A while back I gave away the cutest little clutch. Anyone remember? It was from the Petunia Pickle Bottom Line called Cake. The color was called Red Velvet. Too cute. The Cake line of purses are actually diaper bag styles disguised as super fashionable handbags. But don’t let that keep you from falling in love with them. You can totally use this as a regular purse. It’s made of Italian cut velvet and coordinating wool tweed. It has lots of pockets, cute Cake zipper pulls and comes in fun “flavors.”

Anyway, last time I bought the clutch to give away because I loved the look of it and of course the name… Red Velvet Cake clutch… hard to resist.

But recently Petunia Pickle Bottom contacted me and offered one of their full-size Cosmopolitan Carryall bags for a giveaway. A big one. Yay for you guys!

This time the color is Buttercream… and it’s gorgeous.

Take a look…


Buttercream Cake Handbag Details

Check out this Red Velvet Clutch post for some close up shots of the purse detailing.


WANT IT? Enter for a chance to win this YELLOW Buttercream Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Purse.

  • Now, even though the prize purse is buttercream, I thought it would be fun to find out your favorite fabric flavor. (Say that fast three times.)
  • To enter, just pick your favorite from one of the flavors below or suggest one that you think would be fun. Personally, I’m waiting for Strawberry Cake to be an option. Please Petunia? Pink?
  • Deadline to enter is Tuesday, November 2 at 6 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up. Winner Announced Below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Tuesday evening.


Good Luck! And if you stumbled on this post looking for buttercream frosting, here’s a recipe for the one I use most of the time.

Okay. Okay. It’s time to announce the winner. Lots of people love this purse… including me. Sorry that there’s only one to give away. And that winner is comment #3638 – Sally!  Yay Sally. You’ll be super sassy when you carry it. Congrats!


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10,437 comments on “Buttercream”

  1. Ahh, I love them all. I think my favorite is the Licorice Pudding. Very versatile. I do love the idea of Strawberry! Pink is my favorite. :)

  2. The Juniper Berry is gorgeous.

  3. Oooooh I love the apple tart one but you know what would be a second fun color? Orange dreamcicle!

  4. The Red Velvet is Fabulous! Love, Love, Love it :)

  5. Fav is the Juniper Berry, but the Butter Cream is a close second!

  6. Love the Apple Tart!

  7. Red Velvet!

  8. All so cute! I like brown purses, so the Chocolate Decadence would be my pick!

  9. Licorice pudding!!!

  10. While the green apple wouldn’t be my fav flavour, it is my fav colour!

  11. Chocolate decadence looks divine, but I may be biased since I am in the middle of a serious left over Halloween candy war with myself. The mini chocolate bars are winning,and being eaten….yummm….so yeah, the chocolate decadence looks very tasty, for a purse. :D

  12. Love the Apple Tart!

  13. Wow! That is beautiful. It’s a toss up between the buttercream and the chocolate!

  14. I love the French gooseberry. Looks so delicious

  15. the Buttercream bag would be lovely to own but i’m also looking forward to a PINK Strawberry Cake and a CAMEL colored one maybe called Caramel Cake? that would be sooooo fun. :)

  16. umm… well I love them ALL! They are amazing! I really like the yellow Buttercream the best… I think! :)

  17. Wow those are just stunning! I love the Buttercream Petunia the most from those colors but I’d totally love a purple/pinkish bag, Wild Grape anyone? :D

  18. I love chocolate decadence!!!

  19. So cute! I think the Chocolate Decadence is my fav!

  20. I love the Licorice Pudding! So classic

  21. I’ve seen these before and I have always thought how beautiful the buttercream one was! So this is incredibly perfect. What an adorable and stylish giveaway.

  22. the french gooseberry is amazing! it matches my blue hair!

  23. I like the Apple Tart, I can’t wear that color (looks bad on me) but having it an accessory would be fabulous!

  24. Buttercream! I love the golden tone!

  25. I love the idea of Red velvet and Apple Tart. I can’t pick between the two…it’s too fun!

  26. Swoon!! They are all beautiful! But the gooseberry one really has me!

  27. I love the french gooseberry.

  28. I love the Licorice Pudding. BUT that sounds nasty to actually eat. I am not a big licorice eater except for the red kind! LOL!

  29. I love the Apple Tart but my daughter is shouting Licorice Pudding!

  30. French Gooseberry. It’s just so fun to say. However, the buttercream is simply gorgeous, as well.

  31. Red velvet. too cute!

  32. I’m in a Harry Potter mood at the moment…I think Pumpkin Juice would be a great flavor!!

  33. I love the chocolate decadence!!!!

  34. LOVE the french gooseberry. Just gorgeous!

  35. SO GORGEOUS! I love Buttercream best :)

  36. I love the Apple Tart one!!

  37. Hands down the Red Velvet

  38. Licorice Pudding looks awesome! Such a stylish bag!

  39. My favorite is the Chocolate Decadence.

    I’d love to see a Creme Brulee – a toasty tan color :)

  40. I do really like the yellow buttercream, but that apple tart color is absolutely brilliant!

  41. I love love the apple tart. Looks refreshing

  42. Licorice Pudding!

  43. The Chocolate Decadence one is gorgeous! i looove this! :D

  44. Oh wow! They are all beautiful!! If I have to choose one… I guess it would be licorice pudding but only b/c I wear a lot of black. I love them all!

  45. Chocolate decadence, with licorice pudding a close second!

  46. I’m in love with the buttercream color and the juniper berry, so elegant!

  47. Oh, Apple Tart!

    I am SUCH a tart for tarts, so much so that I’m throwing a tart party later soon!

  48. Licorice Pudding is my favorite!

  49. Mmm Chocolate Decadence Sounds 2 Good!

  50. LOVE the Apple Tart! So incredibly cute and stylish for a diaper bag. <3

  51. wow wow! so pretty! french gooseberry looks cooool!

  52. One? Pick one flavor? I mean, for which season or occasion or day of the week for that matter… maybe even hour of the day. I could easily see me off to a morning meeting with French Gooseberry, heading off to lunch with Apple Tart, and afternoon coffee catch-up with Red Velvet on my arm and then… dinner date? But off course, Chocolate Decadence or Licorice Pudding. And come Saturday morning, it would have to be Buttercream all the way. ‘-)

    BUT, if had to pick the bag that would go best with most of my wardrobe, oh that’s easy…. Apple Tart.

    Thanks Bakerella! A nice diversion. I’m supposed to be writing a brochure for a client. This was WAY more fun!

  53. French gooseberry – oooh la la! Would also like to see vanilla ice with white detailing :)

    I love the Licorice Pudding…
    bags + cake? too good to be true!

  55. French Gooseberry!

  56. I love them all! But if I had to choose only one it would be Apple Tart!

  57. I love apple tart!

  58. They’re all adorable–but I’m voting for an orange chocolate!

  59. I love them all, but especially the Red Velvet!

  60. I love the Licorice Pudding! It’d be nice if they offered a Pumpkin Souffle in a pretty, soft pumpkin color contrasted with creme!

  61. Chocolate Decadence is what I’d choose because it would go WONDERFULLY well with my boots!

  62. I actually like the “buttercream”! But a “Pumpkin Spice” or “Concord Grape”? I think purple is a must! <3

  63. Love the Licorice Pudding!

  64. Red Velvet! Or Buttercream. Super pretty.

  65. Love the French Gooseberry and would love to see a luscious Lavendar!!!

  66. I think the Licorice Pudding bag is great! Love it!

  67. For sure pink! It would be delicious! Yummy.

  68. Apple Tart! Great color!

  69. Those are all amazing… The buttercream is pretty incredible, but french gooseberry and apple tart blow my mind!

  70. I want the Apple Tart, but the Licorice Pudding seems like it would be a more practical choice.

  71. chocolate decadence…so gorgeous!

  72. I’m going to go with Licorice Pudding as my favorite–it’s so beautiful.

    Buttercream is super cute, too. Wearing that around would totally brighten my day. :)

  73. love the buttercream, but red velvet and chocolate are fantastic as well!

  74. If I could afford one I would totally get the buttercream. Yellow is such a happy color!

  75. Red Velvet

  76. What a delightful green.

  77. Red velvet is divine!! Id love to carry it with me!!!

  78. Juniper berry!!

  79. LOVE them ALL. However my favorite is the licorice pudding! But I would gladly add anyone of these to my collection of bags. Heck, I’ll add them ALL! :)

  80. oh la la, I love the Apple Tart

  81. Apple Tart is my pick but a Plum Pudding would be fabulous!!

  82. I love the licorice pudding bag!

  83. French Gooseberry! Nom Nom Nom!!

  84. I love French gooseberry!

  85. LOVE the yellow buttercream!

  86. Yellow Buttercream = Fabulous!!!!!!!!!

  87. I love the red velvet how cute is that!!

  88. I like the Chocolate Decadence:-)

  89. Chocolate Decadence!

  90. I think the buttercream is actually my favorite! So cute, and will go with everything.

  91. Ooooohhh! Chocolate Decadence – I love anything having to do with chocolate!

  92. French Gooseberry of course!

  93. I love the yellow one best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. mmm… Red Velvet!

  95. I’m loving the buttercream.

  96. I think the Juniper Berry is fabulous!

  97. Oh my, they’re all adorable! But, the buttercream is to die for!

  98. I love the licorice and the apple tart. Soooo cute!

  99. I love the licorice pudding one. Funny because in real life I can’t stand licorice…..

  100. Oh wow, I would be thrilled to have any of them, but I like Buttercream best. What a fun giveaway!

  101. i love the chocolate and licorice!

  102. I’d go for the apple green or the buttercream.

  103. Love the Buttercream…it looks yummy! :)

  104. Oh man!!! I LOVE the Licorice Pudding AND the Red Velvet!!!!

  105. Oooooh,lovely! I would have to pick red velvet as my favorite fabric flavor(favorite fabric flavor favorite fabric flavor favorite fabric flavor…) Yay!

  106. I am in love with the French Gooseberry color. So original and beautiful!

  107. Yellow buttercream for sure.

  108. Red velvet with juniper berry as close second.

  109. red velvet is my favorite!

  110. French gooseberry – Ooh la la!!!

  111. Red is my favorite color…so Red Velvet it has to be.

  112. French gooseberry or red velvet. These are so adorable!

  113. They’re all beautiful, but that buttercream is just too delicious to pass up!

  114. I’m loving the French Gooseberry colors. This would be so nice to convert into a chic camera bag!

  115. I LOVE the french gooseberry colour!!!

  116. Chocolate decadence for sure would be my favorite !

  117. They are all so cute… But eye is immediately drawn to Red velvet. I knew there was a reason that was also my favorite cake!!!

  118. Buttercream has always been my favorite, but I love the Juniper as well!

  119. Oh I LOVE the red velvet one! How adorable are these!?!??

  120. Chocolate Decadence…it says it all!

  121. LOVE these purses/diaper bags. I would love to get my little hands on one!!

  122. The Buttercream is my favorite, but the French Gooseberry is also super cute!

  123. I love the Licorice Pudding, but I thought a fun flavor/color would Banana-lime (a yellow and light green one). I thought it would be such a fun spring purse and would well into the summer!

  124. Chocolate decadence is my fav, I think is a color that goes with most other colors. thanks

  125. love the french gooseberry!!

  126. :D I think there’d be a great Creme’ Brulee idea in there.

    I <3 the buttercream though.

    But the gooseberry is nice too… :D

  127. They are all so pretty! I can only pick one favorite? Geez, I do love the buttercream!

  128. I love the Juniper berry! Lemon would be a nice color.

  129. Since all of them isn’t an option, though I wish I could have one of each, I’ll go with my first reaction…Apple Tart!!

  130. Licorice Pudding is so awesome!! I love love love it!

  131. I would love Strawberry Shortcake (aka pink)!

  132. French Gooseberry is way pretty, but I think I like Licorice Pudding!

    I think a dark purple or deeper teal one would be looovely. :)

  133. I LOVE the APPLE TART!!!!

  134. I love the Red Velvet, since this is my favorite color.

  135. First on the like list….Chocolate Decadence. A close second would be the buttercream. Fabulous colors!

  136. Buttercream :)

    I would love to see a Coconut cake version or Strawberry shortcake but I’ll settle for buttercream!

  137. I love the licorice pudding!! I love the buttercream tooo!!! :)

  138. Chocolate Decadence and Apple Tart look awesome!
    I would however love to see Key Lime, Raspberry White Chocolate or Lemon Icing :)

  139. Hello chocolate decadence!!!!!

  140. That’s just an impossible question! No way I could pick! Ok, maybe red velvet!

  141. Definitely chocolate decadence…I just can’t pass up anything chocolate! ;)

  142. Chocolate decadence !!!

  143. Love love apple tart….. Looks so fresh.

  144. I do love the yellow buttercream, but my favorite is still the red velvet. I could be swayed to a hot pink one though.

  145. I love love love the Red Velvet.

  146. i like the licorice pudding. but they should have a pumpkin pie or creme brule.

  147. I love the Apple Tart. Green is my color!

  148. Love Petunia! I got one of their diaperbags and simply love it! Licorice Pudding would have to be my choice.

  149. Wow! These are all adorable, Even if I don’t get the chance to win this maybe the Licorice or red velvet purse could be on my Christmas list this year :)

  150. All of them are amazing, but lovin’ the apple tart!

  151. I can’t decide between the French Gooseberry and the Apple Tart! Both are scrumptious. :)

  152. Love the Chocoate Decadence… Chocolate is my addiction.. but a Strawberry Shortcake one would be awesome…in pink.. or a Lemon Crunch.. in a pastel yellow.

  153. Oooooo… Red Velvet or Chocolate decadence!

  154. French gooseberry!!! :)

  155. love the juniper berry! yum!

  156. Waiting for carrot cake!

  157. Juniper berry is so cute!!!

  158. Ooh, loving them all, but especially the Red Velvet, Licorice Pudding and Buttercream.

  159. oh i love them all…..but my favorite is apple tart! i would love to see strawberry shortcake too though! :)

  160. Red velvet !! Thoes are so awesome :) Thanks

  161. I love the buttercream!!! It’s delicious and superbly excellent!! ;) and French gooseberry falls close second! ;)

  162. haha i love how they have bags
    named after frostings and flavors.. (:
    i love the color of the french gooseberry..
    but the apple tart color just POPS! :D
    and the buttercream purse models
    look very nicee and classy ;]

  163. Chocolate Decadence! Cool giveaway!

  164. Chocolate Decadence is my favorite. After all chocolate is a woman’s best friend!!!

  165. My favorite color is green so I would have to go with apple tartlett! Darling!

  166. Honestly, at first I thought for sure I would stick with Buttercream…dreamy, but then scrolled and I caught sight of Licorice Pudding {oh my!} and then Red Velvet {ooh, la! LA!!} and then Appletart and thought I just might pass out from sugar overload. Heavenly…all of them. Petunia has outdone herself this time. Loved it!!

  167. Licorice Pudding:)

  168. I love them all, but chocolate decadence caught my eye!

  169. I think the Chocolate Decadence is gorgeous and sounds yummy too…

  170. I love the juniper berry one, though they are all beautiful colors.

  171. apple tart is fantastic!

  172. i am torn between licorace pudding and chocolate decadence. licorace would go with most of what I have but the chocolate decadence I just can’t take my eyes off of.

  173. The green one is so pretty, but I would love a deep purple one, maybe Frosted Lilac?

  174. Those colors are amazing, but I agree with you, a pink you be absolutely perfect!

  175. Love love love the red velvet!!

  176. Oooh! So cute!! I really love the French Gooseberry!!

  177. Licorice Pudding! Fabulous!!

  178. Licorice pudding is SO Cute. Fingers crossed! Thank you for the opportunity!

  179. Definitely Chocolate Decadence. I am a huge chocoholic :) Chocolate cake with some Buttercream frosting would be oh so very delicious!

  180. How convenient…I would pick buttercream as my favorite color!!

    SO sad I missed you in SLC, I was traveling for work! Please come back soon :)

    ALSO, you’re in the Harvard Bookstore! Did you know? Right next to all the books about how you apply and get into Harvard. I have a photo…I’ll send it to you if you want it! :D

  181. Love! Love! Love! the Red Velvet! Amazing!

  182. I love the French Gooseberry! These are the cutest bags.

  183. Love the Licorice Pudding. So fun to meet you at the book signing in Walnut Creek. Bought 4 copies and have lots of holiday shopping DONE :-)

  184. I really like all of them, but the French Gooseberry is very cute!

  185. Juniper Berry and Fresh Gooseberry are my favorites!

  186. Love, love, love the French Gooseberry one. It’s just beautiful!!

  187. The licorice pudding has always been my favorite because I wear so much black! I totally dig the Buttercream though!

  188. Apple Tart!!

  189. Chocolate Decadence has a place in my closet! My favorite for sure!

  190. Love them all but it would be nice to see a Carrot Cake – love the color orange, maybe w/a beige/brown background.

  191. I love the apple tart. Such a cute bag!

  192. Red Velvet is my favorite!

  193. red velvet :)

  194. Oh my goodness…..they are so beautiful! WOW! I love the buttercream! So pretty. I am going shopping!

  195. I love the red velvet one. Actually, I love them all. They are just so cute!

  196. The Buttercream is yummy but I also love the Juniper Berry and Apple Tart! Thanks for the giveaway!

  197. The Chocolate Decadence is beautiful! I love chocolate and brown is my favorite color.

  198. Love the buttercream (the frosting and the purse). But perhaps a creamy brown Cinnamon Chai? Or Pumpkin Spice?

    A friend gave Petunia Pickle Bottom clutches as bridesmaid gifts. It has been used many times in the last 6 years. Would love to have another, and these are beautiful!

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