A while back I gave away the cutest little clutch. Anyone remember? It was from the Petunia Pickle Bottom Line called Cake. The color was called Red Velvet. Too cute. The Cake line of purses are actually diaper bag styles disguised as super fashionable handbags. But don’t let that keep you from falling in love with them. You can totally use this as a regular purse. It’s made of Italian cut velvet and coordinating wool tweed. It has lots of pockets, cute Cake zipper pulls and comes in fun “flavors.”

Anyway, last time I bought the clutch to give away because I loved the look of it and of course the name… Red Velvet Cake clutch… hard to resist.

But recently Petunia Pickle Bottom contacted me and offered one of their full-size Cosmopolitan Carryall bags for a giveaway. A big one. Yay for you guys!

This time the color is Buttercream… and it’s gorgeous.

Take a look…


Buttercream Cake Handbag Details

Check out this Red Velvet Clutch post for some close up shots of the purse detailing.


WANT IT? Enter for a chance to win this YELLOW Buttercream Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Purse.

  • Now, even though the prize purse is buttercream, I thought it would be fun to find out your favorite fabric flavor. (Say that fast three times.)
  • To enter, just pick your favorite from one of the flavors below or suggest one that you think would be fun. Personally, I’m waiting for Strawberry Cake to be an option. Please Petunia? Pink?
  • Deadline to enter is Tuesday, November 2 at 6 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up. Winner Announced Below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Tuesday evening.


Good Luck! And if you stumbled on this post looking for buttercream frosting, here’s a recipe for the one I use most of the time.

Okay. Okay. It’s time to announce the winner. Lots of people love this purse… including me. Sorry that there’s only one to give away. And that winner is comment #3638 – Sally!  Yay Sally. You’ll be super sassy when you carry it. Congrats!


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10,437 comments on “Buttercream”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! They are all so beautiful…I really do think my fave is the buttercream but if I had to choose from the others I would pick the Licorice Pudding. All are gorgeous though.

  2. Apple Tart! :)

  3. Chocolate Decadence. Love it!!

  4. LOVE the Chocolate Decadence and Juniper Berry. Beautiful bags!

  5. Love the Licorice Pudding. It looks so beautiful!

  6. I love purses…and I love them all, but would love an ube chiffon version…my favorite filipino flavor…and purple of course is my fav color!!!

  7. I love the Juniper Berry bag!! It looks whimsical and oh-so-perfect for the upcoming winter! Sigh…

  8. The Licorice Pudding looks so DELISH!!! Oh, I must have one…

  9. Love the Apple Tart, and the Chocolate Decadence!

  10. I have to admit – besides your strawberry cake idea, the buttercream is my favorite! The yellow is just the right shade and perfect for moms with boys!!

  11. red velvet… no buttercream…. no red velvet… no buttercream! How is a girt to decide!!! Buttercream wins!!!

  12. Love the black licorice! So cute!!

  13. My favorite is buttercream!

  14. OH APPLE TART! Totally…

  15. Red Velvet and French Gooseberry soo totally cute!!

    I would love to see a purple one! like boysenberry or something

  16. I love the Juniper Berry. I think a fun fabric flavor would be s’mores. :)

  17. Apple tart! I love everything and anything green.

  18. Chocolate Decadence! So pretty!

  19. Love, love, love the French Gooseberry!

  20. Gotta have that Red Velvet bag! How fun!

  21. I love the yellow buttercream but all of these colors are so rich and handsome looking! I think that an orange one called Carrot Cake or Pumpkin Patch would be a good addition!

  22. They are ALL gorgeous! I never venture far from my black wardrobe, but WOW-the Apple Tart and the French Gooseberry would make me change that!

  23. the red and black are so cute!!!

  24. French Gooseberry is so beautiful!!! =)

  25. Love these! My favorite is the French Gooseberry.

  26. How about a French Vanilla? I’m waiting for Strawberry too :)

  27. The apple tart is SO cute!!!

  28. I am entering for my wife because I know she would love this purse! I like the Apple Tart but that’s just me. I think she would like the licorice pudding.

  29. Oooooooo, love the apple tart! But, what about a pumpkin spice in a nice warm orange?? Really, thay’re all FAB

  30. LOVE the french gooseberry – yami yam!

  31. I love the “Licorice Pudding” one…very cute.

  32. With 3 kids under 5 I need a big diaper bag! My favourite is the french gooseberry though I would love the buttercream too.

  33. they’re all adorable but Licorice Pudding seems to be a classic

  34. they all look SO DELISH!! I’m not sure I could pass up the red velvet though, I’m completely in love with these bags!

  35. Licorice pudding

  36. I love the Apple tart but Buttercream is beautiful and I SOOOO need this bag, my diaper bag was just stolen out of my garage!

  37. I am in LOVE with Licorice Pudding. LOVE!

  38. Apple Tart is beyond adorable!!!!!

  39. I love Chocolate… Decadence.

  40. I didn’t expect it to be so hard to choose a favorite…they’re all yummy enough to eat! But buttercream still held out as the one I like best.

  41. I love the Red Velvet! Makes such a statement and is so classy!

  42. Love them all but the licorice pudding would go with just about anything and I love black licorice. So cute!

  43. All the colors look scrumptious, but my vote goes to Chocolate Decadence.

  44. Red Velvet of course! So beautiful! These are great bags!

  45. holy smokes! thats one beautiful purse! the licorice pudding makes me swoon! yup…besides kitchen equipment, purses are my crack!

  46. I LOVE the Licorice Pudding!

  47. I think I might love all the colors but if I had to pick – RED VELVET!

  48. I like the Chocolate Decadence or the Apple Tart, but I do agree that something like a Strawberries and Cream would be gorgeous!

  49. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them all! Red Velvet!

  50. Oh they are all gorgeous! I’m drawn to French Goosenberry though.

  51. O my gosh how am I supposed to choose a favorite when they are all SO FAB!! I love the buttercream & the licorice! But I also love the apple tart & red velvet! Lol

  52. I love Apple Tart! And Chocolate Decadence!

  53. Oooo, Chocolate Decadence is gorgeous! Maybe they should create a Chocolate Raspberry flavor…That would sure be purdy!

  54. MUST have!
    Who could pass up red velvet?

  55. love, love, love the licorice pudding! with chocolate decadence a close 2nd!

  56. My favorite is the Chocolate Decadence followed closely by Licorice Pudding (I actually had to ‘eeny, meeny, miney, moe’ to choose one over the other as I like them equally)!

  57. I am liking Juniper Berry!

  58. I love them all! Oh my goodness! Chocolate Decadence, French Gooseberry, Red Velvet….way too many beauties to choose just one!!!

  59. I love the Juniper Berry!

    Though the chocolate and the French Gooseberry are also very pretty!

  60. oooooo Juniper Berry is so nice!

  61. Love the Red Velvet!

  62. The Juniper berry is adorable, and is a subtle enough color scheme that it wouldnt overwhelm the user!

  63. for sure the Red Velvet!

  64. Chocolate Decadence looks amazing!!! I love it!!!!

  65. Just reading the names makes me hungry for cake! I love the chocolate decadence…….now off to eat more Halloween candy :)

  66. I’m a sucker for that Licorice Pudding. *sigh*

  67. Buttercream is best, but French gooseberry sounds divine!

  68. Oh for sure have to go with Red Velvet! :) G-orgeous!

  69. Toss up between chocolate and gooseberry. I too second a strawberry pink one!!

  70. Chocolate Decadence! Gotta have it!!

  71. Ooh, Chocolate Decadence looks gorgeous! A flavor I think would be fun to make is Opera Gateau though. The possibilities are endless!

  72. I’m in love with the Chocolate Decadence! Red Velvet is also stunning!

  73. French Velvet please!

  74. Juniper Berry & Buttercream are both GORGEOUS! How about a purple option, maybe Plum Tartlet?

  75. Love, love, LOVE ALL of them! Closing my eyes and letting my finger fall….licorice pudding (although that may not taste good) wins! Very chic! :)

  76. The French Gooseberry is so cute!

  77. i love the juniper berry one! but my favorite flavor would be chocolate decadence =]

  78. love the french gooseberry!

  79. Wow, I love that black licorice but I think if I had to choose my absolute favorite, it would be the Apple Tart.

  80. Chocolate Decadence…mmmmmm

  81. They are all so perfect, too hard to pick just one. A blackberry or marionberry one would be fantastic too!

  82. Man this is a hard one but I think I will have to go with the Apple Tart!

  83. i love the Juniper Berry!

  84. I actually love the buttercream! I love the subtlety of it!

  85. I would like to see pumpkin spice!

  86. licorice pudding please!

  87. OH licorice pudding. Love it!

  88. I love this bag and I just found out I am pregnant! How perfect is that?!? It is a toss up between Apple Tart and Buttercream. If I win, I’ll make a final decision ;o)

  89. Licorice pudding! These are so cute! I love the contrast on the bag, and I am a rather large fan of licorice itself!!!

  90. i like the apple tart best but they are all beautiful1

  91. Chocolate Decadence

  92. My mouth is watering but that’s a good thing, right? I choose Chocolate Decadence for my favorite.

  93. All of them look lovely… but I would have to go with Red Velvet or Licorice Pudding! :)

  94. I love the buttercream!!!! Yummmm!

  95. buttercream and french gooseberry–gorgeous!

  96. Love the Buttercream..They are beautifully done!!

  97. Oh i am in love with chocolate decadence

  98. Chocolate Decadence… Yum!

  99. I like the Chocolate Decadence

  100. ooohh, i love the licorice pudding one, classy classy.
    who doesn’t love a purse giveaway :)

  101. LOVE the yellow buttercream, looks delicious! :)

  102. I love the red velvet as well! I might be biased, as that’s my favorite cake flavor too! Funfetti would be cute though!

  103. I love the sweet Apple tart, it reminds me of spring!

  104. I’m definantly a chocolate decadance kinda girl:)

  105. absolutely LOVE the chocolate decadence….i would have to second mint chocolate chip because i think that brown AND the green would be beautiful together!!

  106. I love the apple tart and the red velvet!

  107. The red velvet is beautiful!

  108. These bags are gorgeous, I LOVE them! I will have to say my favourite is that vibrant Apple tart-so pretty!

  109. Oh my, they’re all gorgeous, but I think I’m in love with buttercream and red velvet.

    I adore dark brown / pink combinations, so I’d say chocolate raspberry mousse as my suggestion? :)

  110. juniper berry sounds AND looks delish! Sign me up!

  111. As far as flavor goes, I’d have to choose Chocolate Decadence. But as for the look of the purse, my favorite is Licorice Pudding.

  112. Ooooh…Juniper berry and french gooseberry are pretty.

  113. that french gooseberry was made for me! WOW I AM IN LOVE!!!!

  114. wait…what about a pisachio cream?

  115. I love the Apple Tart! Crisp and Classic for a tart like me!

  116. I like apple tart because I’ve always wanted a green purse!

  117. Ooooo….French Gooseberry!!

  118. Love the Licorice Pudding!!!!

  119. Can’t resist Red Velvet!!! I have been using a diaper bag for 7 years now and really need to graduate to a “big girl” purse again!!!!

  120. I think all the colours are beautiful, but I love the Buttercream colour the most!

  121. I love the Apple Tart… and Red Velvet… so hard to decide! They are all so Yummy!!

  122. ooh, that apple pie is fantastic!! i love these purses…so much.

  123. The French Gooseberry is definitely my favorite but I wish there was a hybrid of the French Gooseberry and the Chocolate. Can you imagine? Chocolate brown and gorgeous blue. Yummy!

  124. Oooooh I love the French Gooseberry and the Chocolate Decadence. Gorgeous!

  125. Chocolate Decadence is SUPER cute!!!

  126. Red Velvet of course!

  127. I can’t decide if I like Licorice Pudding or Chocolate Decadence more. Yikes.

  128. licorice pudding!!

  129. My favorite color would be Chocolate Decadence. What an awesome prize having one in buttercream would be cool.

  130. Apple tart, but all are lovely!

  131. I am a red velvet lover :)

  132. Chocolate Decadence is beautiful…

  133. Ooh la la!! Red velvet come to mama!

  134. Mmm…chocolate decadence

  135. I love the Licorice Pudding. They are all gorgeous though.

  136. the red velvet is gorgeous! But I’m with you on the whole strawberry cake! How cute would that purse look in pink?!?!

  137. I LOVE the French Gooseberry!!

  138. Ohhhh APPLE TART!
    I want you, I need you, if I don’t win you I MUST buy you!

  139. I love the Licorice Pudding one!

  140. Oh my, Red Velvet and or Chocolate Decadence. Can I have a two layered “cake” Bakerella….pretty please with a cherry on top! : )

  141. I like Buttercream, Chocolate Decadence and Licorice Pudding!

  142. French gooseberry, for sure! Beautiful bags!

  143. I am so loving the French Gooseberry.

  144. Hard to choose between the Buttercream and the French Gooseberry. Love both of those colors!

  145. chocolate decadence of course!

  146. I like licorice pudding. :)

  147. My favorite is the Apple tart, but I would love to see a deep purple.

  148. Love the Chocolate Decadence! It’s gorgeous! The Juniper Berry is beautiful. They make such elegant bags!

  149. Either chocolate or buttercream. Both are beautiful and tasty. :P

  150. French Gooseberry is amazing!!

  151. i love ALL of them.. but the french gooseberry would be my favorite…

    what about a SNOZBERRY fabric flavor.. i’m not sure even what color that would be… but i just love the name :)

    i have been drooling over these cake bags since i found out i was pregnant.. sadly.. my husband wouldn’t give in & let me buy one :)

  152. I would totally carry the buttercream! The juniper comes in a close second, though!

  153. I have been in Love with the Juniper Berry for awhile now.

  154. Licorice Pudding all the way!

  155. Licorice Pudding all the way. That bag would become an instant classic in my wardrobe!

  156. Ooooooo Apple Tart!! The Buttercream is delicious though too.

  157. Licorice Pudding is beautiful!!!

  158. omg chocolate or red velvet! Those are gorgeous! *sigh*

  159. I think Licorice Pudding would be the most versatile for me, but WOW I love them all!!!

  160. I really love the buttercream (my most-used purse is bright sunny yellow) but I also just love the juniper berry. They are ALL amazing though. Such great purses! I’m hoping to get a nice large purse for my birthday in November!

  161. Chocolate decandence! But the red velvet looks good too! :)

  162. love love loving the Licorice Pudding. So CUTE! Thanks for sharing Bakerella!

  163. Buttercream!

  164. Chocolate Decadence YUMMMMMMM

  165. Licorice Pudding for me!

  166. I LOVE the buttercream yellow. But if I had to choose another color it would be the red velvet. What a statement bag!

  167. The Licorice Pudding one is just divine. *swoon*

  168. oh… that’s a toughie… I would have to say Juniper Berry or Buttercream, but they’re all really cute!

  169. apple tart! although, buttercream would probably fit into my wardrobe better.

  170. i absolutely loooove juniper berry! Although pink is my favourite colour so of course i think they should make a strawberry shortcake too!

  171. How adorable!

    Juniper Berry is my favorite!

  172. I like the licorice pudding flavor! Though I’m with you – I am waiting to see a pink one!

  173. Red velvet. My favorite handbag and my favorite cake!

  174. Chocolate.

  175. I love them all, but I think the buttercream is my favorite.

  176. Licorice Pudding! WOW, is that one gorgeous bag.

  177. Chocolate Decadence! When is chocolate ever a bad option?!

  178. Chocolate Decadence…I love!

    I could go for a Mint Chocolate Chip (am I confusing my ice creams with my cakes – oh well, who doesn’t like an ice cream cake :)

  179. chocolate or red velvet…

  180. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! How can I pick just one??? I love Apple Tart,, and Chocolate Decadence… AND French Gooseberry, um and Juniper Berry…. man, am I disqualified bc I can’t pick one?
    I guess if you absolutely positively FORCED me, like with a gun to my head or something, I’d pick….Apple Tart. I’m a sucker for green.

  181. I love the Apple Tart!

    I think I would also love Orange Sherbet (I’m currently in love with orange.) And a grey! (Sunflower seed? Earl Grey? English Breakfast?)

  182. It is a tie between four of them. But if I was forced to choose I would say Red Velvet.

  183. It’s a toss up between Red Velvet & Licorice Pudding. LOVE them both!

  184. Oh my! They are all gorgeous!!! I think my very favorite would have to be the French Gooseberry though!!

  185. I love the Juniper Berry!!

  186. Chocolate Decadence is nice, but I think I like Buttercream the best.
    I really hope I win this!

  187. LOVE the juniper berry!! SO ADORABLE.

  188. I’m a lover of green, so apple tart! :)

  189. i love the buttercream! It is delish!

  190. I love the buttercream but might I suggest introducing a Mulberry Macaroon?! Yum Yum Yum.

  191. Chocolate Decadence would be my favorite flavor :) I love brown and who doesn’t love chocolate!

  192. Hmm I like Apple and Chocolate Decadence. SO pretty. I love their bags so much.

  193. I LOVE Licorice Pudding. These purses are GORGEOUS, off to window online shop now! :)

  194. All the colors are lovely, but Buttercream is by far the best!

  195. Ooh… Chocolate decadence!

  196. That French Gooseberry shade is amazing!

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