A while back I gave away the cutest little clutch. Anyone remember? It was from the Petunia Pickle Bottom Line called Cake. The color was called Red Velvet. Too cute. The Cake line of purses are actually diaper bag styles disguised as super fashionable handbags. But don’t let that keep you from falling in love with them. You can totally use this as a regular purse. It’s made of Italian cut velvet and coordinating wool tweed. It has lots of pockets, cute Cake zipper pulls and comes in fun “flavors.”

Anyway, last time I bought the clutch to give away because I loved the look of it and of course the name… Red Velvet Cake clutch… hard to resist.

But recently Petunia Pickle Bottom contacted me and offered one of their full-size Cosmopolitan Carryall bags for a giveaway. A big one. Yay for you guys!

This time the color is Buttercream… and it’s gorgeous.

Take a look…


Buttercream Cake Handbag Details

Check out this Red Velvet Clutch post for some close up shots of the purse detailing.


WANT IT? Enter for a chance to win this YELLOW Buttercream Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Purse.

  • Now, even though the prize purse is buttercream, I thought it would be fun to find out your favorite fabric flavor. (Say that fast three times.)
  • To enter, just pick your favorite from one of the flavors below or suggest one that you think would be fun. Personally, I’m waiting for Strawberry Cake to be an option. Please Petunia? Pink?
  • Deadline to enter is Tuesday, November 2 at 6 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up. Winner Announced Below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Tuesday evening.


Good Luck! And if you stumbled on this post looking for buttercream frosting, here’s a recipe for the one I use most of the time.

Okay. Okay. It’s time to announce the winner. Lots of people love this purse… including me. Sorry that there’s only one to give away. And that winner is comment #3638 – Sally!  Yay Sally. You’ll be super sassy when you carry it. Congrats!


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10,437 comments on “Buttercream”

  1. just by hearing Chocolate sound delicious

  2. Licorice Pudding!!

  3. Chocolate Strawberry, yes that would be good :)

  4. I love them all… but if I had to choose….Red Velvet!

  5. OOOOO I love that texture! I’d have to say the Apple Tart or the Chocolate Decadence, but they’re all beautiful!

  6. Oohhh… those are all quite drool worthy!

    I think I’ll have to go with juniper berry though. Love those shades!

    How about a Lavander Escape in purple?

  7. I love the French Gooseberry. So beautiful!

  8. I actually love the buttercream one, but really any one would do. :)

  9. I would love the red velvet.

  10. The names make them all the more cutelicious! I’m with you on Strawberry Cake. That just sounds like it would be such a cute little purse, and I am “Miss Strawberry” after all!

    But from the ones you posted, I have to say Apple Tart is looking darn fresh! Almost looks like it’ll have a crisp to it if I took a bite :9

  11. Licorice Pudding looks the most versatile, but purple is my favorite color. Hmm.. purple sweet potato chiffon cake?

  12. The Juniper Berry is gorgeous, but I would also love a purple option – Maybe Lilac Cream?

  13. I like the licorice and the gosberry! Super trendy.

  14. Man, that Buttercream is gorgeous, but French Gooseberry takes the cake. ;)

  15. I would love to see Apple Tart and French Gooseberry get together and make one AMAZING “child.”

  16. I love the yellow buttercream! I’ve been admiring this bag for a while actually. :)

  17. Plum Passion!
    Purple would be amazing!!!!!

  18. definitely the buttercream yellow is my favorite!

  19. I looooovvvveee the licorce pudding one.

  20. The red velvet is dreamy.

  21. I actually love the buttercream one best!

  22. Oh my…oh my my. I can’t decide…just can’t. And you can’t make me! If I win, you choose for me. And I really want to win. How cool and trendy and svelte would I look pimpin’ this around Cost Plus and Williams Sonoma? Ohhh the envy!

  23. Ooo, I love the Juniper berry :)

  24. LOVE it! (& the Licorice Pudding!!!)

  25. I could see myself holding anyone of those! I think my fave is the French Gooseberry. And you’re right Strawberry would be fab!

  26. Licorice Pudding!!!!!! This is my dream purse!!!!

  27. I absolutely love all of them!! I think my favorite would have to be the Chocolate Decadence one though! So pretty!

  28. Ooh, the buttercream one is gorgeous! Loving the Licorice Pudding as well! =)

  29. Hard to decide between apple tart and chocolate decadence.

  30. I am in love with French Gooseberry and in like with apple tart.

  31. I HEART the “French Gooseberry”! Love all of them!!!

  32. I love the Licorice Pudding…reminds me of my wedding theme :)

  33. I am having a baby in 6 weeks and I have been eyeing the Buttercream bag since your Red Velvet post led me to these bags! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Buttercream!

  34. Oh, wow! It is a huge struggle between French Gooseberry, the Buttercream and the Licorice Pudding.

  35. The red velvet looks awesome and delicious lol

  36. Licorice Pudding! But they all look almost edible. :)

  37. Ooooh! I can never pass up red velvet, but buttercream is also fabulous.

  38. Love the ALL!! but in the order of preference:
    red velvet
    licorice pudding
    apple tart
    juniper berry
    french gooseberry
    chocolate decadence

    These bags are too cute! Great give-away, thank you!

  39. French Gooseberry is beautiful! i love them all!

  40. I like the licorice pudding! They are all gorgeous though!

  41. Red Velvet!

  42. I’d love one in a pumpkin pie shade!

  43. Oooh it’s hard to choose between Licorice Pudding and French Gooseberry. They are all so gorgeous!!

  44. The buttercream is gorgeous but i like the juniper berry as well. its so hard to choose!!

  45. i think the buttercream looks as delicious as the icing its named after! but ahhh…how do you pick just one ‘flavour’?just like your cupcakes and cake pops, i could drool over these bags all day!
    oh my. these flavours people are inventing would be beautiful- chocolate chip mint, raspberry chocolate…. i’d be all over a strawberry shortcake one….

  46. French Gooseberry…awesome colour and fun name to boot!

  47. Can’t go wrong with Chocolate!

  48. Eek! The French Gooseberry is gorgeous! Pick me please…

  49. There really should be a lemon meringue or pumpkin spice. Love them, so pretty.

  50. Red Velvet…I’m entering for my wife.. She would love this bag

  51. licorice pudding is way fab!

  52. Licorice Pudding and Yellow Buttercream are my favs! :o)

  53. French Gooseberry. It is wonderful.

  54. Chocolate decadence all the way! (cake and purse)

  55. apple tart for the win!!!

  56. I love the Licorice Pudding because it reminds me of my wedding dress, but if I were to actually buy one myself it would be the buttercream!

  57. Love Licorice pudding… but don’t care for the name

  58. Oh licorice pudding all the way!!! love it!!

  59. Buttercream is my favorite!!!

  60. coincidentally red velvet is my favorite flavor of cake too!

  61. I love Licorice Pudding and French Gooseberry.

    I’d also love to see how Blueberry Cheesecake would turn out. :))

  62. I love the Licorice Pudding!

  63. Oh I want to suggest a flavor too.. Red Crush or something wine colored. I saw a wine a while back called Mommy’s Time Out.. and as a mom, I know we could all use a lil’ glass of vino from time to time!

  64. I LOVE the chocolate decadance one!

  65. I love the buttercream one! So cute and stylish! :)

  66. Red velvet is beautiful!

  67. Juniper berry is catching my eye :)

  68. Definitely the Apple Tart!

  69. I would love an Orange Creamsicle color! But in the meantime, chocolate decadence or the buttercream color would be fab! :)

  70. Love the apple tart :)

  71. I love the elegance of Licorice Pudding, However, I’m a green chick, so I’m going with Apple Tart! <3

  72. i LOVE the buttercream one!!

  73. Definitely Juniper Berry! I’m a blue girl, through and through. :)

  74. I love the buttercream but the apple tart is gorgeous too!

  75. I think they are so creative and beautiful! I really like the Licorice Pudding! That’s my favorite. My hubby and I want to get pregnant soon – this would be perfect! Thanks!

  76. French Gooseberry!!

  77. mmmmhhhmmmm. Chocolate.

  78. I can’t choose between the chocolate decadance and the juniper berry. I love them both.

  79. Oh my, Chocolate Decadence by far but a pink (Strawberry) would be a close second!

  80. omg! love love LOVE!!! What about a vanilla bean?? All are gorgeous

  81. Omygosh! All the colors are sooo gorgeous! I am a practical girl so I would have to say licorice pudding or chocolate decadence – but I really think that buttercream would match a lot of stuff too! Please, please, please random number generator/Bakerella pick me!! <3

  82. I like licorice pudding! =)

  83. I would have to go with apple tart… im a little obsessed with green… and maybe a little envious of these adorable bags!

  84. soooo cute and I’m expecting my 2nd child in January!! I’m in LOVE with French Gooseberry, but these days I tend to eat more Chocolate Decadence with anything!!

  85. I love French Gooseberry, though it doesn’t sound as tasty as Chocolate Decadence. I am going to rename Licorice Pudding as Oreo Cookie, it sounds so much better.

  86. loooove the french gooseberry!!

  87. I have loved these bags since the first post!!!! So darling, and sooooo Bakerella!! Personally I love the Red Velvet!

  88. Tough Decision but my favorites are chocolate decadence and Apple tart!

  89. Oooh it’s a tough call between Apple Tart and French Gooseberry, but I think I love Apple Tart just a smidgen more!

  90. I love the yellow buttercream… beautiful! :)

  91. Well because our local gourmet cupcake shop makes the very best.. my vote is Red Velvet! Yum! Makes my mouth water!!

  92. Licorice Pudding looks beautiful!I’m such a sucker for intricate black designs on white.

  93. Licorice Pudding is totally classic, even though I don’t think it would be very delicious!

  94. Oh my goodness! I love the apple tart. And I just got your cake pop book today and LOVE it!

  95. Juniper Berry!

  96. I love the buttercream! SO yummy!

  97. LOVE Licorice Pudding.

  98. I LOVE the Licorice Pudding but that Buttercream is beautiful too.

  99. I’m dying for buttercream….!!

  100. I also love the buttercream, I would say the chocolate comes in next:)

  101. Chocolate Decadence is the most amazing one…. do I even have to explain why? :)

  102. ohhh red velvet!!! devine

  103. A girl can never have enough Chocolate! LOVE it! Thanks for sharing.

  104. Since yellow is my favorite color and since I just made cupcakes with buttercream for my niece’s birthday yesterday, I have to say that the buttercream bag is my absolute fave! I would love to have it in my life!

  105. The French Gooseberry is my new favorite color! Love these bags. So clever and gorgeous.

  106. Defiantly licorice pudding! xo

  107. Buttercream is my favorite, but Licorice pudding is second. They are all FaBuLOus!

  108. Licorice pudding! :)

  109. Licorice pudding all the way! Although the Red Velvet is pretty awesome! I’m with you though… Strawberry would be great!

  110. Ooooh! I love the Buttercream one. After that, I’d go with Apple Tart.

  111. I love love love Chocolate Decadence! :)

  112. The gooseberry and apple tart colors are fantastic!

  113. OMG- I love it!!!! Buttercream is beautiful! (and so trendy! I can’t wear yellow w/ my coloring but this purse would be a great way to incorporate the stylish shade into my wardrobe) :)

    I would love to see a “pistachio” bag (think pistachio pudding mixed with cool whip color…. and yum!)

  114. It’s REALLY hard to choose a fav — love the Red Velvet, the Licorice AND the Gooseberry! Such wonderful bags — THANKS for the giveaway!!!!!

  115. I actually really love the Buttercream but otherwise I like the Licorice Pudding. :)

  116. I’ve got to go with the Chocolate Decadence since brown is my favorite color.

  117. The juniper berry reminds me of a romantic dress from the middle ages….so pretty….just….drool….

  118. The Buttercream one is my favorite!

  119. I adore the buttercream!

  120. LOVE the Apple Tart! SO cute!

  121. I love all the colors, but I’m still lovin the “Buttercream” one the most. And “Chocolate Decadence” would be a close 2nd.

    Congratulations on your new book too! :)

  122. Hmmm, juniper berry sounds merry for the upcoming holidays.

  123. OH APPLE TART, YUM! I’d like some right about now too!

  124. chocolatedecadence is fabulous!!!

  125. Chocolate Decadence, the color is yummy!

  126. Ooooo…I love them all, but I think buttercream is my favorite! So classy!!

  127. Love the Licorice Pudding!

  128. This one is aMaZinG! …chocolate decadence

  129. I love the Licorice and the red velvet and the buttercream…did you say only one color? Oops!!

  130. Um…one of each please? :) I seriously am having a hard time picking a favorite. I love green, so the apple tart stands out, but the Juniper Berry seems a little more practical. But I LOVE the Buttercream one, so I’m happy that’s the giveaway! :)

  131. I love the buttercream!

  132. Chocolate for me, please!

  133. I REALLY like the red velvet, but I also cant resist the chocolate or the goosberry one. Either way, I’m drooling!

  134. I love the yellow buttercream!!!

  135. I love the apple but I think Carrot Cake would be lovely with orange.

  136. oh i love them all…. but red velvet will be on my christmas list if i don’t win!

  137. French Gooseberry! Beautiful!

  138. yellow buttercream is my favorite! But I also would pick the licorice pudding. These are lovely!

  139. French Gooseberry for sure! Looks so yummy.

  140. I LOVE Licorice Pudding and Red Velvet! As a baker who wouldnt love a purse named after the very thing we love to make!!!! :D And I totally agree with you Bakerella! There should be a Strawberry Shortcake Bag!!!!!!!

  141. Oh, I love the Apple Tart. I am always a sucker for that shade of green!

  142. Love them all – especially the yellow ones!

  143. Love them all!

  144. Ohhh French Gooseberry is calling my name…LOVE IT!

  145. Love the juniper berry purse, but would love to have any of them :)

  146. Red velvet but all cute!!

  147. Licorice pudding is lovely!!

  148. I love chocolate decadence!

  149. Licorice pudding is absolutely gorgeous!

  150. it’s a toss up between french gooseberry and the yellow buttercream. yumm

  151. I love the Buttercream and French Gooseberry! They are all gorgeous. :-) I suggest a plum pudding (purple) or Pumpkin torte (orange) to add to the collection.

  152. Licorice Pudding is amazing! So classy!

  153. I’m going to have to say Juniper Berry because it would match just about everything I own. However, French Gooseberry is a close second because it’s just so much fun to say!

  154. Apple tart is adorable!!

  155. The red velvet one looks delicious!

  156. I love the Licorice Pudding and Apple Tart fabric flavors. So awesome. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  157. French Gooseberry is gorgeous! I’d definitely love the Yellow Buttercream, though! :)

  158. I love the Apple Tart! Thank you for hosting, these are beautiful bags!

  159. Juniper Berry for me… Unless you come up with a saucy plum!

  160. Oh my … I would carry any and all of them! But, if I HAD to pick, I’m a sucker for green. Apple tart!

  161. what about grape? grape cake would be gross but a grape cake purse would be delish!

  162. I’m kind of torn between buttercream, red velvet, apple tart, chocolate decadence, and french gooseberry! I guess I can’t pick a favorite color!!!

  163. Oooh, I love the Licorice Pudding color!

  164. Licorice Pudding! But then again I am a black and white girl……..although anything with chocolate in the name isn’t bad either! :) A nice shade of purple like maybe Grape Jelly, I think would be a beautiful color.

  165. Licorice pudding all the way! And I don’t even like licorice. The buttercream is yummy, too.

  166. Licorice Pudding is so beautiful.

  167. The red velvet is tempting, but that Buttercream is to die for!!

  168. Mmmmmm…….definitely Apple Tart!

  169. Love the RED VELVET! Although the APPLE TART is just as a appealing!

  170. oh gosh, all of them are DELISH!
    I’ll have to say Red Velvet!!! :D

  171. I’m loving the licorice pudding; makes me think of Audrey Hepburn :)
    xx <3

  172. Really like the apple and red velvet…. but lets go with Chocolate Decadence!

  173. Licorice pudding is beautiful. Red Velvet is stunning! It’s so hard to decide.

  174. Apple tart! I don’t have a good green bag!

  175. I love Chocolate Decadence….who could resist chocolate! Plum Truffle would be a great addition to this sweet group!

  176. red velvet….soooo nice!!!

  177. Either buttercream or chocolate. They are all beautiful!

  178. Omgosh I need Chocolate Decadence!!

  179. I love the chocolate decadence, I think I would do a sugar cookie one with a bunch of different colors (sprinkles) on it…

  180. I love the licorice pudding!

  181. Goodness me, those bags are gorgeous! Apple tart is my fav!

  182. Definitely the Licorice Pudding!!

  183. Well they are all beautiful! A pumpkin pie bag would be delicious and very fashionable for fall :)

  184. I like the LICORICE PUDDING. These purses and colors are gorgeous!

  185. Apple Tart, so cute :)

  186. Bosenberry would be my color. A purple/blue color. :)

  187. i’m digging the buttercream!!! but a little french gooseberry would make me oh-so-happy as well. very niiiice.

  188. I adore the apple tart. An even darker green would be lovely too, a zuccinni compote :)

  189. Licorice pudding! So cute!

  190. I love the all! If I had to choose it would be between the Apple Tart and the Yellow Buttercream.

  191. Yum! The Apple Tart looks delightful!

  192. hmmm i do like the licorice pudding :)

  193. I like French Gooseberry and Juniper Berry.

  194. Red Velvet is so awesome!

  195. They are all lovely, but my favorite cake growing up, the one I requested for my birthday every year in grade school was cherry chip. Wouldn’t a cherry pink color be nice?

  196. I like the Licorice Pudding. The bag, not the taste. Licorice, yuck!

  197. Chocolate decadence! It just sounds fancy! (Not to mention gorgeous and yummy).

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