Cake Pops Holidays Ornaments and a Giveaway

Happy Holidays

There’s something adorable in these boxes.

Something happy for the holidays.

Polar Bear Cake Pop Ornament

and beary cute.

Cake Pops Ornaments

They are handmade custom cake pop ornaments that Amy Miller Designs created for me.

Cake Pops Holidays Ornaments

And there are five of them. So fun and festive!

Cake Pops Holidays

They are all based on the cake pop designs from the Holidays book.

Gingerbread Cake Pop Ornament

And I hope they make you smile!

Peppermint Cake Pop Ornament

And yay, you can totally hang these cuties on your tree.

But the best part is they’ll stay sweet. No spoiling.

When Amy first surprised me with some cupcake pop ornaments, I liked them so much I ordered a bunch without the hanger so I could keep them on display all year long. Then last year I met Amy at my Phoenix Book signing and she surprised me yet again with these Muppet Cake Pops to match the real ones I made. I was blown away. So, I thought it would be fun to see what she could do with some designs from the book. Amy came up with these cute cake pop ornaments and I’m completely in love. So I bought a few extra sets to share with you guys. Amy is awesome. When she shipped them to me, my mouth dropped when I saw how she packaged them. Completely unexpected but I love the little snowy scene and the box makes a great way to store them and keep them safe when they’re not on display. Perfect for gifting. I can hardly part with them they are so cute. But I will for you guys.

Want to win some and make decorating a little sweeter?

Three winners will win a 5-piece cake pops ornaments set PLUS a signed copy of Cake Pops Holidays!

  • To enter just leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post below and tell me what the last present was that you bought or made for someone else. Easy.
  • Deadline to enter is Thursday, December 13th, 2012 at 7:00 PM ET. Sorry, Time’s Up. Winners announced below.
  • The winners will be chosen at random and announced sometime Friday on this post. I’ll ship them out quick so you can hopefully have them for the holidays.

Good luck guys!


Now here’s just a few more Holidays book related stuff I wanted to share with you before the holidays end. Kind of a cake pops recap in one big post.


First up – I have another fun giveaway to tell you about. It’s pretty awesome! Chronicle Books is hosting a holiday cake pops photo contest from their facebook page. If you are in the US and you’ve made or are planning to make cake pops for the holidays, you could win a KitchenAid mixer and the complete Cake Pops set. (Cake Pops, Cake Pops Holidays, Cake Pops Kit, and Cake Pops Notecards).

To enter just upload a photo of some of your holiday cake pops here.

The winner will be chosen at random. Deadline to enter is December 17. Happy Cake Popping. I’m excited to see what you all create.


Here’s something I want to share with some of my international friends before the holidays end. There are actually four versions of the book. I don’t think I have mentioned that on the blog before.

Cake Pop Holidays Books

Cake Pops Holidays in the US and Canada. Cake Pops Christmas in the UK. Cake Pops Jul in Norway and I heart Cake Pops in The Netherlands. They are all the same content just different covers and translated in Norwegian and Dutch.

I totally heart that “I heart cakepops” cover by the way.

Here are some links if you’d like to get your hands on a copy or need a sweet last minute stocking stuffer for the baker/cute lover/decorator in your life.

In the U.S.

Barnes and Noble
Chronicle Books

Also available here:

Netherlands: (fyi-the cover image is incorrect on this link)


Final Book Signings 

Just a reminder – The NEW YORK book signing that was cancelled in November in Garden City due to Sandy is rescheduled for this Thursday at 12:00 pm at the Williams-Sonoma in Huntington Station.

And on Friday – BOSTON will be the very last book signing stop this year. I’ll be at the Burlington Barnes & Noble at 7 pm. I’ve never been to Boston and can’t wait.

Here are the details for the last two signings. Hope you can make it.

New York & Boston Book Signings

Unfortunately, the Paramus, NJ signing at Chef Central that was cancelled due to Superstorm Sandy wasn’t able to be rescheduled before the holidays. I’m so sorry for those of you who  had wanted to attend.


And lastly…  

finally if you’ve even read this far, here are some photos from the first events. I’m still working on uploading Houston and Dallas.

Feel free to grab a photo from the flickr links if you attended one of the signings. Thank you so much for coming out. I have loved meeting you all and cherish seeing your smiling faces. Yay for cake pops.

Pennsylvania Photos

Miami Photos

Minnesota Photos

Colorado Photos

Houston (coming soon)

Dallas (coming soon)


That’s it. I know it was long, but I thought it would be better to do one wrap up instead of a bunch of little posts.

Don’t forget to enter below for a chance to win a set of cute cake pops ornaments and a copy of Cake Pops Holidays.

Okay, it’s time to announce the winners of the cake pops ornaments and books. Loved reading the gifts you’ve been giving. And so loved reading all of the handmade homemade presents too. Thanks for sharing. And now for the three winners. YAY!


Brandi, Britt and Lori – You won. Congratulations and hope you enjoy the book and ornaments.


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3,134 comments on “Cake Pops Holidays Ornaments and a Giveaway”

  1. I just last night bought a Monster lego set for my 40 year old brother in law!!! He loves legos.

  2. I bought scarves & thermal pj’s for my in-laws relocating to Alaska! :)

  3. I got the holiday Cake Pops book for a friend!

  4. My last homemade gift was on the 23rd if November which was a beautiful homemade decorated cake for my sons school teacher
    It brought the teachers to tears as no one has ever made …. She didn’t share with her class but decided to take the cake home to show her own family
    She really appreciated it

  5. The last gift I purchased was some sweet snowmen napkins to send to a special friend in Canada.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win these nice gifts!

  6. The last gift I made someone was a nice set of cake truffles with gumpaste roses on them.

  7. The last gift was bought, and it’s Star Wars toys for my husband. There is a downside to that gift; that means they’re in my house. Ah well.

  8. I bought a Toy Story set for my son. He’s gonna love it.

  9. This year for Christmas i helped my 5 year old daughter create her own little canvas art masterpieces for all of her grandparents! She is so proud of her designs and cant wait for everyone to open her presents!!

  10. I bought scarves & thermal pj’s for my in-laws relocating to Alaska! :)

  11. The last present I bought was a trampoline for my four year old step son! I hope he likes it when we give it to him on Christmas!

    The ornaments are too cute!

  12. I made some chocolate chip cookies for a friend.

  13. I just bought a sweater and a candle set for our Aunt’s surprise birthday party today.

  14. coconut lotion and body wash for my Sister. Thank you

  15. last item bought….was a cake pop maker for my neice. super excited to give it to her would love to have the book so we could experiment together :)

  16. Some Belgian chocolate! Mmm

  17. Whoops! That Anonymous comment about chocolate peppermint cake pops for my hair stylist was me! :)

  18. I just bought a $55 Lego batman set! I must be crazy. $55 tosteo on these darn things and suck them up in that vacuum.

  19. The last gift I made for someone was for my brother-in-law’s wedding last month. I knitted an afghan with an overlapping tree pattern. It took me over 100 hours and about 1.5 miles of yarn.

  20. So cute. I’m making a spiderman comforter for my son! Almost finished :)

  21. Those ornaments are just adorable!!

    I just finished wrapping up some Christmas Cakeballs for all the people I work with as a gift, before everyone starts to leave for the Christmas break. This year was tough financially, so home-made gifts are where it’s at! (Thanks to some inspiration from one Ms Bakerella)

  22. I just bought a reusable Trader Joe canvas bag and a gift card for our family party random exchange.

  23. These are too cute!!!! The last present I gave someone was for secret santa, I gave her a winter beanie and some chocolates!

  24. Those ornaments are the cutest! The last thing I made were some chocolate peppermint cake pops for my hair stylist. I’m taking them to her when she does my hair tomorrow afternoon! I enjoy spreading the cake pop love!

  25. Oh my goodness…cute doesn’t begin to cover those cake pops..they totally made me smile.
    Hmmm..last thing I made..well it’s got to be soap. I’ve morphed into a soap elf and will come up for air on Dec 24th. Happy Holidays!

  26. The last thing I bought was a Thirty-one Picnic Thermal for my husband’s cousin.

  27. I think I bought some cookies from local bakery for some of my clients during thanksgiving

  28. I just made some Chocolate Pecan Turtles with Homemade caramel for my Christmas goodies to give to friends. I enjoyed making them with my sister who’s home for the holidays and we used some new decorative pans. It was great. Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. The last gift made for someone was matching dresses for my sweet little nieces.

  30. I bought a friend a picture. We send each other thoughtful gifts thought the year.

  31. I’m about done with my gift shopping, now I’m just getting a few stocking suffers. So the last gift I bought was a gorgeous wooden teething ring, from an etsy shop, to put in my little one’s first stocking.

  32. The last thing I made some friends was red velvet cupcakes and matching cake pops…was a gorgeous presentation too!!!

  33. The last gift I made was a “life story” scrapbook for my husband’s 40th birthday. He liked it so much he had tears :)

  34. I just bought my Dad a new Windows phone for Christmas so he can text all us kids back and take pictures of all the grand kids to share with his friends and co-workers more easily.

  35. I’m currently making coordinating pj pants for my 3 kids, ages 17, 4 and 2.

  36. My sister and her youngest son were involved on a hit and run. By the grace of God,
    They survived. Then she lost all her pictures of the boys from water ( she lives in Fl). I gave her your book which we loved. I went thru every picture of the boys and gave them to her She never cries but that day tears flowed. A huge box of memories. Best gift ever.

  37. last item bought….was a cake pop maker for my neice. super excited to give it to her would love to have the book so we could experiment together :)

  38. The last presents I bought were the complete series of dollhouse for a friend of mine and the complete series of firefly for my best friend.

  39. I bought a Nambe gravy bowl. I also bought The Mark of Athena for the toy drive.

  40. I just bought a new Detroit Tigers hat for my husband. His is lovingly worn the hell out, so a new one for Christmas it is!

  41. The last thing I made for a gift was a Flannel Boyd’s Bears quilt for my Granddaugher’s Birthday in October. Still working on some projects for Christmas.

  42. The last present was IELTS text book that I bought for my friend’s birthday. She’s preparing herself to take an exam that I think there was nothing better than a good book at this mean time. I wrapped it with newspaper because I wanted her to find an important thing inside. For me , it’s important that a good present should be something a receiver can use it and love it .

  43. I made a tutu and hair clips for my friend who just had her baby in oct. Also bought my son a leap pad for christmas.

  44. I made everyone scarves this Christmas

  45. I made my niece Owl Cake Pops for her 1st bday party :) Strawberry cake inside to match her pink/brown theme colors.

  46. Barbie beach house for my friends daughter.

  47. Just got done making cake pops and chocolates to send to my friends in Europe.

  48. I bought a knitted hat for our baby to be in April! A new little girl to buy fun stuff for :)

  49. I always make my gifts and the last one that I made for someone was a painted Christmas ornament.

  50. I just bought my dad a grill for his birth-mas present.

    Still can’t believe I just saw you @ Stillwater,MN signing! Had such a great night! :) Thank you!

  51. Loving this giveaway! Last present I bought was a watch for my mom, and the last present I made was homemade hot chocolate. Yum!

  52. My sister and I made 5 knotted blankets for gifts and I’m making cranberry bars for my kindergarten team members.

  53. My son and I made tile cup holders for his teacher today! They turned out pretty cute! Thanks again for all the inspiration!

  54. I bought chocolates for my secret Santa at work!!

  55. I bought an olive garden gift card for my brother-his birthday is today!

  56. I bought my son and daughter some new pajamas! We love cake pops^^

  57. The last present I bought was few PS3 games that my husband loves!

  58. I knit a baby hat and teeny tiny baby mittens.

  59. Just got done making cake pops and chocolates to send to my 6 previous exchange students I’ve hosted. They are getting shipped tomorrow to Austria, Thailand, Germany, Norway, Finland, & the Netherlands.

  60. The last gift I just finished making is a fun little memory ornament. You see, I am fighting lung cancer, and Iwanted to make a cute ornament with a pic of myself and my little four legged “child” so that those I love will always have it…in the event that I dont beat this cancer. They turned out so darn cute!

  61. The last gift was pickled watermelon rind that I made for a coworker who had reminisced about his mother making it when he was little. He was thrilled that I had thought of him to make that for him.

  62. the last present I gave were roses and clothes for my mom’s birthday..

    I hadn’t done any of my Christmas shopping :p

  63. The last gift I bought was a sweater for my son.

  64. Just bought porcelain paint pens to make mugs for everyone for Christmas! If that doesn’t count, before that I ordered guitar picks for my boyfriend for part of his gift. :)

  65. Last thing I bought was a pair of sunglasses for my husband. He lost his last pair…The last thing I made for Christmas was a set of coasters using mini canvas, fabric, modge podge and felt. I will give those to my adopted mother away from home.

  66. I bought some toys for my local Toys 4 Tots charity.

  67. I just purchased a spa pedicure gift card and one of those new nifty corksicles for a winelover in my family!

  68. Last gift I made for someone was a feel better gift. My roommate was feeling down so me and my other roommates bought her a stuffed moose (she’s from AK), crackers, and ginger ale. Simple, but sometimes those are the best. :)

  69. The last gift I purchased was a Fisher-Price Disney Princess Castle set for my baby girl. It was the number one thing in her Christmas list this year. I cannot wait to see her face when she opens it in Christmas morning!

    & I also just made a ton of Christmas cupcakes & cake pops for all my co-workers at our annual Christmas party as a gift to them. They all rave about my baking so I had to go all out for the holidays!

  70. A massage for someone special :)

  71. I bought my 10 year old his first camera…he’s shown a real interest in photography and has a great eye.

  72. I just bought my daughters teacher a birthday gift. Lotion, hand sanitizer and a gift card to Starbucks. Nothing big, just a little something to put a smile on her face :)

  73. The last gift I purchased was the Ulitmate Cake Pops Set by Bakerella for my daughter. Can’t wait to try them out with her in the kitchen

  74. The last gift I bought was the chord buddy for my son so he could learn to play the guitar. Hope it works!

  75. The last gift I bought was actually a birthday gift for my daughter to take to her BFF’s party. :)

  76. Hmmm the last gift was homemade pickled watermelon rind I gave it to a coworker who reminisced about how his mother use to make it when he was little so I made some and it was like a time machine for him he could remember his mom and it brought a smile to his face

  77. I bought pajamas for my little one

  78. the last present I bought actually two a InnoTab 2s for my daughter and a Zippo lighter for my husband both Christmas presents.

  79. Just made some Cocoa in a Jar gifts for my new neighbors. We just bought a cabin in the mountains and I wanted to take the neighbors a little something and introduce ourselves to them. Will also be making some cookies to share :)

  80. I do believe the last present I made for someone was a tote bag for my mother for her birthday~ Getting into sewing a baby blanket for a neighbour right now actually ^o^

  81. Gone With the Wind on DVD for my 14 year old daughter….she read the book so we’ll have a movie watching party :)

  82. My last Christmas gift I bought was for my dog. He got a couple of sweaters for the family photos.

  83. the last present i made was a scrapbooked album for a family member. other then cooking/baking i love to craft! thanks for the chance to win

  84. What incredibly adorable ornaments! I love Amy Miller… I have a few of her cupcake ornaments and love them! I’d be thrilled to get a signed copy of your book too!!

  85. The last gift I received as a dress from my Mom. She still knows my style!

  86. I made a raised cake plate as a gift for a good friend !!!

  87. I bought an assortment of silicone molds to make my friends homemade chocolates for Christmas. I’m really excited to try out some chocolate recipes.

  88. I bought a travel tumbler for a friend who is a die hard tea drinker~

  89. I made pillow cases for my nieces and nephews to match the blankets i had made each of them!

  90. The last home-made gift I did was Christmas magnets. I bought some cute magnetic containers at Ikea and ribboned them up! So cute!

  91. Just yesterday I made applesauce cookies for my boss that I packaged with a nice bottle of vodka. Just the essentials. ha ha
    Hope I win, then I can make cake pops too!

  92. As a wedding/Christmas present, I’m making my best friend’s wedding cake next weekend! So excited!! It’ll be my first real wedding cake I’ve ever done!

  93. I just finished making a framed family tree for a good friend who is adopting one of their foster children in a couple of days. They will then have four girls, so the family tree shows the parents’ names along with the four girls’ names as a Forever Family!
    I would love to win those adorable ornaments, and a copy of the book as well! Happy baking!

  94. The last gift I made was some quilted potholders.

  95. I did a 5K this morning and the entry fee was a Secret Santa gift for the less fortunate. I chose to buy stamps for an elderly woman in a long-term care facility.

  96. The last present I made/gave to someone was an clear glass ornament with wedding invitation and rose petals from my friends wedding; she was the bride and super excited as her bouquet which she had intended to save had just recently got destroyed, but now she will have petals preserved for a long time. :) O—-

  97. I love all the cute stuff you do. It inspires me for my nieces and nephews smiles. Thanks.

  98. I bought each of my sweet kiddos their “something to wear” off a craft-at-home-mom on Etsy. I hope they all love their custom hats. :)

  99. THis year I bought all my gifts for family and friends on the Navajo Reservation on the New Mexican/Arizona border. I am SO excited for these gifts to be opened, so that I can share my experience on being at Navajo nation!

  100. The last thing I made for a gift was a bouquet of Peppermint Chocolate Cake Pops for my closest friends just yesterday. Even better than Starbucks!!

  101. Would be a baby doll play set for my neices. It came with a stroller, diapers, blanket, crib, carseat, & play pen. They are really into baby dolls because my sister just had a baby & they are really interested how to care for a baby :) They are such good lil helpers too :)

  102. I got $$$$ for family for Christmas – I figure any one would like a universal gift card. Plus, I don’t have to go out amongst the throngs of people to shop! Delivered them tonight even.

  103. Just bought Hello Kitty earrings for my daughter.

  104. The last thing I made was a AZ Cardinals tree ornament for my best friend. She is a die hard fan and I know she wil love it

  105. Last present I bought was a snugly. Soft blanket and a cd of lullabies to give a sweet 3 month girl who’s in need of presents this Christmas. My 3 year old son is to deliver it for her.

  106. Gift baskets :)

  107. I made a jewelry set (necklace, earrings, bracelet ) for an old friend of mine. I think giving things handmade mean a lot more to someone than just giving something they can go out and buy. It’s all in the heart :)

  108. I bought a baby doll for my little 6 month old Granddaughter!

  109. I bought a Vtech camera for my almost 2 year old, it will be one of her birthday presents. :)

  110. The last gifts I bought was a coffee mug and some whiskey stones for my husband…online. And earlier in the day I was at the mall and got a doll for my oldest daughter…and it cost WAY to much.

  111. I bought a doll for a little girl on my list. Shh…don’t tell!

  112. I bought a DIY macaron kit and grilling cookbook for my best friend.

  113. So cute!!!! I usually make things for gifts whether it is edible or a craft of some sort! Cake pops are becoming a high demand item for friends and family alike

  114. The last present I bought was 3 Nintendo DSi’s for my kids, one each!

  115. The last gift that I bought was A movie for my step-mom and I am working to finish knitting a sweater for my son’s birthday. (12/20)

  116. I made some of those cinnamon ornaments to give to friends along with the cookies and goodies I’ll make next weekend!

  117. I crocheted a sock monkey hat as a gift for a friend who just had a baby! Those ornaments are TOO CUTE! I need them!

  118. I’m started making cute little hand warmers this weekend for my whole family. It’s cold here in Chicago! :-) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  119. I just bought my husband a milk frother from williams sonoma.

  120. 3 hours in a toy shop, shopping for 12 neices and nephews.

  121. Last present I made for my friends, was a tin of christmas goodies of fudge and cookies.

  122. The last thing I made for someone was some crocheted mug cozies – they’re going to be Christmas presents for family :)

  123. I made strawberry jam for the 1st time this year and really enjoyed it. So I thought why not try and make a few others as well. So for Christmas I am giving strawberry, peach, raspberry, blueberry and quince jam jars. Already planning for next year!

  124. I crocheted a pair of baby booties for a friends’ newborn baby girl….

  125. The last gift I made was a wine cork Christmas wreath for my best friend. We love getting together to chat over a bottle of wine, so this is perfect for her!

  126. Bought my girls a personalized blanket with pictures of them & my mom… Their grandma whom we lost this August 2012 :) i know when they open christmas day they’ll be super excited

  127. Bought my son his favorite Lego set!

  128. My friend loves toffee so I got a recipe to make it homemade. When I made it , it was so good I ate it all! Then had to repeat to give to her! … Lol the one for her came out better though ! :)

  129. The last gift I purchased was for my guitar playing 29 year old son: a punch that makes guitar picks from old credit cards. I saw it in a magazine and couldn’t resist, so I googled it and it is on the way!

  130. Just picked up a CD of pictures to get developed for family!

  131. The last gift I bought for someone was for my niece I bought her a necklace from Beadiful Necklaces.

  132. I bought my sisters Christmas present today… a coffee grinder (for grinding her nuts). Love those ornaments!!

  133. The last present I made was some guitar picks for my boyfriend ? :3

  134. Merry Christmas Bakerella! May you have an extremely healthy and happy 2013. You spread so much cheer it can only come back to you multi-fold!

    The last present (so far) is ‘reindeer’ wrapped chocolate bars for my office mates.

  135. I just finished crocheting a scarf for my son Jake! His early christmas present.

  136. Bought a musical snowglobe for our neighbor

  137. I’ve been taking photography lessons and my 3 year old daughter, like all toddlers, loves mimicking me and my amateur photography skills. Stumbled upon a Fisher Price kids digital camera that takes actual pictures (nice and sturdy too) and I instantly fell in love with it, ordered it so my daughter can take pictures with me, of me! The cutest part of this camera is, instead of 1 view finder-there’s two, so it’s sort of feels like looking through binoculars. Can’t wait!

  138. I just bought a little baby doll for my 6 month old Granddaughter. I only have sons myself, so it’s fun to buy dolls!

  139. I just bought some xmas mugs from starbucks : )

  140. OMG!!! I so would love to win on of these!! The last present I bought was a Ninjago luggage for my son, because he is going to africa to visit his family. :/


  141. I bought my daughter an EASY BAKE OVEN and I can’t wait to see her face when she opens it! Yaaaaaaay!

  142. I made sugar scrubs for all my neighbor girls!

  143. Was a bed set for my mom. She just got a new bed so I got her a very pretty red & gold bed set. I know she will love it :)

  144. Locally made soap for my sister on her birthday last week.

  145. we went together with my Mom to buy my Dad a helmet cam for his motorcycle. His motorcycle is what will keep him young… ;)

  146. The last present I bought was a stocking filled with reese’s cups for my best friend!

  147. The last present I bought was for my boss, a beautiful set of block with her name on it for her classroom

  148. We have made over 400 gingerbread cookies that we hand out to friends, family and pass out for Christmas Cheer

  149. The last present I bought was actually for myself…from my kids to give me for Christmas. It is a giraffe print blanket. It is very soft. I love Bakerella and I love these ornaments. I make cakepops every week and would love to win these.

  150. I made my first deco mesh wreath and gave it as a gift. It turned out pretty good.

  151. We bought a laptop for our oldest son.

  152. I bought a bed & breakfast gift certificate for my wonderful parents!

    Thank you! =)

  153. I made a wine cork Christmas wreath for my best friend. She and I love our mommy/girls nights where we can share a bottle of wine. I thought this would be perfect for her!

  154. I gave a tea tumbler, with green tea and home made shortbread cookies.

  155. My daughter & I made a calendar for her BFF :)

  156. The last present I bought this year was a t-shirt from ThinkGeek for my boyfriend. :)

  157. Every Christmas instead of gift I make goody boxes for each family with Cookie, cake pops, truffles, fudge and breads. I love to bake and several people dont bake at all so it is a win/win for all of us. :)

  158. This will sound crazy, but the last gift I bought was office supplies for my godchild.

  159. The last thing I bought while doing Mother’s Chriatmas shopping, were stuffed lambs for her 3 great-grandchildren.

    Ready to WIN ;-)

  160. A lil play kitchen for my granddaughter.

  161. I just bought a gift card for my brother-in-law, a waffle iron for my husband & am sewing some ornaments for work.

  162. Packaged up some yummy homemade and decorated treats for my kids teachers and bus drivers!

  163. I made a Swarovski crystal bracelet for my niece in her soccer team’s colors.

  164. The last present I made was a scrapbook photo cube :o)

  165. I am working on tutus for my cousins girls. :-)

  166. I made finishing salts Lemon, rosemary, and red pepper–with lemon and rosemary from my garden.

  167. SOOOOO CUTE!! Love the ornaments! The last present I bought was a tab for my friend to put on his half-marathon medal. I also bought my sister some scrubs for work. Still have a lot of shopping to do!

  168. I framed 3 photos for my Little Brother and got him a special Rubik’s cube and chocolate. He loved the photos and hung them up in his room immediately :)

  169. Last present I made was a shower gift for my god daughter.

  170. These are SO cute! Would look amazing on our kitchen tree.

    The last present I bought was a bunch of gifts (clothes, toys, books) for the six children my family sponsored for Christmas this year. Also, an Easy Bake Oven for my niece. :)

  171. I just bought my 10 year old daughter her first sewing machine for Christmas :)

  172. I got my Language Art teacher gelt and some dreidles because i celebrate Hannukah. She got super excited!

  173. The last gift I bought was a lalaloopsy doll and coloring book with glitter crayons for my niece!

  174. The last gift I got for someone was a gift certificate for a massage. What could be better (other than these ornaments and the Cake Pops Holidays book)? :)

  175. The last present I got for someone was last weekend, I got something for one of my photography clients-turned-friends! I can’t wait to mail it to her.. she’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met, and I wanted to get her something special for Christmas as a Thank You for being a friend, and for supporting my work in a big way! We have worked together for most of 2012, but I didn’t meet her until November. Even still, I feel like I’ve known her for years!

  176. I bought a toy boob for one of my girlfriend , that definitely made her day!

  177. I bought an EASY BAKE oven for my daughter! Can’t wait to see her face!

  178. A Barbie Dreamhouse for my daughter :)

  179. a red apron for my niece so I can teach her how to make cupcakes like me!

  180. I like Bakerella.

  181. We just bought a matching set of American Girl jammies for my niece and her doll. She is going to love them!!

  182. I bought a Michaels gift certificate for my Daughters birthday this week, she will be 9 and loves to do arts and crafts, so I got her a gift card so she can pick out what she wants.

  183. I recently bought Shrinky Dinks as a final stocking stuffer for my 6 yo niece. And they’re 3D. So awesome! I also bought some vanilla beans to start making more extract cause all of my friends will be getting personalized bottles of the last batch.

  184. I just bought Cleveland Browns attire for my whole family !!

  185. The last gift I made was a hanging photo holder with mod podge-d clothespins to hold the photos! ;)

  186. Last present I bought was large scale images of our family pictures for my husband (well me too) for Christmas.

  187. The last present I bought was a BabyLit Dracula Counting board book for my two year old. Haha!!

  188. I’m working on I making a knitted dog sweater for my fiance’s father’s little doggie.

  189. I made and bought shutterfly calendars with cute pictures of my baby boy :)

  190. A snake bracelet for my son.

  191. I just finished crocheting a moose beanie for my little brothers girlfriend! I love it… I may make them for my entire family to wear on Christmas morning.

  192. The last present I made was a big box of baked goods for my brother and his unit over in Afghanistan.

  193. I bought some baby outfits for a friend’s adorable son!

  194. I’m in the middle of making matching scarves for all of my friends, in their favorite colors. <3

  195. Just bought on amazon

  196. I just ordered a wave blender for my daughter, she’s been wanting one to make smoothies in the morning :)

  197. Bought an etsy bracelet for my bff. I love some etsy!

  198. I went in with some friends to give another friend an iPhone!!! :)

  199. I just bought my last Christmas present for my daughter, a doll house!

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