Cake Pops Holidays Book Signing Dates

Cake Pops Holidays

My new book is coming out this month. I can hardly believe it’s finally here! If you missed the announcement post a few months ago… It’s a follow up to the first book with more than twenty winter holiday cake pop projects. It comes in a cute little size with a great little price … perfect for gift giving and stocking stuffing. ; )

Picture 5
And yay… The new promo book video that White on Rice shot is now up on Amazon (Click here to view and just scroll down after the jump.) And  below is a larger format version on YouTube

Now the fun news. I’m going to be visiting several cities in November and December for the release of the book! I am super excited! I tried to fit as many stops in as I could before the holidays are over and wish I could do even more. I think I could do them all year long because meeting you guys when the first book came out was such an incredibly special time. Seeing all of your smiling faces meant so much to me. Like so much.

Okay, here are all the details (below). I hope you come say hi … and bring your cake pop questions, photos, stories and smiles. I’ll bring hugs.

The fun starts November 1 and I would love to see you.



Thursday, November 1, 2012
6:00 pm

Roosevelt Field
Garden City, NY

Friday, November 2, 2012
6:00 pm

Chef Central
240 Route 17 North
Paramus, NJ

**This event is postponed. We will be looking to see if another date can be scheduled before the holidays.**

Sunday, November 4, 2012
1:00 pm

King of Prussia Mall
King of Prussia, PA

Friday, November 9, 2012
8:00 pm

Books & Books
265 Aragon Avenue
Coral Gables. FL

Thursday, November 29, 2012
6:00 pm

Cooks of Crocus Hill
324 S. Main St
Stillwater, MN

Saturday, December 1, 2012
2:00 pm

Barnes & Noble
Shoppes at the Meadows
8374 S. Willow Street
Lone Tree, CO

Friday, December 7, 2012
7:00 pm

Barnes & Noble
12850 Memorial Drive
Houston, TX

Sunday, December 9, 2012
2:00 pm

Barnes & Noble
7700 West Northwest Hwy
Dallas TX

Thursday, December 13, 2012
12:00 pm

Williams-Sonoma Walt Whitman
160-5 Route 110
Huntington Station, NY

Friday, December 14, 2012
7:00 pm

Barnes & Noble
98 Middlesex Turnpike
Burlington, MA

Cake Pops Holidays

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164 comments on “Cake Pops Holidays Book Signing Dates”

  1. Are you going in 2013 again?

  2. Wish you could come to Chicago. Your photos are absolutely delightful! You have given me many ideas. Thank you.

  3. wow i want it

  4. necesito saber aqui en colombia -bogota se pueden conseguir tus libros de ser asi por favor me dices en donde se consiguen y si vienen tambien en español o solo en ingles mil gracias

  5. im your biggest fan!
    i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year

  6. Just made oreo stuffed choc chip cookies for my husband’s office :)

  7. I can’t wait for your new book. I LOVE your books!

  8. Hello, is there a plan to visit also Europe? I live in Austria and would love to welcome you in Graz. CakePops are getting more and more popular here, too. Regards, Martina

  9. Please reschedule Paramus!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Wish you were coming to the South East, i.e VA, NC, SC,or GA…I would travel from Charlotte, NC to any of these states to see you!

  11. Im 11 but i got attracted to your sweets! The cake pops are soo yummy i made some once. Random girl is random! :3

  12. planning on any cross border trips chapters and indigo in canda would be a great idea for book signing venues

  13. WOW!!! I can actually go to the one in Lone Tree, CO since I live in WY. It’s only like 4 hours from where I live!!! Hope to see you on December 1st!!

  14. Wow! I am new to your site, but saw your book post first. Your book looked like the one I wanted from the sweet ones. Looks fabulous. I also wish you were coming to Chicago.

  15. Just picked up your new book. I work at an Elementary school and when I was helping to set-up the Scholastic Book Fair, THERE IT WAS. Bright, shiny, and so adorably sized. Love it!

  16. i wish you will come to Singapore.Canada or Dubai U.A.E next year

  17. I went to books and books and got my book signed.I was the 11year old in the cupcake shirt!!!!BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  18. It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday at the Miami book signing. We can’t wait to put up our signed Holiday Cake Pop book in our store for all our customers to see. You are amazing!!!!!!!!
    Love the girls at
    Sweet Life Cake and Candy Supply in Miami.

  19. How’s about Hawaii? Any chance you’ll come out here?

  20. Congrats on the new book! Fresno California LOVES you! A book signing here would be a blast!

  21. Congrats on all your success! Wish you were coming to Fresno California! Fresno LOVES Bakerella!!!

  22. Wish you were coming to Albany, NY. I just bought the new book at my daughter’s elementary school book fair – a treat for me and lots to make for her and her sister!! Thank you.

  23. im in florida but i cant book hasnt arrived!i live near coral gables.angie do you mind if i can just buy the book there and see you?

  24. My cousin and I are so excited! We are already registered to see you in Stillwater, MN!

  25. boston! I’m excited =)

  26. So upset i just saw that you were in pa and i didn’t come see you so sad right now……i would have been the first in line

  27. I wish you could make it out to Alaska!! Look forward to buying your new book.

  28. Can you add more dates after the holidays?? Would love for you to come somewhere within driving distance of Indianapolis!

  29. I so wish you would come to Cali! I already have my book( per-ordered) and it came a couple of weeks ago! Now all I need is your signature!! Plllleeeaaassssseee make a stop to california!

  30. I love you book and can not wait to get this next ome. My grandson loves makeing and eating these and has made it clear that these MUST be in the the cookie trays this year. He has seen some of the posts and whats to try his hand at christmas stockings and swirly balls. lol
    He is a fan at 12. His sister at 16 months just like to eat them.
    I do wish one of the signings was in Chesterfield, Mo., though.

  31. Will be going to church

  32. CAnnot wait til December 9th!

  33. I forgot to tell you my favorite part of the holidays is visiting with friends and family who we don’t get to see the rest of the year. I want to win the toy!!

  34. I love your cakepops. I still haven’t made any from your first book I bought, but I’ve been taste testing others pops for “research”. The closest I came to making a cake pop was some orange-sized cake balls shaped like Minions from Despicable Me that I made for a birthday cake decoration.
    I am going to try making them in December for a holiday party.
    Thanks for your inspiration. Come to MD or DC so I can get a signed book!

  35. Please come to California, where you can warm yourself after visiting the snow states!! :)

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  37. Are we able to pre-purchase the book to go to the signing @books & books?

  38. Yea, do you think you could come to Europe?… Bucharest, perhaps. :) We’d take good care of you. Promise. :)

  39. I wish u were coming to Pittsburgh PA

  40. Cool! I’m glad it is out and the tools are super cute. Congrats. Utah would love a book signing. :)

  41. im super sad your not coming to california. maybe for your next book……….

  42. Do you ever make it to northern California?

  43. Thanks for cancelling the event in New York! It would have been impossible to go.

    I look forward for the new date. :-)

  44. Thank you for postponing the Paramus, NJ signing! With the gas shortage, I am not going to be able to make it. Please let us know if and when it is rescheduled! I’m still waiting for my copy…its in the mail still!!!

    Thank you so much!

  45. I want to thank you for postponing your signing in NJ i’m a resident and it would have been impossible for me to get the mall for the signing. i got your first book signed when you were here last time and i hope that you find another time to visit us again when were back on our feet.
    Thank you

  46. It would be awesome to meet you! I wish you were coming to San Diego, CA.

  47. You’re going to be only 8 miles from me! I’m so totally coming, this is the blog that got me hooked on food/baking blogs. You started my Pinterest addiction, I spent three or four straight days looking through all your posts and pinning my favorites. There’s a lot now! Definitely looking forward to the signing even if I have to drag my man along to bring me there. (: Love you and all your wonderful stuff!

  48. Yay for Denver!!!

  49. My “Cake Pops Holiday Book”, which I ordered from Amazon, is just arrived and I love it!!! thank you so much!
    kisses from Switzerland :)

  50. Would love to have you stop in Bismarck, north Dakota. I know our winters can be cold but we really do have a beautiful state.
    Please considered it on your next list. We have a Barnes & Noble.

    Thanks for all the fun ideas. Any candy, cake shop suggestions while I am in Minneapolis for the next 2 days. Supply shopping :)

  51. WHAT! none in your own state. I missed the one for ther other book. Please add Atlanta to the list!

  52. would of been so happy to have seen that you would be coming to california. i live in fresno, CA. but i would of drove to any town/city in California to see you and get my book signed….i love your first book. always checking in your web page to read all your blogs and see what creative thing you have come up with. Best wishes to you.

  53. God, I hope it comes in danish! I love to make cake pops, but its kinda’ dificult, when you live in Denmark… But anyway, we Danes also loves you!

    XOXO Anne :)

  54. Let me just tell you, you are a genius! Love your ideas! I can’t pick a favorite, they are all soooo cute!

  55. Hello Bakerella, your Cake Pops are beautiful :) CONGRATULATIONS!!

  56. I just got your book this week and I am so excited your coming to Boston! Your book is AMAZING and I can’t wait!!!!!

  57. I wish that you were coming to the Fort Wayne area!! I received the copy of your book this week since I pre-ordered it IMMEDIATELY upon finding out about it. :)

  58. Congratulations!!! Can’t wait…. You are so adorable!!!

  59. im speek not english

  60. I absolutely love your creations and your site. I wish you were coming to San Francisco as well! But maybe I’ll get to see you in Boston :)

  61. What about Rhode Island?? I know we’re tiny but we love you too!

  62. So excited for another fabulous book! I can’t wait to make some gingerbread cake pops!

  63. It’s all too cute. Congratulations on another book!

  64. Hello,
    When do the books come to France ?

  65. Next Year will you pretty please (with sprinkles on top) come to Nashville TN!!! It broke my heart when I saw that you weren’t coming here… I love your website!!!??????

  66. I’m so excited you are coming to Houston! Will be there with bells on!

  67. Hi! I l recently bought your book and I love every project in there. I’m from Mexico and I would like to know if your new book will be sold in Mexico soon.

    Thank you for give us lovely ideas!

  68. Woo Hoo, just got email my Cake Pops Holidays has shipped from Amazon and should arrive on the 22nd. Can’t wait to bake.

  69. I am SO excited! I live in the UK and adore your work! I check in to your site frequently and am very delighted to see you have a new book out! Christmas is my favourite time and it just got even better! Thanks

  70. The new trailer looks perfect! Chronicle + Bakerella makes a super star team. Can’t wait to get the book. PS. Wish you were coming back to SF because I would totally make the drive! Wishing you and your sweet mom a happy holiday season.

  71. I hope one day you come visit Seattle. :)

    Congrats on getting another book out! Can’t wait to get ahold of it.

  72. Congrats! I wish you would come overseas to do a book signing on our military facility! I would be the first in line! Anyways, congrats! How exciting!!!

  73. Are you going to come to Australia. I am a little girl you simply adores your work.

  74. We got it here in Sweden to at Very cute book.

  75. Wish Chicago was one of ur stops :/

  76. I love your video, Angie! The photography in your book (and site, of course, too) is spectacular. A huge congratulations on all of your mega success!

  77. So sooo cute! Love to go but I´m very far away, have you ever considered making a European signing event?? I’m sure it would be a sucess, if you ever do don’t forget to stop at the veru end of europe, Portugal, my country, you’ll be very welcomed! =)

  78. What a shame I’m on he other side of the world, I would love to meet you and see your cake pops first hand. I have your first book and love it xx

  79. I can’t wait to meet you in NJ!! You are quite an inspiration, Angie!

  80. Of course I have plans the night you’ll be in Jersey. Grrr! Wish I could meet you, maybe next time!

  81. YAY! I have been waiting to see the promo video… OMG. Your little wave is too cute! I think your pops are adorable & LOVED that they matched the props used in the video. Seriously, as if it wasn’t already cute, being a “mini version” of something else just makes it SUPER adorable!

    BTW, do you know what kind of cameras did they use on your book trailer?

  82. I just want to say your holiday cake pops look wonderful! So festive! Wish you had a shop or maybe a way for places like William Sonoma and Dean & Deluca to sell them (maybe something to consider for 2013?)! : )

  83. Oh yeah! You’re coming to Denver :) So excited! I’ll definitely set that day up to make the trip so I can not only meet you but finally buy my first cake pop book!

  84. I can’t wait to read the new book!!! Love.


  85. congratulations! this looks just as perfect as your first book. I’ll be coming from cambridge to meet you in burlington!

  86. On your way west of this beautiful nation, I would love to encourage a stop in TN, Nashville, Murfreesboro … Somewhere close where we can see you, get ur books signed or a toy or two!! Wink, wink!! Big fan!!

  87. Really think you should take a trip over the big lake to the UK ;-) we love you over here!!!

  88. Congrats on the cookbook. That is amazing.

  89. Could you schedule an appearance in Honolulu, HI, to get away from the cold? We have a Williams-Sonoma store at Ala Moana Center –


  90. I absolutely cannot wait to meet you and will see you in Minnesota. You’ve inspired so many people all over the world including me!

  91. Wish you was.coming to Maryland

  92. Oh gosh, how I wish to be abble to read English recipe better… My English is far from good in this stuff xD But congrat”! That’s awesome! Enjoy!

  93. Come to Southern California!!!! I just want to go to make some holiday ones right now! Mummies, frankensteins, ghosts and more!!!!

  94. I’m sad you won’t come to Utah. But congratulations, I’m totally getting your book!!

  95. I cannot wait to see it, wish you were coming to Toronto!

  96. Holiday baking is the best. I know I’ll be making some pops this season. Great post.

  97. When i see your pics i just wanna stop what i’m doing and run to the kitchen to bake! Incredible work! Very well done!!

  98. Come to LA , pretty please! I missed your last Orange County book-signing because of work :/

  99. So happy for you Bakerella! Congrats on Book #2, Like many others I wish you were coming to Southern California too. I regret missing you the last time you were here, but I understand – you can only stretch yourself so much. Please take care of yourself on this tour! Thank you for another book and all the creative inspiration.

  100. Congratulations! Also, can you pretty please come to New Zealand?

  101. I’m looking forward to this. I just wish that Burlington was a bit more public transit friendly.

  102. I am sad you won’t be coming to the West Coast!! We want to see you in the San Francisco Bay Area!

    But I cannot wait to get the book – I’ve already ordered it! It’s gonna be a sweet x-mas.


  103. Wish you were coming to nebraska!!

  104. We want you in So Cal! San Diego loves cake pops! I so badly want to go to one of your book signings

  105. I agree with what lots of commenters are saying! Come to sunny Southern CA! We love you too over here! :P I hope to attend a book signing someday, regardless! :)

  106. Come to Southern Cali!

  107. Coming to NY, and i’m working :( oh well :/

  108. Hi There,

    Can’t wait to get the book but a little sad you’re not coming to California.

  109. Oooh Burlington… that’s sort of in the area :)

  110. Stinky!!!! None of these venues are in New Zealand! I think it’s time you planned a sweet trip down under :)

  111. Don’t forget us on the West coast – maybe we’ll see you in L.A. one of these days! =)

  112. Please come to Columbus, Ohio!!!!!

  113. What about California????!!!! :/

  114. Or Missouri? Excited to see the new book. Loved the photo shoot of it

  115. AHHHH!!! so excited to see you in boston!! been wanting to attend one of your signings forever!!! :D

  116. What about the west coast? Oregon would love to have you here!! I’m originally from CO and all of my family is there. I’m not traveling for the holidays this year but I wish I was so I could stop by a meet you in Denver. Congrats on the new book. I’m SO excited to get a copy!!

  117. What????? No visits to Canada???!

  118. OMG!!! Bakerella is coming to Mass!!!

  119. I wish you were coming to Seattle too! Hope you have a great time on tour though!

  120. Please come to California! :)

    And congratulations!

  121. Congratulations! How exciting it must be for you; like being a new parent. I suppose the downside is everyone wanting you to come to where they are. West of the Rockies is well-represented here, so I’ll just say maybe someday… :-) Another book is so cool!

  122. WIsh you were coming to California!
    Congrats on your new book!

  123. Alabama needs you!!!! We always get left out….. *sniffle sniffle*

  124. I hope to make it to the King of Prussia Signing! My kids love your pops and would be so thrilled to meet you.

  125. No Southern California =( ? I simply adore your work. You have been an incredible inspiration to me in expressing my creativity. Any future plans to visit the west coast? Southern California, Los Angeles area? Hugs…..

  126. Awww, I don’t see anyplace in Michigan on there….. sorry we are going to miss you. I hope you can make it here, soon!!

  127. So sad your not coming any where near me in the Baltimore area
    awesome new book!

  128. Hey, Bakerella! Congratulations! Could you maybe come to Indiana?

  129. The trailer looks so great! Could you come to Canada? ;)

  130. PLEASE tell me you’re adding more dates? Shoot, even after Christmas would be fantastic! I’m dying to meet you. Come to California – the weather is ALWAYS gorgeous ;)

  131. I am so very excited that you are coming to Minnesota again!! We were not able to see you the first time. I can’t wait to see your new book :)

  132. So excited for this! I preordered my book today! I’m big into holiday baking but not so good at fancy cakes. Cake pops are so much cuter and everyone loves them! Congratulations!!!

  133. OH MY GOD! I just watched the video,,, its …. awwwwwwwwwwww-some! so cute! lovely! too bad they dont sell it in my country!:'(

  134. I am going to your signing…finally! In Paramus! :) I can’t wait!!!

    Do we have to purchase the book at the signing or can we pre order it?

  135. Huge congrats, Angie!!! I LOVE the video that Todd & Diane did!!

  136. When will you be in Toronto again? We look forward to you meeting our newest addition, baby Jeremy!

  137. Will we be required to purchase the book at the store in order to get it signed like at Williams Sonoma or can we bring one we preordered to have signed?

  138. Vegas needs your bright face! Come see us soon please!

  139. So excited. You’re coming to Coral Gables : )

  140. YAY!! I’ll see you November 9th in Miami!! Sun, sand, & cake pops!!!! :D

  141. I really really really wish you could come to Alabama!!! Maybe next time…”sigh”

  142. Urgh! The UK stands no chance right??!! Will just settle for the new book (I hope that it is out here for christmas too!!)

  143. OMG!!!! I already marked my calendar. I really hope To be able To go To your signing in NJ. I would love To meet you. I missed your Book signing last year. Whohooo!!!!

    Much love

    Catarina aka docerela

  144. So sad that you are not coming to Los Angeles.

  145. You’re coming to Houston! I’m so excited!!!

  146. You are coming to Houston!!!! I’ll be there with jingle bells on.

  147. Yay! I already told the boy friend we should take a trip to Denver say the weekend of Dec 1st! ;)

  148. Yay!!! I already told the boy friend that we should take a trip to Denver say the weekend of Dec. 1st!!!! ;)

  149. ah! you lucky east coast people! you should come to the midwest….*cough* nebraska *cough* ;) good luck on the tour!!!

  150. love you!!! Can’t wait for your new book! I wish you would come to Fresno California!!!!!

  151. Come to Chicago please!!!!!!

  152. Wish you were coming to Michigan!

  153. We FINALLY get to see you in Colorado!!! I’m soooo excited!

  154. I know what’s on my list for Santa this year. ;) Those little elf pops are adorable and I really hope the how-to is going to be in the book!!!

  155. We were wondering if you would be doing any book signing in California ?

  156. I would love it if you would come to California!

  157. So excited for you!!! And I loooooove your new creations!!

  158. I wish you were coming to California! Maybe to Sacramento or San Francisco. I would love to meet you! :-) I have learned so much from you!! Thanks!

  159. Wish you were coming to the Phoenix, AZ area. Oh well, can’t wait for the new book!

  160. I wish you were coming to Seattle too! My two daughters and I came and saw you when you came last time! <3

  161. SO wish you were coming to the Seattle area!

  162. São lindos, criativos e muito fofos.

  163. I wish you were coming to Chicago :( But I cant wait to get the new book!!

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