Cake Pop Tags

Anyone making cake pops for Valentine’s Day? Well, if you are, I have some cute tags you can download to add to your lollipop sticks.

If you want them … they’re yours. Have fun.


All you need to do is download the pdf and print it out on heavyweight paper. Then use a paper punch to cut out the round shape and a hole punch to make holes for the sticks to slide through.



…and just another way to dress up your cake pops.

Here’s what the Valentine’s Day pdf looks like.


And if you want, there are a bunch of other designs you can download, too.

I mentioned the link to these tags in my book, but I thought I’d show them on the site, too – so anyone can use them.

Plus, if you’re not into cake pops, you could totally use these as cupcake toppers, too.


You can find all the designs and instructions here.


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122 comments on “Cake Pop Tags”

  1. Your idea’s are so beautiful & amazing

  2. my mom have the book for chistmas and i look and is so cool!!!

  3. Thank you very much for sharing. Ive been searching for free printable cakepops tag. I am so glad that i’ve found your site. Have a great day! :)

  4. Paper on the cake pops….I’d never thought of that. Thanks for the idea!!

  5. I love these! I’m going to be making cake pops for my engagement party and I want to make tags just like these. How big is each circle??

  6. Wow, I would have never thought of that ! Making downloadable tags is a great idea!

  7. do you have any tags for new year´s eve? just wondering hehe

  8. hello.. can I have your cake pops recipes?? thanks

  9. I love love love reading your blog. I have awarded you “The Versatile Blogger” award. Come and visit my site to check it out:

  10. I have found a MAJOR time saver for doing tags like these. Avery printable labels makes a sticker sheet of round labels. If you find a design you like or create your own, print it on the round stickers. Find a coordinating color of cardstock and cut out the scallops or rounds to be a little bigger then your circle stickers. Cut and cut and cut (close to each other as to not waste paper). Stick your stickers to the center of your cardstock and punch the holes. These are MUCH faster to mass produce because you aren’t having to take the time to line each image up inside your cutter one at a time (and accidentally cutting off center) BONUS: you get a more deatiled layered look!

  11. do you have any tags for baby shower? just wondering (: i love these!

  12. My dear Bakerella, you are my inspiration!

    It would be wonderful if you could make a blank template for anyone who might want to personalize their tags. Any suggestions on how to do that? There are a plethora of festivals out there that we Indians celebrate like Holi, Eid,
    diwali..etc..would love to make some tags for those!

    take care and I wish you the best of health!

  13. Just what was looking for :D
    Thank you

  14. I love cake pops so much they made me love bakeing

  15. luv it!

    and @ Sandra, you can store candy coating in a cool, dry place.

  16. Thank you so much for these!! So glad to have found something like this, for FREE no less!! AND in black and white!!
    You are amazing, I love all of your creations, from cake pops to muffins to pies, and everything else!! Truly amazing :) Thank you for sharing your work and inspiring me <3

    Sara K.

  17. Looks like cake pops have come to be apart of starbucks pastries

  18. When will you be around Los Angeles, CA, My daughter and I would Love to See you! Thanks again for your Great Ideas!

  19. Does anyone out there have a problem with their pops cracking? It is a constant problem for me and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced it. If so, is there a way to prevent it other than double dipping the pops which give a really thick coating.

    Thank you.

  20. Hi, I want to know what brand exactly do you use to cut the tags. I can’t seem to find a 1 7/8″ circle puncher. HELP!!! Thanks!

  21. I’m selling cake pops to raise money for a friend going through breast cancer. A cake pop tag with a pink ribbon would be awesome.


  23. hiii my name is shamma I am from uae arb cantrys I love you toooooooooooooooooo much. =) can ay have. Youer e-mail. I want to be youer frand.
    And may e-mail is. bye. =) :)

  24. So, you may have been asked this before, but how do you store your left over candy coating? What do you put it in? I’ve been looking for the best way to store leftovers.

    And, by the way, I’m sooo inspired by your pops. They are too much fun to make. I made some simple purple ones for a Relay for Life fundraiser and they sold so quickly! Everyone loved them. They asked me to make more.

  25. You–my dear–are wonderful. I just got your book from Amazon and I’m sooooo excited to use it. You are so DANG creative. The little clowns are fabulous. Love, love, love your stuff–and YOU!

  26. Hi! Thank you for this amazing post. I just can’t open the “I love you” tags. There is some problem with this file? Thanks again!

  27. Thanks! Would love a tutorial on how to make the tags!

  28. Great idea! I loved making the cookie monster pops with my kiddos and plan on making some sort of valentine’s pops soon… I will definitely need to use these labels too… so cute!

  29. Thank you so much! I plan on making cake pops for both of my children’s classrooms for Valentines Day and these will look great on them!

  30. I love love love reading your blog. I have awarded you “The Versatile Blogger” award. Come and visit my site to check it out:

  31. Cute! love your work, keep it coming

  32. Thanks! They will be perfect with the heart cake pops I made today

  33. wow, super adorable. thank you!

  34. I’ve recently discovered your blog a few days ago, and after reading this post & several others, I have to ask: what program do you use for all your graphics? If I can manage to get a good program, I may just have to go out and buy a printer to use for those edible ink cartridges! For the first time tomorrow, I’m giving cake pops a go. Little fishies (& right after we get back from the aquarium, too!) ;] I hope they turn out good! Looks like fun :]

  35. Thank you!! Those add just the right touch to the cake pops. You are amazing as always!

  36. These are PERFECT ? Thank you for sharing!

  37. Can someone design their own tag? For instance; a sports theme like baseball for a little league team. I’m a team mom assit. and would like to do “Play Ball” or the team name. Or, is there already one out there that wasn’t mentioned?

  38. Thank You So Much For These!!! You Are the Best!!!

  39. Aww, the bears are so cute! And thanks for sharing your designs. :)

  40. I love your site! I just discovered it and I am super excited. I just ordered your book as well.
    I need help…where can I find a scalloped round paper punch of 1 7/8 inches???

    I have tried everywhere but I haven’t found anything….

    let me know if you have an online seller to suggest


  41. Too cute – these are just what I need – downloading now!

  42. Question:

    How can I make my own cake pop tags?

  43. AAAh supercute! I wish my skills were this advanced! :)

  44. *loving* the bears with the hershey choccy feet…too cute!! ;)

  45. Super super cute! Thank you!!

    Another reason for me to find a color printer ASAP! :)

    Good luck on the Bloggies!! I am linking to your site tomorrow. Hope you don’t mind. :)

  46. Very cute… definitely going to download these for an upcoming Valentine’s Day party!

  47. Hi, love your website and all the great cake pop ideas! I made some over the weekend and after a day or so the sticks developed grease stains working their way down from the top of the stick. Not very appetizing:( Does this ever happen to you? any ideas on how to prevent it? Thanks!

  48. LOVE THESE! Thanks for the download! Will definitely be putting these to use.

  49. These are so great, thank you for posting. And excellent idea to use as cupcake toppers as well!

  50. I printed off the Valentine tags, and will put them on the sticks of the Conversation Heart Pops, that I’ll be making for my Granddaughter’s pre-school party. Thanks so much!!!!! And I know I’ll be using the other tags eventually, also! They are great!

  51. Gosh…thanks so much for sharing your work and ideas with us. You rock, girl!!!

  52. Love printable labels like this, such a cute Valentine Bear too!

  53. Maybe you could teach us how to make Tags for ourselves? Do you use Photoshop? Cip Art? I would love to learn to make my own for every occassion! Thank You!

  54. Love your website and I am so inspired by all that you do!

  55. These are so cute! They inspire me to take more time to make mine look half as good as yours!

  56. bakerella you´re an excelent designer too

  57. Those are adorable – thanks so much!

  58. Thank you! These will be sooo much fun to play with! And I wouldn’t know how to make them for myself!

  59. Adorable as always! Have you seen the new line of Wilton “cake pop” sprinkles and other accessories? They really owe YOU some thanks yous and I big cheque I think!! ;) You have changed the world of baking forever. You truly are a pioneer of the craft, and entrapenur of the industry. <3

  60. So generous and talented, as always. What a wonderful woman.


  61. These tags are SO cute! Love your cake pops-great for any occasion.

  62. Hi, thanks so much for these lovely tags. I am all the way on the other side of the world in Australia, I have your book and love it, so creative and fun.

  63. So darling – love them. A while back, I think you mentioned you have a background in graphic design? I love that you’re able to combine it with baking!

  64. Thank you! I love your creativity!

  65. Love the tags!!! So cute as always :)

  66. You make me happy.

    And thanks for making sure we’re all prepared with cake pop tags for our V-day treats. :)

  67. thank you! I was thinking of something for a bake sale right before V-day to raise money for my Weimaraner Rescue… these will do the trick! :-)

  68. Thanks for the tags and as always, your inspiring ideas!

  69. Also, forgot to ask…
    Do you have any ideas for Mardi Gras inspired pops? I would love to hear your ideas and thrilled to SEE them!
    Thanks again for sharing your passion and success!

  70. I love your site and have for quite some time. While I have many favorites, like yours, this is the first time I have ever commented. Bid deal for me… but i felt I needed to say that you are and continue to be such an inspiration to me. Your example has allowed me to make some very positive (but terrifying) changes in my life. For that I am eternally grateful. And on a lighter note, for all the adorable and delious eye candy, I am also grateful everyday!

  71. Wow, how very thoughtful of you to share these with us. Thanks ever so much. Happy Valentines Day to you!

  72. Adorable designs! So many great uses!! Thank you!

  73. Thank you so much. What a perfect addition!

  74. Love love love your blog! Thanks for the great ideas!

  75. Thanks! I failed at cake pops but I’d love to use these to dress up cupcakes for my daughters’ birthday!

  76. Bakerella, please help me out!
    I’m trying to send you an email since days and i cant find where is the link to contact you because even on your facebook page i cant send you a message. I’m goind desperate.

    So Bakerella, here’s what i wanted to tell you:

    I’m a french folk, a young mama of 2 adorable daughters Kelis and Naia. We went crazy for your cake pops, and now France is descovering about you! I did a tutorial in french on my blog, cause some of us dont speak english. And i of course refer to you!

    I also wanted to send you a pic of the first cake pop i ever made for my Kelis’s 4th birthday to maybe be feature in your famous cake pop stars section.

    To end, i’m also offering a giveaway, in theme with cake pops!

    Please please please Bakerella contact me, i’m the BIGGEST FRENCH FAN EVER, yes i said EVER!

    Have a sweet sweet day!

  77. Ohhh these are so cute! Thanks; will be using them! :)

  78. Love the tags! Great idea.

  79. Is there a certain software you use to create these tags? I was thinking of designing my own for my son’s graduation party, but don’t know where to start. Would appreciate your advice – thank you!

  80. I think you are wonderful! Thanks! :)

  81. What a great collection! I’ve totally bookmarked the link for future reference. Thanks for sharing and Happy Monday. :)

  82. Oh gosh, these are adorable! Thanks Angie!!!!

  83. Very fun on the pops! I bet a pennant design would be cute too. Thanks!

  84. Thanks for sharing these. Super cute!

  85. cute! cute! cute!

  86. Thank you so much! I was looking for something to jazz up my Valentine cake pops and these are great! I love your site and all the wonderful ideas.

  87. Love the tags! Will definitely be using them for my Valentine’s Day bakesale to raise money for Breast Cancer!

  88. Thank you! These are just perfect!

  89. LOVE them, your site, and your book!!!!!!

  90. Imagine a world without pdfs paper punches and pops :( … Thanks again!

  91. I’ve known about you for awhile but have just starting coming around because I’m toying with the idea of baking American (and gluten free) goods here in France. Your website is gorgeous and full of inspiration. Congrats on getting your book published.

  92. Thanks!!! That is so generous of you!!! Love them!!!!

  93. Thank you! You are seriously the nicest!

  94. I didn’t make cake pops, but made chocolate heart lollipops for my daughter’s valentines. I was at the point I needed to figure out some sort of tag for them and – ta-dah! You did it for me! Thank you so much!

  95. How do you download the “pdf”?

  96. Muchisimas gracias por compartir,decorare mis cake pops y estaran bellisimas y con mensaje.
    Mexicana desde Budapest.

  97. thank you so much angie :) it’s so hard to find a free printable designs for toppers online…and you gave all of these to us so easily and free. thank you again! mwah :*

  98. Thanks, Angie!

    The tags make the cake pops into a gift. You are such an artist! These will be great!

  99. This is a fun and cute idea. I think, there is nothing sweeter than a DIY card or gift for Valentine’s Day!

  100. Thanks so much for these! I made cake pops for a colleague’s baby boy shower and they were a huge hit! I tied a blue ribbon with a wilton accessory duck attached to it. Adorable!

  101. Fun stuff… as always! You never disappoint! :)

  102. WOW, thanks Angie!

  103. TFS……………they are so cute !!!!

    p.s i still need my book signed…..when you coming to australia?

  104. Really GREAT thanks so much, I hope to have some cake pops made this week :)

  105. Thank you SO much..i’ve been trying to find something just like this! It’s PERFECT! :o)

  106. Will definitely be using these. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  107. These are so cute! Thanks! =)

  108. Thanks! Just a quick question. I tried your oreo truffle pops on the weekend, but they came out super sweet! We definitely love sugar, but they were just too sweet. Any suggestions/alternatives?

  109. Well if that isn’t just the cutest idea! :)

  110. Thank you so much for sharing these tags with everyone… We all appreciate your time and hard work… Keep up

  111. WOW!!!!!! Thanks for all the PDF’s I have them all saved.

  112. Love you and your pops!!! Really I do!!!!

  113. Thank you so much! I just started selling cake pops and I’m having so much fun! Thanks so much for all of the wonderful inspirations!!!!!!

  114. So cute! I may have to use these for Valentine’s Day ;)

  115. Too cute! Thank you!

  116. Love them! Thanks so much!!


  117. Super cute, as always. Thanks !

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