Too funny!

This is good for a giggle and another reason why Chronicle Books (my publisher) has been so much fun to work with. Besides their people, their super fun books and great design … they do crazy stuff like this. Check out what Liz and Anna dressed up as for their office Halloween festivities on Friday. I’m still laughing about it  …


… and I thought you guys might get a chuckle, too.

Now, since we’re talking costumes… any plans on dressing up this Halloween?

What are you … or your kids gonna be? I’d love to hear.

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172 comments on “Too funny!”

  1. We had a party last night. I went at Flo, the Progressive Gal, and my dh went as “A hot babe out jogging” Mayhem. Go to my blog and see the picture.

  2. that is so awesome!!!!! bakerella love ftw!

  3. Ha! Very cute. We’re attempting some cake pops this weekend. Maybe we could have used those costumes to get in the spirit :)

  4. Cute! I’m going as Minnie Mouse as we just visited the magic kingdom a month ago!

  5. hahahaha that is awesome! I wish I could be the clever.

  6. awesome costumes!!!

  7. Oh my gosh, that is the cutest costume set. Did they make that cupcake? I’d love to know how they made that if they did. Very impressive.

  8. That’s hilarious.

    I’m going to be a Zombie Lunchlady. Ladling up brains for the other partygoers.

  9. my 13 yr old son went to his school’s masquerade ball as The Dread Pirate Roberts from “The Princess Bride”

  10. That’s AWESOME!! See, everyone loves YOU!

  11. So mad I didn’t think of this costume. ROFL. I’m a cupcake…100% from scratch just like everything I bake…(my boyfriend is going at the baker)

  12. That’s too funny!!! Love their costumes!!! My 3 and 2 year old are going to be My Little Ponies for Halloween this year.

  13. AHHH! Too funny! I love it!
    My kids are a Flower loving Hippie, a Pink Pirate, and Superman! So adorable, and not matchy at all!

  14. My daughter (2) is going as a chef…and my son (1) is going as a sack of taters!! :) Wish I’D thought to go as Bakerella! I could have had an excuse to get one of those awesome shirts. ;)

  15. What a fab costume! I wish I knew how she made the cupcake. I’m boring at Halloween, just your average green witch. My daughter, 14, however another story. She’s been everything from a Starbuck’s Barista, pizza delivery boy, pillow fight victim, to this year as Mrs. Cleaver, the Beaver’s mom. Pearls and all!!!

  16. My puppy is going to be Rhett Butler (Barkler?) and I, of course, am going to be Scarlett! :)

  17. Tonight my husband and I are going to his organization’s Fall Ball. All of the advisors are dressing as Villains of Batman! I’m going as Harley Quinn and my husband is going as the Joker. The rest of our friends are going as Two-Face, Poison Ivy, The Riddler, Penguin, Cat Woman, & Bayne! Every costume was hand-made… no store bought costumes here! Can’t wait to walk in together :)

  18. Love it! I want to know how they made that giant cakepop hat!!!! I am a pirate this year…Jane Sparrow :) My daughter is Katara from Avatar (the Nickelodeon show…not the movie) and my son insisted on being a mushroom!!! I don’t know what my 2 teenage sons wil be…..they always surprise us!!

  19. my daughter is going as Pinkalicious – a character from a book, who loves pink… she adds too much pink food coloring to her mother’s cupcakes and after eating wayyyy to many she turns pink!

  20. ^_^ SO CUTE!!

  21. Haha! That is adorably hilarious!

  22. Oh that is fantastic!!

    We’re going out tonight and I am dressing as a “Pirate” although I think saying I’m dressed as “What Little Miss Muffet Would Look Like If She Was Kidnapped By Captain Jack Sparrow” gives people a better idea. The kiddo is dressing as a ninja! Complete with ninja mask and a sword that goes to a completely different costume.

    The pirate vs. ninja jokes are running rampant, let me tell you.

  23. Ali – love the zombie lunch lady idea

    Donna – Mrs. Cleaver – she’ll look fantastic

    Rachel – I want to go

    Andrea – perfect

  24. i won’t be going as anything since we are beyond broke, but my mom made my son’s Mickey Mouse costume.

  25. I love the cake pop costume! There are some really cute cupcake costumes out there this year.

    Check out our “Candyland” and “Soccer” Crazy Hair Designs !!!!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  26. This is totally awesome!!! Very creative!!! I love it!!!!

  27. My oldest daughter made a costume that looks like a Converse Tennis Shoe. It is so awesome. She included so much detail. If I get a pic online I will attach one for you ;)

  28. I was ACTUALLY a cupcake for Halloween, and made matching cupcakes for the party I went to :)

    Here’s a link to a picture of me in my costume, with the cupcakes! Enjoy!!/photo.php?fbid=1318371739865&set=a.1318368019772.41820.1847933596

  29. I’m going as a jester, although I don’t think people will understand until I finish crocheting my jester hat, which… yeah….

    Reading all the comments about what children are dressing up as reminds of the story my mother always tells me about when I was two or three. Apparently I wanted to be a Dalmatian for Halloween, but she wanted me to be a pumpkin, I think because she already had the costume or something. Eventually I declared that I would simply NOT GO trick-or-treating if I wasn’t a Dalmatian. Oh, baby-self, you crack me up.

  30. i think that is hands down the best costumes i’ve seen so far!

    tonight, i will be cooking mama (video game character)! because i bake so much, my friends have dubbed me “cooking mama” haha. hopefully i live up to the nickname!

  31. I was a cupcake!!! Fabulous pink frosting and purple sprinkles :)

  32. Wait a minute… is that you with the blonde wig? Hahaha this is hilarious. You have your own Halloween costume. Where can we buy this?! Target? Michaels? Or do we just need a wig and apron witht he cake pops book?

  33. Super cute and funny!

    My husband and I are dressing up as SUSHI!

  34. this is so great! love it!!!
    I’m going to be a cupcake!!!!! i’m very excited about that..

  35. Cute! I’m going to be Princess Tiana from Disney

  36. What are a pirate’s favorite type of socks? Arrrrrrrrrrrgyle. :-) Our 3 year-old daughter will be a pirate, of course.

  37. I went as Dolly Parton circa 9 to 5!! It was a hit!

  38. Those costumes are adorable!

  39. I am not dressing up, but my little guy is. My 9 month old is going as the Scarecrow and my best friends daughter is going as Dorthy. There are so cute together!

  40. Cute! The little stick was the perfect touch to let people know that this is no ordinary cupcake.

    I’m going to be the Black Hat Guy from xkcd, which means somehow conveying that I’m a stick figure. Hopefully everything goes well :/

  41. That is AWESOME!!! I love it!!! I’m going as Max from the wild things :)

  42. That is So cute!
    I’m going to be Antoine Dodson of youtube fame for H-ween, and boyfriend is going to be Kenny Powers from the show Eastbound & Down on HBO!

  43. LOL! Love it!

  44. I’m going to try to be a cupcake! I have a brown pleated skirt, a fuzzy and slightly flowy pink sweater, a white “whipped cream” scarf, and a little net hat I sewed felt sprinkles and a cherry on top! I love cupcakes :D

  45. Wow! In addition to halloween you could take those two with you on your book tour as live props at each stop, ha ha!

    I dressed up at work yesterday as the Piggy from the Geico commercial… wheeeeee wh-wheeeeeeee

  46. My three year old son will be a pirate and my daughter will be a bee (a hand-me-down from my niece!). Not sure if we’ll be dressing up to take them trick-or-treating, but my husband likes any costume in which he can wear a fake mustache.

  47. that is Hilarious!!!
    Love the hair ;-)

  48. totally stole my ideaaaaa:

    posted in your Southern Cali entry…
    Katie said…

    my eyes bulged when i saw Joy was there too lol. this is one action packed post! i can’t wait for you to come to Jersey.

    btw.. i just thought of the best halloween costume ever (although i already have mine) – Bakerella!! with a styrofoam cakepop so that it doesnt get broken throughout the night!
    October 18, 2010 07:54 AM

    i like their version better though. well done!

  49. their costumes are really fun :]
    who would have ever thought of
    dressing up as bakerella
    and a cupcake pop? :D
    people can walk around and ask
    “hey what are you supposed to be?”
    “a cupcake POP!” (;

  50. A zombie rabbit! :D Haha

  51. That cake pop costume should be hanging in your front door!!! Not talking only for the Halloween but all year round, it’s awesome!!!

  52. Love those costumes. I am a witch this year!

  53. My 11 month old is going to be Charlie Brown :-)

  54. I don’t dress up, but my 4 yr old daughter is Little Red Riding Hood and my 2 yr old son is the little cute wolf :)

  55. that’s hilarious! what a super creative costume!

  56. My girls are going as cupcakes. Man…i should have made myself into a cakepop! That is awesome!!

  57. me and my best friend are going as Mrs and Mr Santa Claus hahah

  58. haha thats too cute. ^u^ well my husband and i are going to be Princess peach and Wario and my two little ones are going to be Mario and Luigi! <3 have fun this weekend!!!

  59. My friends and I were cupcakes for senior dress up day at my school! It was a big hit, everyone loved our costumes!

  60. My son is being a pirate. He decided I had to be a pirate’s mom. Guess who’s pulling on an eyepatch?

  61. My oldest (13) is too cool to be anything real, so she’s wearing warm PJ’s to trick or treat in; the next girl (10) is a pig in a blanket! (In all pink, hot glue pig ears to a headband, put a snout on a piece of elastic, and wrap a blanket around your shoulders!!). My son (9) is a chef!! He even has a chef’s hat, fake mustache, and wooden spoon. It’s fabulous. My youngest, 7, is Gabriella from High School Musical and looks like a princess.

    As for me, I am wearing a glittery mask and that’s all.

  62. Wait~ I didn’t mean that’s all I’m wearing! I mean that it’s the only part of my costume. The rest will be regular clothes!!


  63. OMG toooo cute

  64. My husband was supposed to be a banana, me a bunch of grapes. The banana didn’t work out, but the grapes did and it was oh so funny to hear all the kids reactions at the carnival/trunk-or-treat we attended.

  65. I am 28 weeks pregnant so I am wearing a sign that says “Caution Wide Load”. And my husband is a truck driver. You can see a pic at
    Our kids are Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Not very original but it was their idea and they LOVE it.

  66. I am going to work at my church’s Pumpkin Palooza tonight as Ouiser Boudreau from Steel Magnolias. The kids won’t have a clue, but the other workers definitely will!!

    I met you Thursday in Dallas at your book signing. (I was #5 in line) Thank you for doing a book signing in Texas. My friends and I took off 1 1/2 days of work, drove 4 hours to be in Dallas, and we LOVED every minute of it!!! WOW!! You are SO COOL!!! Thanks again — it was well worth taking vacation days to get to meet you!!!!!!

  67. The Cake Pop is an exact replica of your original!!!!! So adorable!!

  68. That’s super rad!
    I’m going as a punk rocker. My hair is already hot pink so there will be a foot tall mohawk.
    My chef told me to come into the bakery I work at in full costume. He’s going to be Elvis.

  69. I’m not dressing up, but my four kids are. I originally wanted them to go as something that goes together, but what if Dorothy was sick and we just had the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Lion? Or just two Kiss members? So, they got to choose, and I have a Peacock Princess, a Spider Monkey Ben 10 alien, Super Why the Super Reader, and a chubby little 7-month-old ladybug.

  70. My daughter is going to be Belle. Easy peasy, bought it off of ebay, much easier than last year, she wanted to be a care bear, which I had to make!
    My son will be what ever I can get him to keep on, super man, a monkey or a boy scout!

  71. My boys are going as Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi. They are naturally excited about going trick-or-treating. Then, the Rangers made it to the World Series and we got tickets for Sunday. Oops! The babysitter is now taking them trick-or-treating.

    P.S. I finally made some cake balls and they were delicious!!

  72. How cool is that?! You know you’ve made it when people are dressing as you! I wonder if any little girls are going to be Bakerella tomorrow night. I’ll bet so!

  73. My little girl is going to be Barlie Mariposa :)

  74. I went to a costume bachelorette party last night. The bride was a zombie bride and I was her zombie bridesmaid. It was too much fun!

  75. that’s awesome and quite an endorsement. my husband I were little red ridinghood & the big bad wolf

  76. My boy is going to a baby shower as Charlie Brown and trick or treating as a sunny-side-up egg…both very inexpensive to put together!

  77. That is an awesome costume.

  78. Haha. Life-size cake pop! I love it! I’m going to a party as a circus ringmaster and I’m packin my purse full of cake pops to hand out!

  79. My 4-year old nephew will be Spongebob and has convinced me to be Patrick. I’m 5’10” and 42 years old, but I love that kid! I think we’ll be a sight walking down the street!

  80. I’m going as Megara from Hercules. I’m kind of wishing I’d thought to go as a cake pop now though. How fun is that?!

  81. Love those costumes. I just finished making my 1 year old granddaughter a Pebbles costume (bone in her hair, of course!). Their last name is Stone so…what els could she be but a small stone…a pebble!?!?!? She looked ADORABLE in it!!!!

  82. Those costumes just make me sad…my bookstore is STILL waiting for our copies of CAKE POPS to come in. We’ve called four times and they keep telling us that the books shipped, and yet…no books. We have a long waiting list–so long that we’re going to have to place a second order BEFORE THE FIRST ORDER EVEN COMES. *sigh* I just want my cake pops!

  83. What a great idea to dress up as Bakerella!
    My kids are going as something scary (as usual)
    I am going as MereDeath Grey (Basically dead Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy) I am still trying to convince my husband to go as Dr. Mc Dead-y (dead Dr. McDreamy) but he is not buying it.
    Kiki your costumes are awesome! My husband and I talked about going as the same characters! Those Allstate commercials are funny!!

  84. I’m going as Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender :D

  85. For our church fall festival, I dressed up as the old woman who lived in a shoe. I currently have 4 kids with one on the way. I put a pillow on to accentuate my already existing bump and then I put 3 baby dolls in my front carrying baby back pack and 3 more baby dolls in an actual back pack on the back

  86. that is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny !

  87. Teeheehee, that’s funny…
    i guess for me, i’m Sunny side up egg by day and a pokemon trainer by night. :]
    there’s picture of me as an egg on my blog actually.. hahah :p

  88. They look super cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. so cute, my daughter is going to be a pretty bee, my son will be Luigi from Mario Bros. and my little one is going as a cupcake. I made it for her last year and it will work this year too, I put some beads on it today to make it look like it has sprinkles. Everyone thought she was cotton candy last year, so I hope people won’t be confused this year. I hope to get a good picture before she screams and wants it off, she’s 2, we will see.

  90. i went to work yesterday as a sumo wrestler…blow up costume and all….a bit awkward, but totally hilarious! haha

  91. I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz yesterday! I work with kindergartners and none of them knew who she was. Tragic.

  92. That’s great!! My girls are going to be a candy corn fairy, a bag of skittles, and a lady bug.

  93. They are so clever! Unfortunately, we are not dressing up this year, but my hubby and I have had some great costumes in the past, the favorite being Hooters girls! Just posted some pics the other day:

  94. Great costumes, very funny! My nephew who is ten is going as a gangster with a pinstripe suit and a hat. I thought that one was funny:)

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