so springy. So this year, she finally repainted them, added glitter and covered up the strong Christmas colors to go with the baby shower.

All the King's Men

These aren’t quite as tall as her homemade house-sized nutcrackers, but they’re definitely as cute. And I’m sure they’ll get double duty and make an appearance as part of her holiday decorations this year, too.

And if they don’t, I’m bringing them to my house.

Okay, so we have Humpty…

And all the King’s horses…

And all the King’s men…

Now, I guess we need a King…

Humpty Dumpty King

Bam. King. Check.

Sometimes I think she has a real easy button. But like I said, she gets these ideas and makes them happen.

The King is cool. His body is totally a tomato cage and the arms are just 2X4s with fence post finials for hands.

Humpty Dumpty King

But the robe and clothes cover all that hard work up. Mr. Cupcake Julie actually constructed the body. He’s a good guy. Especially for getting all this stuff from storage and putting it back each time she throws a Humpty shower.

Humpty Dumpty King

A Santa wig and beard were both used to create the King’s long beard and eyebrows. She cut bangs from the wig to make the mustache because of the great curls it had.

The crown is made from poster board and adorned with jewels and handmade tissue flowers that she hot glued on.

His face and hair? Can you guess?

It’s totally a Burger King Halloween Mask. Repainted.

Humpty Dumpty King

Hear Ye … announcing Baby Taylor … yippee!

A custom welcome sign she sewed and hand painted with the help of an overhead projector.

Humpty Dumpty

Okay, so I may have had a little fun moving Humpty around.

But I want to show you these baby blocks. Underneath? Graduated cardboard boxes turned upside down.

They were hidden by pretty linen slip covers that she sewed and decorated with iron on numbers and animals cut out of fabric.

Baby Shower Games

Cute nursery rhyme games she found on clearance from Target. They look extra special with individual mini clipboards and colorful pencils.

Pom Poms

And look at these giant poms. These were made using cut fabric circles ruffled together and hot glued to an outdoor lantern.

I love how the guts of some of these decorations are reused from unexpected items.

Wait, what about the Humpty Dumpty cake pops.

Humpty Cake Pops

Yeah, those guys.

Humpty Dumpty Dessert Table

Did I mention there was a dessert table, too?


With butterscotch puddings, mini doughnuts, cupcakes, and individual banana pudding trifles. Yum!!!!

Dessert table

Don’t worry, the desserts were guarded.

Humpty Dumpty

Oh … and check out these vintage lamps from the 70s she found on etsy. She removed the tops and turned them into cake stands. Creative!

And I think these were the inspiration for this whole Humpty Dumpty theme. I can’t remember though … she’s been doing these so long.

Brunch Table Setting

The dining room table was set beautifully for brunch. Yeah, there was food, too.

Humpty Dumpty Embroidered Napkins

There were even hand-stitched napkins at each place setting. Julie drew the designs on the napkins with a disappearing ink marker, then stitched on top. When you wash the napkins, the ink disappears. Magic.

Humpty Dumpty Party Favors

She even made party favors for all the guests. Pin cushion topped mason jars filled with colorful candy buttons.

She used this button mold and this one too and filled them with melted candy coating.

The jars were topped with paper maché eggs that she painted to match the invitations.

Humpty Dumpty Baby Shower Invite

Okay, we’re coming to the end. It’s like a crafting marathon.

The invites. The Humpty is an old Meri Meri Accents scrapbook design that she had but isn’t available anymore. So she used it as a guide for the invitations and embellished them with glitter and ribbon for each guest.  A happy, fun beginning to the baby shower.


Humpty Dumpty

And, that’s all folks.

So, I guess it doesn’t take all the King’s horses and all the King’s men to put a Humpty Dumpty Shower together. It just takes one Cupcake Julie. It does make me feel better that she did all of these elements over a few years and more than one shower, but still… it’s all crazy incredible!!!

I tell her over and over to start a blog and share tutorials for some of this stuff. But right now… she just does it free for friends that she throws parties for and for herself because she loves it. And I love that about her.

I just had to share it with you guys, too.

And now … I think she wants to start working on a new party theme. And I can’t wait to see what’s up her sleeve.

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96 comments on “Humpty Dumpty Eggstravaganza”

  1. Wow! Your designs are amazing! Have you been to and seen their cakes??

  2. How could anyone possibly make a negative comment about this? Seriously, please keep negative comments to yourself. There’s really no purpose for that, especially here and especially for a baby shower. Unreal.

    Julie, you are missing your calling. Don’t know if you like your 9-5 job, but you obviously love being creative and you could make a fortune in Hollywood alone as a party planner and designer. Stars out here will pay 6 figures for their children’s parties, weddings, etc. And like the others, I beg you to please start a website, blog, something, so we can come worship at your creativity altar! I first learned about your talents when I saw your Christmas displays through Bakerella (Bakerella, any hopes of getting updated pictures of her Christmas displays?) and was just blown away. As a Christmas artist myself, I am so inspired by your work. It brings such joy and happiness to people and deserves worldwide recognition. I would so especially love to know how you fabricated/made the giant nutcracker men on the outside of your house. You and your husband should go into business together.

    Bakerella, thank you for your continued creative and yummy inspirations. I love your blog! Keep the visual eye candy coming! Thanks!

  3. Nora,
    You are neurotic.
    You’ve heard x y and z. So what?
    This is a party for the mother to be, and is a happy occasion . Keep your craziness to yourself, k?

  4. Cupcake Julie is ridiculously amazing!!! You two are a perfect pair of friends!! I am wondering though…does she ever sleep?! ;) haha

  5. Julie is amazing, no doubt about that. She did an unbelievable job.

    However, throwing a party for an unborn baby is one of the most puzzling American traditions I’ve encountered. What if, god forbid, something goes wrong? No one can guarantee in 100 % that nothing will happen along the way and now the house is full of baby things that might never be used, not to mention she already picked a name and announced it!

    I’m sorry to be so negative but this freaks me out. What’s wrong with having the party after the baby is born and you know that everything’s alright? I’ve heard of sad stories of unexpected abortions after baby showers. That’s a horrible position to be at, especially when you’ve already celebrated the arrival of a baby that was never born.

    Lindsay, I wish you the best and and health for you and the baby. But maybe next time you’d think of the implications that a shower like this might have and wait till after you’ve had the baby to celebrate its existence with an amazing party like tis one.

  6. This was a truly amazing shower. Julie and Jan hosted for my daughter. Everything was fabulously amazing. So much fun. Lindsay is very fortunate to work for some wonderful people in so many ways. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Cupcake Julie is such an amazingly talented artist, as is Bakerella. It’s a gift to see her wonderful creations (and Bakerella’s cakepops, too) with your delightful narrative and photography. How about a book “Bakerella’s and Cupcake Julie’s Holidays and Special Occasions”?

  8. This looks like a lot of work but I bet it was worth it. Your friend is so creative!

  9. Where can I find instructions for Humpty Dumpty? Would love to do this for my grand daughter first birthday party. Does anyone know if she shares instructions?

  10. It made me happy just to see the decorations, so I can just imagine how the lucky people who attended the shower must have felt. This takes a tremendously talented person with vision and major crafting ability. I have never seen anything done on this level before.

    Congratulations on a stunning presentation.

  11. This is the most perfect thing ever. Ive been trying to candyland up my house for Christmas for 2 years after seeing the post about Cupcake Julie’s house at Christmas. Shes a freaking genius,

  12. This is the most unreal, extravagant, EXPENSIVE baby shower I’ve ever seen. But still very cute. It must’ve taken months!

  13. This is adorable!! It is such a cute idea! Great post!

  14. You have a freakishly talented and generous friend in Cupcake Julie. My goodness, her work is gorgeous.

  15. Who has time to do that? Incredible but really?!?! I hope somebody did a magazine article about it. I’m surprised movie stars haven’t hit her up to do their baby showers or kid’s birthday parties.

  16. Is she accepting friend applications?

  17. Wow… I can’t even imagine how much time all of that must have taken!!! Incredible!!!

  18. I am lucky enough to know Julie and have attended one or two of her parties. I don’t know how she does it – because not only does she have an amazingly creative mind, she is a beautiful person inside and out, and does all of this on top of a job that probably keeps her busy 80+ hours a week!

  19. oooh I love it ! all the decorations and colors are amazing !!

  20. Can I get a capitol W O W?

    This is amazing. Every little piece is just so well thought out and beautifully executed. I hope I turn into one of those crazy-crafty super moms when I grow up

  21. FABULOUS-FABULOUS-JUST FABULOUS!!! Hey there Angie – I’m certain you would agree that Julie Cupcake MUST-CREATE-A-DIY-BOOK!!! So maybe it’ll take a year or more before we see some kind of book published, but it’s sure to be a hit and we’ll all be incorporating her fabulously creative ideas into our own fabulous parties and fabulous holidays. I’ll be hopeful and wait for it! ;-)

  22. This is so cool! love how everything is handmade!

  23. Wow! I thought she was a professional! Amazing work!

  24. How gifted she is! My goodness. That takes a ton of work. Such pretty pictures. I hope she pursues it for money!

  25. This is beyond amazing! I LOVE every detail and aspect of it….makes me want to have another baby just to do something like this….almost. lol ;)

    Thank you for documenting and sharing.

  26. speachless !!!!!!!!!!

  27. OMG the cute level is amazing :O

  28. Wow. What a decadent and colourful party! Love the detail!

  29. Mind-blowing in every possible way!! I’m thinking this gal never sleeps?? What a gorgeous and special day I’m sure it was!

  30. Amazing! Seriously, every single detail is gorgeous! Cupcake Julie is very talented.

  31. Geesh! What an amazing shower!!! Was it for a movie star?!?!?

  32. That’s wacko! It looks Incredible though, I wish I had gotten to go!!!!!

  33. Um. Wow. Amazing! Bravo, Cupcake Julie.

  34. WOW, just WOW! Seriously, I die….Julie is ahhmazzing!

  35. Oh. My. Goodness!!! You make the most beautiful desserts and Cupcake Julie makes the most beautiful parties. I kinda wish she was my friend and could throw me a baby shower like that. AMAZING!!!

  36. Cupcake Julie, you are one amazing woman! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  37. I looooooooveeeeeeee!!!

  38. Most beautiful shower I have ever seen! Wow!

  39. I remember your friend, Julie’s amazing Christmas decorations! From time to time, I have wondered what she’s done lately. The party decor for this shower is absolutely amazing. What detail. I can’t wait to see what she does next. Thanks for sharing it all with us!!!

  40. Exquisite detail!

  41. Wow. I’m speechless. I think someone needs to follow her around with a camera while she’s preparing for/throwing parties. (Hint hint HGTV!)

  42. Oh my GOSH!!!!!!! That is AMAZING. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SPEECHLESS!! I wish I could do that…………..maybe someday. The napkins are my favorite part.

  43. That’s amazing! Did you know Cupcake Julie before your blog or did you meet through your blog? I’m just wondering how on earth such talented people became friends if not from their talents?!! It’s just so impressive!!!

  44. What wonderful theming. Absolutely amazing. I love all of the detail.

  45. Oh my goodness that is amazing. :-) Wonderful. I so want to go to a party like that!!!

  46. Those parties are amazing! I am fundraising to go to camp, and am selling cake pops at a bakesle, to help. If you reply,Bakerella, please tell me what you recomend I make.

  47. Oh my goodness! Cupcake Julie does need a blog! I hope she reads these comments – Julie, you are one talented lady!! I love everything about this party, everything!

  48. Holy Moly. If I win the lottery I’m calling Cupcake Julie to plan the party.

  49. What I wouldn’t give to be invited to this baby shower. I can’t believe how cute everything is. So much attention to detail. I thought I was bad, but she takes the “cake”!!

    It would be great if she would start a blog and share her talent with us.

    High fives to the both of you!

  50. This is downright amazing! I’m having a baby this year in October and I wish I was friends with Julie so I could have an UH-MAZING baby shower. She is so creative! Like you said, she needs to start her own blog and share this stuff with the world. You’re a good friend for sharing it for her. I just love this and I hope my friends find inspiration in it for my shower :)


  51. Wow…. I’m pretty much speechless. That is beyond amazing and just gorgeous.

    I’d like to see pictures of her home, too. The fabrics and decor look beautiful.

  52. I’m in awe…what a talented friend your Cupcake Julie is. Where can I buy HER?!?!!

  53. omg that is so cute love it all

  54. WOWZA!! The minds and creativeness of the two of you!!!! Together you could own the (crafting) world. Incredible. Thanks for sharing. How appropriate that you two are friends. Lori Lucas

  55. everything looks amazing!

  56. I so love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Oh my god! Who has time to do something like this? Reserve the back room at Applebee’s and everybody show up at the appointed time with gifts. Sheesh!

  58. I love love love Cupcake Julie! I look up to you both so much :)

  59. WOW … have you considered changing her name to Amazing Julie? She does need a blog … we could learn so much from her!!!

  60. Wow, that is all amazing!

  61.!! Definitely a business she’s got in the making there. Make and rent party decor. And yes, she needs a blog!

  62. (Bowing) “I’m not worthy….I’m not worthy!!” It’s people like Cupcake Julie that inspire, motivate and enthuse crafters like me. Thank you for your talents and for sharing them with us. Craft on!!!

  63. Incredible!! How wonderful for two over-the-top creative people to be friends! Lucky you, lucky her!!!

  64. Thanks for sharing. How cute. You went all out for this baby shower. Your creativity is impeccable. If you get a chance stop by my blog Recipe for Life and check out some of my family favorite recipes at:
    Deborah H. Bateman-Author

  65. I am blown away!! Simply amazing & thank you for sharing all the creativity and fun! You’re little Humpty’s fit in so beautifully too! Sweet!!

  66. WOW!!! This is amazing! So beautiful and extravagant. Lovely dessert table :)

  67. SERIOUSLY????! gosh….its amazing that Julie could do all that crafts and put everything together PER.FECT.LY. you give me the stuffs, i’ll just run away.Two thumbs up! but that’s not enough, i’ll give you my toes too… :D

  68. I was going to say I couldn’t imagine what that kind of extravagant baby shower would set you back, but I was floored when you said she does it for free for her friends! She could make a fortune off marketing something that detailed and fun, but it’s really kind of amazing that she just enjoys doing it for the people she loves. Everything looks incredible!

  69. Why is this the cuttest thing that I have ever seen? Too cute

  70. This is one is definitely worth Pinning! So much inspiration :)

  71. WOW! Absolutely incredible! What a creative mind- she should definately start a blog! Thanks for sharing Bakerella :)

  72. This is the MOST BEAUTIFUL baby shower (or party in general!) that I’ve ever seen!!!! Well done, Julie. Great pics, Bakerella <3

  73. BEST. PARTY. EVER. !! :)

  74. Probably the cutest shower I have EVER seen! LOVE!

  75. Wow! She is amazing! Thank you for sharing her amazing talent on your blog. I wish she had a blog to share her talents and ideas.

  76. WOW. I can’t believe what Julie has done. She could go into business doing these things. I would love to sew the horses like Julie did. Any hints where I can find the pattern? Soooo cute!

  77. All the work that went into making this is beyond my imagination. I would love to see Cupcake Julie do a blog as well but where would she find he time?! This just blows me away!

  78. Does this lady have tiny elves working for her?

  79. I don’t care if she made them all over 3 years or 30 years, she makes me feel like such a slacker. This is awesome!

  80. What does ‘Cupcake Julie’ do? (besides amazing crafting!) Just curious about what a creative genius might do for a living.

  81. The time and effort cupcake Julie put in shows. Her attention to detail is inspiring!

  82. It was a prefect shower! Everything was perfect! I was very honored to be the guest of honor! :) Because we aren’t finding out the sex of the baby, the Humpty Dumpty theme worked beautifully!

  83. This is amazing. I’m speechless.

  84. Wow! What a talented woman! i love that she shares her talents with those she loves. The two of you are amazing, and i can image all the fun pops and stuff you can make for her amazing themed parties. Make sure you tell her how much I enjoyed looking at her work! That must have been a fabulous time!

  85. Just L.O.V.E. it!

  86. Wow that’s amazing!

  87. WOW! How cool would it be to be invited for this party! I’m so glad you are showing us all the great things she makes…and off course you make:-D
    Easter greetings from Holland!

  88. This looks like the happiest baby shower! I love that it`s not all baby pink or baby blue but instead ties in a theme related to your/your friends own childhood. That`s the sweetest idea!
    And your friend got serious skills, the decoration is beautiful!

  89. Sew cute :-)

  90. Wow wow wow! Cupcake Julie is almost as amazing as you are! It would be SO great if she started a blog too. Snow-White might be another good baby shower idea. All those dwarfs…and the magic mirror of course! You could turn a mirror into a cake platter and have ‘Who’ the fairest of them all?” cakes on it! Or even fake snow around the dessert table to continue with the whole “skin white as snow” thing. Thanks for posting these pictures!

  91. Pretty. Freaking. Awesome. Wow. Just WOW!

  92. WOW!!! It’s all so CUTE!!!

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  94. All this makes me feel so inadequate. Her crafting brain must be HUUUUGE!

  95. Holy molly. Your friend is crazy talented.

  96. I can’t believe your friend made all this. It’s incredible!!!

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